Introduction to the German Cancer Clinics

The first thing you need to understand is there are only a small number of German cancer clinics which use alternative medicine, and use such treatments as hyperthermia, oxygen therapy, mistletoe therapy, magnetic-field therapy, etc.

The vast majority of German cancer clinics use orthodox treatments which can be just as worthless in Germany as they can be in the United States. Thus, it is critical to make certain you find a clinic that uses alternative medicine.

The book German Cancer Breakthrough, by Andrew Scholberg, is an excellent place to learn about seven of the major German alternative cancer clinics. The book is a key resource for details about each clinic (e.g. which clinics will treat children).

About the German Cancer Clinics

While reading the book, it became clear to me that the clinics use largely the same treatments and have largely the same attitude. Thus, if you do not get into the clinic you want to get into, any of the other clinics will likely be just as good. Mr. Scholberg did his homework well.

While there are many alternative cancer treatments that can cure cancer, the big advantage to the German cancer clinics is that they are run by Medical Doctors who have small clinics (by American standards) and who have a great deal of interaction with the patients.

In other words, the German Cancer Clinics are more like a “Bed and Breakfast” than a hospital.

To those outside of the United States, a “Bed and Breakfast” is generally a large home which has been converted into a small, quaint hotel. The point is the cancer patient, and usually a friend or relative, actually live inside the clinic. If the friend or relative cannot stay with the patient, or does not want to stay with the patient, there is always a small, quaint hotel nearby.

And that is the advantage of the German cancer clinics. The atmosphere is very healthy for a cancer patient because they pay such close attention to the psychology and attitude of the patient.

And yes, they are world-class at treating cancer!

At all the clinics mentioned in the book, “whole-body hyperthermia” is the primary cancer treatment. It is an absolutely superb cancer treatment. In the U.S. we might call it EHT or Electro-Hyperthermia, but whatever you call it, it is a superb cancer treatment.

Another treatment they frequently use is localized hyperthermia, for situations where there are large concentrations of cancer cells in one part of the body.

Another treatment is “fever therapy.” Sometimes “fever therapy” is the same thing as hyperthermia and sometimes the term “fever therapy” is totally different and is administered by injection. The term is not consistently used.

Mistletoe is another cancer treatment which is generally used. The mistletoe is used to build the immune system.

Another key treatment is magnetic-field therapy, which is also used to build the immune system. Patients who leave the hospital are able to purchase magnetic-field therapy equipment, though I do not know if they buy it from the clinic or another source.

Other commonly used treatments include: oxygen therapy, ozone therapy, intravenous vitamin C with selenium, and colonic hydrotherapy to keep the colon clean.

The book goes into more details as to exactly which clinic uses which treatment.

One common treatment deserves special mention: art therapy. What does art therapy have to do with cancer? Art therapy is symbolic of the attitude of the German clinics. They want the patient to forget about their cancer, be creative and have a positive mental attitude. Psychology is very important in these clinics.

What do these clinics cost? Including travel and medications, I would assume the average cancer treatment will cost about $20,000 to $25,000.

As you might expect, American insurance companies will gladly pay $400,000 to watch a cancer patient die in America, but they will not pay $20,000-$25,000 to see a cancer patient cured in Germany or Mexico or Nevada. So it must come out of your pocket.

The bottom line is they use exceptional cancer treatments, but just as importantly, the clinics are designed to provide a very comfortable and happy environment. These are the two keys.

When looking at the locations of the clinics, the term “BAD” means the clinic is located in a town with a mineral springs spa.

It is important to understand that these are very small clinics, and as such, may be hard to find. If they do not pick you up at the airport, make sure you get very good directions.

The German Cancer Breakthrough Book

Because the book is copyrighted I cannot provide any more detailed information about the clinics.

The book walks you through 7 of the top German alternative cancer clinics and you’ll discover treatment details not available elsewhere in the English-language. Here is a link to the German Cancer Breakthrough book:
German Cancer Breakthrough

For more information about German cancer clinics you can contact:
German Cancer Clinics