Dr. Kevin Conners, D.PSc., FICT, FAARFM

Dr. Kevin Conners graduated with his doctorate from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 1986 (though he practices only under his Pastoral Medical License) and has been studying alternative cancer care for more than 18 years. He also holds AMA Fellowships in Anti-Aging Medicine, Regenerative and Functional Medicine, and Integrative Cancer Therapy. He also is certified in Functional Neurology, has had more than 300 hours postgraduate study in the Autism Spectrum Disorders, and has trained in Epigenetic Clinical Methylation and Nutrigenomics. Dr. Conners is a practicing Applied Kinesiologist with an emphasis on Botanical Medicine and Homeopathy.

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Conners Clinic

With more than 33 years of nutritional, metabolic, and kinesiological training, education, and practice Conners Clinic has helped many that had no other hope. However, we are not healers – God is! We believe in the sovereignty of God and His ability to heal as well as His desire to manifest His glory through His creation. Our purpose is to help you express that glory.

We believe there's always a reason, a root cause or causes of why you have cancer. We’ll help uncover the why and create a personalized care plan to help treat the cause. It all starts with a case review.

Conners Clinic focuses on Four Pillars:


What is the cause and how are we going to get rid of it? Without discovering this, success will be limited. We utilize specific genetic testing to help with this step.


What specific nutrition will work for your condition? We build a personalized protocol based on genetic and specialized testing to maximize results.


What specific frequencies will work for your condition? Using unique Rife light-treatment frequencies we zero in on cancer itself.


Do you need a specific diet, detoxification support, is juicing appropriate for your type of cancer, etc.? Detoxification is curcial for those with cancer, knowing what to do is vital.

Finding the Cause

Most often overlooked in standard medicine until too late, we believe that discovering the cause is essential to treating the disease.

Specialized Examinations

We don't believe in fitting patients into standard protocols. You are unique and deserving of a program tailored specifically to you. As we uncover the Four Pillars in your cancer, we build a protocol around you, treating you based on our findings every step of the way.

Diet, Detox, and Support

Healing would be amiss without cleaning the body and feeding it properly. Certain cancers feed on sugar, others feed on proteins. We test for what your particular diet needs to be.

As opposed to other cancer clinics, your treatment only begins at the clinic with our 2-Day Intensive and then we follow you through the next several years. Our 2-Day Intensive includes testing and developing your unique ‘plan of attack' as well as you bringing home a Rife machine to use every night while you sleep!

You see, we don't believe you can heal cancer by spending a few weeks at a clinic. You need a comprehensive at-home program along with proper follow-ups to keep you on track.

Dr. Conners also requires all his patients to run a full genetic profile as a part of our program. While the results of this don't change your core protocol for healing, it does change the bigger picture in that we need to support the pathways affected by genetic SNP defects.

Nutraceutical Cancer “Killers”

There are numerous, wonderful herbal protocols that have given many, with a grave diagnosis, added hope and years of health. But, how do you know which one is best for you?

We believe that proper testing can reveal the most detailed, specific approach that minimizes dosage and increases benefit. Most of our patients are on far fewer supplements because we test for the specific nutrient that will work best for you and your cancer.

Dr. Conners often says, “less is more.”

To help uncover the root cause(s) of why your cancer we utilize specialized genetic, functional medicine, and kinesiological testing.

Once we have uncovered the root cause(s) we can design a unique protocol of nutrition, alternative therapies, and supportive coaching. You’ll have a personal care coach to support and pray for you along the journey.

We provide both in-clinic and in-home options for your protocol. Many of our patients choose to travel to us in Minnesota (in-clinic care) to experience our 2-Day Intensive and meet their personal care coach in-person. We also have options where we can travel to you (at-home care), help you set up at-home therapies and provide home inspection at an additional fee.