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Cancer Tutor is not just for those with cancer. Many natural health practitioners and researchers have recognized Cancer Tutor as being a seminal force in their journey. Because receives no advertising dollars and sells no products, it has remained a safe haven for the truth — a place where cancer researchers and patients can share their successes and their failures without fear.

From its first online article in 2003 to now reaching more than 20,000 daily visitors, it has become a lifeline for countless patients, practitioners and researchers worldwide.

14 Questions and Answers About Cancer | ICRF Reference Manual

Common Questions

So the bottom line is this: If you are going to beat your cancer, you are going to have to do a lot of reading. There is no way around this. You must understand what you are dealing with.

There are a few cardinals rules to abide by, and there are important comments you will need to understand.

One of the keys to surviving cancer is that someone in the family takes charge of the treatment and spends many hours studying relevant articles. Someone in the family must do their homework. It can be the patient, or someone else, but someone continually needs to be doing their homework.


What Causes Cancer?

Cancer-What-Causes-compressorWhen talking about what causes cancer we need to talk about it at two different levels.

The first level is talking about cancer at the systemic level: What conditions in the body allowed the cancer to grow out of control and how do we deal with this issue?

The second level of talking about cancer: What causes cancer at the cellular level? In other words, why does a healthy cell become cancerous.

We also discuss how to revert cancer cells into normal cells, which is one way to treat cancer. For example, the Dirt Cheap Protocol has more than a dozen cancer treatments that revert cancer cells into normal cells.


FYI While Using Natural Cancer Treatments

Many times cancer patients have false information about something related to treating cancer.

Fighting cancer is like fighting a fire, you need enough fire trucks! That is why, for example, so many items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol are recommended when it is the major cancer treatment (i.e. 14 or more items).

While some protocols designed by experts only have a few items, if you looked at the items there would be a product with many items in it or at least one item would be extremely powerful.


Quest to Find the Truth About Cancer

Ty and Charlene Bollinger have produced two documentaries in their journey to discover the truth about cancer. In the wake of the death of Ty’s father, the other family members suffered cancer-related deaths. The heartache led to a book, Cancer: Step Outside the Box, and ultimately the documentaries The Truth About Cancer and The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest.

We visited Ty and Charlene to get a firsthand telling of their experiences — from his father’s cancer diagnosis, treatment, surgery, and death through the process of learning about cancer and natural treatments and cures.

Episode 1 of the three-part video series lays the groundwork for the Bollingers’ book, first documentary, and what has become their lives’ passion: educating people on their options when faced with cancer.


Vitamin D deficiency increases risk of cancer

Orange JuiceVitamin D deficiency is too common today affecting an estimated 1 billion people worldwide or 90% of the world’s population. Dr. Michael Holick, a leading authority on Vitamin D research, predicts Vitamin D deficiency is the most common medical condition worldwide.

Research has shown that Vitamin D receptors are found throughout the central nervous system including the hippocampus region of the brain responsible for both memory and emotion. Substantial cognitive decline is an epidemic health problem and a major health concern that is evident in patients with dementia, Parkinson disease and other neurological degenerative diseases.

Since 2007 the importance of Vitamin D to regulate GcMAF activity and its role in cancer has been reported suggesting zero evidence for toxicity concerns. Multiple studies validate that calcitriol both inhibits the growth of prostate cancer and its progression. Researchers found that the slight increase of 10 ng/ml of Vitamin D in an individual’s blood significantly paralleled with a decrease in risk of colorectal cancer. Evidence using the Swiss Protocol for cancer therapy even shows that Vitamin D and GcMAF may be responsible for the removal of an oncogene (Her-2) that activates breast cancer.


Ginger: antioxidant and natural cancer fighter

GingerGinger is the root of a vegetable that is used around the world for its many superfood health benefits. It is used in teas, ales, beers, cookies, breads, and more. Historically, almost every culture has used ginger to reduce inflammation, stimulate immunity, and enhance digestion.

Dr. David Jockers highlights the functional uses of ginger, including help with digestion and pain relief — as well as therapeutic cancer treatment properties for gastrointestinal, liver, lung, and cervical cancers.


An integrative approach to natural cancer treatments

As natural cancer treatment gathers momentum, integrative medicine also continues to gain ground, and Dr. Jonathan Stegall is among the health care professionals at the forefront of the movement.

Dr. Stegall, who specializes in integrated oncology, heads The Center for Advanced Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia. His credentials are impeccable — Clemson, Georgetown, Harvard, the Medical University of South Carolina, and Yale — however, cancer left its mark on him at an early age.

Advances in cancer treatment have led to the realization that this is not a genetic disease as much as a metabolic disease. “I don’t think we’re going to find just one thing that cures cancer,” Dr. Stegall said. “For most patients, it’s going to be a combination of things.” Finding that “combination of things” to help someone fight cancer is where integrative medicine becomes part of the equation.


Dr. Eric Zielinski seeks ‘Garden of Eden’ lifestyle

“Let’s try to get back to the Garden of Eden as much as possible,” says Dr. Eric Zielinski. It sounds simple: God provided what his people need, and we should rely on nature to meet our needs.

Understanding that plants are medicine within God’s divine plan, Dr. Zielinski contends essential oils are important to everyday health. “I never used them. Quite frankly, being a typical guy, I marginalized aroma therapy as something my wife did — it was the smelly stuff!

“Then I realized, ‘This is the real deal,’ ” he said. “I started using it. I became a believer,” and now Dr. Zielinski is researching and studying the chemistry behind essential oils and their benefits.


The Truth About Cancer and Essential Oils

LavenderCancer is not a death sentence. Not only is there hope, there are several natural solutions that people have successfully implemented for literally centuries! And the truth about essential oils and cancer is this: Research strongly suggests that oils can help not only prevent, but treat cancer and its debilitating side effects.

It’s important to remember that the peer-reviewed articles discuss the success clinical researchers have experienced in using various essentials oils to prevent, stop and even reverse the growth of various cancer lines in animal and human cell studies. It is important to keep in mind that a vast majority of these studies are in vitro — based off of cells in a petri dish.

Subsequently, many experts and critics of using essential oils for cancer therapy insist that we cannot extrapolate the data from these studies to live, in vivo cancer patients. Even though there is merit to what these people say, let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.


Cancer-preventative powers of ‘super food’ Kale

Kale is a nutrient-dense “super food” that has a tremendous range of health benefits that exceeds its individual nutrient properties. In fact, Kale ranks first in class in its antioxidant content compared to other vegetables.

The resulting super-food powers of kale make it an excellent food source to combat the carcinogenesis of multiple cancer types. Its essential nutrients to human health complement one another and provide several anti-cancer benefits.

Kale is loaded with cancer fighting anti-oxidant compounds and should be a staple in a cancer prevention or a cancer-healing protocol.


Spirulina: Little known cancer-fighting sea algae

spirulinaSuperfoods are considered nutrient dense food sources with high concentrations of vitamins and minerals with benefits that far exceed their nutrient values for human health. Blue-green algae spirulina is an amazing superfood that historically was among the first life forms on the Earth. Spirulina has amazing survival adaptations and is considered one of the richest superfoods.

Today, much of the world around us can cause carcinogenic mutations from the toxins we absorb through our skin to the chemicals contained in our food. Supplementing spirulina into your diet is an effective way to combat the damaging effects of toxins accumulating in our bodies. One of the anticancer effects is attributed to its ability to act as an immunostimulatory agent or a substance which enhances immune response to defend against abnormal and invasive cell growth


How important is building your immune system?

Building the Immune SystemThe immune system is critical when fighting cancer. While some treatments kill cancer cells and other treatments revert the cancer cells into normal cells, the immune system still has to be fixed before the patient is whole.

The immune system contains many different types of “cells,” however, only a handful of these white blood cells actually kill cancer cells. It should be the intent of a person with cancer to focus on treatments that quickly increase the count of the cancer-killing white blood cells.

The second thing to note is that building the immune system is sometimes not the highest priority of those with cancer. People with only a few months to live should definitely take immune system building products, however, they should focus more on the nutrients, foods and products that kill cancer-cells directly.


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