Cancer Tutor Verified

Cancer Tutor Verified means that a member of the Cancer Tutor team has personally visited the clinic recently and verified the following: 1) interviewed the doctors and they are personally involved in the daily operations of the clinic; 2) they are currently and safely administering the treatments listed; 3) spoken with some of their patients (past and / or present) who provided positive feedback about the clinic; 4) the facility is located at the address listed; 5) the facility is operated in a safe and clean environment; 6) the Phone Number and Address listed on their website are correct.

Cancer Tutor encourages cancer patients to consult with a medical doctor before beginning any cancer protocol. Your best option is to visit a clinic to receive the treatments and protocols -- under the supervision of a medical professional -- discussed on this website. Some of these, like IPT, are administered only by a doctor.

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