***Disclaimer*** We encourage cancer patients to consult with a medical doctor before beginning any cancer protocol. For many cancer patients, the best option is to visit a clinic to receive the treatments and protocols under the supervision of a medical professional. Some of these treatments, like IPT, are administered only by a doctor at a cancer clinic.

Making the decision about which cancer clinic to choose can be a daunting task. Which is why Cancer Tutor is now traveling the world, interviewing doctors, and touring cancer clinics to help you make the right choice. We have developed an internal system to “Verify” Cancer Clinics and ensure we are only recommending the clinics that get the best results.

Cancer Tutor Verified means that a member of the Cancer Tutor Team has personally visited the clinic recently and verified the following: The facility is located at the address listed. The facility is operated in a safe and clean environment. The Phone Number and Address listed on their website are correct. We have interviewed the Doctors and they are personally involved in the daily operations of the clinic. They are currently and safely administering the treatments listed and we have personally spoken with some of their (past and/or present) patients who provided positive feedback about the clinic.

Cancer Tutor currently has 2 doctors and clinics that we have recently visited, verified, and highly recommend for cancer patients:

In the U.S. we recommend Dr. Jonathan Stegall, M.D. in Atlanta, GA at The Center for Advanced Medicine

In Mexico (in both Cancun and Tijuana) we recommend Dr. Antonio Jimenez, M.D. at Hope4Cancer

Other Alternative Medicine Clinics

Clinics Information
Lifetime Health M.D., M.D. (H) – Insulin Potentiation, Homeopathic – Weak Patients (AZ)
Nature Works Best NMD (several) – I.V. DMSO, Vitamin C, Bicarbonate, etc. (Tempe, Arizona)
Integrative Medical Center M.D., PhD – Dr. Berkson – LDN/ALA [Regenerates Damaged Liver] (New Mexico): YouTube Video
An Oasis of Healing M.D. – IPT, Vitamin C I.V. etc. (Mesa, Arizona)
Integrative Medical Center M.D. – Low Dose Naltrexone / ALA – Weak Patients (New Mexico)
Osage Natural Health  N.D. – Ozone, etc. – Weak Patients (Arkansas)
Nicholas Gonzalez M.D. – Pancreatic/Kelley Enzymes, etc. (New York) – Dr. Gonzalez has died but his staff is seeing patients
Sanar Clinic (MX)  Ozone, Prolotherapy, Formula M of Maureen Long
Pan American Cancer T.C. M.D. – Vitamin C I.V., Immunomax, Vallovax, etc. (Mexico)
Dr. David Cohens, N.D.  N.D. – Omdamed, the New Biocharger, etc. (New York)
Dr. H.B. Gonzalez, M.D.  M.D. – IPT, Hyperthermia, Vitamin C I.V., Stem Cell, etc. (Mexico, near U.S. border)
Priority Health M.D. – Prostate, Breast, GI (North and South Carolina)
Natural Healing Center  D.C. –  Hyperbaric, High RF Freq., etc. (South Carolina)
Bicher Cancer Institute  M.D. – Hyperthermia, Radiation, etc. (California)
Issels Immuno-Oncology M.D. – Immuno-Oncology, Vaccines, etc. (Mexico)
Hippocrates Health Institute  Wheatgrass Juice, Juicing, Living Foods (Florida)
Collmed Foundation Custom-Designed Treatment (Florida)
Nevada Center M.D. – Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, IPT, etc. (Carson City, Nevada)
Life Works Wellness Center M.D. – IPT, Ozone, High Dose Vit. C, Pulsed Magnetic Field, etc. (Clearwater, FL)
Home For Health [** 1/2] High RF Frequency Generator (Amplified), Ozone (multiple methods), PolyMVA, etc. (Kentucky)
Gerson Institute  Original Gerson Clinic / Mexico or San Diego, California
IMS Health Spa  N.M.D. – High Dose Vit C, IPT, Silver, etc. (Georgia)
Riordan Clinic M.D. – PolyMVA I.V., UVBI, High Dose Vit. C (Wichita, Kansas)
Hyperthermia Society Long List of Hyperthermia Clinics Worldwide (Many in U.S.)
Site Individual Clinics — [*] Endorsed
Medicine of Hope IPT, DMSO, Ozone I.V., H2O2 I.V., many other treatments (Mesa, Arizona)
Dr. Donato Perez Garcia IPT, clinic of Dr. Donato Perez Garcia (Tijuana, Mexico)
Oasis of Hope M.D. – Oasis of Hope – Ozone, Laetrile, etc. (Tijuana, Mexico)
Hallelujah Acres Retreat for Raw Food / Greens Treatment (North Carolina, USA)
Brookfield Health and Wellness  Susan Rohr – Brookfield, WI
Reno Integrative Homeopathy and other approaches (Reno, Nevada)
Hawaii Gerson Therapy Gerson Therapy and other treatments – Hawaii
Roy Hansen, D.C. American doctor: ionized baths, ozone I.V., herbs, diet (Mexico)
Dr. Ricardo James, M.D. Multivitamin I.V., H.B.O.T., Beam Ray, etc. (Mexico)
Dr. Rowen and Dr. Su Two M.D.s that will work with you. They offer treatments (Santa Rosa, California)
Paul Stallone, N.M.D. Arizona Integrative Medical Ctr, ozone I.V., DMSO/H2O2, etc. (Scottsdale, AZ)
ITL Cancer Clinic Immuno-Augmentive Therapy (Cancer vaccines), etc. (Bahamas)
Immune Recovery Clinic Restoration of the immune function (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Immune Recovery and Wellness Immune building and other treatments (Tucson, Arizona, USA)
Rudolf Steiner Health Center Community Supported Anthroposophical Medicine (CSAM) (Michigan, USA)
Amazon Clinic Magnetic Meridian Cupping and Many Other Protocols (Amazon – Peru)
Robert B. Wickmen, DO, ND (no website) Nervous system, spine, plus cancer: Email: Rbw66_2000 (Yahoo email) – Ecuador
Site Individual Clinics — Outside the Americas
Hyperthermia, Mistletoe, Gerson, etc. Arcadia Praxis in Bad Emstal – Germany
Hyperthermia, IPT, Galvanotherapy, etc Hyperthermia Hospital in Hannover – Germany
Biotherapy, Photodynamic, Vit. C I.V., Oncolytic Viruses, Hyperthermia, etc. Dr. Thaller Praxix Clinic – Germany
Hyperthermia, Immunotherapy, Biological, etc. Hufeland Klinik – Germany
Dr. Herzog’s Special Hospital Hyperthermia Hospital in Bad Salzhausen – Germany
Hope Clinic Wide range of treatments – Australia
Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic Virotherapy – Rigvir in Jurmala, Latvia
Natural Therapy Center Natural Therapy Center (NTC) – Cyprus
Nihaw Akupunktur Klinik Traditional Chinese Medicine, High RF Frequency Generator / Plasma – Denmark
Nutrition Upgrade Clinic Kelley, Amino Acids, Detox, Mineral Support – Hong Kong
Holistic Integrative Care Nutritional, Electromedicine, etc. – Philippines
Kaqun (Oxygen) Therapy – Hungary Kaqun Clinic Shao Ling (China) oxygen therapy, both bath and drinks – Hungary
Mr. P. A. Deshpande India practitioner – Various wheat grass, aloe vera, etc. – India
Sibia Medical Centre Cytotron – Rotational Field Quantum Magnetic Resonance – India
The Cure Planet  Wide Variety of Western and Eastern Treatments – India
Dr. Chris Teo Various Herbal and Other Treatments – Malaysia
Ozone RHP Clinic Ozone RHP Clinic – Contact via linked website – Malaysia
Institute Santa Monica Wide range of treatments – Sweden – in Swedish
NutriTherapy NutriTherapy Clinic – Excellent Treatments – South Africa
Medicana International IPT, DMSO, Hyperthermia, IV Vitamin C, etc. – Turkey
Osmanoglu Hastanesi IPT, DMSO, Hyperthermia, IV Vitamin C, etc. – Turkey

Other Websites

New York Association of Naturopathic Physicians

Site Sites That Link to Multiple Clinics
Cure Foundation Perhaps the Most Current List of Clinics Worldwide
Clinics CanCure.org List of American Cancer Clinics
Cancer Control Society Bus Tours to Clinics in Tijuana (use Google to search for other tours)
Whale.To A Huge List of U.S. and Foreign Clinics
Life Extension Foundation List of Clinics by Type of Treatment
Site Associations
AANMC The American Association of Naturopathic Medical Colleges