The Bob Beck Protocol is a potent alternative cancer treatment. One way it works is by lowering the level of pathogens in the body which in turn helps the immune system to do its job.

The Bob Beck Protocol, being an electromedicine protocol, builds the immune system.

Use the Bob Beck Protocol as the primary cancer treatment and include supplements to help supercharge the immune system and strengthen the body.


No one knew the full potential of the immune system because every scientific study ever done on the immune system was done on humans who had two pounds of disease-causing microbes (pathogens) in their bloodstream. Their immune systems were choked by these pathogens so no one had a clue how potent the immune system could be.

So how potent is the immune system capable of being if you get rid of these two pounds of pathogens, such as a virus, bacteria, and fungi? No one knew the answer because they didn’t know how to get rid of these pathogens.

The late Dr. Bob Beck, a physicist with a doctoral degree in science, figured out a way to get rid of pathogens. His discovery was actually based on the discovery of two medical doctors who were researching AIDS at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

What Dr. Beck learned is that as you get rid of the pathogens the immune system immediately begins to be supercharged. For example, in one case study he mentioned a man who could not get out of bed and was simply lying in bed waiting to die.

In three weeks this patient was up and around and eventually he fully recovered.

This is an example of what can happen when you get rid of the pathogens — the immune system becomes supercharged far beyond what anyone had previously dreamed.

The specific section of the immune system that Dr. Beck suspected was supercharged was in the production of neuropeptides.

The immune system creates two key molecules called: interleukin and interferon. These molecules are called neuropeptides or nerve proteins. There are more than 2,000 neuropeptides in the body, but the cancer-fighting effects of most of them are unknown. It may be that interleukin and interferon are not the most potent cancer-fighting neuropeptides.

In any case, these neuropeptides are absolutely deadly to cancer cells.

The Bob Beck Protocol, by getting rid of pathogens, allows these neuropeptides to be created in much higher volumes and the immune system is supercharged far beyond the imagination of scientists. This protocol should be taken very seriously.


The Bob Beck Protocol started out as an electromedicine treatment for AIDS / HIV; however, it has turned out to be an excellent cancer treatment because of the way it builds the immune system.

Two medical doctors, Dr. Kaali and Dr. Lyman, discovered, in 1990, that a small electric current could disable viruses from being able to infect cells and multiply, thus rendering them harmless. Other studies have shown the effectiveness of small amounts of electricity against bacteria and fungi. The combination of these studies proves their discovery was one of the greatest medical discoveries in the history of medicine because virtually all diseases are caused by, or enhanced by, a pathogen (virus, bacteria, and fungus). This combined knowledge gives us the key of how to cure almost every disease known to mankind.

But unlike the discoveries of Dr. Royal Rife, Dr. Kaali and Dr. Lyman discoveries have not been lost to science. In fact, details of their discovery are very, very well preserved and protected. However, even though the technology is very well documented, orthodox medicine is not interested in their discovery. Orthodox medicine is interested in “treatments,” not “cures,” because “treating” a person is far, far more profitable than “curing” them.

As Dr. Bob Beck used to say: “a patient cured is a customer lost.”

Dr. Beck, who had 30 years of electromedicine research behind him, found out about the discovery and found a non-invasive way to use their discovery. His first electromedicine machine replicated the process of the Kaali / Lyman discovery. It is often referred to as blood electrification, blood purifying or micropulsing. Basically, they use microcurrents of electricity to create a very small 3.92 Hertz or ½ of the Earth Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz alternating electric current (i.e.: the cycle of polarity change happens 3.92 times a second). The microcurrents of electricity prevent viruses from infecting human cells (this is what Kaali and Lyman discovered) which prevents the virus from hijacking the cells’ reproductive capacity and multiplying. The body safely excretes the disabled (i.e. attenuated) viruses.

However, Dr. Beck found that in some cases the AIDS / HIV virus came back. He concluded that some viruses were hiding in the lymph system or captured in lymph nodes and thus were not circulating in the blood. In order to reach pathogens stored in the lymph nodes, he then developed the Magnetic Pulser to neutralize or deactivate them. A pulsed magnetic field creates electrical currents in body tissues. In other words, the Magnetic Pulser creates the necessary microcurrents or small electric currents in targeted tissues.

Whether Dr. Beck knew about microbes hiding inside root canals is unknown. The fact is that root canals are a safe-haven for microbes such as a virus, bacteria, and fungi. It is generally advised to have all root canals removed for this and other reasons. More will be said about this in the Magnetic Pulser section.

In total, the Bob Beck Protocol consists of four parts. Two of the four parts of the Bob Beck Protocol (the two electromedicine parts) disable bacteria, fungi and viruses from reproducing (at which point the body safely excretes them). One of the four parts, ionic colloidal silver, also deactivates pathogens and the fourth part, ozonated water, helps flush the toxins from the body.

Bob Beck died in 2002, but it is safe to predict that there will be a race between orthodox medicine and alternative medicine, for years to come, as to whether this alternative cancer treatment will survive. The technology will survive, but at least one person has been thrown in jail for selling Bob Beck Protocol equipment. That is why vendors are somewhat “gun shy” about making claims about what the Bob Beck Protocol can do.

The theory of the Bob Beck Protocol and cancer

What the Bob Beck Protocol does is to disable from multiplying, the pathogens circulating in your body. When a pathogen that is in the bloodstream is disabled, the body can remove it. Drinking ozonated water helps to remove the disabled pathogens and other toxins. For many diseases that are all that is required for a cure. For cancer, it is a little more complicated than that.

There are many things that can start the chain reaction that leads to cancer, but no matter what starts the chain reaction, the final step in the process for many cancers is that a pathogen gets inside a normal cell, thus breaking the Krebs Cycle and Electron Transport Chain (ETC). This makes the once normal cell anaerobic, and an anaerobic cell is defined to be cancerous.

Only the presence of a pathogen, such as a virus, bacteria or fungus, inside a cell can maintain the cell’s inability to restore its Krebs Cycle and ETC. See What Causes Cancer for more information about how cancer forms and a large amount of research that relate cancer and microbes.

The Bob Beck Protocol disables and assists removal of the pathogenic microbes from the body except for the microbes inside the cancer cells.

If the Bob Beck Protocol disables and assists removal of pathogenic microbes in the body, except the ones inside of cancer cells, how does the Bob Beck Protocol cure cancer?

The Bob Beck Protocol assists the person’s immune system to be relieved of its constant battle against circulating pathogens, allowing the body to focus on cancer. This is what makes it seem “supercharged.”

Consider this analogy:

Suppose there was a large pond that was filled with all sorts of algae, and other single-cell plants, plus pathogens and slime. In fact, there are so many algae, etc. that the fish in this pond are very sick, plus they cannot see each other and rarely are able to reproduce.

What shall we do to save the fish? We could design new fish food for the fish. After much research, we could design foods that might allow them to live longer. Or perhaps we could figure out some way to do surgery on the fish that may extend their lives.

But obviously, the best solution would be to get rid of the algae, slime, pathogens, etc. Once the fish were living in pure and clean water, they would return to health.

In this example, the fish represent our immune system. The algae, microbes, slime, etc. represent the pathogens and toxins in our body. The best solution to fixing our immune system might not be pills, but getting rid of the virus, bacteria, and fungi in our body. That is exactly what the Bob Beck Protocol does.

It has been known for many decades that the immune system communicates with electrical signals. Research shows that white blood cells use electricity to zap pathogens.

Bob Beck believed that his treatment, which deactivates pathogens circulating in the blood of a person, is a potent way to restore the immune system of that person. He felt that that was a large reason his treatment had been so successful on cancer patients.

Removing pathogens may allow the immune system to restore in quantity many of the 2,000 neuropeptides (nerve proteins), among which are the well-known interleukin and interferon, which are known cancer-fighters.

The bottom line is that with the Bob Beck Protocol it is the immune system which kills the cancer cells. The Bob Beck Protocol “supercharges” the immune system.

Diet to use during this treatment

Attenuating pathogens is only half of the story of getting rid of the microbes.

Consider this example: Suppose you are in a row boat many miles from shore. Suddenly there is a hole in the boat. You have one bucket to scoop up the water and throw it overboard. Will you get to shore before the boat sinks?

The answer depends on the relationship between the size of the hole and the size of the bucket. In this analogy, the size of the hole is the environment inside your body (i.e. your “inner terrain”). The size of the bucket is the Bob Beck Protocol.

Pathogens, under ideal conditions, can multiply unbelievably fast. The inside of your body can be a very good place for them to multiply or a very bad place for them to multiply.

For example, if you live on soda pop (regular or diet), the acidity of the soda pop will create a superb environment for the pathogens to breed quickly. Many other foods, such as sugar, meat, white flour, etc. also are very acidic and can create an ideal place for pathogens to breed.

The bottom line to all of this is that during the Bob Beck Protocol the person should have a very alkaline diet. A person should follow the cancer diet.

It is also recommended that you eat as many whole, raw foods as possible, in other words, as much “live:” food as possible, especially via juicing. The reason is that live foods provide electrons to the body to support the body’s natural electricity.

Note: Micropulsing, or blood electrification, also supplies the body with an abundance of electrons.

What can be taken with the protocol

There has been confusion about what can be taken in the way of pharmaceutical drugs and even nutritional supplements when using the Beck Protocol. The Bob Beck Legacy Association reports the following based on their extensive feedback from those who use the Beck Protocol:

In the 1990s, Bob Beck spoke of “electroporation” as a potential problem, as electricity can increase the flow of ingredients into cells. Bob Beck erred on the side of caution after reading a research paper about electroporation. After fifteen years it became obvious that electroporation was not an issue. So we investigated the research paper further and discovered that the fine print clarified that it takes a strong electrical voltage to cause electroporation. The research paper specified 200 volts per cm2 while the output of the Bob Beck unit equates to about 7 volts per cm2. The amount of electricity required is much, much stronger than the small amount of voltage produced by the Beck 3.92 Hz blood cleaner—that’s a big difference!

As an example, two people have reported to the Bob Beck website, that they even used the protocol while taking chemotherapy. They noticed only benefits and there was no evidence of electroporation. One of the patients reporting was a mother whose 3-year old child was on chemotherapy for leukemia: (see video here). Other examples include several individuals who used powerful herbal combinations to rid the body of parasites while on the Beck Protocol without any evidence of electroporation or a magnification of the herbs. In addition, research at a university in Canada, to duplicate the output of the Beck device when in use, applied 50–100 microamps (uA) directly into Petri dishes containing healthy cho cells (mammalian cells) and showed no evidence of electroporation.

The Bob Beck Legacy Association has reported feedback on over many years:

If an individual is concerned about any prescription drug they may be using, it would be best to use the Beck unit for blood electrification, or micropulsing as it is sometimes referred to, before taking the drug. Or they may want to try using the unit only very briefly at first and then increasingly, after taking the drug, to see if they have any reaction.

Individuals have not reported any problems when taking herbs or nutritional supplements along with using the Beck Protocol. It is possible that blood electrification mildly improves the flow of nutrients into a cell and the flow of toxins out of the cell. That would have benefits for our health.

It is wise to use the Bob Beck Protocol in combination with nutritional and diet protocols that help build and heal the body.

For example, those who have been on the Budwig Diet (i.e. cottage cheese and flaxseed oil) should continue the Budwig Diet during the Bob Beck Protocol. It is important to continue taking whatever has been helping you – nutritional, supplement, protocols and treatments – while using the Beck Protocol.

Because the Bob Beck Protocol does not rebuild the cell membranes of a cancer patient, cancer patients who go into remission should go on a one-year “Remission” treatment after the Bob Beck Protocol.

Rules for using the Bob Beck Protocol

Generally speaking, it is best not to add anything new to your current cancer treatment when first starting the Bob Beck Protocol. Stay with your current treatment protocol and gradually introduce each unit of the Beck Protocol.

The reason for this rule is detoxification. The Bob Beck Protocol by itself will create many detoxification symptoms. To add more debris from another cancer treatment may create far more detoxification than the liver and other organs of the body can handle.

It is recommended to first add in the micropulsing or blood electrication – a device that puts microcurrents into the blood at your wrist. This is a convenient unit that you can use at work, rest or play. Start slowly in terms of a number of minutes using and drink lots of water – ozonated water is good. Watch your symptoms, if you start detoxing, slow down the treatment. If the detox reaction is extreme, slow down the treatment to 5 – 15 minutes a day until the symptoms resolve and then continue building the time from there. Use common sense and speed up or slow down as needed.

The Bob Beck Protocol can create a significant amount of detox symptoms. But that can be limited by limiting the treatment times to just enough to create a limited amount of detox that you can handle without the body getting overwhelmed.

The Bob Beck Protocol creates a lot of debris, but it does not cure cancer quickly because it does not kill cancer cells directly. By allowing the body to rid itself of pathogens, the immune system will be able to supercharge itself. But this takes time, and many cancer patients don’t have much time to live, thus keep on your current treatments.

Forbidden with Beck blood purifiers

1. NOT for pregnant women as any effects have not been explored. The concern would be that the unit causes detoxification to which a pregnant woman should avoid for the health of the child.

2. Caution is advised if using potentially harmful substances such as recreational and prescription drugs, as it is not known if microcurrents will interact or if individual reactions may occur. In order to test yourself, suggest starting slowly with the microcurrents and see if you have any reactions.

3. Caution is advised for those with pacemakers as any effects have not been explored.

You should drink a lot of water (this includes the ozonated water) to help rid the body of deactivated pathogens.

The Bob Beck Protocol

The Bob Beck Protocol includes four independent treatments, all of which are designed to do one thing – disable pathogens or disease-causing microbes in the body (i.e. stop their ability to reproduce or help flush them from the body).

Here is a brief overview of each of the four parts of the treatment protocol:

Blood Electrification

The purpose of the Blood Purifier/Blood Electrification is to attenuate (i.e. disable from multiplying) microbes which flow through the blood. These microbes die without ever being replaced.

The Blood Purifier creates a small electrical current in the blood which will break off a key enzyme on the surface of all microbes which are traveling through the blood. This prevents the microbes from entering human cells and multiplying therein. The microbes are then safely removed from the body. The electrical current can also outright kill bacteria and other pathogenic invaders.

Because of the vast number of deactivated viruses and dead microbes, it is almost certain that within the first few days of using the Blood Electrification device you will experience “flu-like symptoms” (this is called the “Herxheimer Reaction”). These symptoms are caused by the massive die-off of microbes and do not create any type of danger.

To prevent this symptom from being severe, it is important to drink copious amounts of water during the Bob Beck Protocol. This water includes the ozonated water.

The rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight (measured in pounds) in water (measured in ounces). For example, if your weight is 200 pounds, you would drink 100 ounces of water (1/2 of 200 is 100) per day, maybe more. This includes the ozonated water.

Because the Magnetic Pulser is generally used prior to the Blood Electrification treatment, it is important to understand when the water should be taken:

1) First, One hour before the Magnetic Pulser (for electrolytes to create an electric current), and

2) Second, 30 minutes before the Magnetic Pulser (i.e. thirty minutes after the first water)

You also might want to drink some water immediately after using the Magnetic Pulser and wait 15 to 30 minutes before starting this Blood Purifier treatment. This water is to detoxify (especially the ozonated water) the blood and lymph system. The majority of the water you drink during the day should be at one of those three times. All three times are before the Blood Purifier. Most, if not all, of the water you take, should be ozonated water.

If you think you have large amounts of microbes in your body at the beginning of this treatment, which most cancer patients do have, you might want to use the Blood Purifier for only 30 minutes on the first day, and then build up by 15 minutes a day, until you are using the machine for two hours. Within one week you should be up to the full two-hour protocol. However, if a cancer patient is very advanced, and is not expected to live more than two months, then do NOT do the buildup. In other words, start at two hours on the first day.

While this protocol may be used until the cancer is under control, in fact, this protocol should be used for life. This is not because of cancer, but for overall health. Two pounds of microbes in a person's bloodstream is not healthy for anyone.


There are two different vendors of the Bob Beck Blood Purifier. Their equipment is very different and the instructions for their use are very different. The two vendors are Sota Instruments and BioElecrtic.

The instructions for using the Sota are in the next section. The instructions for using the BioElectric will be linked to below in the section on BioElectric. BioElectric devices generally arrive within two weeks.

Also, the Sota instrument follows the original Bob Beck specifications. The BioElectric brand uses a different philosophy. My own experiments on the BioElectric is that it clearly gets rid of the microbes.

The BioElectric device does have some advantages. It can also be used for other health conditions such as sinusitis because of your flexibility of placing the electrodes. It would also likely do a better job on curing hepatitis C if the electrodes were placed such that the electrical current flowed directly through the liver. Between the electrodes, the electrical current would look like a football, if you could see it.

Having said all of that, we are confident the Sota works and, based on our own research, that the BioElectric will work.

Analysis of Sota Instruments Blood Purifier

VERY, VERY Important Note – Study Carefully:

When placing the electrodes on your ulnar and radial arteries (on your wrists), you should place the electrodes directly on top of the arteries and at the location of the strongest pulse. Once you get used to placing the electrodes you will memorize their location and be familiar with the amount of tingling of the electrical current.

Before putting the electrodes on your wrist, each metal electrode should be placed inside of a cotton sleeve. The purpose of these cotton sleeves is to protect your skin and to provide better electrical conductivity between the electrodes and the skin. The sleeves need to be completely soaked in tap water (or sea salt water if the tap water isn't very electrically conductive) in order for the electricity to be transferred from the electrodes to the skin.

The following instructions are for use of blood electrifiers (Sota, etc) that only allow the two electrodes to be placed on one wrist. This is not as easy to do as when the two electrifiers are placed one on each wrist (i.e. the way BioElectric does it). With single wrist placement too much electrical current just crosses the wrist instead of entering the blood in the arteries. To offset that, so much current stays at the level of the skin a higher amount of electrical current needs to be applied. Some people with delicate skin can't tolerate this level of current. Overweight people also may have problems finding both arteries.

When keeping the electrode sleeves wet, by putting a few drops of water on them every 20 to 60 minutes, it is possible that there will be a film of water on the surface of the wrist, and/or on the bottom of the rubber strap, between the two cotton sleeves. Since electricity always takes the path of least resistance, it is possible the electricity will cross over the thin layer of water on your skin or the bottom of the rubber strap, instead of going through the skin and into the bloodstream. You will know this happens because the tingling of the skin, caused by the electrical current, will stop after you put drops of salt water on the cotton sleeves.

It is critical to keep the skin between the two cotton sleeves, and the bottom of the rubber strap, DRY. This is very important to check after each time you wet the cotton sleeves. You can use a Q-Tip, and/or a dry finger and/or blow air between the electrodes, until the area between the cotton sleeves is dry. When the area between them is dry (including the top of the skin and the bottom of the rubber strap), the tingling should return.

I am not an electrical engineer, so when I saw how much more complicated the electronics of the Sota Instruments Blood Purifier was, compared to the original Bob Beck schematics, I decided to have a real electrical engineer look at it to see if it was true to the original. All of the things I learned in dealing with this guru are worth noting and there are some surprises!! The second item is the most important.

First, after a great deal of effort on my part, and on the part of an electronics genius (who designs equipment most people couldn't even operate), his conclusion was that the Sota Instruments Blood Purifier WAS true to the original. He used his lab equipment to analyze the actual output of the Sota Blood Purifier and he studied the schematics of the original Beck equipment and compared it to the actual Sota circuits. It was all thumbs up.

Second, the dial on the Blood Purifier controls the flow of electrical current. In at least one of the Bob Beck videos, available on Google, Bob Beck tells the audience to adjust the dial to the level of comfort. While this is true, he forgot to mention a very important thing.

During the first half hour, every 5 or 10 minutes you need to turn the knob closer to the maximum. You may be able to turn it up slightly 2 or 3 times during this half hour. In other words, every 5 or 10 minutes you may be able to tolerate a little more tingling. If it is very uncomfortable then back off on the dial just a little bit.

Some people, perhaps most people, may not be able to tolerate the maximum dial setting. Just do the best you can without being too uncomfortable. You should adjust the Blood Purifier to a “slightly uncomfortable” position. Do not adjust it to an uncomfortable position, just to a “slightly uncomfortable” position.

Third, he said there was no reason a person could not build the Blood Electrifier at home using the original Beck schematic (which is linked to in the main article).

WARNING #1: Whichever blood purifier you select, remember to apply water to the cloth/pads (i.e. wet it down) every 30 minutes. If the pads get dry they will not transmit electricity.

WARNING #2: Whichever blood purifier you select you should start the session by turning the dial up until the electrical current is noticeable and then turn it slightly to the left until it is no longer noticeable. There are several reasons for doing this. First, if you forgot to add baking soda to the water, this will catch that error. Second, this is the most effective setting for the device to attenuate microbes. Third, if you forgot to turn your “on” switch to “on,” it will catch that error also.

Pulsed Magnetic Fields (i.e. Magnetic Pulser)

WARNING: Do NOT remove the plastic case covering the head of any pulser. The plastic case is to prevent a strong electrical shock.

The purpose of the magnetic pulser is to put back into circulation microbes which do not flow through the blood. These are microbes which are “hiding” in the lymph nodes, stomach, or other places in the body.

Because this device is a portable magnetic device it can safely be pointed at any part of your body, with a few exceptions (e.g. testicles or eyes, if you have had eye surgery).

This hand-held electromagnetic device looks like a small ping-pong paddle. While the magnetic pulse itself is harmless to human cells, the coil itself can cause a strong shock (that is why it has a plastic case around it).

The purpose of the magnetic pulser is to create a small electrical current in the body tissues which will liquify the lymph and dislodge microbes from their hiding places. Since the magnetic field penetrates the skin and bones, it can reach microbes anywhere in your body. Its range is about 9 to 12 inches, but it should always be placed just above the skin or on the skin.

You may want to gradually build-up to the amount of time you spend with this device every day. There is no set amount of time you use this device on a daily basis, but a rule of thumb would be to build up to an hour a day (this hour does not include the time the unit is turned off to cool down).

Generally, because the unit gets hot, it is used only twenty minutes at a time. There should be a twenty minute cool down period. Thus, it would generally be used for twenty minutes, then turned off for twenty minutes, then used again for twenty minutes. A second cool down and third twenty minutes of use can also be done. But different units may have a different schedule.

The more important issue is to make sure you have covered every area of the body you need to cover. There are four basic areas of the body you need to make sure are pulsed by the device.

First, are the lymph nodes and organs. The lymph nodes are near your spine, but also cover from the top of your head to your knees. It helps to have someone else handle the equipment while the lymph nodes are being pulsed because most of them are on your back, near your spine. While the magnetic pulse penetrates about 9 inches (meaning most people could pulse the lymph nodes from the front), the closer you can get to a target the better.

See page 11 of this Adobe Acrobat article to see where the lymph nodes are located:
Lymph Nodes (requires Adobe Acrobat)

The organs, especially the stomach, should also be pulsed.

Second, are any areas of the body where there is inflammation, swelling or congestion. This is a very good anti-inflammatory device; and for a cancer patient, there are likely to be a lot of microbes and/or cancer cells in those kinds of areas.

Third, are any areas of known cancer cells, and especially areas where there are dense concentrations of cancer cells.

Fourth, the liver. The liver is the organ in the body most responsible for getting toxins out of the body. Many cancer patients die because their liver is overburdened.

One thing a person should do who is on a strong cancer treatment or this treatment is point the magnetic pulser directly at their liver for a few minutes every day. This should be done to stimulate and protect the liver.


Root canals

Most people have root canals and mercury/amalgam in their mouth. It is best to have both the root canals and mercury removed by a specially trained biological dentist or holistic dentist. Read these two articles:
Part 1 of Article on Dental Issues and Cancer
Part 2 of Article on Dental Issues and Cancer

If your mercury and root canals have not been removed, you have a problem to deal with. When the Magnetic Pulser is pointed towards your teeth, small amounts of toxic mercury may be released from your dental amalgam, if you have any. Thus, it is best NOT to point the magnetic pulser directly at your teeth.

If you cannot afford one of the specially trained dentists (at about $10,000), but you can afford to find a biological dentist who can SAFELY get rid of the mercury, the pulser may be able to get rid of the dental infection.

This issue is also critical for patients with microbe diseases. Because microbes in root canals come out of the root canals and reinfect the person; for microbe diseases such as AIDS, Hepatitis C, etc. the hydrogen peroxide protocol is critical because it is necessary to get rid of all microbes in the body.

Other issues

Some people will start the magnetic pulser by using this product for 5 minutes a day, and build up by 5 minutes a day. Others will start at 10 minutes a day and build up by 10 minutes a day. The important thing is that your maximum daily treatment using this device will probably be between 40 and 60 minutes a day (not counting cool down time). Every 20 minutes the device will probably need to be turned off (or it will turn itself off) because of heat buildup. It should be turned off for about 20 minutes.

Because this part of the treatment is designed to clean the lymph system, it would also be advisable to do as much exercise as is reasonable. Exercise (i.e. muscle movement) is the “pump” for the lymph system. If you cannot jog, then lift small weights (even books) to pump the lymph.

You should take large amounts of water one hour before using the Magnetic Pulser and take additional water one-half hour before using the Magnetic Pulser. This is because the electrolytes in the water are what generate the current that disables the microbes.

Another purpose for so much water is to detoxify the lymph system.

Do not point the device at any jewelry that is attracted to magnets (i.e. remove all jewelry that is attracted to magnets). You can wear your clothes, but not things that have metal on them, such as belt buckles.

If you have had eye surgery, especially if there is an implant, do not point it directly at your eyes.

Also, any man with prostate cancer (or any type of cancer) may feel serious burning if they point it directly at the testicles.

Do not point it at open wounds.

If you wish a superb electrolyte product that does not contain any sugar, which you can take to enhance the effectiveness of the Magnetic Pulser, here is such a product:
Electrolyte Sports Drink – No Sugar (needs to be diluted)

More will be said about electrolytes in the ozonated water section.

The Power of Various Magnetic Pulsers [VERY IMPORTANT]

There are many versions of the Beck Magnetic Pulser. Does it matter how powerful the Magnetic Pulser is? That is actually a critical question. Bob Beck made it perfectly clear that the electrical current in the blood that disables microbes (i.e. eliminates them) is between 50 to 100 microamps (i.e. millionths of an amp). Note that Bob Beck DID NOT SAY: “Greater than or equal to 50 microamps.”

However, it should also be noted that Kaali and Lyman, who did the original AIDS study, did not study any electrical currents above 100 microamps!! Thus, it is unknown whether the enzymes on the surface of microbes are broken off above 100 microamps. They probably are.

The “baseline” magnetic pulser for this treatment is the Sota Instruments Magnetic Pulser. You can rest assured this pulser is in the correct range because Bob Beck himself worked with the founder of Sota Instruments.

BioElectric sells a magnetic pulser that compares to the Sota pulser but at a much lower price. It has two strength settings for use, 34kG and 43kG.

How to build your own Magnetic Pulser

For those who cannot import a magnetic pulser, or who do not have the money, they can make their own pulser. However, it is unknown whether this pulser is powerful enough to hit the 50 microamp range. However, in the Kaali and Lyman article, even at 25 microamps some microbes were attenuated.

The article on how to make your Bob Beck compliant Magnetic Pulser at home comes from a group in Argentina who actually built a Bob Beck compliant unit. Few people will attempt it or will know someone who will attempt it, but mainly for those who cannot obtain pre-built equipment, the instructions on how to build one are on this page:

  • Build Your Own — Blood Purifier, Colloidal Silver, and Magnetic Pulser

Ionic Colloidal Silver

Silver has been used for many centuries as an anti-microbial substance. Colloidal silver is an excellent product which can be taken internally to kill microbes in the body. It is a key part of the four parts of the complete Bob Beck Protocol.

One of the concerns about taking colloidal silver is a skin condition called argyria. Argyria is a condition where the skin turns grey or blue-grey. It is a real condition and it is difficult to reverse, but it is not caused by pure colloidal silver.

Let us define “colloidal silver” as: a solution made with pure silver wires (e.g. at least 99.95 percent pure silver), mixed with pure distilled water, and absolutely nothing is added to the water (i.e. no salt, no minerals, no nothing).

With this definition of colloidal silver, argyria is not possible. Argyria is caused by using silver compounds (meaning non-silver molecules are mixed with the silver or something is mixed with the water). Essentially argyria is caused by impurities in the mixture.

If a silver compound is called “colloidal silver,” the vendor doesn't know what they are doing and probably doesn't care. The problem is with poor vendors, not with true and pure colloidal silver. That is one major reason to make it yourself.

It is essential to use distilled water, distilled by water distillation, when making colloidal silver. Do NOT add salt or minerals to the water or it may cause the skin discoloration. When the colloidal silver is made, if it is not consumed immediately (as soon as it cools down), it should be stored in a dark colored glass bottle and the glass bottle or jar must be stored in a dark place (but do NOT refrigerate it). Silver will chemically react to light (technically it is more complicated than that).

NEVER, NEVER get your silver from a jeweler because their sterling silver has nickel and copper added to it. Using sterling silver can cause serious health problems. Silver nitrate and silver chloride should obviously be avoided since neither are pure silver.

However, a high-quality silver nitrate or silver chloride can be used for short periods of time for special situations. For longer periods they can be used but only at low doses (i.e. the vendor should know the safe maximum doses).

You can take the colloidal silver at any time of the day, except during the times you are taking the two electromedicine treatments (i.e. the blood purifier and the magnetic pulser).

To be more specific, you can take colloidal silver any time EXCEPT the time period of two hours BEFORE until 15 minutes AFTER the two electromedicine treatments.

In other words, do not take colloidal silver within two hours of starting the electromedicine treatments, do not take it during the electromedicine treatments and do not take it for 15 minutes after the electromedicine treatments.

It is not dangerous to take colloidal silver during the time excluded, but more of the silver will be utilized where it is needed if you do not take the colloidal silver during the electromedicine treatments.

Making colloidal silver at home

When you buy the blood purifier, it generally comes with a colloidal silver maker built in. However, this is a very slow way to make colloidal silver because it only uses one 9-volt battery.

Bob Beck describes a technique that uses three 9-volt batteries in series. However, this too is a slow and cumbersome method.

In an article on this website a method is described which makes 1 gallon of approximately 6 PPM to 8 PPM colloidal silver in about an hour and a half.

The importance of this method is highlighted by the length of time and energy needed to use the Blood Purifier and Magnetic Pulser. Considering the time and effort needed daily for these two items, it is better to only have to make colloidal silver once every few days.

This article can be found at:
How To Make Colloidal Silver At Home

Commercial brands

There are many brands of colloidal silver. Three brands, as far as I know, are the best. First, is ASAP Plus, which is 22 ppm. Do not be deceived by the low ppm of this product, it is a superb protocol.

Second, are two brands which are based on the same technology: Utopia Silver and MesoSilver. Both of these are highly recommended

None of these 3 brands can be made at home, but they are fairly expensive when used at therapeutic doses.

Clinics that offer
Colloidal Silver

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Drinking freshly ozonated water

It has been shown in scientific experiments that there is an inverse relationship between the amount of oxygen in the blood and the ability of cancer to spread. In other words, the more oxygen, the less your cancer is able to spread.

Ozone is a superb way to get oxygen into your body. However, the amount of ozone in ozonated water is probably not enough to seriously stop the spread of cancer. But it may slow it down and help the other protocols do their job.

This treatment is officially a detoxification protocol because it oxidizes toxins and thus prevents many of the serious side-effects of microbe die-off.

The liquids which are part of the complete Bob Beck Protocol are either in the form of purified water (such as a high-quality spring water) or ozonated water. It is the proportion of these two types of liquids which are important to pay attention to.

Soda pops (whether diet or sugar soda pop), alcohol, coffee, tea, etc. should not be consumed during the Bob Beck Protocol. But natural, 100 percent fruit juices can be consumed at any time (with certain exceptions discussed in the main article).

One of the simplest and least expensive ways to get ozone (i.e. which breaks down into oxygen singlets and O2) into the bloodstream is to ozonate ice cold purified or spring water (no tap water). The colder the water is, the more ozone the water can hold and the longer it can hold it.

Here is a list of the major benefits of ozonated water:

  1. It purifies the blood of some microbes,
  2. It is a superb detoxification method (it oxidizes the toxins, thus neutralizing them),
  3. It may kill some cancer cells or the microbes inside the cells,
  4. It can stop the spreading of cancer,
  5. It may provide energy,
  6. It can help the immune system by providing the white blood cells oxygen singlets.

A home-grade water ozonator will cost about $300. A medical-grade ozonator, which is not necessary for this treatment, costs $3,000 and up.

There are several other things that are necessary to understand.

First, the container the purified or spring water is in, that the ozone will be bubbled into, ABSOLUTELY MUST BE MADE OF GLASS. Ozone will tear apart a plastic container or plastic tube and you will end up drinking plastic. This eliminates people on feeding tubes from using this part of the treatment unless the feeding tubes are made of silicon. Everything the ozonated water touches should be made of glass, even the drinking glass. Every tube should be made of silicon.

Second, the cancer patient should drink the ozonated water as soon as it is made because the ozone only lasts about 20 minutes.

You should turn the ozonator on, with the stone bubbling in the water, for about 6-10 minutes before drinking.

You cannot use ozonated water when making colloidal silver because if you boil ozonated water (boiling some water is necessary to make colloidal silver), it won't have any ozone left in it. One water is cold (when ozonated water is made) and one water is hot (when colloidal silver is made).

Ozonated water does not store well, not even in the refrigerator. If you do store it for a few hours, make sure it is in a glass bottle, has a tight non-metallic, and non-plastic lid, and is put and stays in the refrigerator immediately after making. But even this is not recommended because in order to make a tight lid there must be some type of plastic involved.

Because ozonated water, by itself, can create some flu-like symptoms because of die-off, you may want to build up with this product (there is no need to taper off).

As mentioned in the main article, the minimum amount of liquids (e.g. water or ozonated water) you should consume is one ounce per two pounds of body weight (e.g. 200 pounds means 100 ounces).

To build up to the amount of ozonated water, you could start with 10 percent of your total liquid intake coming from ozonated water and 90 percent from purified or spring water. In other words, your total daily intake of liquids will be the same every day, but for the first day, for example, only 10 percent of your total daily intake is ozonated water. The second day only 20 percent of your total daily intake is ozonated water. Or whatever buildup you wish to use.

You should build up to 100 percent ozonated water as the liquid part of the Bob Beck Protocol.

Lung cancer patients, emphysema patients and asthma patients (and anyone else with lung congestion) should NOT use the water ozonator at all. The reason is that ozone gas is released during the process of bubbling and ozone gas may cause congestion or make existing congestion much worse. However, these patients should drink the required amount of liquids as purified or a quality spring water (do NOT use distilled water as your main drinking water as it can pull/leech minerals out of the body).

Order of taking these things

The following is based on information from the Bob Beck Legacy Association which operates the official website dedicated to Bob Beck’s life and work: They also publish the Guide to Using the Beck Protocol.

The important thing is to use the units. That means using the units in a way that is best for you and your lifestyle. Some people like to have something to get them started so below is a suggestion. As you use the units more, you will gain more confidence and then can be more flexible as to how and when you use the units. Use common sense and listen to your own body as you implement and use the Bob Beck Protocol.

1. Micropulsing or blood electrification. Start with 5 – 15 minutes for a treatment. You can use this anytime during the day that is convenient for you. You can use it while you work, rest or play. Build up slowly over time, so that you are using the unit for a minimum of 2 hours a day – many people use it for a lot longer. Many people notice results within weeks. For cancer, you can expect to need to use this unit for months and years, until your cancer is completely gone and even then you will need to continue using it as a preventative treatment. Remember it supercharges the immune system.

After you are comfortable with the micro pulsing add in ionic colloidal silver.

2. Ionic colloidal silver. Start with 1 ounce a day. Slowly build up the amount you drink daily. Whatever amount you decide to drink, divide the amount into smaller doses throughout the day. For several weeks or months, you can drink up to 1 – 2 cups of 5ppm ionic colloidal silver a day. After taking colloidal silver for a few months, back down and take it periodically 1 – 2 ounces. We recommend taking breaks, and taking probiotics, as colloidal silver may affect the gut microbes.

When you are comfortable with the micro pulsing and the ionic colloidal silver, add in magnetic pulsing.

3. Magnetic pulsing. Start with 5 – 15 minutes for a treatment. You can use this anytime during the day that is convenient for you – some people use it while watching TV for example. Build up slowly over time, so that you are using the unit for at least 20 minutes a day, preferably much longer every day – up to several hours spaced with breaks. The limiting factor for the magnetic pulsing is often that the coil gets so hot that you will need to take a break and let it cool down. The magnetic pulsing can be done over the lymph system, any organ – including the brain, as well as the site of any cancer. If a tumor is involved, you can use the magnetic pulsing over it for extended periods of time. Magnetic pulsing may cause normal detoxification effects as well temporary inflammation at the specific areas on the body that it is used.

Add in drinking ozonated water at any time.

4. Ozonated water. Start slowly – 4 ounces a day. You can drink ozonated water anytime during the day. It is suggested not to drink it with food as the benefits of the ozone will be minimized AND not to drink it with ionic colloidal silver as the ozone could oxidize the silver. One suggestion is to drink a cup of ozonated water before micro pulsing and a cup after micro pulsing to help the body flush toxins. One can reasonably drink up to 4 glasses of ozonated water a day while treating cancer.

While this treatment does take a lot of time, the fact is that you can continue most of your activities during this schedule.

The educational website provides many testimonials on how individuals have used the protocol for a variety of health problems including cancer.

The side-effects

If you follow all of the safety precautions, the only side-effects you will have will be related to the detoxification. The “build-up” above is designed specifically to minimize the detoxification side-effects. There may be a lot of toxins in your body that need to get out of your body, and no matter what you do they will need to find a way to get out.

Perhaps the most distressful symptom is when a puss oozes out of your body. It can ooze out of your body anywhere. It can happen on the top of the head or the face, or anywhere else. This is a good sign; the treatment is working! These toxins and disabled pathogens have to get out of your body, and it is a good thing when they do get out of your body. Let them come out, don’t try to stop them from leaving your body; they need to leave the body! It is better that the disabled microbes exit your body through your skin than pass through your liver.

There might even be some swelling caused by puss which has not yet found a way out of the body. In most cases, this too is a good sign. However, when any serious side-effects are noticed, the current Bob Beck treatment should be stopped immediately and start over again from the beginning, using a “smaller and slower buildup” (i.e. the build-up doses should be smaller and the build-up times should be longer). The reason for stopping the treatment and starting over has to do with your key organs, especially your liver and kidney.

Another important issue is the “friendly” bacteria in the digestive tract. These are important for food digestion. It is quite possible the colloidal silver may reduce them temporarily. Be prepared to add some probiotics or other digestion products, to your diet to replenish the “friendly” bacteria.

Videos in the Bob Beck Series

The following videos are original lectures that Bob Beck gave. Please remember that these are very old 1990s, and as a result of experience, with so many using the Bob Beck Protocol over the years, a lot more is now known. For example, Bob often erred on the side of caution with many substances, like garlic. We now know garlic is not a problem for most people, there are a few people who have a food sensitivity to garlic under any conditions but the sensitivities have nothing to do with the Beck Protocol. is the best resource for understanding the protocol today.

Testimonials on the Bob Beck Protocol

Vendors of Bob Beck Units

Units meeting Bob Beck's specifications:

      • SOTA Instruments Inc. – Manufacturer who specializes in all Bob Beck Products. Can purchase the Beck Protocol as a Kit. The owner of SOTA worked with Bob Beck. Available Internationally, based in North America. All products meet Bob Beck’s specifications.
      • Nature Kleen Water Ozonator — Water Ozonator only. Their Water Ozonator meets Bob Beck's specifications. North America.

Note: In regard to blood electrification, or micro pulsing, there are a few manufacturers that have changed the Bob Beck output specifications and cite these changes are an improved version of what Bob created. However, so far, there is no data or evidence supporting this, so we (Bob Beck Legacy Association) choose to stay with what Bob carefully and thoughtfully designed as an output as it has proven itself effective through the test of time and through considerable individual and practitioner’s feedback. It appears that microcurrents of all forms are effective at helping the body – however, using another form of microcurrents is not the true Bob Beck Protocol. If there was substantial evidence showing a need to change the Bob Beck Protocol, we would endorse changing it as we know Bob himself would be open to all new data.

Note: Be cautious when choosing a magnetic pulser. We have seen many different manufacturers claiming to have an extraordinary high output and when tested, come nowhere close to what is advertised. We do not believe this is intentionally done, but rather a misunderstanding on their part on how to test the output. A good idea is to ask for the test results.

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