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Bob Beck Protocol

The Bob Beck Protocol Explained

The Bob Beck Protocol consists of four parts that work synergistically in helping the body heal itself.  The protocol is named for Dr. Robert “Bob” C. Beck, D.Sc., who dedicated his life to developing personal self-health products for people to help themselves overcome sickness at home.  Each element of the protocol is a successful method of self-care that can be used independently of the others, yet combined is known as the Bob Beck Protocol.

Who is Dr. Robert “Bob” C. Beck, D.Sc.?

Bob Beck dedicated much of his life to developing self-health products to help people overcome sickness.  In the 1990s, Bob Beck created three products that came to be known as the “Bob Beck Protocol,” or “The Beck Protocol.” His protocol quickly gained recognition as Bob explained how his protocol could help people suffering from serious health issues from AIDS to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and even malaria.

Dr. Beck was a popular guest speaker at expositions and was regularly interviewed on a wide variety of radio shows. Since his development of the protocol, individuals have successfully incorporated it into the treatment of cancer, Lyme disease, Crohn’s disease, and many more illnesses and symptoms.   

How the Four Parts of the “Bob Beck Protocol” Work

Dr. Bob Beck said it was important to understand that the body actually heals itself. Our immune systems are constantly working to protect and heal us at all times. We can aid the process of healing when we implement protocols, and/or change our diet or lifestyle choices.

The Bob Beck Protocol enhances the natural healing ability of the human body by assisting the immune system to do its job. Microcurrents and magnetic pulsing help revitalize and strengthen cells. They also support the immune system in many ways including destroying pathogens and enhancing cellular strength.  To complement the microcurrents and magnetic pulsing, colloidal silver, and ozonated water are the two other parts of the Beck Protocol to further support the body’s natural healing processes.

The Four Parts of the Bob Beck Protocol are:

Part 1 – Blood Electrification or Micropulsing

Using a micropulse device on the wrist, gentle (micro) electrical currents reach the bloodstream, which has been known to neutralize harmful pathogens, increase adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and recharge the blood. Bob Beck created a device that uses microcurrents to treat the blood and could be used by individuals in the comfort of their own home.

Part 2 – Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMF)

This part introduces Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMFs) to generate microcurrents of electricity for targeting specific areas of the body.  Introducing gentle electrical currents is a way to disable harmful pathogens hiding in tissues and organs and other non-blood systems.  PEMFs can be used independently and are known to help alleviate joint and muscle pain due to injury or chronic arthritis, and can aid in the healing process of bone fractures, soft tissue injuries and sports injuries.

Part 3 – Ionic Colloidal Silver

Silver has natural antibacterialA substance that kills bacteria or stops them from growing and causing disease., antiviralAn agent that kills a virus or that suppresses its ability to replicate and inhibit its capability to multiply and reproduce. and anti-fungal properties and has been used in healthcare in various cultures for thousands of years. Silver can also help prevent and heal respiratory ailments, MRSA, and other infections. Taking ionic colloidal silver is the most popular way of adding silver into a personal healthcare program. Dr. Bob Beck pioneered the low voltage do-it-yourself method of making ionic colloidal silver easily at home. Dr. Beck designed his micropulsing blood device with a dual function, adding the ability to make your own ionic colloidal silver!  The process Bob Beck used creates a solution by breaking down silver into minute particles (ions) that are suspended in water and are easily absorbed by the body. 

Part 4 – Ozonating Water

Drinking water enriched with ozone helps to increase the oxygen level in the body as well as assisting the breakdown and removal of toxinsA poison made by certain bacteria, plants, or animals, including insects. from the body. Dr. Beck added this step of drinking Ozonated Water when people experienced discomfort as their body struggled to get rid of toxic byproducts from the natural healing process.

In drinking ozonated water, Beck completed his protocol for health; The Bob Beck Protocol. You can find more information on the benefits and research on each part below. For more information about Dr. Bob Beck, the Beck Protocol or to read what others have reported about their experiences using the Bob Beck Protocol, visit:

The Transformative Legacy of Dr. Bob Beck

The Bob Beck Protocol is considered the climax of Bob Beck’s life and career, and “his greatest gift to humankind.”  The “Beck” protocol is simple and straightforward, yet it has been life-changing for many.  Imagine, taking back your power and being in control of your own health and wellness.  That is Bob Beck’s legacy.  Even after his passing in 2002, his protocol continues to help individuals overcome debilitating and life-threatening diseases, all in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  Much of the success of Beck’s protocol is based on people sharing their real-life experiences.

The protocol is not widely known because the cost of scientific research and integration into mainstream medicine would cost hundreds of millions of dollars. The countless individuals who have reaped the benefits of the Bob Beck Protocol are living proof and they are also grateful advocates. For more information visit

The various parts of the Bob Beck Protocol are each designed to help improve overall health and well-being as well as fight deadly or debilitating diseases. Bob Beck treated the human body as an extraordinary creation; and recognized that sometimes it needs assistance to overcome illness. Much like giving attention to your home or your car, your body needs the same devotion and care. 

Bob Pioneered the Potential of Microcurrents Within the Body

A physicist, with a doctoral degree in science, Bob researched electromedicine for over three decades. 

Bob’s long-term research introduced him to the work of Drs. Kaali and Lyman. These two physicians, working at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, had been testing the use of gentle microcurrents of electricity on blood contaminated with the AIDS virus, in an effort to stop or slow down the virus. The research showed promising results that prompted Drs. Kaali and Lyman to patent a process to treat blood outside of the body (similar to dialysis) using microcurrents. The patent went further to state that microcurrents neutralized all disease-causing pathogens.  

Bob’s research in electromedicine complimented the promising results achieved at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  Bob Beck then set out to replicate the process.  He created a device that uses microcurrents on the blood inside the body and can be used by individuals in the comfort of their own home.

Dr. Bob Beck and Micropulsing at Home

Dr. Beck hypothesized that as the electrical currents reduced pathogens (i.e. disease-causing viruses and microorganisms), the immune system gained strength.

Bob Beck went on to test his theory by constructing his own electromedicine machine, referred to as a micropulsing, or blood electrification (cleansing) device which attached to the wrist directly over the radial and ulnar arteries. These particular arteries lie close to the skin’s surface, making it easy for the microcurrents to enter directly into the bloodstream, and in theory neutralizing harmful pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Beck was keenly aware of doing no harm, that throughout his career and product creations, he always practiced on himself first. Then after verifying the safety and success, he would practice on keen or willing friends and colleagues before introducing it to others.  As his protocol quickly gained recognition, he received testimonials from individuals, sharing their positive responses to micropulsing. For more visit

Success with Micropulsing

In 2003, Bea Langhammer, a natural health practitioner was interviewed in Germany. Ms. Langhammer spoke specifically about a research project that focused on analyzing the blood of cancer patients and its response to blood electrification. This study was prompted by the work of Dr. Alfons Weber, who discovered that the majority of his cancer patients’ blood tests showed parasites inside blood cells, which he established were actually causing cancer.  Bea Langhammer and Thomas Blasig teamed together and analyzed the blood of their clients over the course of several weeks observing the results of micropulsing on the parasites. What they discovered is that micropulsing increased white blood cell activity; red blood cells appeared stronger and healthier, and parasites were eliminated.  Langhammer reported that blood electrification was a very useful tool in healing because it helped the body to heal itself. Langhammer added that it helps the body to get rid of the microbes by inactivating them and helping the immune system get rid of the parasites. 

Another case involved a healthy male who used a micropulsing device daily over the course of several months, eventually building up to 20-hours usage per day. When his blood was analyzed under a microscope, it was referred to as “immortal blood.” Why? Because under normal conditions, the blood on a microscope slide turns brown and dries up within several hours to a day, however, after 29 days, this particular slide sample was reviewed again and surprisingly still had an area bright red in color. Further, upon analysis, it was still showing active red and white blood cells, and so was dubbed immortal blood by the microscopist.

Dr. Bob Beck’s PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Device

After seeing the success of micropulsing, Dr. Beck knew that pathogens could move around in the body, outside of blood systems treated by micropulsing, and hide in stealth in the body.  In order to target these pathogens with microcurrents of electricity, Beck developed a specialized pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) unit.  Beck’s method of creating PEMFs is unique because his device creates a very high Gauss output for deeper penetration into the body.

Bob knew that a pulsed magnetic field would create microcurrents of electricity in tissue, allowing users to treat many areas of the body including the lymph, colon, organs and more – neutralizing pathogens and enhancing cellular strength simultaneously.

Dr. Bob Beck combined the power of Micropulsing and PEMFs

Combining Micropulsing (blood) and magnetic pulsing (tissues) produced even better results.  Bob understood that practically every cell in the human body relies on electricity – the nervous system, for example, uses electricity to communicate signals to various parts of the body and brain. Without it, we couldn’t think or move. 

Micropulsing and PEMF devices work well in tandem by sending microcurrents of electricity throughout any part of the body. This helps regenerate and recharge the cells as well as disabling harmful pathogens.

Recently, in a 2018 publication from Old Dominion University scientific research conducted at Frank Reidy Center showed that electricity had a positive effect on melanoma. Professor Stephen Beebe was quoted as saying, “When we found that we could kill tumors, we were thrilled. When we say there was an immune response, people said ‘this is a game-changer.’ ” Microcurrents of electricity increase the immune system's response and once the microbes, tumors, etc. are detected, the white blood cells go into attack mode. Thus, electricity has the potential to help fight cancer, disease, and also immune deficiency issues.

For more about Dr. Bob Beck, the Beck Protocol or to read what others have reported about the Beck Protocol, visit:

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