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Constantine A. Kotsanis, MD

Medical Director

Dennis Heald majored in Biology and Chemistry and minored in language at The University of Texas Arlington. He graduated from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Physician Assistant Program and completed his Master’s of Physician Assistant Studies through Nebraska’s Medical Center. Heald has recently graduated with a Doctorate Degree in Natural Medicine and PhD in Integrative Medicine. 

Dennis Heald has worked in Family Practice and Urgent Care for 21 years. Along the way, he’s been a professional speaker for numerous pharmaceutical companies and adjunct faculty for the UTSWMC PA program. This is where the inspiration for Functional Medicine began. After seeing the disappointing end with the pursuit of “Conventional Western Medicine”, as well as the poor outcomes of most traditional western pharmaceuticals and allopathic approaches to healthcare, my spirit resonated more with a functional approach to wellness.

Heald helped to develop a vitamin supplement in the 1990s that changed the way vitamin delivery systems operated. He continued to work on the delivery of vitamins in IV form and searched for optimal oral vitamin products. 

In the past few years, Dennis Heald has been involved with the research of several new technologies for devices that have an integrative medicine approach to health and wellness. In 2015, Heald spent the duration of the year with Dr. Constantine Kotsanis at the Kotsanis Institute where he expanded his knowledge in the area of alternative oncology as well as other advanced techniques to apply integrative medicine solutions to many other chronic conditions. 

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