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You will not heal from cancer if you don’t do this!

Whether you are gaining ground toward good health and away from cancer by enlisting surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or natural or “alternative” means, you will neither completely heal nor stay healthy without doing it.

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty though, let’s review a bit of information about cancer.

Although there continues to be disagreement over what actually causes cancer to occur, there are a few prevalent theories.

Laurie Boucino

“Regardless of your choice of therapy or stage of healing, the lifestyle you enjoyed prior to your diagnosis was a major reason for your diagnosis.”

Laurie Boucino, RN

Natural Healing Center, Myrtle Beach

John Beard’s embryonic trophoblast cell theory has been updated since its origin in the early 1900s. Currently, the “stem cell camp” believes that cancer originates from cancer stem cells which can be caused by a number of issues including bacterial or viral infection, acidity, inflammation, toxinsA poison made by certain bacteria, plants, or animals, including insects. or heavy metals, or nutritional deficiencies to name a few.

Originally brought to the forefront by Nobel Prize laureate Otto Warburg, cancerous cells display a lack of respiration with oxygen. Instead, the process is replaced by fermentation of sugar. Current additions from the “camp” of cancer as a “metabolic disease” state that the change of respiratory status is followed up by genetic instability which allows tumor development.

A third and very common theory is that as cells reproduce, random mutations can occur that simply “add up” to enough misinformation to cause cancer to be “allowed” and overlooked. This is the “mature cell mutations camp” and can be used to explain why cancer risks increase as we age.

What do all of these theories have in common?

In one word: lifestyle.

One paramount idea to keep in mind

There is a multitude of “cards” that “allow” and ultimately “hold up” the “house of cards” that is cancer. Some include nutritional deficiencies and excesses, heavy metals, environmental exposures, virus, bacteria and fungus, pH, life goals, purpose, lack of forgiveness, lack of exposure to nature, decreased levels of oxygenation and more.


On one side, cancer is a very complex issue that occurs on a continuum that heads toward and becomes a disease state. On the other side, cancer can be seen as the largest “slap on the hand” that the body can give, a red alert that the body is overwhelmed and needs help. How the diagnosis is viewed, whether as a “death sentence” or as a “learning journey” has a significant impact on the outcome as well. In fact, the power of the mind in the treatment of cancer is considered one of the most important tools one can add to their “healing toolbox.”

So let’s fast forward. You have been diagnosed and you understand that almost all cancers are not an “emergency situation.” You have taken the time to learn about cancer and your choices of treatment prior to deciding the right path for you. During that time period and since, regardless of therapy choice, you are choosing to support your body’s “cry for help.”

Now and throughout the rest of your life, there is one paramount idea to keep in mind: Regardless of your choice of therapy or stage of healing, the lifestyle you enjoyed prior to your diagnosis was a major reason for your diagnosis. To maintain or return to that lifestyle can be the difference between enjoying your next birthday or not. Even if cancer has retreated to a point that you have been told that you are “cured,” if that mix that was “not right for you”  slowly creeps in, it will still not be the right mix for your body — and your body has already warned you of that once — it may not be as willing or able to do so again.

These changes may include:

  • Dietary changes: decreasing pesticide intake, eating only fresh, whole foods, which increases vegetable and fruit intake, decreasing meat, better food quality in general, adequate hydration, supplementation, etc.
  • Environmental changes:  paying attention to the quality of the air you breathe, earthing, removing chemicals from the home and replacing them with healthier products (or make your own!).
  • Your skin is your largest organ: research your skin care products and makeup for healthier versions that fit your needs.
  • Mind/body: reduce stress, forgive, love, add joy to a daily list of requirements.
  • Movement: formal exercise may not be necessary, increasing movement throughout the day and decreasing times of sitting are very important changes.
  • Testing: Are you low on certain nutrients? High in heavy metals? Do you have candida? Epstein Barr Virus? HPV?

These ideas are only a few of the many changes that your body is asking (screaming) for you to consider if you have ever been diagnosed with cancer. Enlist the help of a professional that can help you determine the root causes of your cancer. Let them help you determine targeted synergistic therapies.

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