According to Hope4Cancer, Recall Healing is a method that is used to gain access to deep-rooted emotional trauma that may, in some cases, have acted to trigger disease and continue to feed its growth. Correlations between emotional trauma and specific cancers have been mapped and can be used as a method to retrace back to emotional issues that the patient may not even be aware of today. [1]

Gilbert Renaud Ph.D., consultant in Recall Healing, states the following:

Recall Healing uses the “pyramid of health” to explain the purpose of a behavior and/or an illness. As long as the body is under the control of the automatic brain, what happens in the body is in accordance with that automatic brain. The Recall Healing® facilitator helps the client to become aware of the reason why such behavior/illness was a solution for that brain: mostly related to a trauma, a cycle of an anniversary, a biological memorized cellular cycle, an ancestor, etc. During this whole process, the client with the help of the facilitator builds the puzzle of his life which allows understanding why all this happened. Through the Recall Healing process, the person optimizes his chance to reach his goal. [2]

Recall Healing includes a therapist or facilitator to help a patient navigate their past. Dr. Antonio Jimenez of Hope4Cancer states that in a Recall Healing session, a timeline is developed from birth to the time of diagnosis.

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According to the Recall Healing methods, people tend to repeat behaviors and patterns as they age, and the timeline helps identify certain patterns that can set the stage for illness later in life. The timeline exercise shows their life events and allows for deeper exploration.

Typically, patients reveal regrets and resentments that can be viewed as contributors to their cancer diagnosis. When a patient can gain awareness of those deep-seated regrets and resentments and can release them, their healing process is advanced. [3]