MSM / Colloidal Silver Protocol

Theory: This protocol is based on the idea that cancer cells can be reverted into normal cells.

About the MSM / Colloidal Silver (CS) Protocol

The MSM / CS Protocol for cancer includes two substances:

While both of these items are anti-microbial, it is the combination of the two items which is theorized to kill microbes inside of cancer cells.

Theory: The MSM functions to “open up” the cancer cell ports and the CS will then integrate into the cancer cells to hopefully kill all of the resident microbes. Once the microbes inside a cancer cell are dead, the cell will soon be able to restore its normal metabolism and will revert into a normal cell. In addition, the high doses of MSM in this protocol are theorized to clean lactic acid and microbes out of the bloodstream, which supports normal immune system function.

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)

Theory: MSM contains the same molecular components of DMSO, however, MSM contains an extra oxygen atom. The theory is that  MSM is just as effective at getting colloidal silver inside of cancer cells as is DMSO. It is actually not known whether it is the DMSO or MSM or both molecules which open the ports of cancer cells.

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Colloidal Silver

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Colloidal Silver

Theory: While MSM, and the small amount of DMSO it is converted into, are reportedly potent anti-microbial agents,  colloidal silver is claimed have even greater inhibitory effects on microbial growth. Colloidal Silver (CS) has been used in alternative medicine for many decades.

The “Cancer Diet” For This Protocol

Theory: The “Cancer Diet” is a list of things that you should not eat or drink during this protocol based on the theory of killing microbes by enhancing an alkaline internal environment that is not helpful to their growth. The protocol advocates avoiding all dairy products and as many sugar products as possible.

MDM-1 Bacteria or NDM-1 Bacteria

The technical name for this disease is New Delhi Metallo-beta-lactamase-1 enzyme (NDM-1) or New Delhi Metallo-beta-lactamase-1 enzyme (MDM-1).The MDM-1 (MDM1) bacteria and NDM-1 (NDM1) bacteria are resistant to drugs (i.e. drug-resistant).

Theory: Adherents to this theory claim that these bacteria are not resistant to colloidal silver.

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