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AARSOTA Bio-Immunology

Today we know that the immune system plays a large role in the body fighting cancer. The immune system has the ability to find and eliminate abnormal cells. Sometimes cancer cells can avoid detection by the immune system and proliferate.

The National Cancer Institute states:

Cancer cells may:
– reduce the expression of tumor antigens on their surface, making it harder for the immune system to detect them
– express proteins on their surface that induce immune cell inactivation
– induce cells in the surrounding environment (microenvironment) to release substances that suppress immune responses and promote tumor cell proliferation and survival [1]

New advancements in cancer research have uncovered cancer treatments called immunotherapies. These treatments can increase the immune response to cancer by either stimulating certain components of the immune system or by preventing signals products by cancer cells that have the ability to suppress immune responses.

AARSOTA Bio-Immunology is theorized to boost the immune system's cancer-fighting abilities. It is said to work by giving immunological information to antibodies by promoting an antigen-antibody response. It is a intramuscular vaccine that is administered at several intervals. The vaccine is created from proteins that are extracted by way of urine. These proteins are produced by the cancer cells.

According to the Hope 4 Cancer Institute, a vaccine made up of proteins that are produced by the cancer cells (AARSOTA) is administered intramuscularly at specific intervals to promote an antigen-antibody response and provide immunological information to the antibodies.

The immunological response is said to enhance a specific cancer-fighting ability by the bodies defense system. Coupled with specialized transdermal peptides we have greatly enhanced the ability of the immune system, in immuno-compromised cancer patients, to boost its suppressive nature. [2]

“Knowing the natural intelligence of your immune system is crucial in recovery from cancer”, says Dr. Antonio Jimenez, director at the Hope 4 Cancer Institute.

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