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Sometimes people are very concerned about where their cancer started. Nothing could be more irrelevant. What is important is where the cancer is now and where is it spreading to. In other words, in what location of the body does the cancer present the most immediate danger.

When the cancer is in multiple locations, it is important to treat the location of the cancer in the most dangerous location first.

Generally, lung cancer is treated first due to the dangers of congestion.

Pancreatic cancer is another type of cancer which is almost always given top priority.

Brain cancer is potentially deadly if there is brain swelling. Thus, in many cases brain cancer is the first cancer a patient should deal with.

The first thing you should do, is list all of the areas there is cancer, then decide which cancer is the most dangerous. This is the decision of the family, after talking to their oncologist (i.e. ask the oncologist which location of the cancer will create the most immediate danger).

In addition to the locations of the cancer, the type of cancer cells can frequently attract the attention of the cancer expert. For example, it doesn't matter where the squamous cell carcinoma is, that type of cancer is always a high priority because of the way it spreads and the speed with which it can spread.

When reading these comments about the locations of cancer cells, and the types of cancer cells, you can get a feel for which location is the most dangerous (for the situation you are dealing with) and thus which location should attract your attention the most (i.e. triage). Of course, the type of cancer cell may override the locations of the cancer.

Here is a list of types of cancer and the most dangerous types of cancer cells (though there are several dangerous types of cancer cells which will not be discussed):

Note: Choriocarcinoma

If you have the very rare and very dangerous choriocarcinoma [fast growing germ cell/reproductive cell cancers], use chemotherapy combined with a good “cancer diet” and oleander pills.

“Type of Cancer” articles (e.g. Lung Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer)

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