You’ve been diagnosed with cancer, or a loved one has cancer and you are a caregiver. What next? Finding the best way to treat cancer is the end result of a conversation between the patient and doctor. The protocol is the roadmap for becoming a cancer victor — instead of a cancer victim. Discover your options that go beyond conventional chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Find a natural or integrative treatment that can help you become a cancer survivor!

SQUARE ONE: beat cancer naturally — without chemo

A cancer diagnosis can barrel into to your life like a runaway freight train, with potentially deadly consequences. One minute you’re at the doctor getting something minor checked out and then the next moment ……

Hydrogen Water

Molecular hydrogen offers remarkable medical potential

Molecular hydrogen is a medical gas that has been the subject of medical research for longer than you may have thought. The first publication linking molecular hydrogen and medicinal properties dates to 1798. 1 Nearly 100 years…

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