TREATMENT RATING: This cancer protocol involves a molecule called “fucoidan.” Fucoidan has been shown in scientific studies to target and safely kill cancer cells.

The protocol for liquid versions of Fucoidan involves 10 – 12 ounces a day. See the Vendor Information for Liquid Fucoidan below for more detailed information.

Like most cancer treatments, Fucoidan is not typically sold at health food stores because they lack the expertise to support it. As far as I know, the best quality liquid version is only sold through multi-level marketing channels. Those who sell it will be able to support your use of the product, but they are not allowed to make any medical claims for the product outside of talking about scientific studies involving fucoidan.

For those who live outside of the United States, there are several multi-level marketing companies that can ship the liquid Fucoidan anywhere in the world. You will just need to do a little research to see if the company ships to your desired country.

Another option for those inside or outside of the United States, is a version of fucoidan which comes in pill form and can be purchased over the Internet. It is called: U-Fn and it is made by Poseidon’s Harvest. We do not have any experience with this product and do not make any claims for its effectiveness, but we do recommend it for patients who live outside of the United States where shipping large amounts of liquid is a potential shipping problem.

Fucoidan is a natural product from the sea. It is a special kind of seaweed. However, because people generally do not like the taste of seaweed by itself, Fucoidan is generally mixed (by the vendor) with fruit and vegetable juices to mask the taste of seaweed (that is a wise thing to do).

The anti-cancer effect of fucoidan  has been the focus of many, many scientific studies which are published on PubMed. Fucoidan can safely kill cancer cells and does not harm non-cancerous cells.

Fucoidan is recommended by this website to be used in conjunction with other “Stage IV” protocols as a “supplemental” protocol. While this product can “buy time,” it is best to drink the recommended 16 ounces per day whereby it becomes a significant part of a cancer treatment. This protocol can be used in conjunction with chemotherapy for those inclined to take chemo. In fact, this product may significantly reduce the side-effects of the chemotherapy.

Vendor Information for Liquid Fucoidan

Our recommended brand of fucoidan is ZRadical. ZRadical is the only certified organic, pure fucoidan beverage. Not only is ZRadical the only liquid beverage on the market with pure fucoidan (using a proprietary cold water vacuum extraction), but it supports healthy cardiovascular function, brain clarity, and joint maintenance.

We also recommend this brand because:

  • It comes from plants harvested from the extreme northern and southern hemispheres where the purest plants are found.
  • ZRadical fucoidan divers are trained to harvest in an environmentally responsible way, and when fucoidan content is at its peak.
  • Pharmaceutical grade facilities and a solvent-free extraction process ensure the highest quality and maximum bioactivity.

Unlike most juices marketed as “super-nutrient” drinks, ZRadical is sold exclusively through a Youngevity distributor via a direct sales channel. This is partly because health food store employees do not have the needed expertise to sell and support this product.

Youngevity ships their fucoidan product directly to your door throughout the United States and several other countries. (See complete list below.)

Recommended Dosage for Immune-Comprised People

While we cannot make medical claims, the most astounding health benefits were reported when following this health protocol:
10 – 12 ounces of ZRadical per day (5 to 6 2-ounce servings spread throughout the day).

Suggested schedule: two oz upon waking, two oz a couple hours later, two oz at noon, two oz at 3 pm, two oz at dinner time, and two oz before bed.

Product Availability:

Youngevity can ship to any of the following countries:

Australia, Barbados, Canada*, Finland*, Guam, Israel*, Mexico, Netherlands*, New Zealand*, Puerto Rico, Russian Federation, Sweden*, Switzerland*, Togo*, Trinidad and Tobago*, United Arab Emirates*, United States, Virgin Islands.

*International shipping rates apply.

To Order ZRadical or FucoidZ

Email Jenni Smith at or call (407) 603-5979

Vendor Information for the Pill Version of Fucoidan – U-Fn

Due to shipping costs, some people prefer a pill version of Fucoidan. The Cancer Tutor website does not have enough information to determine how effective the pill version is (it is not from the same vendor), so we cannot endorse it until we get more information.

Here is a vendor of the pill version: U-Fn: Fucoidan in Pill Form

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