This article discusses both a complete cancer protocol and treatments that can be added to any of the major cancer protocols with a few restrictions. For example:

If the patient is on the Cellect-Budwig Protocol:

  • Do not add any highly alkaline protocol from this article
  • Use Budwig Diet first thing in the morning, use nothing from this article for 4 hours

If the patient is on the Cesium Chloride Protocol:

  • Do not add any highly alkaline protocol from this article.

If the patient is on the High RF Frequency Protocol, note that the Dirt Cheap Protocol is a recommended nutritional protocol and these two protocols are very synergistic.

The Unlimited Power Protocol is a massive extension of the Dirt Cheap Protocol and Independent Cancer Research Foundation Reference Manual. It can be made unlimited in power.

The Kelley Metabolic is not recommended as the primary protocol for weak cancer patients.

The Bob Wright Protocol is not recommended as the primary protocol for weak cancer patients (not enough items).

Most cancer patients who use natural medicine have already had orthodox treatments and are dead broke. A few of the treatments on this page are expensive by natural medicine standards (e.g. Cellect-Budwig with High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier, and Cesium Chloride ).

There is a financial product which allows a cancer patient to quickly raise signicant amounts of money for travel, clinic treatment, expensive protocols, etc. and it does not involve a loan.

Cancer patients who are weak need special cancer treatments. However, before seeking an energizing protocol it is best to analyze why the patient is weak. Is it the cachexia cycle, a weak liver (e.g. not enough coffee enemas), etc. Work with your support person to try to figure out the root cause of the weakness.

For example, in some cases more coffee enemas may be needed due to a weak liver caused by processing too much debris created by detoxification. In other cases, Hydrazine Sulphate may be needed if the cachexia cycle is a major factor.

If you have not already started an alkaline protocol (e.g. Cellect-Budwig, Cesium Chloride, Bob Wright, etc.) then here is an article that tells you what you can do today until you get the main alkaline products for your main protocol. Continue this short term protocol until the alkaline treatments from the major protocols arrive.

Should weak cancer patients eat meat, fish, etc.?

Many times I have worked with cancer patients who thought they should not eat meat, fish, etc. Whether a person can eat these things depends on one key issue: Are they using Kelley Enzymes or Proteolytic Enzymes?

If they are talking these enzymes, as part of their cancer treatment, then they should not eat meat, fish, etc.

If they are not taking these enzymes, they can eat all the meat and fish they want to.

The only reason for not eating meat is because the enzymes in the pancreas will be used up when a person eats meat. But if a person is not depending on these enzymes in their cancer treatment, there is no reason not to eat meat and fish especially if the patient is weak.

Electromedicine protocols for weak patients

The human body is made up of nothing but cells. If you removed all of the cells from your body there would be a pool of liquids on the floor. Thus, a “weak cancer patient” means a cancer patient who has weak cells. These two statements mean exactly the same thing.

The best products to deal with weakness are the High RF frequency generator and your choice of amplifiers (linear or plasma) depending on your budget, which are all superb at helping weak cancer patients.

Nutritional protocols (required even if you use electromedicine)

First, important nutritional protocols to deal with weakness are Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDN) and Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA). They are an incredible way to get energy into the patient quickly. The nice thing about these items is that a build-up is not necessary.

ALA and LDN should be used together (i.e. they are synergistic).

A typical dose of LDN can range from 1.5 mg per day to 4.5 mg per day. Obviously the higher doses are the best.

The dose of ALA is 100 mg once or twice a day, taken with Vitamin B-50 (which is not a vitamin but a conglomeration of vitamins). Actually a dose of 800 mg a day can be taken in extreme cases. If the doses of ALA are too high it can lead to thiamin deficiency.

I should also note that if you use a search engine, there are “infusion centers” that administrer ALA and you could also search for “LDN doctors” to see if there is one near you.

The recommended source of LDN is the Belmar Pharmacy. A doctor or D.O. prescription is required. Try to find a doctor who is sympathetic to natural medicine. You can order by Internet at:

Note: Be sure to order “NON-slow release and no calcium carbonate filler” when ordering.

LDN Vendor

There are a couple of LDN organization that have useful information, such as where to find an LDN doctor:

LDN Science

LDN Organization

Here is a vendor of Alpha Liphoic Acid:


In addition. LDN and Milk Thistle (herb) are very good to protect the liver. Milk Thistle is good for the liver anyway, but LDN enhances it. Milk Thistle is available at any health food store.

Additional ideas

Here are more ideas for dealing with a weak cancer patient:

1) another superb product for energizing cells is Enive Vibe Liquid or Vibe Fruit Sensation, an amazing liquid supplement

2) a superb nutritional product that is very good for weak cancer patients is called “Vitality Boost” or “Energy Boost” by Morningstar.

Two other energy drinks which are recommended:

  • Prosure
  • Supportan

3) is a product called CellFood. This product contains 78 ionic minerals, 34 enzymes, 17 amino acids, etc. It is incredible as a energy producer.

The dose is to build-up to 20 drops, twice a day. Higher doses can be used if needed.

6) is MSM and Vitamin C. Weakness is almost always also associated with high levels of lactic acid in the bloodstream caused by the “cachexia cycle” or “lactic acid cycle.” MSM is able to get rid of much of this lactic acid. Vitamin C is also useful for getting rid of microbes in the bloodstream.

Both MSM and Vitamin C can get past the lactic acid blockade and can get nutrients inside the weak non-cancerous cells.

We had one testimonial that a patient doubled their energy by taking only MSM/Vitamin C. It is also a cancer treatment that reverts cancer cells into normal cells.

This is a required treatment for weak cancer patients.

In addition, MSM can be taken in almost unlimited doses. The maximum safe dose (LD-50) is 20 grams per kilogram of body weight.
For Vitamin C it is about half that amount, though it depends on the quality of the brand.

7) one thing you can probably purchase locally (at any health food store in large cans) is D-Ribose which is a superb nutritional protocol that can get past the lactic-acid blockade. The dose for D-Ribose is unlimited but start with 5 grams. It can energize cells.

8) Juice Plus. Juice Plus was formulated for weak patients and has been around a long time. It can and should be used with any other product.

9) any quality mineral supplement will help, especially one with liquid magnesium and phosphorus. I recommend “Real Salt” because it has so many minerals in it.

10) iodine. One drop (for each 150 pounds) of 5 percent Lugol's Iodine, daily, is also recommended.

11) another excellent product to energize cells is ASEA, a homeopathic product (meaning the structure of the water has been changed) that energizes cells. This product can actually change the way a cell processes energy. It floods the cells with Redox Signaling reactive molecules. A typical dose will be 1/2 bottle a day. It is important to work with Dr. Carpenter in setting the doses,

12) MSM/LIPH (or LIPH by itself) may help with weakness as it can help flush both lactic acid and microbes out of the bloodstream. It is so inexpensive it is certainly worth a try.

13) Oceans Alive (marine phytoplankton) contains an enormous number of minerals and other key nutrients from the ocean. Totally natural fuel for your mitochondria.

Marine phytoplankton is a unique super-nutrient from the ocean that provides the body with an increase in residual energy that builds up significantly when it is ingested on a daily basis. A team of European doctors, botanists and microbiologists spent many years and millions of dollars researching 40,000 species of marine phytoplankton in the ocean to determine the best species in each category to use for bio-fuel, aqua culture and ultimately human consumption. Only four species of marine phytoplankton were found to be beneficial for human consumption and based on nutritional profiles, one species was super beneficial and was the single species chosen for production.

“I have no doubt that if every American were given just 10 drops of Oceans Alive Marine-Phytoplankton each day, we'd see a huge drop in degenerative disease.”
— Mike Adams, “The Health Ranger”

14) honey and herbs are a very excellent way to energize weak cells. The honey is used so the herb will target the cancer cells, but honey by itself is a cell energizer.

The recommended combinations are:

“Honey and turmeric” and “honey and ginger” are taken on alternating days.

All three of these items can kill the microbes that cause cancer which exist inside of the cancer cells AND energize the non-cancerous cells and cancer cells.

With regards to the honey, the darker the better. Grade B Canadian honey is the best, but other brands are also very good.

Hopefully, the cinnamon will come from Viet Nam, where they have the highest percentage of cinnamon oil.

Two other herbs which are highly recommended for cancer patients are Red Clover Tea and Echinacea.

15) fruit juices from a grocery store. The fruit juices (e.g. Welch's Grape Juice) must be 100% juice and have ZERO added sugar. Also, do NOT get orange juice as it actually excites the microbes in the bloodstream, etc.

But any mixture of fruit juices is fine as long as it does not include added sugar or orange juice.

Noni Juice, Mangosteen juice and Moringa oleifera are all excellent cancer treatments and will help energize cells.

16) vegetable juicing is another way to provide energy. A quart of carrot juice, with a little beet juice mixed in, has cured many cancer patients and is no doubt a very good way to help a weak cancer patient.

17) is quercetin. While there are already many anti-oxidants in this protocol, quercetin is not just an anti-oxidant but adds other benefits, such as the ability to kill cancer cells, especially if combined with green tea.

18) is the Budwig Diet. If you are on the Cellect-Budwig protocol, the Budwig Diet is part of the protocol. But if you are not on the Cellect-Budwig, the Budwig protocol is designed to energize cells, among other things. It is a very good protocol for weak patients. Remember the one rule: no antioxidants within 2 hours, on both sides, of the Budwig protocol. Many of the things in the Dirt Cheap Protocol, for example, are anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants can neutralize the Budwig if taken within two hours.

Cachexia Theory

Many of the products in the above sections will deal with cachexia, or at least are not affected by lactic acid, in one way or another.

Of some concern is getting nutrients past the “lactic acid” blockade that will energize cells or kill microbes. This lactic acid blockade is the main reason cancer patients get “cachexia.”

My personal philosophy about the lactic acid blockade is to quickly kill cancer cells or revert them into normal cells so these cells no longer create lactic acid. But let us discuss some other related concepts.

I wanted to make one comment: water will always get past the lactic acid blockade. Why is this important?

Because many homeopathic products are “vibrating water,” meaning the body (e.g. lactic acid in this case) simply thinks they are water.

LIPH (which is homeopathic), chlorine dioxide and ASEA, for example, can easily get past the lactic acid blockade to get to the cells. The body “thinks” that LIPH, chlorine dioxide and ASEA are simply water.

If the patient knows a homeopath, it might be good to ask this person what “vibrating water” products they have (that have not already been mentioned) that energize cells or kill microbes.

DMSO and MSM actually help flush out some of the lactic acid. Thus, MSM / LIPH has absolutely no problem getting to the weak cells, plus it helps flush some lactic acid out. Ditto for MSM/Vitamin C.

Cannabis oil formula (effective on advanced cancer patients)

From an email:

The oil they use is essentially Rick Simpson oil. So the patient doesn’t need to go to Oregon if they already have Rick Simpson oil. Stoney Girl Gardens sell and make their own strains of “Rick Simpson Oil” — however, the protocols they have developed for the Flax Oil Enema Protocol, and the Cannabis-Budwig Protocol, will work with any cannabis oil. The user manual instructions are a little complicated, so it would be nice if it could be simplified:

They start with the full strength cannabis oil “Rick Simpson oil”, and make a 1/20th dosage mixture. So one gram, or 1 cc of full strength cannabis oil is thinned with 6-8 drops of 190 proof alcohol as needed, and is mixed with 20 cc of flax oil. This mixture yields 21 doses of the of the 1/20th gram flax/cannabis oil dosing mixture, and the dosing oil MUST be stored in the refrigerator because flax seed oil will spoil if left at room temperature. Patients can start with the 1/20th gram dose and GRADUALLY work their way up to a 1/2 gram dose as needed – each patient is different. The enema protocol of the cannabis oil/”Rick Simpson Oil” is very powerful and having amazing results with very sick patients.

Diluted dosage mixture:

  • 1 gram (1cc) cannabis oil/Rick Simpson Oil
  • 6-8 drops 190 proof alcohol (optional, as needed)
  • 20 cc flax oil

Thin the cannabis oil / Rick Simpson oil with alcohol as needed, then mix in the flax oil. Keep this mixture refrigerated. This makes 21 doses of the 1/20th gram dosing mixture.

For enema application:

  • 1cc of the 1/20th gram flax/cannabis oil dosing mixture
  • 1 tablespoon liquid lethicin (optional)
  • 5 1/2 ounces flax oil

Mix the dosing mixture with liquid lethicin and flax oil. After mixing well, use a funnel to pour oil preparation into an enema bottle (available at a pharmacy or drug store, empty out the saline / laxative solution and just reuse the bottle, This enema preparation should be used once or twice per day.

For Stoney Girl Gardens detailed instructions on Flax Oil Enema Protocol and Cannabis-Budwig Protocol:

Dealing with the Cachexia cycle

A major cause of weakness is a “cycle” between the cancer cells and the liver, which consumes enormous amounts of energy and leaves large amounts of lactic acid in the bloodstream.

What happens is that the cancer cells consume glucose and excrete lactic acid which ends up in the bloodstream. The lactic acid travels to the liver. The liver converts the lactic acid into glucose. The glucose then travels to the cancer cells and the cycle starts over. Both ends of this cycle consume large amounts of energy, which can make the cancer patient weak.

A common way to deal with cachexia is hydrazine sulfate, which blocks the cachexia cycle at the liver. This product (which any “compound chemist” can make) requires expert support from the Syracuse Cancer Research Institute Syracuse, New York.

Purchase hydrazine sulfate from: