TREATMENT RATING: This product is ONLY rated as being effective on newly diagnosed cancer patients who do not have a fast-growing cancer and their cancer has not spread significantly. If you are an advanced cancer patient who has had a lot of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery or you have a potentially fast-growing cancer, use germanium as a supplemental protocol, not a primary cancer treatment. Use one of the protocols linked to on the following web page as your primary treatment:
Chapter on Natural Treatments For Advanced Cancer Patients

Germanium (Organic)

This is a website about organic germanium and cancer:
Organic Germanium and Cancer

Here is Dr. Asai's book on germanium:
Dr. Asai's Book

The key researcher for germanium, as far as I know, is Dr. Sandra Goodman, PhD. Here are three relevant websites:

Dr. Goodman's website with list of books, etc.

Germanium Book

Her book used to be free online, but I am not sure it is still online. But these were the chapters (I don't know how these chapters relate to her current book):

  • Chapter 1 – The history of organic germanium.
  • Chapter 2 – The three main types of organic germanium.
  • Chapter 3 – How organic germanium builds the cancer-critical parts of the immunity system.
  • Chapter 4 – Organic germanium helps enrich the body with oxygen and is a superb anti-oxidant.
  • Chapter 5 – Chelates heavy metals from body (which is a significant aid to the immunity system).
  • Chapter 6 – Helps reduce pain, even in advanced terminal patients.
  • Chapter 7 – The entire chapter is on cancer: prevention, CAM (Complementary), antitumor, anti-metastases, case studies.
  • Chapter 9 – Can help a cancer patient's mental condition (i.e. his or her attitude) and fight depression.
  • Chapter 10 – Germanium is antifungal, antiyeast and antimicrobial.
  • Chapter 11 – Germanium's safety record.
  • Chapter 12 – Dealing with vendors, and other issues.
  • Chapter 13 – Treatment protocols.
  • Chapter 15 – Diet, other supplements and related issues.

It would be premature to consider organic germanium as a stand-alone treatment for cancer. However, it is clearly a product which should be part of a cancer treatment, especially considering its immune-building properties and help in maintaining a positive mental attitude.

Germanium has an excellent safety record (Chapter 11), even to the point it is considered a food supplement. Certainly a dose of 1 gram per day would be considered totally nontoxic. It is not stored by the body.

When more is known about the electric systems in the body, relative to cancer, organic germanium may increase significantly in its importance. Organic germanium is a tremendous conductor of electricity.

An alternative cancer treatment should be a complete treatment protocol. Do NOT forget to study the complete treatment protocol for Stage I, II and III cancer patients and the complete treatment protocol for Stage IV cancer patients:
Treatment For Stage I, II and III Cancer Patients
Treatment For Stage IV Cancer Patients

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