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Ozone RHP Treatment for Cancer

Ozone RHP Treatment (Clinic ONLY)

The theory behind Ozone RHP Treatment is the ozone molecule, which consists of three oxygen molecules, is very unstable. It is always looking for a way to find a mate so that it can become two. It is for this reason that it is both active and unstable. It is the oxygen singlet that does most of the work for a cancer patient. It alkalizes the cells, kills cancer cells, binds to hydrogen, etc. There are many ozone treatments out there.

This treatment is an alkaline treatment, meaning it alkalizes the cells. The treatment consists of a machine that creates medical grade ozone (as a gas). Then, as a gas, it is injected into the blood or given as an I.V. directly into the blood. There may be other ways to get the ozone into the bloodstream.

There are many misconceptions about ozone gas. One misconception is that ozone gas is dangerous to breathe. This misconception comes from what you hear about polluted city air. Yes, ozone, when mixed with nitrogen, etc. is dangerous to breathe. But medical grade ozone is perfectly safe to breathe humidified in large doses and straight in small doses. However, having said that, if your lungs contain a lot of microbes, breathing medical grade ozone may cause some minor problems as the microbes are oxidized and other cleaning up occurs. In this treatment, a person does not breathe the ozone, but if it is accidentally inhaled, there is no risk involved.

We want to emphasize that this treatment is new and it is very different from other ozone treatments.

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