Leukemia and Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS)

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Initial Comments

CAUTION: Melatonin should NOT be used by people with leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease, lymphoma or multiple myeloma. Melatonin’s beneficial effect on immunity could worsen immune system cancers. Calcium supplements should also be taken with care to avoid hypercalcemia.

Leukemia and MDS are very similar types of cancer. Apparently in both cases microbes in the blood marrow are able to get inside of immature cells and prevent them from becoming mature (i.e. differentiated). Only leukemia will be discussed, but what is said about leukemia applies to MDS.

Certain types of alternative cancer treatments would have no affect on leukemia because they do not apply. For example, shark cartilage is primarily designed to stop the growth of tumors, which usually does not apply to leukemia. The Rath Cellular Solution is designed to work with the connective tissue, which also does not apply to leukemia. And there are other alternative treatments that do not apply.

Recommended Protocol – The Cellect-Budwig Protocol, High RF Frequency Generator and Fucoidan

The recommended treatment for this type of cancer is three protocols (in this order if you cannot afford all 3):
1) The Cellect-Budwig,
2) Fucoidan (not the real name of the product),
3) A High RF Frequency Device

The Cellect-Budwig is a major natural medicine cancer treatment. It can be used for any type of cancer as it has the alkalinity of cesium chloride along with many other items to deal with cancer, weak cells, etc.

It also comes with expert support from Mike Vrentas, who provides a two-hour consultation for about $250.
Cellect-Budwig Protocol


Fucoidan, which is an optional treatment, actually kills cancer cells but lacks the power of the Cellect-Budwig to work quickly.

We only recommend one brand of Fucoidan because this company owns the key patents for the extraction of fucoidan. Here is an article on this protocol:

Mangosteen juice or Noni juice can be used as a substitute for Fucoidan. See below.

The High RF Frequency Generator

For leukemia a High RF Frequency Protocol – Plasma is REQUIRED as it can get to any cancer cell in the body, even when the bloodstream does not get to the cancer cells. It is commonly used with the Cellect-Budwig.

There are very specific instructions for cancer which do not automatically come with the device but they do come from the ICRF and the vendor of the high RF frequency generator which we recommend.

The High RF Frequency Protocol – with plasma amplifier is recommended because it can be used while the patient sleeps as well as the daytime. But either device will be very beneficial for dealing with leukemia.

Frequency Generators (use Plasma if you can afford it, but either will work fine.)

Other Treatments To Consider (Supplemental Treatments Only)

Noni Juice

As I mention in my Noni Juice article, not all Noni Juices are the same. There are powerful testimonials for Noni Juice in treating leukemia. Pain is another thing which is improved by Noni Juice. In short, Noni Juice would clearly help the treatment.

Noni Juice Article
Noni Juice Vendor

Mangosteen is another natural drink that can fight cancer, but we do not have a recommended vendor. Just use Google to find a good brand.

Raw Food Diet

In discussing the Raw Food diet, it is beta carotene that is most often talked about. Beta carotene is specifically mentioned as a major killer of leukemia cells. While beta carotene is rarely used by itself, it is clear that it is a major contributor, if not the main contributor, of many treatment plans. Of course raw carrot juice should be the major source of beta carotene.
Raw Food Diet

Back-Up Plan

If the patient cannot afford the Cellect-Budwig, or for any other reason chooses not to use it, the back-up protocol is the Dirt Cheap Protocol. Do not be deceived by its name, the Dirt Cheap Protocol is the most commonly used protocol on this website. Like the Cellect-Budwig, it has an outstanding success rate against cancer.

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