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Let’s put an end to toxic cancer therapies

I’ve always said that not all those involved in the cancer cash complex are horrible people. Some are truly looking for real answers and trying to save lives. Unfortunately, the use of toxic cancer therapies is what oncologists learn in medical school — and those blinders can be hard to shake.

Still, I was shocked beyond belief when a conventional oncologist stated that cancer can be prevented and beaten with a fully-functioning immune system. This gives me great hope for others out there.

Jedd Wolchok (Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center) led the trial I’m talking about. I think it opened the door for incredible progress in natural, effective, and far less dangerous ways to treat cancer. These new antibody therapies treat the patient, not the tumor.

Now, some researchers that I respect have been edging towards this theory for many years (the wheels of change move painfully slow). However, conventional medicine is profitable so, despite the deadly side effects and limited effectiveness, the cut-poison-burn techniques remain the go-to for oncologists.

I mentioned one of these approaches in Cancer Research Secrets. Tagging chemo with an antibody that carried it directly to the cancer cells while leaving healthy cells untouched. I admit, this method is far better. No toxic cancer therapies (chemo, radiation, or risky surgery) at all.

The right hero to beat an old villain

Unburdening your immune system is crucial to your whole-body health.

It is particularly effective in terms of the No. 2 killer in the world since you have thousands of potential cancer cells inside you at any given time.

It’s your immune system that takes care of them, destroying them before they have the chance to divide and spread out of control. This basic bodily function is your first line of defense when it comes to keeping cancer cells in check, no matter the tricks they play.

This new modality has been likened to re-booting the immune system.

Several patients with an advanced form of skin cancer have had their tumors completely disappear after treatment with new drugs that force tumor cells out of hiding. The patient’s own immune system can then recognize cancer and destroy it.

Results presented at one of the annual meetings of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago showed how three antibodies can blow cancer’s cover.


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Details of this ‘new’ modality

Even the strongest, fully-functioning immune system can be outfoxed because cancerous cells find ways to camouflage themselves from your immunity army.

In a perfect scenario, cancer cells are spotted by T-cells — immune system fighters that recognize and destroy the foreign material in the body. However, these damaged cells have evolved. They’ve discovered the ability to hide by sprouting a surface molecule called a ligand.

The ligand binds to and activates a receptor on the T-cells called PD-1, which causes chaos within the immune system. The T-cells fail to recognize the cancer cell as foreign and are fooled into mistaking tumors for normal tissue.

If there was an antibody that blocked the ligand from latching onto the PD-1 receptor, that would drag cancers out into the open where they can be gunned down by a scrappy T-cell army!
As it turns out, there are two effective antibodies able to block the ligand camouflage. Once the technique has been mastered, it will surely lead to hundreds more.

  • Antibody No. 1 — Lambrolizumab: In a study featuring 135 people with advanced melanoma — the most deadly form of skin cancer — 54 of the tumors more than halved in volume after treatment. Even more excitingly, 6 tumors disappeared altogether in six of the 57 people who were given the highest dose of this drug.
  • Antibody No. 2 — Nivolumab: Tumors more than halved in size and significantly decreased in in 21 of 53 people with advanced melanoma who took the drug alongside another drug. Cancer vanished completely within 12 weeks in three of the 17 people who received the highest dose. The results showed themselves fairly quickly, sometimes in as little as three weeks, according to Jedd Wolchok, who led the trial.

These antibodies are entering larger trials involving participants who have skin, kidney, lung, and brain cancers. Unfortunately, it will take years for these treatments to come to the market.
Dr. Wolchok explained that what makes these antibody therapies so exciting is that unlike toxic cancer therapies, such as radio and chemotherapy, they work by reviving the power of the patient’s own immune system.

Your immune system is key

The best way to treat disease is to get your own body to fight for you. For years, I’ve described cancer as a disease of the immune system. Therefore, the most successful treatments will be those which focus on boosting its function.

Toxic cancer therapies used day after day on millions of patients have the opposite effect. They attack all your cells and decimate your immune system! If you try to poison cancer cells, you’re going to poison healthy cells, especially immune system cells.

When it comes to poison or radiation, you cannot kill only the cancer cells. It’s an all or nothing approach with ridiculously low results and survival statistics. And yet, they remain the primary “treatment” of the disease.

Approaching cancer using your immune system is smarter and clearly going to have better (and longer lasting) results. If you power up your immune system, you’re going to have the best possible chance of knocking out cancer permanently.

4 pillars to empowering your immune system naturally

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Oxygen boosters
  • Emotional cleansing
  • Chemical cleanup

In an article for the British science journal New Scientist, Wolchok explained that antibody therapies, alongside other emerging strategies for reviving the immune system, are opening up a fresh chapter in cancer treatment. One that could rapidly expand the number of people being cured of the disease. “The immune system can sculpt itself around the spectrum of changes that is part of the genetic instability of cancers,” he says.

Big pharma’s role in non-toxic cancer therapies

All of this is excellent news for patients fighting cancer. The issue is that these therapies are now good news and the end of toxic cancer therapies is in sight.

However, as they always do, the big pharmaceutical companies will inevitably capitalize on these discoveries, add some slick marketing, and push it far and wide. If the initial results of these antibody therapies remain constant and viable, they will become the primary treatment used by conventional medicine — and they’re going to charge a fortune for it.

While disturbing, even outright disgusting, that is their nature. Maybe it will be covered by some insurance plans but probably not mostly because of the cost. Other countries not caught in the U.S. patent trap will be able to offer it. The poor, those without health coverage, and patients with advanced cancers will be left out in the cold yet again.

Despite my pessimism (realism), there is a silver lining. Take an important lesson from these studies and treatments that cannot be ignored! Looking after your immune system, nurturing it, loving it, is the very best health strategy you can employ.

More than two decades ago, I wrote that you live as long as your immune system lets you.

Take good care of yours and read more about bolstering your immunity in my book Cancer Research Secrets – because you must take charge of your health yourself. Pharmaceutical companies and the conventional medicine complex will never help you prevent or fight cancer without great financial cost.

Learn what you can do without them!


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