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Keith Scott-Mumby, MB ChB

Qualified in medicine MB ChB in Manchester, United Kingdom, in 1970, Keith Scott-Mumby almost immediately began research into alternative medicine. Scott-Mumby made medico-legal history in 1986 when a UK Crown Court accepted his evidence that food allergy was capable of making a youth murderously violent. By 1990 the press was calling him “Britain’s Number One Allergy Detective.” His book "Diet Wise" is the summation of 30 years advanced clinical work.

Keith Scott-Mumby's Recent Articles

Conventional cancer treatment can be devastating to the human body. The “cut, poison, burn” techniques come with substantial risks short-term and haven’t had much success long-term with keeping patients cancer-free. Can you fight cancer with mushrooms? You can if you’re talking about the Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) mushroom. Native to hot and humid areas around Asia, […]

Could deliberately pumping beneficial bacteria into the human body improve health? You bet! The technical word is a bacteriophage (which means “eater of bacteria”) or phage for short. [1]  These special viruses can boost your immune system naturally, safely, and effectively because they are a virus that infects (and destroys) other bacteria. [2] It’s possible to […]

Amidst the hot debate about the dangers of GMOs, one thing is certain: There’s a lot more we do not know about the long-term effects of genetically modified foods than we do know. That’s a fact. Even the manufacturers can’t deny it because all the government-accepted data pronouncing them “safe” has come from their in-house […]

I’ve always said that not all those involved in the cancer cash complex are horrible people. Some are truly looking for real answers and trying to save lives. Unfortunately, the use of toxic cancer therapies is what oncologists learn in medical school — and those blinders can be hard to shake. Still, I was shocked […]

Why worry about naturally preventing cancer (or any other disease, for that matter)? Surely, it’s no longer necessary. After all, we live in an age of incredible medical and technological discoveries.  It’s truly amazing to see the advancements mankind has made in the last century alone. From reattaching limbs to organ transplants, we are truly […]

How much do you know about electromagnetic fields (EMFs)? This is a physical field produced by an object that has an electrical charge. [1] It has been shown to affect the behavior of other charged objects nearby. The electromagnetic field extends indefinitely throughout space. Why EMFs matter Most of us don’t really think much about […]

While there are dozens of natural cancer treatments and three primary conventional cancer treatments (cut, burn, poison), most doctors in mainstream medicine tell cancer patients there is only one “proper” way to treat their disease. Speaking as an M.D., Ph.D., as well as a doctor of alternative and holistic medicine for more than four decades, […]

There’s been a lot of debate recently about the role of inflammation and cancer development, growth, and the way it spreads throughout the body. The conventional medical community makes broad and non-sensical statements such as “the cause of cancer is unknown” and “there’s currently no cure for the disease.” Sure, they say UV exposure causes […]

When you think about developing good habits to prevent cancer, you probably consider the “usual suspects” talked about (incessantly) on every information outlet. I’ve covered them extensively myself. Everyone knows about the big ones like the hazards of smoking drastically raising cancer risk (22 percent of all cancer deaths) and irresponsible sun exposure leading to […]

Every day, your body is attacked by contaminants in the air, water, and soil. They are everywhere and they’re adding to existing problems of poor diet, higher use of chemicals in household products, and even the pollutants found in the beauty products you use. It’s leading to an issue that could be contributing to how […]

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