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The role of toxic overload in your fight against cancer

Every day, your body is attacked by contaminants in the air, water, and soil. They are everywhere and they’re adding to existing problems of poor diet, higher use of chemicals in household products, and even the pollutants found in the beauty products you use.

It’s leading to an issue that could be contributing to how you feel right now and how your body defends you from foreign invaders.

Toxic overload — when your immune system becomes critically overworked and overwhelmed — is one of the primary causes of major disease.

  • Cancer
  • Mental disorders (depression, anxiety, and behavioral conditions)
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Neurodegenerative disease (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and so forth)
  • And many, many more …

The harm toxic overload (also referred to as body burden) is doing to your body at this very moment would truly shock you. Identifying it and resolving this hazardous state is the best way to prevent, fight, and beat illness.

For many patients, it may be the only way.

The disease itself or your age when diagnosed are not what blocks your body’s ability to heal itself. On their own, they do nothing to slow or prevent healing. If they did, your body would have broken down a million times over!

Anyone who tells you, “it’s a normal effect of aging” or “this is just part of having (insert disease here)” is lazy! They’re uninterested in solving the underlying cause of your symptoms.

How does toxic overload happen?

Many factors can contribute to your body breaking down and causing critical systems to fail. It’s when too many factors are present at the same time when things get critical!

  • Chemical pollution
  • Poor nutrition
  • Heavy metal exposure
  • Chronic stress (physical or emotional)
  • Undetected infections
  • Unknown parasite or fungal invasions
  • Lack of movement
  • Poor lifestyle choices (tobacco, alcohol, substance abuse)
  • Food allergies or intolerances

Toxic overload tends to happen over decades. Your health condition gradually worsens as your body struggles to keep up with the unending flow of contaminants. Eventually, it falls behind and begins storing the toxinsA poison made by certain bacteria, plants, or animals, including insects. it can no longer process or flush away.

You must use every available weapon to battle disease

You are in complete control of your health. Perhaps you’ve heard that before and thought, “Yeah, sure. I’ll get to work on being healthy.” At first, it might feel urgent but then you get busy and your commitment to better health is set aside.

Maybe a year goes by, a few years, a decade or more.

You take an occasional walk but don’t really stress about regular exercise. You eat a salad once in a while but checking labels or preparing all your meals is a hassle (take-out is so much easier). You still smoke but figure it’s less than you used to smoke so that’s probably good enough.

Your doctor mentions your weight every appointment but you think he or she is being dramatic. Besides, you’re not that overweight and you take medication for your cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, and to help you sleep.

You’ll be fine (your prescriptions will handle it).

There’s one thing you must understand: the majority of pharmaceutical (and over-the-counter) drugs aren’t meant to fix any problem, only suppress your symptoms. In my opinion, this makes about 99 percent of them good for very little. They can also contribute to toxic overload themselves!

Don’t stop taking them unless you talk to your doctor! Why?

Because in order to stop taking medication to control your symptoms, you have to take control and manage those symptoms yourself. If you want to come off heart medication, you need to make heart health a priority. Same for diabetes, sleep quality, obesity, and so on.

If you’re not willing to take charge of your health to lower toxic overload, you probably still need those drugs to help you function. In other words, they’re a backup plan that will (hopefully) keep you from having a heart attack, spiraling deeper into depression, etc.

How does this apply to cancer?

There’s no “magic pill” to prevent cancer. Not in the realm of alternative medicine or mainstream conventional medicine. Most doctors cringe from using the word “cure” in any context because they know they’re not the ones with the power to do it.

Your own body — that intricate network of countless systems running on autopilot day after day — is what holds the key to preventing or destroying disease.

Successfully preventing, fighting, and beating cancer starts at the cellular level.


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The concept is (surprisingly) simple. Picture your body — your “health network” — as a barrel.

The capacity inside the barrel represents what your body can handle. All day, each and every second, your body is killing bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, and mutated cells (that lead to sickness and disease like cancer).

You don’t feel all the possible cancer cells your body destroys. They’re obliterated fully and automatically, millions and millions of times without alerting you.

Symptoms are the overflow of the barrel. As long as your body can adequately manage the pollutants (by flushing them or destroying them completely), there are no symptoms because there’s no overflow. It’s when the barrel fills up too fast (from the causes listed above) that your body goes into toxic overload and the barrel overflows. Then you get symptoms.

To recover from body burden, you must think of the same concept in reverse. It’s necessary to shut down some of the flow into the barrel, giving your body the opportunity to catch up, to get back on track protecting you.

Perhaps this means repairing your diet, lowering stress, or quitting smoking. It could be one or many positive steps to give your body a break — and stop the overflowing barrel that leads to toxic overload. The symptoms will switch off and you’ll feel better.

If they don’t switch off, you have more work to do!

Your body (the barrel) doesn’t have to be 100 percent free of pollutants to keep you from getting sick. You simply have to keep the flow within what it can handle. Your body will heal anything if you reduce the body burden. This allows your natural curative and restorative mechanisms to get back to full function!

Body burden applies to cancer more than any other disease. Our present model of cancer is that we have rogue cells in our bodies all the time. Your fully functioning immune system quickly removes them.

If the immune system is pre-occupied with a tremendous burden of other compromising factors then some of these cancerous cells slip by, escaping the death sentence, and going on to create tumors. Removing the “overtime work” your immune system is doing is crucial to preventing cancer. If you already have cancer, you need to act now to reduce toxic overload.

That’s how you beat disease.

Every person (sick or healthy) can use this simple system to prevent, fight, and claim victory over disease. Let your body do what it does best! Remove the overwhelming toxic burden and let it work!



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