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Chapter 9: The Stage IV treatments


Of the 400+ alternative cancer treatments, only a few are rated “Stage IV” treatments, meaning they give an advanced cancer patient real hope for survival. Obviously, their chance of survival depends heavily on their condition at the start of the treatment.

However, families who are accustomed to dealing with orthodox cancer treatments frequently have no clue how fast-acting and powerful the best of the alternative cancer treatments really are. Thus, it is common for a family to underestimate the power of the alternative cancer treatments and thus underestimate the chances for a cancer patient to survive.

Likewise, it is also common for a family to underestimate the strength of the cancer, and thus use a treatment which is too weak for the situation. If the patient has had extensive chemotherapy and/or radiation it is almost a certainty the patient will need one of the “Stage IV” treatments.

Read ALL of the treatment articles linked to in this section at least twice before making a decision as to which treatment to use. There are advantages and disadvantages to each treatment.

As far as costs are concerned, cancer patients who use orthodox cancer treatments think nothing about spending $500,000 for worthless orthodox treatments. Then they turn right around and complain an alternative cancer treatment costs $500 a month even though it is 30 times more effective than orthodox treatments. What is wrong with this picture?

Also, on our site are links to articles for specific types of cancer. Read all of the “type of cancer” articles (e.g. lung cancer, brain cancer, etc.) which apply to your situation.

If, after reading about each treatment twice, and each applicable “type of cancer article,” you still cannot decide on which treatment to use, then pick the default treatment: the Cellect-Budwig Protocol. This protocol has been shown to be effective on every type of cancer it has been used on and it does not cause any type of swelling or inflammation. This does not mean, however, that it is the best treatment for every situation.

For those who cannot afford any of these treatments, here is an article on inexpensive treatments.

Here are the Stage IV treatments:

The Cellect-Budwig Protocol

This treatment was designed to do three key things. First, it was designed to start protecting the non-cancerous cells very, very quickly. Second, it was designed to get rid of cancer cells without creating any kind of inflammation or swelling. Third, this treatment was designed to create an inner-terrain which stops the spread of the cancer. In other words, this treatment was designed with very advanced cancer patients in mind. It starts working within days.

As an added bonus, this treatment usually shrinks tumors significantly within several weeks.

Both the Cellect powder and the Budwig Diet help protect the non-cancerous cells. Fish oil capsules come with the Cellect.

Cost: About $450 a month, depending on doses of Cellect.

Advantages: Works very fast, is very potent and does not cause any type of inflammation or swelling. It can be used with chemotherapy. The audio CD or audio files, which are required as part of this protocol, are outstanding at teaching a family exactly how to safely and effectively use this protocol. In addition, Mike Vrentas is available for consultations. As this website says several times, the key to survival is working with an expert. Mike is one of those experts. He also supports the High RF Frequency Generator protocol for those who use both the Cellect-Budwig and the High RF Frequency Generator.

Disadvantages: Because this treatment is so potent, as with any potent treatment, the patient or their caregiver needs to do a little more homework than with other protocols. Fortunately, the audio tapes provide the information, so it is only necessary to listen to them very carefully two or three times.

Working With an Expert For This Treatment

Mike Vrentas is the alternative cancer researcher who put together the Cellect-Budwig Protocol. Because of his limited time he has developed an audio book. These audio files include very detailed information about the protocol and, for example, detailed options for dealing with the toxic load of all potent alternative cancer treatments. His five and a half hours of audio files are available as downloadable files (by using broadband) or as a set of CDs. Even though the audio files are very inexpensive, the benefit they provide is  essential to the patient. Every patient on this protocol should use Mike as their consultant.

To see a discussion of the key elements of the protocol:

Cellect-Budwig Protocol

Here’s more information on Cellect-Budwig:

The High RF (Radio Frequency) Frequency Generator Protocol

The High RF frequency generator is an electromedicine protocol. For those who have had extensive chemotherapy and radiation, it is likely they have had extensive damage to their stomach lining and colon. With stomach surgery or colon surgery things are even worse. These treatments can make it very difficult for a cancer patient to digest foods and thus they cannot extract nutrients from foods very well.

Electromedicine is not in any way hampered by damage to the stomach or colon because they directly deal with the cancer cells.

The High RF frequency generator can be used with chemotherapy and should be combined with one of the potent
nutritional protocols, such as the Cellect-Budwig, Fucoidan, Dirt Cheap Protocol, Healthy Body Protocol Pack, Mangosteen juice, Noni juice, Bill Henderson Protocol, etc.

The High RF frequency generator can indirectly protect the non-cancerous cells and the organs because it is able to safely, quickly and gently get rid of the cancer cells which are creating much of the environment which damages the healthy cells.

If you read the “What Causes Cancer” article you know that if you kill the microbes inside the cancer cells the cancer cells will revert into normal cells.

That is precisely what this device was designed to do. However, it also kills microbes in the bloodstream and in the organs (e.g. liver). By doing this the immune system is supercharged.

It should be understood that the High RF frequency generator does not kill cancer cells, rather it gets rid of cancer cells by reverting them into normal cells. Thus, the High RF frequency generator does not create the detoxification symptoms of some other cancer treatments. Nevertheless, a patient still needs to “build-up” to therapeutic doses because it will create a Herxheimer Reaction if there is not a sufficient build-up.

This protocol requires the cancer patient to use the electromedicine device while sitting in front of a television set to keep the patient occupied and relaxed. But the television has nothing to do with the treatment itself. After those first few weeks the cancer patient has the option to reduce the number of days the protocol is used.

Within 4 or 5 weeks, this protocol will revert a very significant number of cancer cells into normal cells. However, the patient should continue to use this protocol for at least 12 or more weeks at either 6 or 7 days a week.

The High RF Frequency Generator device can be used with chemotherapy and with prescription drugs.

The cost of this protocol is a one-time fee of between $2,500 and $4,800, thus it will be priced out of range of some cancer patients who have already paid a vast amount of money on orthodox cancer treatments.

For those who can afford it, it is a detoxification device (this is because the High RF frequency generator
does kill a large number of microbes in the bloodstream, thus there is some detoxification created by the toxins inside
of dead microbes). The symptoms can be minimized by an ozonated water device or an ionized water device.

The good news is that this website can refer you to the Independent Cancer Research Foundation researchers who will email you a step-by-step, and button-by-button protocol on exactly how to use this protocol for cancer.

Cost: About $2,500 for the High RF frequency generator with 15 watt amplifier or $4,600 for the High RF frequency generator with plasma tube amplifier.

Advantages: The technology for both devices dates back to the 1930s, so the treatment has been around for quite awhile. The use of the devices on cancer patients, by modern cancer researchers, has been very impressive. Some people who have used these devices have used only this device for treating their cancer. While we do not recommend this, certainly not for advanced cancer patients, some of the patients have had good results.

The biggest advantage is that this is a true Stage IV protocol which can be  combined with other Stage IV protocols. Adding the High RF frequency generator to one of the other Stage IV protocols packs a powerful punch against the cancer.

Another advantage is that you can treat your cancer while you sit and watch television for several hours each day. These devices are very, very easy to use after you get over the learning curve.

Another advantage is that these devices can be used over and over again for other patients. Also, if two people have cancer they can both use these devices on the same days.

For the plasma device, two people can use this device at the same time. Just unscrew the shield which sits above the plasma tube, and each patient can sit on one side of the plasma device.

A longer frequency sweep is important because the patient can use the device for 8 hours while they sleep (this applies only to the plasma or High RF Frequency Generator device).

Disadvantages: The big disadvantage is cost, especially for the High RF frequency generator and plasma tube amplifier. But remember the devices can be used over and over.

Working With an Expert For This Treatment

If you are combining the High RF frequency generator and plasma tube amplifier with the Cellect-Budwig protocol, Mike Vrentas, who supports the Cellect-Budwig protocol, also supports this protocol.

If you are not taking the High RF frequency generator and plasma tube amplifier with the Cellect-Budwig, one of the cancer researchers with the Independent Cancer Research Foundation will be supporting this protocol by email and in some cases telephone.

For more information see this treatment, and the step-by-step protocol, see:
High RF Frequency Generator article

Where to Buy the Independent Cancer Research Foundation “Research Model” High RF Frequency Generator and Plasma Tube Amplifier:

Copy and paste the above website address into your web browser. Go to the vendor’s website that sells the High RF Frequency Generator and oscillator amplifier which can broadcast high RF frequencies using a plasma ray tube antenna. You’ll be able to see photographs of the generator and amplifiers including full specifications and pricing at their website.

The Cesium Chloride / DMSO Protocol

This treatment has been around for more than 30 years. It is the most flexible treatment and has the overall best long-term track record of any other alternative cancer treatment. It can be taken through the skin (e.g. for those on feeding tubes) or in some cases it can be taken orally. It can be taken by those still on chemotherapy (in some cases it is synergistic with chemotherapy), and so on.

This is the required treatment for those with bone cancer (unless another type of cancer takes precedence).

This treatment generally starts working as fast as any other treatment protocol. It is also excellent at shrinking tumors quickly. It also deals with the causes of many types of pain.

Another advantage to this protocol is that a more generous “cancer diet” is allowed because the cesium chloride and potassium block glucose from getting inside the cancer cells. This means more foods with glucose are allowed on this treatment. The expanded “cancer diet” allows patients to have more nutritious foods during their treatment.

Also, for cachexia patients it should be noted that when using cesium chloride, ATP can be used to block cachexia (ATP converts lactic acid into glucose, thus taking a large burden off the liver). When doing this cachexia is blocked two different ways (the second way is that cesium chloride blocks the cancer cells from making lactic acid). ATP also increases the energy of weak cancer patients almost immediately.

Also, for those with cachexia the recommended vendor for this protocol also sells the best hydrazine sulfate product available in the U.S. For those outside of the U.S. any compound pharmacist can make hydrazine sulfate. H.S. is critical because it blocks the cachexia cycle or lactic acid cycle at the liver.

In fact, ANY cancer patient who has cachexia (i.e. they have lost their appetite) should contact The Wolfe Clinic for hydrazine sulfate even if their primary treatment is not cesium chloride.

This treatment is critical to alternative medicine because many oncologists are keeping cancer patients on chemotherapy and radiation far longer than they used to, thus there is a growing need for treatments that do not require the ability to consume and digest large numbers of supplements.

For patients who have had significant chemotherapy, this protocol should be followed by one of the other “Stage IV” protocols because it will take many months to rebuild the immune system after the damage done by chemotherapy.

Cost: Between $600 and $900 up front, and between $400 and $500 per month for refills. Newer technologies, when necessary, may add to this cost.

Advantages: Works fast, very proven treatment for a wide range of situations. Excellent telephone support if you use The Wolfe Clinic. This treatment can be taken with chemotherapy.

Disadvantages: Perhaps the biggest disadvantage is that this treatment may cause some temporary swelling and inflammation. For most situations, this is not a problem, but for some kinds of cancer, especially brain cancer or lung cancer, this can be an issue. When swelling may be an issue, the vendor may suggest lower doses of cesium chloride or may suggest adding another supplement designed to reduce inflammation and swelling.

Working With an Expert For This Treatment

While there are several people who sell cesium chloride, The Wolfe Clinic clearly has the most experience with the most kinds of cancer. If you purchase your materials from him the consultations are free.

The Wolfe Clinic

The Dirt Cheap Protocol

Do not be deceived by the name of this protocol, it is based on solid cancer theory and contains many redundant protocols that revert cancer cells into normal cells.

Before studying this article read this article:

What Causes Cancer

If you kill the microbes which are inside of cancer cells, the cancer cells will literally revert into a normal cell because there is nothing to block the production of ATP energy.

This protocol has the necessary alkalinity, but it also has multiple treatments that were designed from ground up to revert cancer cells into normal cells. Any time you see: DMSO, MSM, honey, maple syrup or molasses in a protocol you are looking at Trojan Horses that are combined with something that kills microbes in order to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells and revert cancer cells into normal cells.

The two “crown jewels” of this protocol are the Kelmun Protocol, to provide alkalinity and shrink tumors quickly, and the Overnight Cure For Cancer, which is the primary protocol to revert cancer cells into normal cells.

The Aloe Arborescens protocol is also a “crown jewel” which includes honey (the Trojan Horse) and Aloe Arborescens. Aloe Arborescens is so potent at killing microbes it is used in treating HIV/AIDS.

This protocol quickly shrinks tumors and includes a lot of redundancy. It is to be taken very seriously in spite of the fact this protocol does not cost very much.

The Bob Beck Protocol

It has been several years since this protocol has been used extensively by cancer patients. The data on these patients is not available. However, the few case studies that have survived have been very impressive.

This protocol is very unique in the way it works. Even though it is clearly an electromedicine protocol, its focus is not directly on the cancer cells, rather its focus is on removing microbes from the body. By removing these microbes the immune system is supercharged and the immune system takes care of the cancer cells.

Because we know for a fact that this protocol does remove every microbe from a person's body, the key issue with this protocol is this: “how powerful does the immune system become when the microbes are gone?”

The answer turns out to be that the immune system becomes a lot more powerful than we thought it could become.

The reason we underestimated this protocol for several years is that we did not understand that all measurements of the power of the immune system was measured on people with about two pounds of microbes in their body.

No one had ever measured the power of the immune system on someone who had no microbes in their body. Because the Bob Beck Protocol does remove every microbe from a person's body, Bob Beck was the first person to know how powerful the immune system could become.

When I was watching one of his videos the realization came to me of just how potent the immune system could become.

The day may come when this protocol is rated the highest cancer treatment on earth. But for now we can only wait and watch people who take this protocol to see just how powerful it really is.

Cost: From $225 flat cost to about $2,000 flat cost, depending on how much of the protocol you can make yourself. The Bob Beck videos describe how to make your own items (except for the ozonated water device which came later). Also, there are some instructions in the Bob Beck article on this website (or follow the links) on how to make your own devices.


For two hours a day you are on the blood purifier. During this time you can pretty much live your life normally. These devices are very, very gentle. A “build-up” is required to prevent a Herxheimer reaction.

The big advantage is that if you stay on this protocol for life you will never have any microbial-causes illnesses. There are other advantages but it is too complicated to explain them.


If you cannot make your own devices, it is a slightly expensive protocol, but it is still less expansive than most of the “Stage IV” protocols.

Bill Henderson Protocol

Like the Cellect-Budwig Protocol, the Bill Henderson treatment is based on the Budwig Protocol. The Bill Henderson Protocol does not cause nearly as much inflammation and swelling as other treatments, if it creates any at all. Like the Cellect-Budwig Protocol, it is a critical treatment of choice for just this reason.

Once the Budwig Diet is started it likely will need to be continued for life; but at lower than therapeutic doses. This is actually a good thing because the Budwig helps prevent Alzheimers, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and a host of other diseases.

Like all good alternative cancer treatments, the Bill Henderson protocol includes an extremely rigid diet that the cancer patient must follow. Also, Bill has studied many different brands of supplements, it is absolutely critical to use the brands he recommends (he does not sell any supplements or receive any commissions).

Bill Henderson's complete protocol can be found in chapter 5 of his book:  Cancer-Free – Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing. It is available as an eBook on his website (if you need it immediately) or below:

Bill Henderson's Book

For those on a tight budget, this treatment is the least expensive of all of the “Stage IV” treatments.

Cost: As cheap as $299 a month from this website: Click Here (Bill Henderson does not sell any of the products).

Advantages: There are really two key things which treat the cancer. First, the cancer diet. Second, the Budwig protocol. The cancer diet works very quickly to start treating the cancer. The cancer diet, and the supplements, “buy time” for the rest of the treatment. This protocol also builds the immune system with supplements. It causes little or no inflammation or swelling.

Disadvantages: Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of this treatment is that it cannot be combined with many other alternative cancer treatments (e.g. cesium chloride) because of a potential conflict with the actions of the Budwig Diet.  Do not add anything to the Bill Henderson Protocol without his approval (and don't bug him to death either, read his book).

Working With an Expert For This Treatment

Bill Henderson has worked with more than three thousand cancer patients. He charges a modest one time fee for telephone consultations. Here is Bill's website and book:

Bill Henderson Website

The LifeOne Protocol

This protocol uses a very effective product called LifeOne as its main treatment.

If a person has not had chemotherapy or radiation, LifeOne works unusually quickly in patients with hepatoma, ovarian cancer, squamous cell cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, lymphoma and pancreatic cancer. These patients may feel better in 2 weeks and can be much better in 4 to 6 weeks.

For patients who have had chemotherapy and/or radiation, the treatment takes longer to become effective and other supplements are needed.

One thing to note is that if you have any concerns about your local doctor's diagnosis, or if you have a type of cancer which involves hormone issues, male or female, then this is the treatment you should use!

It is supported by the Natural Healing Center either in person or remotely.

LifeOne Protocol

Cost: Unknown.

Advantages: Has been in use for several years so it has a long track record by the standards of avante guarde alternative cancer treatments.

Disadvantages: Does cause significant swelling and inflammation where the cancer is located. Usually this is not a problem.

Working With an Expert For This Treatment

This protocol is supported by the Natural Healing Center. They support the protocol remotely or in person at their clinic in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Tony Isaacs Oleander Protocol

I have been watching the development of oleander for several years. For a long time you had to make a oleander soup at home, using oleander plants. But now safe oleander pills are available.

Due to the massive research efforts of Tony Isaacs, and several others, oleander has slowly climbed to a Stage IV level cancer treatment. A cancer patient no longer has to make the product at home and a reliable and inexpensive vendor is available.

The product comes out of South Africa because it is also used as a cure for AIDS. However, the product can now be purchased in America.

While oleander itself does not protect the non-cancerous cells, the complete protocol of Tony Isaacs has a wealth of products to support the immune system, the non-cancerous cells and the organs. For example, oleander and the support products offer:

Tremendous immune boosting ability (six times that of the strongest patented immune stimulators)

Inhibition of angiogenesis (the growth of tumors)

Inhibition of the NF-kB factor in cancer cells

Induction of apoptosis, or normal cell death, in cancer cells, and

Induction and enhancement of autophagic cancer cell death (which was tested against pancreatic cancer cells)

In addition, oleander does potentiate chemotherapy and radiation when used as a CAM therapy. It either eliminates or greatly lessens ALL known side effects of chemo and lessens those of radiation (with the lone exception being hair loss when the chemo drug of choice is Cisplatin).

In many cases, a caregiver of a cancer patient wants to put a cancer patient on an alternative cancer treatment, but the cancer patient refuses. Most alternative cancer treatments cannot be disguised. One of the interesting things about the oleander protocol is that a cancer patient can take this treatment without even knowing they are taking a potent alternative cancer treatment. The oleander pills and other supplements can be added without the cancer patient even realizing it.

Cost: About $60 a month for the main product. Unknown cost for supplemental products.

Advantages: Can be used with chemo and radiation. Very inexpensive. After years of research it is now a highly stable and very effective treatment. Very good support from multiple people on the Yahoo health group “Oleandersoup.”

Disadvantages: The major disadvantage of this protocol is that it is not strong enough for very advanced cancer patients who only have about a month to live. This protocol does not start working as quickly as some of the other protocols and those with about a month to live might be better off with the Cellect-Budwig Protocol or Cesium Chloride Protocol which start to work very quickly.

For details on the treatments, and how to get the Tony Isaacs book, go to this web page:

Tony Isaacs Oleander Protocol

Tony Isaacs Oleander Protocol

Working With an Expert For This Treatment

Tony Isaacs has a Yahoo discussion group which actually has several experts which monitor it. See his article.

The Brandt Grape Cure with Cellect – Using Black, Red or Purple Grapes

The Brandt Grape Cure has been around since the early 1920s and was probably used in various forms for hundreds of years before that. It is the oldest cancer treatment that is still commonly used.

While the original Brandt Grape Cure was strong enough for most situations, it has recently been “supercharged” with newly developed supplements and is now a true “Stage IV” protocol.

The Brandt Grape Cure article (linked to in a moment) talks about two different ways to use this treatment. First, by using black, red or purple grapes to create a mush or Second, by substituting a vegetable juice for the grapes. Only the first method, using the black, red or purple grapes, is rated “Stage IV.” The vegetable juice method is only rated as a Strong Stage III treatment.

The Brandt Grape Cure is considered a “juice fast.” What this means is that absolutely no foods or liquids (other than a quality water) are allowed to be used with this treatment. The reason for this is that when a person is on a “juice fast,” the cancer cells have no source of food except for the grape mush. This is good because red, black and purple grapes contain more than a dozen cancer-killing nutrients.

In other words, the only thing your cancer cells get to eat is poisonous. But grapes are healthy for non-cancerous cells. Thus, this treatment effectively targets cancer cells (i.e. it only damages cancer cells).

It is not yet known whether this treatment will create any type of swelling, inflammation or congestion, so to be safe, if you would be at risk if there were significant swelling, inflammation or congestion, do not use this treatment. However, it is doubtful it does create swelling, etc. because grapes are a superb detox.

An interesting thing about grape juice is that microbes cannot survive in grape juice for more than a few seconds. Whether the Brandt Grape Cure kills any microbes inside of cancer cells, allowing the cells to revert to being normal, is an unanswered question.

Because of the volume of grapes you will consume, it is absolutely required that you use organic grapes. Normal grapes are notorious for having a lot of pesticides put on them.

Cellect has been added to this protocol, mainly because the Brandt Grape Cure by itself does not appear to be as potent as it once was. Perhaps this is because the nutrients have been leeched from the soil over the decades.

This is a very proven treatment and is something to seriously consider if you have the will-power, especially with the addition of Cellect.

An electromedicine protocol (the High RF Frequency Generator or Bob Beck) can also be used with this protocol with great synergy.

Remember, substituting vegetable juice for the grapes is not considered a “Stage IV” treatment.

Cost: Free if you use only the grapes because they replace your regular food expenses. If you add Cellect it is at most $400 a month.

Advantages: This treatment has been around for many decades. It comes with its own detox and is simple to use.

Disadvantages: Many people cannot obtain the required organic grapes year around. An important thing to keep in mind with the treatment is that it takes 3 or 4 weeks to start to become effective. For those with an estimated 8 weeks to live, or less, this treatment may not work fast enough. For cancer patients who are extremely weak and have already lost a lot of weight, this treatment may not be the right choice because they may need a macrobiotic diet (see the “Cancer Diet” article for more information).

NOT for children.

Working With an Expert For This Treatment

There are no vendors to support this treatment, see your orthodox medical doctor if you have symptoms not mentioned in the Brandt Grape Cure article (or simply quit the treatment). Most symptoms, however, will be harmless detox symptoms and will occur at the beginning of the treatment. Here is the article:

The Brandt Grape Cure with Cellect

Ozone RHP

This treatment is rarely used, probably because people do not believe that pure ozone gas can safely be injected directly into the blood stream. In other words, it is a case of bad information that keeps people from using this treatment.

Or it may be that people don't want to do their own I.V. or injection at home. In any case, this treatment is not used very often. The treatment, however, is one of the rare oxygen treatments that currently can be done at home.

The medical grade equipment is pricy, at $5,000 or so, but it is a valid “Stage IV” treatment.

As with all “Stage IV” treatments, it is absolutely critical to follow this treatment with the remission treatment mentioned below.

Cost: $5,000 up front, but this includes the pure ozone generator and daily contact with the vendor for the first two months of treatment, and thereafter if needed.

Advantages: This is a very effective ozone treatment. Ozone and other oxygen treatments have been around for a long time and have been proven to be very safe and effective. This treatment can be used in cases where the patient cannot take supplements.

Disadvantages: Many people do not want to inject ozone gas directly into their bloodstream. Also, because this treatment kills cancer cells, it may cause some inflammation and swelling.

Working With an Expert For This Treatment

Here is an article on the treatment and contact info:

Ozone RHP Protocol

[Also contact this site for information about the Malaysia clinic.]

The Clinics Which Use Stage IV Protocols

This website endorses several clinics. There are other clinics which do not want the publicity that a website gives. There are also many clinics I do not endorse either because I do not have enough information about them or I don't have time to evaluate them.

Here is a list of clinics, some of which are endorsed, and others of which are listed. It would be rare when one of these clinics only used one or two treatments. Most of them use several treatments. However, just because a clinic uses several treatments does not mean it is an effective treatment. Just like a raging house fire cannot be put out with 10 garden hoses, a raging case of cancer cannot be put out by 10 mediocre treatments.

The German clinics are the best in the world. If you can afford one of the German clinics, use them. All of them use hyperthermia as their main treatment.
Here are all the clinics:


Chapter 10 – Supplemental Stage IV Treatments
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