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Chapter 14: Other supplements


An alternative cancer treatment is more than just killing cancer cells. All of the “Stage IV” alternative cancer treatments, and most clinics, include a complete protocol.

A complete protocol can frequently be enhanced by other supplements. Sometimes an alternative cancer treatment can be improved by helping build the immune system, protecting vital organs, keeping the lymph system functioning, killing microbes, cleaning out the waste products of microbes, chelating heavy metals, and so on.

Since the protocols mentioned above do not necessarily deal with every possible part of a complete cancer treatment, these supplements are given as ideas to cover a greater number of issues that cancer patients face.

The article on the treatment for Stage I, II and III cancers has even more ideas and concepts.

Some of the products sold with the protocols mentioned above may cover some of these areas, thus some of these items may not need to be added. The items in this section are optional, but it is recommended you look at this list, keeping in mind your situation.

Body Flex AM [“Buy Time,” build nutrition, immune system]

First, Body Flex AM is a superb immune builder which was mentioned above. It is a powdered supplement which should be added to fruit juices. It has key minerals, vitamins,  etc.
The Wolfe Clinic

SuperGreens or Wheatgrass Juice [“Buy Time,” build nutrition, immune system]

SuperGreens from InnerLight is a superb “greens” product which contains almost 50 different leafs, herbs and other plant extracts. Since this product is a combination of natural leafs, herbs and plant extracts there is no limit to how much you can take.

If you look closely, this product can be taken as a powder, meaning a drink, or as capsules. Most people prefer the capsules. The powder is mainly for people who cannot eat whole foods, such as those who are being fed through a tube.

It is recommended by the vendor to take Prime pH with the SuperGreens. Prime pH is a stabilized oxygen product. This advice is strongly encouraged. Since the leafs, herbs and plants have been dehydrated, it is critical to flood the body with oxygen to increase the bioavailability of the SuperGreens.

The instructions for Prime pH is to take 1 drop per 2 ounces of water. However, even with 1 drop per 1 ounce of water you will not taste the alkalinity of the product. It is recommended to take at least 6 drops (in at least 6 ounces of water) of Prime pH for each SuperGreen capsule. Since you should be drinking a lot of natural water every day anyway, you can take a lot of SuperGreen capsules if you wish.

You could also take fresh lemon juice or essential oils to help the bioavailability of the SuperGreens.

For those who choose freshly made wheatgrass juice, it is not necessary to add the Prime pH, lemon juice or essential oils. Wheatgrass juice should never be dehydrated and should be consumed on the same day it is made (the sooner the better).

Here is a vendor of InnerLight products:
InnerLight Vendor
(You may have to search for this product, they keep changing their website)

Lymph III and Quantum Kidney Complex or now Quantum Kidney Support [protects lymph, liver, kidney]

These two superb products are from the same vendor and will protect your lymph system, your liver and your kidneys. Lymph III aids in the detoxification processes of the liver and kidneys, as well as the lymph system, enabling these organs to more effectively and efficiently remove toxins and wastes.

Lymph III, together with the proper ingestion of healthy water, also assists in preventing dehydration and the resultant slowing of lymphatic circulation, drainage and removal of toxins.

Quantum Kidney Complex contains Agaricus Extract and Cordyceps, both of which protect the kidneys, and other products as well.

Samento (TOA-Free Cat's Claw) PLUS Noni Concentrate [infections, immune system]

Both of these products are from the same vendor. Infections are a major issue with cancer patients, particularly those who have been on chemotherapy and have had their immune system damaged or destroyed. These two products are required to deal with infections.

It is critical to get the “TAO-Free” variety because the TAOs (tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids) in normal Cat's Claw will significantly interfere with the effects of the more important PAOs (pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids), which affect the cellular immune system.

Diabetics should NOT use Noni Concentrate because of its very high glucose level. By the way, the cure for Type II diabetes is on this website (there is a link on the home page – search for ‘diabetes').

Samento Vendor
Noni Concentrate Vendor

Glyconutrients [unique immune builder]

There are 8 critical sugars (monosaccharides) the immune system needs to internally communicate (cell to cell). They are called: glyconutrients. One of them, the very rare very-long-chain acemannan form of the mannose sugar, is why I recommend Aloe Immune for cancer patients.

The dosage for Aloe Immune is 6 (500mg) pills a day, but start with only 1 (150 mg or 500mg) pill a day and build up quickly.

Warning: Some people have a chemical sensitivity to this product (e.g. fever, aches). If this is the case, work with the vendor as to what dosage you can handle.

Aloe Immune Vendor

Another vendor can be reached by phone. In the U.S. call: 800-807-4779. From outside of the U.S. call: 830-935-4292 (This is a residence so you may get voice mail. Keep calling back, they may not have been able to understand your phone number.).

Polysaccharides and/or Sterols and Sterolins [immune building]

The elements of the body's immune system need to communicate with each other in order for the immune system to be effective. Glyconutrients (the monosaccharides discussed above) and polysaccharides are two of the critical things that allow this communication to happen. However, there are other nutrients that have been shown to help build the immune system.

Here is a potent product that can build the immune system

Beta-1, 3-D Glucan from Transfer Point
Buy the Beta Glucan Supplement

Chlorella and Spirulina [“Buy Time,” immune building, chelation, vitamin B12, etc.]

Chlorella and spirulina also contain polysaccharides, but they are not condensed like the above supplements. These items are chosen for other reasons, namely their chlorophyll, vitamin B12, proteins, chlorella's ability to chelate heavy metals, etc.

Chlorella and spirulina can be taken in high doses, actually unlimited doses (after all they are FOODS, not supplements). You may take from between 5 grams and 50 grams a day of each of these substances. However, a person should build up to their desired level of chlorella to avoid diarrhea (start with 5 grams a day and build up).

Chlorella Vendor
Spirulina Vendor

Reflexology and Acupuncture [stimulate the liver]

For Stage IV patients, it is critical to keep the organs functioning properly. These organs include the liver and kidney, among other organs.

The standard alternative cancer treatment for stimulating the liver is the coffee enema. It is a great aid in the elimination of the liver’s toxic wastes.

However, there are two problems with the coffee enema. First, many people do not like to use the coffee enema because it is uncomfortable. Second, regardless of what you may have read, the caffeine in the coffee WILL get into the blood stream and shrink the blood vessels and capillaries. This is not good for a cancer patient because many cancer cells are behind the capillaries (traveling through the veins from the heart).

One solution to this problem is reflexology or acupuncture. These treatments will stimulate the nerves, and may help protect the key organs.

Water [hydration, cleansing, lymphatic circulation]

Drink plenty of water for detox reasons. A half-gallon a day, or more, is strongly recommended. Alkaline water is recommended, but not required. Tap water is not allowed – use natural water or alkaline water. Willard water is perfectly fine, as is distilled water.

Some people recommend adding one teaspoon of sea salt to each gallon of water to allow the cells to better absorb the water.

Exercise [pump lymph system, psychological/reduce stress]

Exercise is critical for cancer patients. It puts a stress on the heart and pumps the blood faster. But perhaps more importantly, it pumps the lymph system and is critical to getting the toxins out of the body. The lymph system has no pump (such as the heart pumps the circulatory system), only muscles can pump the lymph system.

Obviously, many people with advanced cancer cannot go for a walk. If going on a walk is not advisable or possible, you should lift a book or something else and do exercises two or three times a day for up to 10 minutes total each time.

Chapter 15 – CRITICAL COMMENTS About Remission
Chapter 13 – The “Type of Cancer” Articles
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