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Chapter 10: Supplemental Stage IV treatments


When I was in the Marine Corps in Viet Nam, I felt comfortable when on patrol with the platoon I was with. However, I can assure you that I felt a lot more comfortable when I heard the roar of Phantom jet engines overhead.

In this chapter we can compare the best of the alternative cancer treatments (the “Stage IV” Treatments) to a Marine Corps platoon on patrol. And we can compare the “Supplemental Stage IV Treatments” to the Phantom jets. Both the Supplemental Stage IV treatments and the Phantom jets are there for support. Of course, the Phantom jets of old have long ago been replaced by faster and more potent jets today.

In a prior chapter we talked about the Thugs and the Preachers. One of the points of that chapter was to emphasize the fact that the faster you can protect the non-cancerous cells and get rid of the cancer cells, without creating any additional problems for the patient, such as inflammation and swelling, the higher the chance of survival of the patient.

As mentioned elsewhere, over 95 percent of the cancer patients who start an alternative cancer treatment protocol have already had extensive orthodox cancer treatments. Most have been sent home to die.

Also mentioned elsewhere, the “cure rate” of the best of the best alternative cancer treatments (the “Stage IV” Treatments) is about 50 percent on advanced cancer patients.

The Supplemental Stage IV treatments mentioned on this page could easily add 10 percent to the overall chances of survival of advanced cancer patients. Take them seriously.

The Supplemental Stage IV treatments are potent cancer treatments by themselves, however, for one reason or another they cannot qualify as a standalone protocol.

One of the key reasons the Supplemental Stage IV treatments are so important is that a patient generally cannot combine two or more Stage IV protocols. But in most cases a cancer patient can safely combine a Stage IV protocol with one or more Supplemental Stage IV treatments. Thus, even the Stage IV protocols can be safely supercharged by the Supplemental Stage IV Treatments.

Below are the items which are potent cancer treatments by themselves, but can only be rated as a supplemental treatment.


The main ingredient in Fucoidan comes from seaweed. However, because people generally do not like the taste of seaweed, Fucoidan juice is generally mixed (by the vendor) with fruit and vegetable juices to mask the taste.

Fucoidan is a molecules that safely kills cancer cells and does a lot of other good things.

So why isn't this protocol rated a Stage IV protocol since it is a natural product which safely kills cancer cells, helps protect non-cancerous cells, protects the organs and helps build the immune system?

Some day it may be rated a Stage IV protocol, but I have not had the time to gather enough information to make that determination.

What we do know about it is that it “buys time” for cancer patients. In other words, it extends the life of the patient enough to let other and more proven treatments have time to do their work.

As an example, in one case in Missouri a woman had very advanced cancer which had spread throughout her body. She was also very, very thin. She refused all alternative cancer treatments except Fucoidan (in her case the Fucoidan was free because a relative gave it to her).

However, instead of taking the minimum therapeutic dose of 16 ounces a day, she was only taking 4 or 5 ounces a day.

Without the Fucoidan there is no doubt she would have died within a month or two of when she started taking Fucoidan. She was skin and bones and the cancer had spread throughout her body before she even started the protocol.

But in fact, she lived about six months using less than half of the daily recommended dose for cancer patients. Quite frankly, I was in a state of shock that she lived so long on that dose.

As a minimum, if she had used Fucoidan with a Stage IV protocol; the Fucoidan would have extended her life by six months to give the Stage IV protocol more time to work.

Could she have been cured if she had taken one of the top “Stage IV” protocols and a therapeutic dose of Fucoidan? There is a high probability she would still be alive if she had done that.

See the article on Fucoidan and a vendor.

Aloe Arborescens

Aloe Arborescens has been used for several decades as a cure for cancer, probably starting in Brazil's poorer areas. It eventually spread to Europe and now it has come to America. This protocol was designed specifically for treating cancer.

A Catholic priest, Father Romano Zago – OFM, has written two books on the use of Aloe Arborescens and has developed the exact formula for making it. The exact formula is in his main book but it would be very difficult to get 5-year-old aloe arborescens plants to make it yourself.

Thus, most people are going to have to buy pre-packaged bottles of Aloe Arborescens. It is the pre-packaged products which need to be evaluated and early indications are that at least one of the brands is highly effective for cancer patients.

Like Fucoidan, for now, this protocol should be used to supplement other protocols to “buy time” for the more proven protocols to work.

The standard dose is 1 TABLEspoon, three times a day. However, because this is a totally natural product (the other major ingredient is honey) a person can safely take three TABLEspoons, three times a day, or even more.

For more information see this article:
Aloe Arborescens article

Stem Enhance

Anyone who has had extensive chemotherapy or radiation should take Stem Enhance to replace many of the cells killed by chemotherapy.

Stem Enhance Vendor

IonWays Athena

Most cancer patients do NOT die from their tumors, rather they die from the spreading of their cancer. Cancer spreads because the cancer cells are very aggressive in an acidic environment, as demonstrated by Dr. Robert O. Young, PhD (actually it is more complicated than that). Thus, maintaining a very alkaline body is critical for those who are susceptible to fast-spreading cancers and other cancers which are spreading.

The best way to alkalize the body and slow down or stop the spreading of the cancer is with alkaline water, calcium or cesium. For those not on a calcium or cesium protocol, the right alkaline water can not only alkalize the cells but also provides additional benefits, such as creating micro-clusters of water which allow the cells/body to absorb the alkaline water better.

Based on scientific studies, the best of the alkaline water manufacturers is Emco Tech, which makes both the Jupiter and the IonWays product lines (they are the same machines, just different brands; i.e., Jupiter Athena = IonWays Athena = Royal Water Athena). The recommended product of this website is the IonWays Athena (for portable or countertop products) or IonWays Delphi (Jupiter Ultra-Delphi) (for under-the-counter products).

The patient should build-up to ionized water with a pH of 9.5 to use this protocol for cancer.

Kangan water is just as good as IonWays but is much more expensive. If you already have the equipment to make Kangan water, use it. In contrast, I prefer the less-expensive IonWays Machines capable of the same output.

Here is a vendor:
IonWays Athena and Delphi Models

Other ways to supercharge a Stage IV protocol

There are situations where you can supercharge a Stage IV protocol with another Stage IV Protocol, or with a potent “Cancer Diet” or with almost any Strong Stage III Protocol.

For example, the High RF Frequency Protocol with M.O.P.A. (or with the 10 watt amplifier), for those who can afford it, can be combined with any of the other Stage IV protocols except the Bob Beck Protocol or the Cesium Chloride Protocol.

Also, the Bill Henderson Protocol, which is a true Stage IV protocol by itself, can be combined with any other true Stage IV protocol except the Brandt Grape Cure. There is some overlap between the Bill Henderson Protocol and the Cellect-Budwig Protocol, but they can still be combined.

A strong “Cancer Diet” can be combined with any Stage IV protocol except the Brandt Grape Cure. The “Cancer Diet” is really designed to stop the spread of cancer by creating an alkaline environment in the body. Virtually all effective cancer treatments come with their own cancer diet, but frequently these cancer diets can be improved upon by making them more alkaline.

Also, almost every Stage IV protocol can be combined with any of the “Strong Stage III Protocols.”

Some of the Stage IV protocols are so safe, effective and easy to use they are part of the “Strong Stage III” article. With this in mind, here is the article on the “Strong Stage III” protocols to give you some ideas on combining treatments.

If you are working with a vendor, such as with cesium chloride, make sure you get approval to add products to their protocol.

Here is the article:
Strong Stage III Protocols

Chapter 11 – The Cachexia Cycle
Chapter 9 – The “Stage IV” Treatments
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