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Chapter 12: Special situations

Advanced cancer patients have a host of painful and potentially dangerous situations to deal with. This chapter will discuss several dangerous issues advanced cancer patients may face and how to deal with them.

Actually, it is the problems in these two chapters that are the main reason telephone support or a clinic setting is critical for advanced cancer patients. The experts generally know how to deal with dangerous and complex issues.

Nevertheless, this chapter was written to give the cancer patient an idea of what can happen and how to deal with it.

Dealing With inflammation, swelling and other major side-effects

While alternative cancer treatments almost always use purely natural substances, most alternative cancer treatments kill cancer cells slowly. As cancer cells are slowly dying, the immune system “attacks” them, which can create temporary inflammation or swelling. The inflammation and swelling is only temporary, but it can cause very dangerous partial blockages or complete blockages of key fluids or other problems.

Inflammation and swelling can be extremely dangerous for patients with lung cancer, brain cancer, any cancer of the digestive tract, cancer of the bile duct and a few other situations. If there is a life-threatening blockage seek medical help immediately.

In addition, cancer patients frequently have a large number of other painful and distressing issues caused by their cancer or their orthodox cancer treatments.

Another product which may help with inflammation and swelling is MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane). MSM should always be combined with Vitamin C of the ascorbate variety (e.g. sodium ascorbate or magnesium ascorbate as opposed to citric acid). The patient should build up (over 3 or 4 days) to at least 10 grams of MSM and 10 grams of an ascorbate version of Vitamin C.

Another option is to change your cancer treatment to a treatment which does not cause inflammation and swelling, such as the Cellect-Budwig Protocol or the Bill Henderson Protocol.

For those who get sick and feel weak

As cancer cells die, they do not just disappear. In some cases the debris from dead cancer cells is simply “eaten” by surrounding cells. However, in most cases cancer cells are concentrated in several areas of the body and there is simply too much debris for the surrounding cells to “eat.” This places a burden on the liver, lymph system, kidneys and perhaps other parts of the body.

Generally, when a cancer patient feels very sick and weak, coffee enemas are needed for this situation in order to allow the liver to flush out the toxins and debris. This scenario is precisely why coffee enemas were designed.

As a less effective option, for those who refuse a coffee enema, two of the four herbs in Essiac Tea were put in the formula specifically to protect the liver from toxins and debris.

But the best solution to avoid the weakness caused by the liver detoxifying the body is to use a coffee enema.

Dealing with pain

The article on cachexia dealt with pain. For those who experience pain and do not have cachexia or a very fast-growing cancer, a separate article has been written on dealing with the pain of cancer:
Cancer Pain Article

Dealing with tumors

“Stage IV” cancer treatments are designed to kill cancer cells, not to shrink tumors. If you kill all of the cancer cells in a tumor, the tumor is harmless, even if it still the same size as it was in the beginning.

A tumor is mostly made up of healthy cells. The myth that a tumor is mostly cancer cells is total nonsense. A cancer cell is “undifferentiated,” meaning it cannot have a function.

A tumor is almost completely made up of healthy cells. That is why they do biopsies.

Another lie that is spread by orthodox medicine is that biopsies cannot cause cancer to spread. This is also total nonsense. When you cut tissue, such as a tumor, it causes bleeding. Since cancer cells have no function, they are probably not as strongly attached to surrounding cells as are healthy cells (cancer cells actually have a totally different kind of enzymes on their surface than normal cells). They may be released into the bloodstream when a biopsy is performed.

Because such a small percentage of the cells in a tumor are cancer cells, killing all of the cancer cells in a tumor will not necessarily shrink the tumor. Eventually, the body will shrink the tumor, but it may take a long time.

Nevertheless, some alternative cancer treatments do shrink tumors fairly quickly. If you are dealing with a tumor, it is important to read this article:
Article on Shrinking Tumors

Treating cancer is highly complex – Do your homework

A Stage IV cancer requires a potent treatment (at least with today's technology). In fact, it may require the combination of several potent treatments.

When combining all of these treatments there are a number of warnings and possible conflicts. It is essential that you do your homework and note every possible conflict. Key pages relevant to your current treatment need to be read OVER AND OVER AGAIN. If you read these articles only once or twice it is a guarantee of encountering problems and possible failure.

As just one example, hydrazine sulfate requires that you take NO MORE THAN 250 mg per day of Vitamin C supplements, which includes what is in multivitamins, but does not include what is in whole foods. Other treatments suggest the use of 3 grams or more of Vitamin C per day. What should you do? You should take no more than 250 mg per day of Vitamin C if you are on hydrazine sulfate.

If hospitals were allowed to treat your cancer with effective treatments, some nurse would keep track of everything. You don't have that luxury. Either you or someone you know is going to have to do the homework.

With all of that in mind, these pages do change from time to time. You should download the key web pages, but only use the downloaded web pages for a few weeks, THEN download them again because the articles may have changed.

Chapter 13 – The “Type of Cancer” Articles
Chapter 11 – The Cachexia Cycle
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