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Chapter 15: CRITICAL COMMENTS about remission


I cannot even begin to imagine how many people have been cured of their cancer by alternative cancer treatments only to have their cancer return several months later and they end up dying of cancer.

What went wrong?

What went wrong is that they did not understand a key concept which will be discussed in this chapter.

Once a cancer patient regains their strength they frequently stop their alternative cancer treatment and return to their old lifestyle. Then, when their cancer returns, a few months later, they are surprised.

To understand why the cancer can return, let us return to the basics: “cancer is caused by an imbalance of the immune sytem and the number of existing and new cancer cells.”

When a person has regained their strength has the balance been restored? This is the key question of this chapter.

Chemotherapy kills fast-growing cells. This includes fast-growing cells in the colon, the stomach, the immune system, and in other places in the body.

The key cells killed by chemotherapy are in the immune system. Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery all damage the immune system. Because medical doctors do not have the integrity to send cancer patients home to die when they realize they cannot cure that patient (which is usually at the time a cancer patient is diagnosed), medical doctors force cancer patients to take massive numbers of sessions of chemotherapy.

By the time the doctors send a cancer patient home to die, if they ever do, the cancer patient has no immune system left.

The solution of orthodox medicine, of course, is to keep the patient on more chemotherapy while they are at home.

The point is that by the time a cancer patient begins alternative cancer treatments they do not have any type of immune system. It is gone.

Will their alternative cancer treatment completely rebuild their immune system in a few months? NO. It is impossible.

So if the immune system is destroyed by orthodox treatments, how can a patient ever restore their immune system to the point that there is a balance between their immune system and the number of new cancer cells they will certainly get; just like everyone else routinely gets new cancer cells?

A cancer patient must do three things until their immune system is fully operational:

  1. Supplement their body's ability to kill cancer cells (or revert them into normal cells) until their immune system is fully operational,
  2. Continue to build the immune system with supplements and diet,
  3. Make sure their stomach and colon can properly process nutrients from foods and supplements.

A product which may help replace dead cells in the stomach, colon and immune system is called StemEnhance. StemEnhance releases stem cells created by the body. However, it is impossible for a cancer patient to control where these natural stem cells (which replace dead cells) are used by the body.

The point is that the key to being in “remission” is NOT the number of cancer cells in the body, but rather the STRENGTH OF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM.

Ponder that last statement over and over.

A case study

Let me give you a case study (actually we have seen this happen twice).

Suppose a person goes to Germany for three weeks, uses the best alternative cancer treatments available, and is then sent home in “remission.”

Has the German clinic, for example, rebuilt their immune system in three weeks?

No, they haven't. It is impossible to completely rebuild a person's immune system in three weeks or three months or twelve months.

If the person thinks they have been cured they are going to be in shock when their cancer returns.

For this reason, a person generally needs to be on an alternative cancer treatment for several months, and most likely for several years.

However, this does NOT mean they need to be on their initial cancer treatment this long. It only means they need to watch what they eat, supplement their body with things that kill cancer cells (or revert them into normal cells), help rebuild their stomach and colon linings, take supplements to rebuild their immune system, etc.

Bill Henderson understands this principle and the patients he advises know they need to stay on the Budwig protocol for life. They likely will be taking immune building supplements for several years as well and watch their diet for several years.

The point is that just because a person is “cured” of their cancer does not mean the balance between their immune system versus existing and new cancer cells is restored. To Do This Will Likely Take Several Years of watching their diet, taking supplements to kill new cancer cells, taking supplements to rebuild their immune system, etc.

Do not think for a minute that just because a cancer patient has their energy restored and all of their cancer cells killed that they are out of danger. They WILL get new cancer cells (like everyone else) after they are in remission and likely they do NOT have an immune system which can kill these new cancer cells (which all people get).

It is critical to understand the concepts in this chapter to greatly increase the chance your cancer will never return.

Even if there was a magic bullet that could get rid of all the cancer cells in your body in one day (which is a possibility), this magic bullet will NOT be able to restore the balance between the immune system and the never-ending process of new cancer cells forming.

Only when the immune system is strong enough to kill newly forming cancer cells (and there is a balance between the immune system and newly forming cancer cells) is a cancer patient truly in remission.”

Building the immune system

Here is a high-level list of things that can rebuild your immune system.

1) Get rid of every microbe in the body. The immune system communicates by using electrical signals. However, microbes also emit electrical signals which interfere with the immune system communicating with itself.There are several ways to remove many of the microbes from the body. One way is the Bob Beck Protocol. Read this article for more information on the immune system and microbes:
Bob Beck Article

Other ways include colloidal silver (or another safe form of silver), vitamin C, MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement, which is a form of stabilized oxygen), and so on.

(Keeping microbes under control has actually cured many cancer cases by freeing up the immune system.)

2) Heavy metals (some of which come from dental amalgam, vaccinations and other sources) are another MAJOR cause of suppressing the immune system. Zeolites, Vitamin C, EDTA chelation by I.V., and other chelating items, are the key to removing heavy metals from the body.

This includes (hopefully), removing dental amalgam from your teeth by working with a biological dentist or holistic dentist (if you are going to remove the dental amalgam, do it at the same time you are using high levels of chelating items).

(This item has actually cured some cancer cases by freeing up the immune system.)

Here is a vendor of Pure Body Extra Strength (spray), to chelate the blood, and Pure Body (liquid), to chelate the the colon:
My Touchstone Essentials

Also see this article: Urgent Warnings (Getting mercury removed safely)

3) Root canals are a safe-haven for microbes. The immune system CANNOT kill microbes living inside of root canals. If you kill the microbes in your body, but not the ones in the root canals, they will come out of the root canals and infect you again. Hopefully, you will have them removed by a biological dentist or holistic dentist.

It is possible soaking 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide in your mouth (covering the root canals) may take care of these microbes, but this is pure theory at the current time. It is known that hydrogen peroxide will almost always stop a toothache in its tracks, so it does penetrate through the tooth wall.

Actually, microbes can “hide” in many places in the body.

4) Nutrients for the immune system include liquid ionic minerals (including trace minerals which are no longer in our soil). A product such as: Cellfood is very good. Also the nutrients in plants, especially those rich in glyconutrients and polysaccharides (e.g. IP6, AHCC, Transfer Point Beta Glucan, etc.), and other supplements (including adequate levels of iodine).

5) An absolutely key nutrient is MSM and other supplements high in methyl molecules, which are critical for the neurotransmitters to function and for numerous other chemical reactions in the body. See this article:
How To Make MSM Water

General comments

The first thing you need to do when you think your cancer has been cured is to find out if you are right. To do that you need to take one of the tests to see where you really are. Here is an article to find out which tests are available:
How To Determine How Much Cancer Your Still Have

When treating cancer the focus is usually on killing cancer cells. Some primary alternative cancer treatments start to rebuild the cells, and others have other goals. However, when a person thinks their cancer is cured, the focus is different. The focus is on killing lingering cancer cells and making sure your cancer never returns.

Think of this like a house fire. When your house is burning down your focus in on putting the fire out, not on where to put your new lamp and new couch. Once the fire is out, you need to start rebuilding your house and furnishing it.

There are several goals you need to achieve while in remission:

      • Goal #1) Supercharge your immune system (discussed above),
      • Goal #2) Kill any left-over cancer cells that might still be in your body (building your immune system will probably take care of that, but there is a treatment listed to kill cancer cells anyway),
      • Goal #3) Start rebuilding your cells so they can develop a resistance to future bouts with cancer,
      • Goal #4) Maintain a diet that does not put you at risk for a return of the cancer (called “regression”).

The remission treatment

Here are the key treatments taken during the remission treatment:

The Bill Henderson Protocol (includes the Budwig Protocol)

The Bill Henderson Protocol will be used twice, each time for 6 months. The Bill Henderson Protocol includes the Budwig Diet (i.e. organic cottage cheese and liquid, refrigerated flaxseed oil). While on the Bob Beck Protocol, the Budwig Diet portion of the Bill Henderson protocol should be continued during the Bob Beck treatment.

The Budwig Diet during the remission treatment generally uses at least 6 TABLEspoons of liquid, refrigerated flaxseed oil.

Important: For two years after the remission treatment is complete, the patient should continue with the Budwig Diet, but can reduce the dose to two TABLEspoons of liquid, refrigerated flaxseed oil per day, combined with a proportionately smaller amount of cottage cheese.

Warning: There is a lot of bad information on the Internet about the Budwig Diet. It is critical to take the Budwig Diet items (i.e. cottage cheese and flaxseed oil) immediately after they are made. In other words, do NOT mix the cottage cheese and flaxseed oil and then put any remaining product in the refrigerator. It does NOT store well in the refrigerator.

Here are the articles:
Bill Henderson Protocol
Bill Henderson Complete Packs
Budwig Diet

Laetrile Therapy

This is the key treatment to kill lingering cancer cells. This treatment only does one thing – kill cancer cells safely. But the treatment does not work fast enough to be a Stage IV treatment. It is the perfect treatment for remission because some of the main alternative cancer treatments may cause the microbes inside the cancer cells to go into hibernation, rather than kill the microbes or the cancer cells (see the Cancer Theory article).

It is generally not good to combine laetrile and cottage cheese. However, in this treatment they are combined so it is important to supplement with proteolytic enzymes (see the laetrile article). Laetrile and cottage cheese should NOT be taken within 90 minutes of each other.

The “cancer diet” while on the remission treatment will actually come from the article on laetrile.

This treatment is also where the proteolytic or pancreatic enzymes will be discussed (Note: if the Bill Henderson Protocol also uses pancreatic or proteolytic enzymes, do NOT double dose).

The laetrile therapy is also where the major supplements for this treatment come from. It is critical to study this article, including the cancer diet and supplements:
Laetrile Therapy

More on building the immune system

One very important thing is to take at least 3 products that build the immune system.

The Beta 1,3D Glucan Product should be a part of every Cancer Patient's daily supplementation. It needs to be included before all other immune system boosters. Being said, if you can only afford one of the stimulators below,

“As it is a natural substance, there are no side effects and there is no danger of overdose. Clearly Beta Glucan is a natural, safe, specific and highly effective way to keep our immune system healthy”
Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka, Ph.D., Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Louisville

More information on this incredible polysaccharide can be found in Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka's Book

At least two items from this list:


There are many other immunity products (e.g. Lentinan, PSK, PSP, Coriolan, D-Fraction, RM10, Mushroom Immunity Complex, etc.). Be aware that every vendor claims their product is the best and also remember that Cancer Tutor has no lab facilities to test their claims. MGN-3 or BioBran has a single manufacturer, and has been studied in labs, and is an excellent product, as is IP6.

See also the article on building the immune system:
Article on Building the Immune System

Special note for bone cancer

If there is any chance your bones are still brittle resulting from your fight with cancer, then you need to work with The Wolfe Clinic until your bones are strong. Call for treatment recommendations. Here is the website:
The Wolfe Clinic

Protect your heart

While you are at it, you might as well start protecting your heart. This is not a casual comment. Anyone who has smoked or has been on chemotherapy has heart damage.

The Budwig Diet and staying off of bad fats will do a lot to protect your heart, however, there is much more that needs to be done.

See this article:
Article on Heart Disease/Hypertension Prevention and Treatment

Special warning – If you do regress back to having active cancer

If you do regress and your cancer returns, it is time to start over. Go to the Stage IV article and go on a full alternative cancer treatment program.
Stage IV Treatment Article

If you had chemotherapy prior to being in remission, it is almost certain that you are in serious shape because a significant percentage of your cancer cells are MDR (Multiple-Drug Resistant) cancer cells.

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