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Chapter 5: The cardinal rules – Part 1

Cardinal rule #1: “Buy Time” to treat the cancer

Cancer is very stressful on non-cancerous cells, meaning normal cells. Cancer steals vital nutrients from non-cancerous cells. Cancer steals glucose from non-cancerous cells. In addition, chemotherapy is extremely damaging to non-cancerous cells.

In short, the non-cancerous cells in a cancer patient's body generally need as much attention to details as do the cancer cells.

But there is actually a very key reason to focus on treatments which help protect the non-cancerous cells.

An example will explain this concept.

Many years ago, two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, PhD, and an associate, Ewen Cameron, M.D., did a study in Scotland that proved beyond any doubt that Vitamin C, given by I.V., of 10 grams a day, could extend the length of time a terminal cancer patient lived by six times or more.

While the alternative cancer treatments of today are far more potent than the Pauling/Cameron protocol, there is something very important to be learned from their study – the concept of “buying time” for a cancer patient. When you protect the non-cancerous cells you will “buy time” for the MAIN cancer treatment to work.

In other words, “buying time” means you are using a treatment specifically designed to extend the life of the cancer patient in order to give more time for the primary cancer treatments to work.

To understand what this means, consider what would have happened if the patients in the Pauling/Cameron study ALSO took a more potent alternative cancer treatment at the same time. Because these patients lived longer due to the Vitamin C therapy, the more potent alternative cancer treatment would have had six times longer to work and be effective. In other words, there would have been a much higher probability that the more potent treatment would have cured the cancer because it had six times longer to work due to the vitamin C.

This is the concept of using a product that does not cure cancer, but it can extend life and “buy time” for other treatments to work because the treatment protects the non-cancerous cells.

Most people do not have access to taking 10 grams of vitamin C by I.V., but here are some examples of products or protocols that can literally extend life and “buy time” for more potent treatments to work, leading to a higher probability of success.

You do not need to take all of these treatments, but pick at least one plus any others you feel will support your treatment.


By a large margin, the number one recommended supplement to “buy time” is Cellect. It is a powder that can be mixed with certain types of fruit juices (to kill the horrible taste).

Cellect has been shown to “buy time” for even super-advanced cancer patients in hospice. It is actually at the heart of one of the main Stage IV treatments mentioned below, but if you are not on that treatment (the Cellect-Budwig Protocol), you need to add Cellect to your protocol in most cases.

Cellect is a super-nutrient product that literally revives the non-cancerous cells, giving the cancer treatment much more time to deal with the cancer cells.

However, if you are on Protocel(R), Entlev(R), Paw Paw or graviola (e.g. the Amazon Factor Protocol), do NOT take Cellect. These types of treatments lower ATP energy (in the mitochondria) whereas Cellect will raise ATP energy, thus offsetting these treatments.

Another treatment which Cellect should not be added to is the Cesium Chloride Protocol of The Wolfe Clinic. The Wolfe Clinic has a similar product called Body Flex AM, which can take the place of Cellect.

If you use Cellect for your “buy time” treatment, build up to at least four to eight scoops of the powder a day with whatever primary cancer treatment you are using. Use even more scoops for fast-growing cancers and cancers which have spread extensively.

Note #1: Cellect should NOT be used with hydrazine sulphate because Cellect contains amino acids which should not be used with hydrazine sulphate.

Note #2: For those who are very weak from their cancer treatment or their cancer and are not on hydrazine sulphate, Cellect is a REQUIRED supplement. It provides a huge boost in energy. Also, one of the super-nutrient juices, discussed later, is also a REQUIREMENT.

Note #3: Cellect may not be an option for those being fed through a feeding tube or by I.V. A powdered product which is converted into a liquid super-mineral supplement is an excellent substitute.

Here is the website where Cellect can be purchased: Website

DMSO – Vitamin C Protocol

Like the Pauling-Cameron protocol, this protocol also uses 10 grams of Vitamin C a day. However, this protocol is designed very differently than the Pauling-Cameron protocol.

This treatment was designed by a cancer researcher to do several things. First, it is designed to revert some cancer cells into normal cells. Second, it is designed to slow the spread of cancer. Third, it is designed to “buy time” by providing key nutrients to the non-cancerous cells.

This is a research treatment of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc., however, it is perfectly safe and uses doses and substances which have a vast, vast history of absolute safety at the recommended doses.
DMSO – Vitamin C Protocol

The Super-Nutrient Juices

The super-nutrient fruit juices will add minerals and a lot of key phytonutrients and other nutrients, including glucose. For advanced cancer patients whose non-cancerous cells have been stressed and weakened, one or more of these juices are required.

Get out of the mentality of only thinking about the cancer cells. You need to always be thinking about both the cancer cells and the non-cancerous cells.

Rather than give one product, several will be listed. The patient can pick and choose from these brands of products, or they may find another super-nutrient product or another brand of juice. The important thing is to flood the body with highly dense super-foods or super-supplements:

These, and similar products, are usually sold through Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and are usually available locally.

Important Warning: Due to the fact that many cancer patients have liver damage, frequently due to chemotherapy, and due to the fact that high doses of these super-fruit juices have been known to contribute to liver damage due to their detoxification properties; doses of these three products, COMBINED, should not exceed 3 or 4 ounces a day.

Those who already have liver damage should avoid these products and should use a coffee enema several times a day.

Important Note: You may have noticed that the super-fruit juices above (mangosteen, noni and wolfberry juice) are not allowed on the Robert O. Young diet because they contain too much glucose. Actually, these super-fruit juices are all right for a cancer patient. The intent of the Robert O. Young diet is to force a person to avoid foods that feed the cancer cells. The super-fruit juices “feed” the cancer cells with things that can kill them and also protect the non-cancerous cells.

BOTH the dense mineral supplement (e.g. Cellect or Body Flex AM) and a super-nutrient fruit juice are required for any advanced cancer patient, with few exceptions.

The Budwig Diet, plus Fish Oil

The Budwig Diet, consisting of organic cottage cheese and flaxseed oil, is the cure for type 2 diabetes. One type 2 diabetes patient started on the Budwig Diet, but quit the treatment within a few weeks because she gained so much weight.

The point to this true story is that the Budwig Diet has high quality oils that will provide an energy boost to the non-cancerous cells of a weak cancer patient.

The Cellect-Budwig Protocol and the Bill Henderson Protocol both include the Budwig Diet. The Cellect-Budwig also adds fish oils so the cells get the critical long-chain good fats.

No matter what treatment you are on, this is a good treatment to help rebuild the non-cancerous cells. Here is an article on this protocol:
The Budwig Diet

Anti-fungal supplement

If you read the article on cancer theory, you know that the final step to getting cancer is that a microbe is able to get inside a normal cell and block the Krebs Cycle and Electron Transport Chain, thus turning the cell anaerobic (i.e. cancerous) and highly acidic (via mycotoxins).

Almost all cancer patients have severe microbe infections. It is critical to kill as many microbes as possible as part of your treatment. The preferred treatment to do this during a cancer treatment is the Chlorine Dioxide – DMSO Protocol. Chlorine dioxide is the supplement which cured 75,000 malaria patients.

However, chlorine dioxide is neutralized by many alternative cancer treatments, including those which use Cellect or Body Flex AM, among many others.

For this reason, to deal with fungal infections a person should use the old standby colloidal silver. Here is an article on colloidal silver, the best alternative to chlorine dioxide:
Colloidal Silver article

Vitalzym and Barley Power

One of the products in almost all alternative cancer treatment protocols is proteolytic enzymes. Their value in treating cancer was known about more than 50 years ago. Almost everyone uses them because they strip the enzyme coatings around cancer cells which allows the immune system to identify and kill the cancer cells. But remember from above, these enzymes are also blood thinners.

However, there is also a second type of enzyme supplement: the broad-spectrum enzyme supplement. One such product is called Barley Power, which has practically every important enzyme on earth in it. One of the many key enzymes in barley (and fresh wheatgrass juice) is the critical Cytochrome Oxidase enzyme which is essential for cell energy.

Barley Power is an organic “green” product that is cold-processed. The bottom line is that every cancer patient, on any treatment, should use Barley Power (or fresh wheatgrass juice). This product does not have high levels of the proteolytic enzymes, thus it is not a blood thinner. However, it may contain Vitamin K, so there may be limits to how much you should take. Use the vendor's maximum dosage.
Barley Power Vendor

The combination of a proteolytic enzyme supplement (such as Vitalzym) and the broad-spectrum enzyme supplement is very potent. Here is a source for both products:
Vitalzym Vendor

The Stage III supplements and treatments

Stage III alternative cancer treatments do not kill nearly as many cancer cells as a Stage IV alternative cancer treatment. Thus, the Stage III treatments can actually be used to “buy time” for the Stage IV treatments to work.

For a lot of ideas about using Stage III alternative cancer treatment protocols see the “Stage III” Treatment article. However, if you plan on adding a “Stage III” treatment to your “Stage IV” Protocol, ask your vendor if there are any conflicts (by the way, don't bug your vendor too much, they are very busy people, group your questions into one call or email).

Here is the “Stage III” Treatment article:
Stage III Treatment Article

Ideas for those who cannot take supplements

For ideas about what cancer patients who cannot eat can do to treat their cancer, see:
For Cancer Patients Who Cannot Eat Whole Foods

Cardinal rule #2: Always have at least one true “Stage IV”
alternative cancer treatment in your protocol

Many times people have sent me the alternative cancer treatment they have designed, either for themselves or someone they are caring for.

The FIRST thing I do when looking at their protocol is to look for a true “Stage IV” alternative cancer treatment (i.e. usually one of those discussed on this page).

Without at least one true “Stage IV” treatment the person is not likely to progress in their treatment.

One of the greatest mistakes a cancer patient (who designs their own treatment) makes is to not have a true “Stage IV” treatment in their protocol. To understand this, you should understand that you cannot put out a major house fire with 10 garden hoses. You need at least one fire hose and several garden hoses.

With cancer you need at least one fire hose, the “Stage IV” treatment.

However, it is equally important NOT to combine two “Stage IV” treatments at the same time, except in a clinic setting. This is because each of the “Stage IV” treatments kills the maximum amount of cancer cells which the body can handle. To double the number of cancer cells killed would far exceed the safe number of cancer cells that are killed. The body simply cannot handle that much debris.

Killing cancer cells is not the problem for alternative cancer treatments because the potent alternative cancer treatments target cancer cells and are capable of killing as many cancer cells as they wish to kill. The problem is safely killing cancer cells. Dangers can be found in killing too many cancer cells too fast or in situations where temporary inflammation and swelling are created.

A complete protocol for treating cancer will include several things, such as detoxifying agents, immune builders, protecting the liver, etc. This may include one or more Stage III treatments, etc. But a complete protocol will include EXACTLY ONE “Stage IV” treatment.

There is one glaring exception to not combining “Stage IV” treatments. Hydrazine sulphate is a substance which is for exceptionally weak cancer patients. Whenever a cancer patient has lost their appetite due to their cancer, hydrazine sulphate should be studied. Because hydrazine sulfate (H.S.) does not kill cancer cells, it can be used with any other treatment. The only endorsed vendor of hydrazine sulphate is The Wolfe Clinic, the Cesium Chloride / DMSO vendor. However, there are many rules associated with using hydrazine sulfate and this article needs to be studied very carefully:
Using Hydrazine Sulphate – The Cachexia Treatment

Cardinal rule #3: The cancer treatment can only be as potent as the “Cancer Diet”

A good cancer diet will not only help the non-cancerous cells it can also “starve” the cancer cells. A bad cancer diet can “feed” the cancer cells.

As I say many times on this website, fighting cancer is like fighting a fire. While there are several very potent alternative cancer treatments, NONE OF THEM can fight some kinds of fast spreading cancers without major outside help.

Where does that outside help come from: a highly alkaline diet. Cancer simply cannot survive, thrive and spread in a highly alkaline environment. It is your cancer diet that really controls the “inner terrain” of your body and how hard your cancer will be able to fight.

A bad cancer diet during a cancer treatment will FEED the cancer cells. It is like spraying a house fire with both water [the treatment] and gasoline [the bad diet that feeds the cancer cells].

A mediocre cancer diet will not feed the cancer cells, but it won't contribute to the treatment.

While a strong cancer diet is critical for every cancer patient, it is especially critical to have a strong cancer diet when the patient has a fast-spreading cancer. A strong “cancer diet” can stop the spreading of cancer faster than anything else.

Too many cancer patients lose their battle with cancer because the cancer spreads too fast and the treatment, even though the best there was, couldn't keep up with the battle.

The only thing that will control a fast spreading cancer is a superb cancer diet plus a superb treatment. If you are serious about surviving a very dangerous type of cancer, such as a glioblastoma or pancreatic cancer, etc, then you have no choice but to use your cancer diet as a major tool in your treatment. PERIOD.

Having said all of this, cancer patients who are extremely weak from their cancer treatment or their cancer should eat whatever it takes to get their strength and energy back, even meat (but NOT sugar).

Be careful with vendor-designed cancer diets. Make sure their cancer diet is as strong as one of these two cancer diets.

Your first option is the Brandt Grape Cure. Grapes are alkaline. Grapes are also a superb detox substance. This cancer diet is also a “Stage IV” cancer treatment by itself, however, the Brandt Grape Cure is not powerful enough to treat very advanced cancer patients. But is can be used to support (as the cancer diet) the treatments that are strong enough for very advanced cancer patients.

Generally, you cannot combine two Stage IV cancer treatments. However, the Brandt Grape cure is such a superb detox that you can use it with any of the other Stage IV treatments.

The Brandt Grape Cure can be used as the “cancer diet” with cesium chloride, the Bill Henderson Protocol, or almost any other alternative cancer treatment (e.g. NOT the LifeOne Protocol). See this article:
Brandt Grape Cure (as the cancer diet)

Your second option is the Robert O. Young alkaline diet.

Here is an article that will introduce you to the diet, but the ultimate source is the book Sick and Tired? Reclaim Your Inner Terrain, by Robert O. Young, PhD. Use his 100 percent solution, NOT his 80 percent solution (e.g. if a vegetable has a significant amount of glucose in it – don't eat it unless it is part of the treatment.)
Simple Version of Robert O. Young Diet

As noted in the above cancer diet article, do not eat too high a percentage of green vegetables. Green vegetables are high in Vitamin K and can cause blood clotting, such as strokes.

You can use the above article to begin your cancer diet, but when you get the time, you need to read the book.

Chapter 6 – The Cardinal Rules – Part 2
Chapter 4 – For Those on Prescription Drugs
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