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Chapter 11: The cachexia cycle

Note: This article on cachexia also applies to these two situations:

  1. A very fast-spreading cancer or
  2. The cancer has spread throughout the body

Frequently when an alternative cancer treatment expert hears a description of an advanced cancer patient they immediately think to themselves: “This person is full of lactic acid.”

Indeed, almost all advanced cancer patients who have lost weight because of their cancer and they have become very weak are almost guaranteed to have cachexia (i.e. lactic acid). Another evidence, perhaps the most accurate, is a loss of appetite.

While all cancer patients have lactic acid in their bodies, when the patient starts to lose weight and starts to become weak and starts to lose their appetite, due to their cancer, you can rest assured the cachexia is very serious. Their body is FULL of lactic acid.

The lactic acid cycle, commonly called “cachexia,” occurs for the following reasons:

  • Step 1) Cancer cells routinely create lactic acid,
  • Step 2) This lactic acid is released by the cancer cells and travels to the liver via the bloodstream,
  • Step 3) The liver converts the lactic acid into glucose,
  • Step 4) The liver releases the glucose and cancer cells are likely to pick up this glucose because cancer cells consume about 15 times more glucose than normal cells
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While this may seem like a harmless cycle, there are two reasons that about half of all cancer patients die from this cycle.

First, the conversion of glucose to lactic acid by the cancer cells and the conversion of lactic acid to glucose in the liver both consume massive amounts of energy.

Second, the lactic acid itself, while it is in the bloodstream, can block key nutrients from reaching healthy cells (i.e. non-cancerous cells).

Any athlete is familiar with lactic acid. Athletes normally take pickle juice, D-Ribose, MSM and Vitamin C or other special things to get nutrients past the lactic acid blockade and thus get energy into the cells.

Most cancer patients do not die from the cancer cells, rather they die from the damage to the non-cancerous cells. Thus, it is critical to get nutrients past the lactic acid blockage to nourish the non-cancerous cells immediately.

Every cancer patient who thinks they may have cachexia, no matter what protocol they are on, should start taking D-Ribose immediately. “Ribose is an essential ingredient in the formation and conservation of ATP, ADP and AMP.” (See: D-Ribose – What You Need to Know, by Edmund R. Burke, PhD.) D-Ribose can be purchased at any health food store.

Magnesium is a critical mineral at helping get rid of lactic acid. Whether the magnesium works directly or indirectly (e.g. by supporting enzyme chemical reactions) I do not know. Cellect, to be discussed below, has a considerable amount of magnesium in it, but it might help to find an ionic/liquid version to supplement with.

Another area of interest in regards to the buildup of lactic acid is that many athletes prior to a strenuous workout, and after the workout, will consume MSM with Vitamin C. This combination is known to neutralize the lactic acid buildup after the workout and it stops the pain.

Using the MSM and Vitamin C together, as they work synergistically, should have the same ability to neutralize the lactic acid in patients with cachexia as well. MSM and vitamin C can be purchased at the health food store. Some MSM products, such as the Trimedica brand, have Vitamin C in the capsule along with the MSM and should work well.

Vitamin C does conflict with the Budwig diet, which is part of the Cellect-Budwig protocol. However, the Vitamin C is so important to dealing with the lactic acid issue that it should be taken even if the person is on the Cellect-Budwig protocol. Try to separate the Vitamin C and Budwig protocol as much as possible.

Two protocols for those with cachexia

Based on experience, only two of the “Stage IV” protocols work fast-enough and are strong enough for patients with serious cachexia. This is one reason you almost always see these two protocols listed first and second among the “Stage IV” protocols.

These are also the two protocols recommended for very fast-spreading cancers and cancers which have already spread throughout the body.

The two protocols are the Cellect-Budwig and the Cesium Chloride protocols. Each has their advantages for cachexia patients. Both can handle the problems caused by cachexia, both quickly help get rid of pain, and so on. In other words, both protocols work very quickly at reversing the cachexia cycle.

Excellent telephone support is available for each of these protocols.

For those being fed through an I.V. the cesium chloride is the only choice.

For those being fed through a PEG tube, either protocol can be used.

For those with brain cancer or lung cancer I suggest the Cellect-Budwig protocol because maximum therapeutic doses of Cellect-Budwig can be achieved more quickly.

These two protocols will now be discussed specifically related to cachexia patients.

The Cellect-Budwig Protocol

Cellect, the main product in the Cellect-Budwig protocol, quickly changes the basic chemistry in the body. Mike Vrentas claims that, based on his experience, in 90 percent of the cachexia cases pain medications and/or the use of antibiotics is the major contributing factor to cachexia.

He suspects that these drugs block the absorption of minerals which in turn blocks the neuro transmissions to the brain. The brain must have the minerals for transmission. Because of the lack of signals to the brain the body doesn't realize it needs to eat.

Anoher issue with cachexia patients is that they may throw up their food, including their supplements. This is a very tough issue to address and only persistence and slowly but firmly building up to recommended doses may be able to allow the patient to reach their recommended doses. Doses of medications and antibiotics may be able to be reduced as the patient is able to build up to their recommended doses of natural products.

In other words, one way to address this issue would be to slowly start the person on the Cellect at a very minimal amount, as they will probably throw it back up. Then continue to be persistent working gently at this, until the person is able to consume larger amounts of the Cellect. Along the way they may be able to slowly get off of their pain medications.

The object is to get the minerals back into the body to get the neuro transmission to start taking place in the brain. This should allow the brain to start transmitting signals, telling them they are hungry.

Coffee enemas also helps by removing the toxic waste from the body, resulting in great pain relief and many times the patient is able to reduce the pain medication or get off of it completely. Remember the medication in many instances is blocking the transmission of signal to the brain. The coffee enema as well may interrupt the lactic acid cycle, as it will cause a release of toxins from the liver.

Another very powerful way (in addition) to get minerals re-absorbed into the body would be through the use of a Cellect Retention Enema. The product Cellect is used in place of the coffee. By placing Cellect into warm water and by giving the person a retention enema, this should allow for faster absorption of the minerals into the body and may prevent the patient from throwing up because the Cellect bypasses the stomach.

The patient should try to retain the enema for at least 15 minutes or more to allow for faster absorption of the minerals. They may have to build up as fast as they can and try and retain longer each time.

The Cellect retention enema does not replace the coffee enema as they are used for two totally different issues. This is where it is highly recommended working with an expert such as Mike Vrentas who designed this protocol. It's well worth the cost of the consultation.

The next part of this protocol is the Budwig Diet, which consists of products which can be purchased at any health food store and has saved the lives of many cancer patients with only weeks to live.

The Budwig Diet provides key sulfur-proteins which advanced cancer patients need. These electron-rich nutrients literally restore the electrical charge of very weak non-cancerous cells. The cells of our body fire electrically. They have a nucleus in the center of the cell which is positively charged, and the cell membrane, which is the outer lining of the cell, is negatively charged.

Healthy cells of cancer patients with cachexia lack the strength of the negative electrical charge. The Budwig Diet is designed specifically to restore the negative charge on the cell membranes. This is designed to restore the energy to the cell.

In the case of cachexia one may have to use the Budwig Transition Diet first.

In short, the non-cancerous cells are dying of a lack of energy due to lactic acid and a lack of glucose caused by the cancer cells stealing glucose. While the Budwig Diet was originally designed to overcome a lack of cell energy caused by unsaturated fats that have been chemically treated, it has demonstrated over and over again that the energy provided by the electron-rich proteins created by the Budwig Diet can significantly restore the energy in a cell no matter what the cause.

The Budwig Diet essentially by passes the cell's normal way of making energy and creates energy by a different mechanism. The vegetable juicing part of this protocol is also key to cell energy.

The High RF Frequency Protocol electromedicine protocol is strongly recommended for anyone with cachexia. It can be used along with the Cellect-Budwig protocol, if one can afford it, but is not mandatory. It gently, safely and quickly helps get rid of cancer cells, thus stopping the creation of lactic acid in the cancer cells independently of all other protocols being used.

Remember there are several products which cannot be used with the Cellect-Budwig protocol:

  1. Do NOT take Protocel, Cantron, Entlev or Cancell (all are registered trademarks). These products work in the opposite manner as the Budwig Protocol and may offset the Budwig Diet.
  2. Do NOT take any product with Paw Paw or Graviola. This includes Amazon Factor Protocol. These plants also lower ATP energy and may offset the Budwig Diet.
  3. Do NOT take Vitamin C or any other antioxidant supplements, but when used with MSM go ahead and take Vitamin C).
  4. Do NOT take Vibe liquid, by Eniva, while on this protocol (may block Cellect).
  5. Do NOT take Coral Calcium, or similar calcium supplement, while on this protocol.

Here is a link to the Cellect-Budwig Protocol:
Cellect-Budwig Protocol

To see Mike's website go to:
Mike's You-Tube video

Mike can also be contacted at:

Here is a link to the High RF Frequency Protocol Devices (i.e. frequency generator) article:
Frequency Generator Protocol

Cesium-Chloride Protocol

One of the key substances that blocks the lactic acid from being created inside the cancer cells is cesium chloride. Cesium chloride literally accumulates inside the cancer cells (Note: Rife machines, such as the High RF Frequency Protocol devices, cannot be used with cesium chloride because the cesium chloride may block the way that the High RF Frequency Devices operate).

Also, the vendor who sells the best brand of cesium chloride (The Wolfe Clinic), also sells hydrazine sulphate. Hydrazine sulphate is the only known substance which blocks the lactic acid cycle in the liver, meaning it blocks the creation of glucose from lactic acid.

Hydrazine sulphate has a list of strict rules for its safe use. While The Wolfe Clinic can tell you the rules, here is an independent article to give you a “second opinion” and make sure you get it right:
Hydrazine Sulphate (e.g. Hydrazine Sulfate) Article

WARNING: Hydrazine sulfate has many safety rules. As just one example a patient on hydrazine sulphate requires that you take NO MORE THAN 250 mg per day of Vitamin C supplements, which includes what is in multivitamins, but does not include what is in whole foods. Study the safety warnings carefully, especially the warnings to stay away from tranquilizers and certain amino acids.

One thing that is needed in this protocol is potassium. Pickle juice is high in potassium. Work with The Wolfe Clinic in terms of the potassium balance and let them know how much potassium you are taking in your foods.

Remember that no electromedicine protocol (including either High RF Frequency Protocol device) can be used with the cesium chloride because the cesium chloride may block the way the electroporation device works.

Here is a link to the Cesium Chloride Protocol:
The Cesium Chloride Protocol

Or, if you want to skip the above article and start working with the clinic right away:
The Wolfe Clinic

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