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Choosing the cancer treatment that’s right for you

When deciding which cancer treatment is best for you, Dr. Kevin Conners notes there is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

“Everything we offer will not be found in conventional medicine,” he says. “The standards of care for cancer care is basically surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy, or a combination thereof, and we don't do any of that. And they don't do anything that we do. That's where it really is; we complement one another.”

Dr. Conners emphasizes that cancer patients should choose what's best for their individual situation.

“Many times it's a mixture [of treatments],” he explains. “Everything that we do from Rife technology — using frequencies to help heal the body from a nutritional perspective — to doing a complete genetic workup and looking at all the pathways, and looking at dietary factors, all of those are unique to an alternative perspective.

“We also have other tools like the PEMF [Pulsed Electromagnetic Field] and hyperbaric chamber, and things like that that many other clinics have, too. But those are tools that are basically helping stimulate your own body's healing ability — your own immune system — to be able to fight disease. They're not specifically killing cancer cells, they're trying to stimulate your body to do its job.”

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