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Understanding treating cancer with alternative medicine

Understanding Alternative Cancer Treatments – eBook

Table of Contents

Part 1 – The Big Picture
Part 2 – More Objectives
Part 3 – Implementing the Priorities

The Big Picture

All cancer patients should study this article carefully. It is the main article which discusses very critical issues needed for surviving cancer. This article should be read every month at least once, from top to bottom.

Since 2002 we have communicated with many thousands of cancer patients or their representatives. In many cases, the emails we have received included a proposed treatment the cancer patient or their representative put together. In some cases their proposed treatment was a single treatment, such as carrot juice or laetrile (vitamin B17) or enzymes, etc.

Here is why a person might pick a single treatment. Suppose they see a testimonial on the Internet which talks about a person who cured their newly diagnosed liver cancer with carrot juice. Is the testimonial truthful? Most likely it is truthful. But does this testimonial mean that carrot juice, by itself, will cure ALL cancer patients?

Many, many natural substances can cure slow-growing cancers which have not spread very much and the patient is newly diagnosed and the patient has never had any chemotherapy, radiation or major surgery. But such cancer patients are rare indeed.

The typical cancer patient today who seeks out natural medicine, has had extensive chemotherapy and radiation (and may still be using them) and has probably had some major surgery.

Their cancer has already spread significantly, the cancer is spreading quickly, their immune system has been destroyed for several reasons, they have large amounts of lactic acid in their bloodstream (which is one of many things that can make a cancer patient weak), (1) their liver and bloodstream are full of microbes, their digestive tract can barely extract nutrients from any food because of damage by chemotherapy, and so on.

Advanced patients have “one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel” (as we say in the United States). Carrot juice, by itself, will not cure such patients. Nor will laetrile or hydrogen peroxide, by themselves.

Picking a single cancer treatment, any single treatment, is the most common mistake made by cancer patients who are new to alternative medicine. They do not understand that the power and speed of the protocol must be greater than the power and speed of the cancer.

We aregoing to say that again because it is so important: The power and speed of the protocol must be greater than the power and speed of the cancer.

That is why a person must know at the beginning of their treatment what the “power and speed” of their protocol is.

Also, many alternative cancer treatments can be combined. Much of this article is to explain why several alternative cancer treatments need to be combined to treat the cancer. They are combined either to be synergistic or to do different tasks.

This website contains some very old articles, so the terms “treatment” and “protocol” are not consistently used. But we will tell you how they should be used. A “treatment” is a single treatment, such as laetrile or enzymeA protein that speeds up chemical reactions in the body. therapy or carrot juice, etc. A “protocol” is a combination of several “treatments.”

Why is a “protocol” needed? The reason is that an advanced cancer patient needs help in several different areas. A “protocol” should be designed to deal with several different issues.

Furthermore, some of the individual treatments in the protocol should have a reputation of curing cancer by itself. For example, someone once asked if the Cellect-Budwig protocol had ever cured cancer. We mentioned six treatments in the Cellect-Budwig protocol, each of which had cured cancer by themselves. Most of the protocols on this website also contain several treatments, most of which have cured cancer by themselves or they have some specific purpose for being in the protocol.

But there is more to it than that. For example, if someone has fast-spreading cancer they will need one highly alkaline protocol (a person should generally not use more than one highly alkaline protocol at a time, except at the beginning of their treatment for a short time) or one or more potent oxygen protocols or both. This is to slow down the spreading of the cancer so the treatment will have more time to work.

Before going on, let's talk about what causes cancer so we have an idea of how to treat cancer.

What Causes Cancer?

Orthodox medicine would like you to believe that DNA damage causes cancer. While cancer cells may have DNA damage, the DNA damage is actually caused by the same thing that causes cancer. In other words, the DNA damage is a parallel symptom of cancer.

If you do not understand how microbes cause cancer, see the “What Causes Cancer” article (and then come back to this article). Here is the article:

What Causes Cancer

Note that if you kill all of the microbes inside the cancer cells the cancer cells will revert into normal cells. If you make the microbes lethargic, the cancer cells will not divide as quickly and the spreading of the cancer will slow down, thus giving you more time to cure the cancer.

Important Notes About Alternative Cancer Treatments

Note #1: More details about these items, and other critical issues, are discussed later in this article and in other articles.

Note #2: The term “electromedicine” in alternative medicine refers to very, very gentle electrical devices. Generally, the patient cannot even feel the device is turned on. Do not confuse these devices with the normally barbaric radiation therapy of orthodox medicine. However, radiation therapy can be useful in some situations by shrinking dangerous tumors and/or in stopping bleeding.

Note #3: Special treatments have been designed to quickly get the cancer patient out of danger and thus “buy time” by keeping the cancer patient alive in order to give more powerful treatments (which may start to become effective very slowly) more time to work. Do not purchase an expensive “buy time” device unless you have enough money left over to purchase the main treatment. Most cancer patients need to budget their money so they need to consider the cost of all items before they commit to buying something very expensive.

Note #4: There are many natural medicine clinics around the world. Some of them offer treatments that cannot be used at home. And, of course, the best ones offer excellent advice. There are also consultants to help you pick the right treatment and the right clinic.

Here is the article which lists some clinics and discusses many issues related to natural medicine clinics around the world:

A Sample of Alternative Medicine Clinics

Note #5: We are fully aware that while some patients can easily afford (or at least can obtain the funding) the best and strongest of the natural cancer treatments, most cannot afford the best treatments. There is a financial product which allows terminal cancer patients to obtain the funding for their natural cancer treatment. There are companies that purchase life insurance policies (e.g. at 75 percent of face value) of terminal cancer patients. This money can provide the funding to give the family quality time with the patient (e.g. to travel together) and/or to buy products or visit clinics that may save the patient's life.

For example, suppose a person as a $200,000 whole life insurance policy and a $50,000 term life insurance policy. The chances are that they can “sell” the $50,000 term life insurance policy (if it can be converted into a whole life policy) and have enough funds to pay for one of the best natural medicine cancer treatments.

See this article for more details:

How To Fund a Treatment Without Borrowing Any Money

Note #6: We are very aware of the reality that because of the medical industrial complex, and for many other reasons (such as the country a patient lives in), many cancer patients cannot afford even the basic natural cancer treatments.

We have written two articles which help such patients get highly effective cancer treatments within their budget. The first is the “Dirt Cheap Protocol.” We pay close attention to this article because it is probably the most-used protocol on this website because so many people don't have the money for one of the major protocols:

Dirt Cheap Protocol

This article is not a complete protocol, but it gives cancer patients a whole host of options for putting together their own protocol:

Inexpensive Cancer Treatments

The Objectives of an Alternative Cancer Treatment

Here are the main objectives in treating cancer with natural medicine.

Objective #1: “Buy Time” By Energizing Non-Cancerous Cells

There are specialized cancer treatments that work very quickly and “buy time” to keep the cancer patient alive in order to give other, more powerful treatments more time to work. This is the top priority in dealing with advanced cancer patients and generally involves energizing the weak non-cancerous cells with electromedicine and/or super-nutrients because the non-cancerous cells can be very, very weak. It also includes not eating foods that feed the cancer cells (e.g. dairy products, sugar, etc.).

Examples of “buying time” would include the High RF Frequency Protocol (electromedicine), Quantum Pulse (electromedicine), BioCharger (electromedicine), Vibe liquid, the Budwig diet, etc.

The products that “buy time” can generally be used during the entire cancer treatment, but they are considered to be a “buy time” protocol because they start working very quickly to stabilize the patient. But they can also have great benefits throughout the treatment.

The High RF Frequency Protocol is especially important because it both energizes cells and kills microbes in the liver, lymph and bloodstream.

High RF Frequency Protocol

Less expensive options to “buy time” include the supplements (these can be used with the electromedicine devices): D-Ribose, Vitamin C, Vibe liquid (in the orange bottle), the Budwig diet, carrot juice, and many other dietary supplements which help “feed” the weak non-cancerous cells. Anything that floods the body with nutrients will help.

Objective #2: “Buy Time” By Slowing Down the Spreading of the Cancer

Stopping or slowing down the spreading of the cancer is critical. This is the second part of “buying time.” This is usually done with alkaline protocols or an alkaline diet which makes the inside of the cancer cells alkaline and

thus makes the cancer microbes lethargic or kills them. Examples would be Cellect, cesium chloride, calcium (e.g. coral calcium), barley, alkaline water, etc.

This is a very critical issue for advanced cancer patients. More will be said about this later in this article.

A special article has been written on how to quickly get started fighting the cancer. It is the “What To Do Today” article. This article tells you how to jump-start your cancer treatment TODAY. It also tells you how to phase over to the main cancer treatment as the items in the main cancer treatment start to arrive. Here is the article:

What To Do TODAY

Objective #3: “Buy Time” By Dealing With Cachexia

Cachexia is a deadly cycle. Cancer cells create lactic acid. The lactic acid then travels to the liver (the bloodstream becomes full of lactic acid). Once in the liver, the lactic acid is converted into glucoseA type of sugar; the chief source of energy for living organisms.. Guess what, the glucose goes to the cancer cells and more lactic acid is made. Both ends of this cycle (the liver and the cancer cells) consume large amounts of energy, plus the lactic acid in the bloodstream makes a cancer patient weak, among other things.

By one estimate, cachexiaWeakness and wasting of the body due to severe chronic illness, also known as Wasting Syndrome, is a sign of diseases, such as advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), AIDS, cancer, or heart failure. kills 40 percent of cancer patients. Chemotherapy does absolutely nothing to stop the lactic acid cycle.

Getting rid of the lactic acid in the bloodstream (lactic acid blocks non-cancerous cells from getting nutrients and energy) is generally done with MSM (methyl-sulfonal-methane). There are several MSM protocols on this website.

Another option is to block the liver from creating glucose is hydrazine sulfate or hydrazine sulfate. This product requires expert support because it can be dangerous to use.

Some things can get nutrients to the non-cancerous cells in spite of the lactic acid blockade. Examples would be Vitamin C (where it does not conflict with another treatment), D-Ribose, and perhaps other things.

D-Ribose, which is available at any health food store, and Vitamin C are very important because they can get past the lactic-acid blockade to get nutrients into the non-cancerous cells.

The “MSM/Vitamin C” protocol was designed specifically for cleaning lactic acid out of the blood and to revert many cancer cells into normal cells. By cleaning the blood of lactic acid, less of the lactic acid gets to the liver and thus the cachexia cycle is at least partially broken.

For those on the Cellect-Budwig treatment, or any other treatment that uses the Budwig diet, they should use the “MSM/CS” or the less expensive and more powerful “MSM/CD” or “MSM/LIPH” protocols (see the left side bar).

Why would someone use the “MSM/CS” protocol instead of the more potent and cheaper “MSM/CD” protocol? The chlorine dioxide in the MSM/CD is very hard on the stomach so it is too intense for some patients.

LIPH, a homeopathic product, has cured cancer by itself, so the MSM/LIPH protocol is gaining in respect. It is so inexpensive that it could and should be added to any other protocol.

Note: the reader might wonder why building the immune system is not among the highest priorities. It actually is. The High RF Frequency Protocol actually works by supercharging the immune system. So does the Bob Beck Protocol, though it does not work as quickly. Other protocols will likely include supplements that build the immune system with special nutrients.

Objective #4: Safely and Gently Kill Cancer Cells

Many natural products are able to safely kill cancer cells. A good example is fucoidan which is a molecule found in high levels in some brands of “Fucoidan.” Laetrile (found in apricot kernels) is another example, but it is not as effective as fucoidan unless used as an I.V. at a clinic.

Purple grapes have about a dozen molecules which can kill cancer cells. Carrot juice also has molecules which can kill cancer cells.

The immune system is the ultimate killer of cancer cells. However, orthodox cancer treatments can damage the immune system to the point it is significantly less effective than it should be.

Many natural substances and special products, and even electromedicine can help build the immune system. The GB 40000 is an excellent example. The Bob Beck, which works much more slowly, is another.

But killing cancer cells does not depend on the immune system, it can be done directly.

In fact, most natural medicine protocols both kill cancer cells, revert cancer cells into normal cells and supercharge the immune system.

This is one reason for the “buying time” protocols because the “buying time” protocols keep the patient alive to give other treatments more time to become effective. This is usually another goal of a natural medicine treatment.

Some people claim that Vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide (Hydrogen Peroxide Vendor) and ozone (Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone Book Vendor), to name but three treatments, can kill cancer cells. We seriously doubt this is the case. They most likely work by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells, which in turn allows the cancer cells to revert into normal cells. This tactic will be discussed next.

Objective #5: Revert Cancer Cells into Normal Cells

DMSO and MSM (and sometimes honey) are commonly used to revert cancer cells into normal cells. They do this by helping microbe-killing substances to get inside the cancer cells to kill the microbes that are causing the cancer (did you read the “What Causes Cancer” article so you know what we are talking about?).

Most DMSO protocols are discussed on the website of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. The exception is the newest “Overnight Cure For Cancer,” the Version 7 protocol, which is found on this website. The MSM protocols (e.g. MSM/LIPH, MSM/CS, etc.) are discussed on this website.

Gentle electromedicine can also effectively kill the microbes inside the cancer cells by using special “carrier waves” to get the devitalizing microbe-killing frequencies past the cell membrane. We should mention that only one brand of “Rife Machine” has the necessary “carrier wave” frequency. These are in the High RF Frequency Generator family of “Rife Machines”. Here is a vendor of these instruments if you want to see what they look like (copy and paste this URL into a browser):

While there are about a hundred different “Rife Machines” on the Internet, only the two High RF Frequency Generator devices actually have a powerful carrier wave and the massive numbers of frequencies needed to revert cancer cells into normal cells (e.g. they run up to 8 frequencies at the same time).

The High RF Frequency Generator utilize normalizing and stimulating frequencies which energize all cells. These generators are primarily designed to revert cancer cells into normal cells and clean the blood, liver, etc. of microbes.

The other brands of “Rife Machines” may have some benefits, but their benefits are generally limited to killing microbes in the bloodstream (e.g. which is what the Bob Beck Protocol and Hulda Clark Zapper do) and killing microbes and other parasites in the liver, etc.

The High RF Frequency Generator family, however, actually reverts cancer cells into normal cells by killing the microbes which are inside the cancer cells. When these microbes are dead the cancer cells will revert into being normal cells.

Part 2

Objective #6: Deal With Inabilities to Digest Foods

Due to a variety of factors, the stomach and colon may not be able to extract all nutrients from foods and supplements. This is because of the damage done to the digestive tract by chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation.

Even people who do not have stomach or colon cancer and/or have not had stomach or colon surgery can have a largely worthless digestive tract due to chemotherapy and/or radiation. Chemotherapy kills fast-growing cells and many of the cells in the stomach and colon are fast-growing cells.

Electromedicine (e.g. the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier) is by far the best way to deal with this issue because with electromedicine nothing needs to be digested to get rid of the cancer cells.

Some other protocols, such as the DMSO and MSM protocols, do not contain anything that needs to be digested.

A special and powerful protocol, the Overnight Cure For Cancer (a DMSO protocol), was designed specifically for people with a blocked stomach and/or blocked colon, thus it will help those with stomachs which cannot digest foods.

We should mention that DMSO protocols cause several body odors for many hours. For that reason, many cancer patients (i.e. those who have jobs where they work with the public), cannot use DMSO protocols.

There was a medical doctor clinic in Atlanta, Georgia who used DMSO and very low dose chemotherapy (about 1/10th the normal dose of chemotherapy). It was a superb treatment because the DMSO allowed the chemotherapy to target cancer cells. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) shut the clinic down.

We mention this because anyone who is still using chemotherapy or Vitamin C by I.V. needs to take MSM (a close cousin of DMSO but without the body odor), roughly 30 to 40 grams (after building-up, of course), just before leaving home to take the chemotherapy or Vitamin C. See the article “If Still on Chemo or Radiation.

Electromedicine, especially the High RF Frequency Protocol can be added to the Overnight Cure for Cancer to directly revert cancer cells into normal cells, kill microbes in the organs, etc.

In other words, use the Overnight Cure For Cancer plus the High RF Frequency protocol for those who cannot digest food.

Objective #7: Work With an Expert

This should be #1, but we list other things first so the patient or caregiver knows what to look for in expert support.

For example, Mike Vrentas supports the Cellect-Budwig protocol. The High RF Frequency Protocol is supported by the GB 4000 vendor.

Dealing with cancer is not a “trial-and-error” exercise. You START with the experts who have many years in this business.

Clinics, of course, have expert support built-in.


More Objectives

Objective #8: Make the Patient “Whole” Again

As has already been mentioned, cancer is caused by a weak immune system. The immune system is weak because of microbes in the liver, other organs, and in the bloodstream. So how do you get rid of these microbes.

If you use the High RF Frequency Protocol, the methods are designed specifically to target microbes.

But what if you cannot afford one of these options or you use a different protocol?

What we would suggest is to do two things.

First, use the Bob Beck Protocol. If you cannot afford these devices you should be able to find someone to build them. The schematics are on this website.

This devices will get rid of all microbes in the bloodstream and lymph system and will get rid of many of the microbes in the organs.

Second, we would also use a combination of liver and gallbladder flushes. There is a simple liver flush on this website:
Liver Flush Article

However, we would also try to find Hulda Clark liver flushes or Hulda Clark parasite cleanses. There is a line of products which have her protocols.

There are many websites that claim to have Hulda Clark Zappers, but we have not had the time or funds to check out if any of these devices will deal with all types of liver flukes, roundworms, tapeworms, fungus, etc. etc. that live in the organs.

There is also a device that can tell you if you have been successful at eliminating these microbes and parasites. The device is made by the Zyto Corporation. Zyto devices can identify where there are microbes in the body and which microbes they are. You will have to find one near you as they are only at clinics. Here is their website:
Zyto Corporation

Objective #9: Keep the Bloodstream Free of Microbes

The Independent Cancer Research Foundation believes that melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, sarcoma and uterine cancer are cancers that require treatments which clean the blood of microbes every 12 hours. These cancers spread via microbes coming outside of the cancer cells, then the microbes travel in the blood to another location and colonize another section of cancer. This is why it is critical to keep the blood free of microbes for these types of cancer.

Most cancers may spread this way or by microbes coming out of the liver or lymph system. Thus, all cancer patients need to keep microbes out of the bloodstream, liver and lymph system (the liver will be discussed in a moment).

In addition to preventing the spread of cancer, Dr. Bob Beck, a PhD in physics, proved that if you clean the blood of microbes the immune system will become supercharged. But this is a slow process and is not why this item is listed in this section.

Not all packaged cancer treatments include something that will get rid of the microbes in the bloodstream. But yet it is suspected that most if not all, cancers spread at least partly in this manner.

But even if you don't have a High RF Frequency Generator you still need to get rid of the microbes; not just to build the immune system, but to keep cancer from spreading from other cancer cells, infected dental work or from the liver or lymph nodes to other locations.

The Bob Beck Blood Purifier is the best way to deal with this issue if you do not have a High RF Frequency Generator or use a Hulda Clark Zapper two hours a day.

Dental infections need to be dealt with by very, very specialized and rare dentists. Not even “biological dentists” are qualified to deal with these infections. Contact the “Huggins Applied Healing” website to find one of these dentists in your area.

One last comment about the High RF Frequency Generator devices. The High RF Frequency Generator (with 15-watt linear amplifier) device can be used twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Each time use it the recommended times. The High RF Frequency Generator (with plasma tube amplifier) can be used twice a day, depending on the protocol used and the patient. Some patients can tolerate it twice a day and some cannot.

Either way, do NOT try to use it twice a day until you have been using the device for at least 10 days.

Objective #10: Deal With Oxidation Damage

Coconut water helps with the symptoms of chemotherapy. The article for those still on chemotherapy goes into detail about these issues.

Objective #11: Get Rid of Microbes, etc. in the Dental Areas

One of the reasons there are so many microbes in people's bloodstream is because of “modern dentist” who are trained to create safe-havens for microbes, put mercury and other toxins in your mouth, etc. etc.

Of course, that is not the way they describe what they do, but that is what they actually do.

Getting rid of microbes in the dental area is an entirely different issue and requires electromedicine (e.g. special frequencies of the High RF Frequency Generator) or dentists trained by Dr. Hal Huggins. See these two chapters on dental work:
Chapter 7 of book
Chapter 8 of book

Objective #12: Have a Good “Cancer Diet”

What the cancer patient eats and the special supplements the patient takes can have a huge impact on survival. Dr. William D. Kelley, a dentist, had a 90 percent cure rate on thousands of cancer patients by using nothing but a superb diet and special supplements (e.g. carrot juice, proteolytic enzymes, etc.).

While the Kelley protocol is rarely used any more because of newer products, it should be a lesson-learned for cancer patients that special supplements and a good cancer diet can have a huge impact on cancer survival.

Many packaged cancer treatments have a few of the Kelley supplements, but my point is that a cancer patient should drink carrot juice (which a little beet juice mixed in) and other special foods every day.

If you are not on the Cellect-Budwig or Bill Henderson protocol, see this article as an example of a “raw food” diet:
The Cancer Diet

Also, even if you do not use the Cellect-Budwig, the $35 or so for the Mike Vrentas lectures are worth the cost. I recommend the lectures on CD because it is easier to listen to them over and over again. Here is his website:
Mike Vrentas Lectures

Objective #13: Deal With Pain and Other Symptoms of Cancer

The best way to deal with pain is to work with the experts who support one of the major cancer treatments.

The experts who support the Cellect-Budwig and Cesium Chloride protocols can deal with pain.

In addition, the High RF Frequency Generator electromedicine devices (which have specific frequencies for pain), TENS units, Vibe Machine (now called Quantum Pulse), etc.,  can all help deal with pain.

But we will warn you that dealing with pain can be elusive.

TENS units are very inexpensive and can be very helpful. However, like the zappers, the Independent Cancer Research Foundation has not had the time or money to research the various brands. Any feedback, good or bad, would be helpful.

DMSO liquid is also good at dealing with pain, but it is rarely used because it creates severe body odor (which the patient cannot smell). See this article on this website to learn the safety rules for using DMSO.

Objective #14: The Thyroid and Iodine

One of the key issues in dealing with cancer is dealing with the lymph system. Iodine can thin out the lymph system which can be critical for a cancer treatment.

Three of the best-known cancer doctors, Dr. Hoxsey, Dr. Gerson and Dr. Moerman, all included some form of iodine in their treatments. Potassium iodine was a key ingredient in the Hoxsey herbal tea.

However, dealing with the chemistry of the body, and iodine, in particular, is something only experts should deal with. When you work with your consultant make sure you mention what doses of iodine he or she recommends.

Here is an introductory article on hormones with some references. But the ultimate answer lies with the expert you are working with:
The Thyroid, Hormones, and Cancer

Objective #15: Deal With Potential Brittle Bones (Bone Cancer)

Cancer patients with bone cancer can ultimately get “brittle bones” which break easily. This is far more dangerous for cancers of the spine, but it can be dangerous for any type of bone cancer.

The solution is an expertly put together mineral protocol to protect the bones.

For those on the Cesium Chloride protocol, Larry, who supports this protocol, is such an expert.

The product Cellect, in the Cellect-Budwig protocol, also has these minerals.

For others, they can use Larry or an expert named True Ott, PhD. True Ott can be reached at:
Mother Earth Minerals

Objective #16: Deal With Tumors

Tumors that can kill a patient, by themselves, are considered “dangerous” tumors. I have already linked to the article on treating dangerous tumors and how to make sure they do not come back:
Article on Treating Dangerous Tumors

While many treatments will always shrink tumors, such as the highly alkaline protocols, getting rid of tumors completely is very challenging.

In cases where tumor size is important, such as a tumor is pressing on the bile duct, surgery may be necessary. While some alternative cancer treatments can shrink tumors, it is usually a slow process.

Tumors can be deadly even when they are in non-vital parts of the body, such as with breast cancer. They can be like a salesman who just doesn't go away and keeps coming back and brings other salesmen with him.

The Independent Cancer Research Foundation is well aware of the issue of tumors and is constantly looking for better ways to get rid of them for good. It was this research that resulted in our emphasis on getting rid of the microbes in the liver and lymph system.

While herbs from the “Herb Healers” website can totally obliterate surface tumors or tumors just below the surface, in some cases the “hole” left where the tumor was is very unsightly and may be unacceptable to some people (but the patient may survive because of the treatment).

Even the DMSO and baking soda protocol can leave scarring. Scarring is not so bad, but the protocol only works on surface tumors.

See this article for more information about shrinking tumors, but I can tell you this is a major research topic of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation:
How to Shrink Tumors

Objective #17: Deal With The Patient's Mental Attitude

The mental attitude of the cancer patient is critical. A poor mental attitude of a cancer patient can significantly reduce their chance of survival because they do not have the will to live. The family and friends must always be positive in what they say. They should always encourage the patient, without being superficial in their encouragement.

Do not underestimate the importance of the mental attitude of the patient. The family and friends must constantly be aware of this issue.

Objective #18: Build the Immune System

Building the immune system is the last of the priorities, not because it isn't important, rather because it takes so long to accomplish. Many cancer patients who seek out natural cancer treatments have been sent home to die by orthodox medicine and these patients frequently don't have the time (left to live) to build their immune system, thus they should focus on quicker-starting protocols.

So why is this item on the list at all? The reason is this: because it takes a long time to build the immune system, the sooner you start, the sooner the immune system will be made strong and will contribute to helping the patient.

To prevent regression (i.e. to prevent cancer from coming back), building the immune system is the #1 priority, so eventually, the patient will need to take immune builders.

Among the things to build the immune system are the Bob Beck Protocol and several very powerful nutritional supplements. Some of the electromedicine devices, such as the High RF Frequency Generator devices, almost act like a Bob Beck Protocol, but it still can help to use the official Bob Beck Protocol to clean the blood of microbes (which Bob Beck demonstrated supercharges the immune system).

There are many very good nutritional immune builders which are discussed throughout this web site. While getting rid of microbes in the organs and in the bloodstream will strengthen the immune system, supplements will give the immune system the nutrients it needs to become stronger. Here are some examples:

Comments on the Objectives

Treating cancer is literally a race. It is a race to see whether cancer will kill the patient before the treatment is strong enough to stop the spreading of cancer and stop the damage done to the non-cancerous cells, etc. The cancer treatment must be stronger than the spreading of cancer. That is why a single treatment will never work.

Also, there should be some synergy in the protocols, meaning two of the treatments can make each other more effective. For example, the MSM/CS protocol and Bob Beck Protocol both kill microbes in the bloodstream.

Do you think they both should be used or only one of them should be used? Think about it for a moment.

These two protocols are more effective together than they are separate, meaning they are synergistic. When they are used together, they help each other quickly get past the key step of killing the microbes in the bloodstream to get to more important functions of the protocols.

All of this is exactly why we created a section called: “Complete Protocols.” The “Complete Protocols” (e.g. the Cellect-Budwig protocol, the Cesium Chloride protocol, etc.) contain multiple highly effective cancer treatments. They are excellent examples of complete cancer treatment protocols. Or they can be used as examples of how to put together a synergistic protocol.

The “Supplemental Treatments” are individual treatments. Some of these “supplemental treatments” are part of the “Complete Protocols” and some are not. For example, the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier device is built into the Cellect-Budwig and the Plasma-Beck “Complete Protocols.” It is not built into to the Bill Henderson protocol, but it can (and probably should) be added to the Bill Henderson protocol, for example.

In rare cases, a “Supplemental Treatment” should not be added to a “Complete Protocol,” but generally they can be added. Warnings are provided for these cases, but generally, the problem is not dangerous, only that one protocol may make another protocol less effective.

However, it should be pointed out that two highly alkaline protocol should NOT be combined as this could create alkalosis.

The point to all of this is to “throw the book” at your cancer. For example, the Dirt Cheap Protocol (a “Complete Protocol”) includes at least 14 individual cancer treatments, each of which has cured cancer by itself.

This does not mean the Dirt Cheap Protocol is as strong as the Cellect-Budwig protocol (it is not), for example, only that it contains several very good treatments. For advanced cancer patients, the Dirt Cheap Protocol may not be strong enough, but it may be all the patient can afford. There are several price levels among the “Complete Protocols.” (Note: Nothing is sold from this website, I just know the reality of the different budgets of cancer patients.)

In fact, the cost is frequently an issue. Many cancer patients have no money left after being on orthodox cancer treatments. That is why I designed some of the protocols that are literally dirt cheap (e.g. the Dirt Cheap Protocol is very inexpensive and the Grape Cure is free because it replaces the normal foods a person eats). I even have an article on “Inexpensive Cancer Treatments“.

The Dirt Cheap Protocol is easily the most commonly used protocol on this website. This is not because it is the best protocol, but because it is the cheapest of the highly effective protocols.

Cost is also why we wrote the article: “How To Fund Your Alternative Cancer Treatment.” There are ways for advanced cancer patients to get the money they need for the stronger protocols without borrowing a dime and going into debt.

We am not going to downplay the importance of money. As I said, I don't sell anything, but I will tell you the most potent treatments can be very expensive. The most expensive single treatment that we typically recommend, for home treatments, is the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier, which cost about $4,700.

But even nutritional protocols, which are used over a long period of time, can cumulatively cost as much as a High RF Frequency Generator. Examples are Cellect and Fucoidan.

This is why I have spent so much time designing inexpensive protocols and trying to find things that people who live outside the United States can obtain locally. Many countries do not allow the import of things that cure cancer.


Implementing the Priorities

Treating cancer can be compared to fighting a fire. In many cases you don't need a fire truck, but in some cases one or more fire trucks are required.

For those who are very advanced, and have only a short time to live, there are only three protocols that are strong enough and start working fast enough, to give these cancer patients real hope for survival:

These three protocols are in a league of their own when it comes to initial power and being fast-starting. The reason is that these protocols quickly protect the non-cancerous cells plus assist in creating a highly alkaline environment inside the cancer cells (not in the bloodstream). This very quickly slows down the spreading of the cancer. This fact has been known since the 1970s and probably before that.

For those who cannot afford one of the above protocols, the Dirt Cheap Protocol was especially designed to be very powerful, yet moderately inexpensive.

Another excellent, inexpensive protocol is the Bill Henderson protocol.

For advanced cancer patients, it is the spreading of cancer that almost always kills them. It is generally not the cancer cells that kill a person, it is the damage done to “healthy” cells (because of the cancer cells) that kills them.

That is why the first priority in treating advanced cancer patients is to protect the non-cancerous cells with super-nutrients and stop the spreading of the cancer with alkalinity or oxygen.

Another very important concept has already been referred to: filling in the gaps in some of the protocols. For example, the Cellect-Budwig is a superb alkaline protocol, but this author always recommends adding Fucoidan and the MSM/CS protocol in order to fill in a key gap in the Cellect-Budwig. That “gap” is to go right after the cancer cells directly rather than waiting for the treatment to set up an alkaline environment.

As another example, the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier device, which will be discussed in a moment. While it is a stand-alone treatment for cancer, and it does start working very quickly, it cannot match the ability of alkalinity to slow down the spreading of cancer.

The reason the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier is an optional part of the Cellect-Budwig protocol is that they are very complementary and synergistic treatments, meaning the two treatments combined are far better than either protocol by itself. The Cellect-Budwig starts working very fast, but the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier does some things far better than the Cellect-Budwig.

You use the Cellect-Budwig to quickly slow down the spreading of the cancer plus you use the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier, Fucoidan and/or some other treatment, to directly attack the cancer cells or revert the cancer cells into normal cells.

Unfortunately, cesium chloride cannot be used in all cases with some electromedicine protocols because most electromedicine protocols will neutralize the way cesium chloride works.

Many cancer patients who are not that advanced do not need the kind of horsepower the best protocols provide, especially if they are newly diagnosed patients, do not have a fast-spreading type of cancer, they have not had very much chemotherapy and radiation, and do not have a particularly dangerous type of cancer. Many alternative cancer treatments can do very well for cancer patients who have at least six months to live (if they did nothing).

As they say: “if it works keep doing it.” But if it doesn't work you may need to add things to your protocol or switch to a more powerful protocol.

Alternative cancer treatments can be rated according to their “power” to deal with fast-spreading cancers, dangerous cancers or cancers that have already spread extensively.

As you might suspect, the High RF Frequency Protocol, the Cellect-Budwig and the Cesium Chloride are the protocols to pick from for those with fast-spreading cancers or cancers that have already spread extensively. The alkalinity of these two protocols, at the cellular level, quickly helps slow down the spreading of the cancer.

In addition, because it may take several weeks to do the consultations and get the equipment a special article has been written so that you can start a powerful protocol TODAY. This is the What To Do Today article:

What To Do Today

WARNING: The Cellect-Budwig protocol and Cesium Chloride protocol CANNOT be combined. There is too much overlap in the way these protocols work to safely combine them. It is one or the other, but never both at the same time.

It is also important not to use more than one highly alkaline substance at a time. For example, baking soda should be stopped when cesium or Cellect or another highly alkaline product is started.

If a tumor is in a dangerous location, and needs to be shrunk quickly, the High RF Frequency Protocol is the best choice. See the “Dangerous Tumors” article.

The Bob Beck Protocol, which is part of more than one of the “protocols,” is considered a long-range cancer treatment. It can take 2 or 3 months for the Bob Beck Protocol to really kick-in and even longer to supercharge the immune system. That is why the Bob Beck Protocol is never considered a “primary” cancer treatment. Nevertheless, it is an absolutely critical treatment to make sure the cancer does not return, as the “Prevent Cancer From Coming Back” article explains in great detail.

Let us briefly mention oxygen treatments. Oxygen treatments have enormous potential for treating cancer. (1) Unfortunately, the FDA also knows this and has shut down some of the most effective oxygen treatments, such as injecting ozone gas into a one-person sauna (where only the person's head is sticking out of the sauna enclosure).

Hydrogen peroxide, which is a very famous treatment, is not as powerful as people are led to believe, but it certainly can be a supplemental treatment to any of the protocols.

The best recommendation we can give is called: H.B.O.T. or hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We recommend it for slowing down the spreading of cancer, but are not sure as to how effective it is as a treatment.

We recommend that anyone using standard chemotherapy take MSM just prior to using chemotherapy (see the article: “If Still on Chemo or Radiation“).

There are many natural, integrative cancer clinics “south of the border” that we don't even know exist. They keep a very low profile and patients find out about them by “word-of-mouth.” Some countries south of the border persecute natural medicine, some do not and others are unpredictable.

Some of the clinic treatments are very good, but some are not. We have an article on clinics which discuss some of the best clinics. Germany has the most famous clinics, and some of them are very good.

However, even if a person uses a top clinic they still need to study and use the concepts in the “Prevent Cancer From Coming Back” article.

“Regression” (i.e. the cancer “comes back” after it is cured) is a major problem in alternative medicine. The “Prevent Cancer From Coming Back” article discusses why it is an issue and how to make sure the cancer never comes back.

Another key element of a home protocol is telephone support by an expert who understands the action of the protocol. The Cellect-Budwig protocol is supported by long-time cancer researcher Michael Vrentas. He will do a 2 hour coaching session for $250. Mike has also produced five hours of audio CDs  for download ($29.95) and hard CD  copies for $39.95 mailed to you). Michael has also trained his daughter, Tiffany Redel to teach users of the protocol this vital information and to do in-depth consultations

The Bill Henderson protocol, designed by another long-time cancer researcher, is very inexpensive and very potent. It is supported by Bill's wife Terry Henderson for about $250, and she has a book written by Bill to go along with her “coaching” session instead of audio CDs.

The Oleander Protocol is supported by a Yahoo chat group which is monitored by several experts (oleander is not recommended for fast-spreading cancer or cancers that have already spread significantly). And so on.

Also, on this website there are special articles for special types of cancer. Many kinds of cancer have unique problems that need to be dealt with.

Also, review other articles, as you get time, which may apply to your situation (especially the “Special Situations” article, which is required reading).

Other Keys to Survival

There is one key thing that even expert telephone support and money cannot provide,: a “will to live” in the patient. A strong “will to live” by the cancer patient is just as important as any of the treatments.

Every cancer patient must do things to take their mind off of their cancer. This may include hobbies, reading or other activities. They must not just sit around and feel sorry for themselves; rather they must stay actively involved. For example, in one German cancer clinic they give art lessons to patients.

Strong support from family and/or friends is a key part of this. Family and friends must distract attention from the negative thoughts of having cancer. Negative attitudes among the family and friends are not an option.

In addition, negative attitudes about alternative cancer treatments in general are not an option. If someone bad-mouths the power of Mother Nature, they should be invited to keep their mouth shut about the subject and quit watching so many doctor shows on television (and have them watch the Burzynski feature movie).

Finally, one of the absolutely key issues relative to surviving cancer is doing exactly what you are told and being fanatical about doing it. You will likely be working with an expert who knows what it takes for someone to survive cancer. There may be very little room for error in using the treatment. Using different brands, not following doses or using only some of the protocols, can lead to the failure of the treatment. There is little margin of error. Do what you are told to do and do it fanatically.

If you add things to the protocol, check with your consultant for conflicts. Never, never substitute brands or products. As already mentioned, there are about 100 “Rife Machines” found on the Internet. None of them even remotely matches the required specifications of either of the High RF Frequency Generator machines. However, a few of the Rife Machines have done well against cancer, but most are grossly underpowered or do not have the necessary frequency ranges.

Objective #1: The Importance of “Buying Time”

The first thing an advanced cancer patient needs to do is “buy time.” What “buy time” means is that their “time to survive” is increased by several months so that the highly effective cancer treatments have more time to cure the cancer.

For example, if a person had an estimated two months to live, and a specific cancer treatment takes four  to six months to cure them, the patient is in deep trouble. So a person might use Fucoidan, D-Ribose and the high RF frequency generator machine (if they are already weak) to “buy time” to extend the date of death by several months so that the main cancer treatment has enough time to work.

The “buy time” protocols may or may not get rid of cancer cells, but what they must do is provide energy and nutrients to the very weak non-cancerous cells and cancer cells.

Actually, there are many supplements, and another electromedicine device which outputs a wide range of wave forms (the Quantum Pulse or BioCharger), that need to be considered when thinking about “buying time.”

No matter what primary protocol a cancer patient is on, they need to consider adding additional products to their protocol specifically to “buy time.” Check with the support person of your main cancer treatment to verify the safety of adding any of these protocols to your treatment, especially if it is an alkaline protocol.

Here is a list of some of the best protocols to “buy time” (all doses are for adults):

1) Electromedicine: The High RF Frequency Generator, by far the best way to energize cells for weak cancer patients, in fact nothing else even comes close. By energizing cells, creating massive amounts of nitric oxide, etc., this device essentially extends life indefinitely in many cases. It makes the actual curing of the cancer much easier because it does much of the work.

High RF Frequency Protocol

2) Electromedicine: the Quantum Pulse (formerly the Vibe machine), costs about $19,000. For those who cannot afford either, try to find someone who already has a Quantum Pulse who lives near them. This is another superb way to quickly energize cells in the body to “buy time.” See:

The Quantum Pulse to find a location near you.

Note: Both the high RF frequency generator and the Quantum Pulse use a technology invented by Nichola Tesla, who was another super-genius who got involved in health issues and who has been totally ignored by orthodox medicine. Either one of these two devices are required if you can buy or find them.

A device that costs about half of a Quantum Pulse, and may be just as good or better, is the BioCharger.

3) H.B.O.T. (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) is another expensive device that most people will not purchase, although there are now single-person H.B.O.T. devices that are not too expensive. This device pushes an enormous amount of oxygen into the blood. This not only kills microbes in the bloodstream but can greatly energize the non-cancerous cells and “buy time.”

There are many other oxygen devices which might also be effective at “buying time.”

4) Fucoidan, the dose is 1/2 bottle a day for adults (the bottle is actually one liter, which is about 33 ounces), but the person must “build-up” to the 16 ounce dose over 4 days: 4, 8, 12, 16 ounces. This is one of the key products to “buy time.”

While technically Fucoidan may not physically shrink tumors quickly, within two weeks it can “relax” the tumors so they are not pressing hard on some part of the body (such as a nerve).

Every day the Fucoidan is taken the daily dose must be spread out into several small doses.

No matter what your first primary protocol is, if the patient is advanced, it is critical to use Fucoidan because of its ability to “buy time” for any protocol.

5) Eniva Vibe (in the orange bottle) is a superb mineral supplementA product, generally taken orally, that contains one or more ingredients (such as vitamins or amino acids) that are intended to supplement one's diet and are not considered food. to energize cells. You should not use this protocol with the Cellect-Budwig protocol, but it can be used with any other protocol. The dose is to build up to 6 TABLEspoons a day, two in the morning, two at noon and two at night. This is very close to being a required treatment! Use Google to find a vendor.

6) Juice Plus is a superb vitamin and mineral supplement. By itself, cancer patients have survived their cancer when using only this product. I am not allowed by the manufacturer (because I make medical claims) to link to a vendor of this product, but I will say it is very close to being a required product. Use Google.

7) The MSM/CS or MSM/LIPH protocol (can help pain very quickly). MSM is Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, which is an incredible molecule needed by cancer patients, partly because it can deal with lactic acid (which all cancer patients have). But it also helps get microbe-killing molecules (e.g. colloidal silver or LIPH) inside the cancer cells to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells (which allows the cancer cells to revert into normal cells).

This protocol is REQUIRED for melanoma, sarcomas, squamous cell carcinoma and uterine cancer because of the way these types of cancer spread.

8) The Brandt Grape Cure is a protocol which uses only pesticide-free purple grapes. Purple grapes contain about a dozen nutrients that kill cancer cells. It also can energize cancer cells and non-cancerous cells. If you can get pesticide-free purple grapes, this is a 30-day protocol to consider. A limited number of supplements (plus any oxygen protocol) can be used to supercharge this protocol. For the complete protocol see the Brandt Grape Cure article.

9) Liph, a homeopathic protocol, and generally used with MSM (see above) is very good at “buying time,” and only costs about $1 a day. We have had some impressive testimonials of people using this protocol by itself.

Objective #2: Cachexia, Patients Who are Weak, etc.

Every cancer patient in the world, by definition, has lactic acid in their blood. In other words, they have some level of cachexia. The major symptom of cachexia is a general weakness of the patient. However, other things can also cause weakness, such as by killing too many microbes in the bloodstream too quickly or by killing too many cancer cells too quickly or a strong detoxification. These things can create a huge burden on the liver which may require coffee enemas.

Cachexia is cause by the following cycle:

Cancer cells consume huge amounts of glucose and they create lactic acid and put the lactic acid into the bloodstream and it goes to the liver,

The liver converts the lactic acid into glucose and releases it into the bloodstream where it goes back to the cancer cells.

This cycle is repeated over and over again as the liver converts lactic acid into glucose and the cancer cells convert glucose into lactic acid. Cancer cells consume 15 times more glucose than other cells.

The problem with this ping-pong game (or technically a “cycle”), is that huge amounts of energy are consumed by this cycle. The non-cancerous cells are not only starved of glucose because cancer cells consume huge amounts of available glucose, but also because lactic acid prevents many nutrients from getting to the non-cancerous cells!

The lactic acid cycle is estimated to kill about 40 percent of all cancer patients.

The theoretically best treatment for cachexia is a product called: HydrazineAn inorganic chemical compound with the formula N2H4. It is a colorless liquid with an ammonia-like odor. It is an extremely toxic and dangerously unstable liquid derived from the same industrial chemistry processes that manufacture ammonia. Sulfate.

However, this product is difficult to work with because there is a long list of substances which are dangerous if used with Hydrazine Sulfate. For example, H.S. could never be used with Cellect because of all the amino acids in Cellect.

Here is more information about Hydrazine Sulfate. Patients with advanced cachexia should strongly consider taking H.S.

There are other options to deal with cachexia. First, when you get rid of the cancer cells no more lactic acid will be produced. Thus, protocols which can quickly kill cancer cells (or revert them into normal cells) can help deal with cachexia.

But there are also other things than can help get glucose into non-cancerous cells or help the cells to create their own energy.

Here is a list of things for people who may have light to moderate cachexia (if they do not want to use H.S.):

1) D-Ribose (Required Treatment #1) which can get energy into the cells even in the presence of lactic acid. The standard dose is 5 grams, three times a day, for a total of 15 grams a day.

2) MSM (Required Treatment #2), mentioned above, which is part of the MSM/CS protocol but can be used by itself. Because the MSM can be hard on the stomach, the patient should take a few days to build up to 10 to 20 grams a day.

MSM (see the MSM/CS protocol for instructions), or the MSM/LIPH, MSM/CD (chlorine dioxide) or the MSM/D3 are required for weak cancer patients. Most likely they are weak because of cachexia and MSM is needed to deal with lactic acid (which is what causes cachexia). MSM can help flush the lactic acid out of the body in more than one way.

3) Vitamin C can also help energize cells in the presence of lactic acid. The maximum oral safe dose is 10 grams a day. Do NOT use pure potassium ascorbate; use a mixture which has only a small amount of potassium ascorbate. Build-up over a few days. The maximum dose should be spread out during the day into several small doses. This vitamin cannot be used with the Budwig Diet, which is part of the Cellect-Budwig.

4) Pickle Juice is used by athletes to prevent cramps. It is superb at getting energy to cells and works very quickly.

5) CoQ10 or CoEnzyme Q10 (a well known supplement – 1,200 mg a day).

Understanding Electromedicine

While most people understand the importance of diet and nutrients in treating cancer, they are clueless about what “electromedicine” is in alternative medicine.

As already mentioned, do not confuse the very gentle electromedicine protocols of alternative medicine with the barbaric treatments of orthodox radiation therapy. Typically, a person will not even feel that the electromedicine device is turned on. Talk about gentle!

If you read the “What Causes Cancer” article you know that cancer is caused by microbes which are inside the cancer cells. If you kill all of the microbes inside the cancer cells, the cancer cells will revert into normal cells.

Electromedicine protocols are designed to kill microbes. Depending on the device, they can kill the microbes inside the cancer cells or they can kill microbes in the bloodstream and lymph system.

The High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier and High RF Frequency Generator with linear amplifier are patterned after the “Rife Machines” of the 1930s and 1940s, which were build by Dr. Royal Rife. But the new devices use modern technology and can do a lot more things.

The High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier is like a small radio tower. The person sits or lays next to it. The High RF Frequency Generator with linear amplifier uses four electrodes and creates four electrical currents. The High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier is the more powerful of the two, but the 15-watt linear amplifier can be used in many cases, particularly for cancers below the neck which are not fast-spreading or particularly dangerous (e.g. a slow-growing liver cancer).

An electromedicine device in alternative medicine is generally a device that creates one or more gentle electrical currents or broadcasts an electromagnetic field either continuously or in pulses. These currents or fields are designed specifically to kill microbes which are inside of the cancer cells (that is why they have a “carrier wave”). This allows the cancer cells to safely revert into normal cells.

WARNING: There are many electromedicine devices for sale on the Internet. Many of them claim to be “Rife Machines.” Some of these devices were designed before actual, original Rife Machines (from the 1930s) were found. Only two “Rife Machines” (usually called: “frequency generators”) even come close to meeting the specifications of the original Rife Machines. These are the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier and the High RF Frequency Generator with linear amplifier. No other “Rife Machine” even comes close to meeting the specifications and authenticity of these two electromedicine devices. While a few of the other brands of “Rife Machines” have done well treating cancer, the High RF Frequency Generator models that we recommend are the only authentic  true “Rife Machines.

To view the photos and full specifications of the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier go to our vendor's website at:

There is no way that an electromedicine protocol can differentiate between a cancer cell and a normal cell so electromedicine protocols will never be able to kill cancer cells directly (without using tricks to let the electrical field target cancer cells). But in a sense they are more effective than killing cancer cells because reverting cancer cells into normal cells is far less dangerous to the body because there is no debris from dead cancer cells.

The three key “electromedicine” devices are (starting with the most expensive):

High RF Frequency Generator with plasma (broadcast) amplifier (designed to revert cancer cells into normal cells) – about $4,700,

High RF Frequency Generator with linear amplifier (the “little brother” of the plasma amplifier, which uses electrodes and electrical currents, is also designed to revert cancer cells into normal cells) – about $2,500,

Bob Beck Protocol (this is not a “Rife Machine,” it is designed using an entirely different technology to remove all microbes from the body and supercharge the immune system and the immune system then kills the cancer cells) – about $1,300 although most of the pieces of this protocol can be made at home for virtually nothing.

It should be clearly understood that if a person cannot afford both a nutritional protocol and an electromedicine protocol that the nutritional protocol should take priority. Using alkalinity to stop the spread of cancer and using nutrients to protect the non-cancerous cells is more time-critical than what electromedicine devices do.

As a direct cancer treatment, if you cannot afford the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier, then you can use the less expensive High RF Frequency Generator with 15-watt linear amplifier. If you cannot afford the High RF Frequency Generator with linear amplifier, then you can use the Bob Beck Protocol. As mentioned, most of the Bob Beck equipment can be made at home by someone who can build a device from a simple electrical circuit.

The Eternal Debate Between Pasteur and Beauchamp

The Pasteur/Beachamp debate goes something like this: Pasteur discovered that most diseases were caused by microbes. He was right.

Then Beauchamp came along and said that if you create the correct “inner terrain” in the body (e.g. by using an alkaline diet), the microbe issue of Pasteur becomes irrelevant because you will be healthy. The supporters of Beauchamp claim that he was far superior to Pasteur.

The debate is nonsense because what Beauchamp really proved is that Pasteur was right. Beauchamp just figured out a way to deal with the problem.

Microbes do cause most major diseases, including cancer. If you do not understand how microbes cause cancer you did not read the “What Causes Cancer” article. With cancer, the key microbes are inside of the cancer cells, though other microbes in the body can weaken the immune system.

With regards to cancer, if a person has a highly alkaline diet, and avoids most “junk foods” they are not likely to get cancer. And if they already have cancer, every believable cancer treatment on earth is going to recommend an alkaline diet.

Acidic diets “feed the cancer.” Actually, an acidic diet feeds or excites the microbes which are inside the cancer cells which can force the cancer cells to divide more rapidly. Sugar and dairy products are the two worst foods on earth for a cancer patient.

Dr. Bob Beck, PhD and Royal R. Rife Leapfrogs Beauchamp

The problem with Beauchamp is that his theory will likely not get rid of the microbes! While the microbes inside the cancer cells are inert and lethargic, they are still there.

Why is this important?

Dr. Bob Beck, a PhD in physics, figured out that if you get rid of all of the microbes in the bloodstream, all two pounds of them, the immune system will be supercharged. The bad news is that this is a very slow process.

Royal R. Rife also proved that if you can kill the microbes in the organs (and perhaps colon) that you can also supercharge the immune system!

This cannot be emphasized enough because when the immune system is supercharged the immune system will take care of the cancer.

Thus, the Beauchamp approach, while it is a good tactic, falls far short of what happens when the microbes in the organs are totally eliminated from the body as opposed to just making them lethargic.

While the Bob Beck protocol eliminates the microbes in the bloodstream, this process works far too slowly to be considered a “major” cancer treatment.

However, because the High RF Frequency Protocol goes directly after the microbes and parasites in the organs it is considered a “major” cancer treatment.

So the Bob Beck and especially the High RF Frequency Protocol discoveries turn out to be a giant leap forward from Beauchamp because with Beauchamp, the immune system is just as lethargic as the microbes. The patient is alive, but they are not “healthy.”

But we can take even another giant step forward.

In summary, the Rife protocols (High Rf Frequency) work much faster than the Beck protocol, so the Rife protocol is generally started at the beginning of the treatment. The Beck protocol is more of a long-range super-protocol to supercharge the immune system and is usually not used for cancer but it is used for AIDS, Hepatitis C, etc.

A Quick Overview

When thinking about priorities for advanced cancer patients, this snippet will give you an idea of where the Bob Beck falls:

1) Special electromedicine devices to energize cells (e.g. Quantum Pulse, High RF Frequency Protocol, etc.),

2) Alkalinity and/or oxygen to quickly slow down the spread of cancer (e.g. Cellect-Budwig, Cesium Chloride, etc.),

3) Super-nutrients to energize the cells and keep the patient alive (e.g. Vibe Liquid, Juice Plus) and deal with cachexia/lactic acid (e.g. MSM/Vitamin C, D-Ribose, which get past the lactic acid blockade)

4) Special cancer treatments that target cancer cells (e.g. MSM/CS, Fucoidan, etc.),

5) Electromedicine devices from Royal Rife research (e.g. High RF Frequency Generator instruments),

6) Super-nutrients to kill cancer cells (e.g. Brandt Grape Cure, Aloe Arborescens)

7) Nutrient protocols that build the immune system (e.g. Transfer Point Beta Glucan, IP6, RM-10, etc.),

8)  Bob Beck devices to kill microbes in the bloodstream, which supercharges the immune system,

9) Hulda Clark Zappers (e.g. Croft “Terminator 2”) to kill microbes in the bloodstream and parasites in the stomach, etc. (though we don't know which brand is best at doing this).

Note that the fast-working protocols work on the cancer cells and damage to non-cancerous cells. The medium-range protocols work on the cancer cells and start the process of building the immune system. The long-range protocols are microbe-oriented and immune system oriented.

This list is ordered based on how fast these treatments can help advanced cancer patients. Building the immune system is a slow process so the four long-range immune-building protocols are mentioned last.

The Royal Rife protocol (e.g. the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier) is used long before the Bob Beck Protocol (e.g. the Plasma-Beck) both because it goes directly after the cancer cells (whereas the Beck protocol only builds the immune system) and thus it helps the cancer patient much quicker.

Also, if pain is an issue, both alkaline and electromedicine protocols can deal with pain almost immediately. However, special pain protocols exist to deal quickly with pain. See the “Cancer Pain” article.

The important thing to remember is that the quick protocols are cancer-cell and energy focused. The long-term protocols are microbe focused, meaning immune system focused.

See the “Prevent Cancer From Coming Back” article for what to do after the cancer is under control and the patient is in remission.

Where to Buy the Independent Cancer Research Foundation ‘Research Model' High RF Frequency Generator:

Copy and Paste the above website address into your web browser.

Go to the vendor’s website that sells the high RF frequency generator and oscillator amplifier which can broadcast Rife’s High RF frequencies using a plasma ray tube antenna. You’ll be able to see photographs of the generator and amplifiers including full specifications and pricing at their website.




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