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In order to compare my version of the Grape Cure to the original version by Johanna Brandt, I include a summary of the four stages of her treatment. This is only a crude summary of her 4 stages, but it will provide the general idea of her treatment.

Since many things have changed since her original treatment came out, it is critical to keep these in mind. For example, the trace minerals in the soil have largely been depleted since the 1920s when she wrote her book. Chlorine is now added to water supplies and chlorine can break apart phytonutrients. And so on.

I mention these items because all grape juice, including organic, may have been mixed with chlorine water. Also, all grape juice has been Pasteurized, by law, thus destroying all enzymes, which are critical to the digestion of grape juice. These are some of the reason I require a certain amount of whole grapes in my version of her treatment.

Before attempting her diet, at least look at my more modern version of it to see some of the things that can be done to update her treatment to account for modern issues and see what things are available to supplement, without interfering, her treatment.
My Grape Cure Article

Here are her four stages, in summary only.

First stage

This is the cleansing phase. She states that it will take 7 – 10 days on grapes only “to clear the stomach and bowels of their ancient accumulations.” [Needless to say, this alone may cause significant weight loss.]

It is during this period especially that “distressing symptoms often appear. Nature works thoroughly. She does not build on a rotten foundation.”

This purification is her explanation of why there is excessive weight loss during the first two to eight weeks.

The grape only diet (including the 12 hour daily fast of only water) should be continued “until he stops losing weight.” “By watching the symptoms — the temperature, the excretions, eruptions, etc., we know when the work of purification is complete. When this point has been reached — and it may last from two weeks to two months — it is advisable to go on to the second stage.”

[Note: It is probably not advisable to go on the grape only diet for more than 6 weeks, which is 42 days, which is the length of the Breuss Cancer Treatment, which did not involve any solid foods, but only an herb type tea. I mention the Breuss treatment because it is a proven length of time to safely go without major nutrients.]

Second stage

In this stage there is a gradual introduction of other fresh fruits, tomatoes and sour milk or cottage cheese.

“Grapes still form the main food and are always taken as the first meal in the morning [after the 12 hour daily fast] and at 8:00 PM [before the 12 hour fast begins].

“But now, during the day, some other fresh fruit may be used instead of grapes.” “Only one kind of fruit to be taken at a meal but something different every day.”

“After a week or 10 days, every other meal may consist of different varieties of fruit, sour milk, taking them, for example, in the following order:”

8:00 AM – Grapes

10:00 AM – Pear, banana or peaches

12:00 Noon – Grapes

2:00 PM – Sour milk, buttermilk, or cottage cheese [Note: In her day, in the 1920s, milk was not Pasteurized as often as it is now. I would be concerned about too much milk because Pasteurized milk does not have the necessary enzymes to digest it, plus milk now has hormones, etc. that were not in the milk of the 1920s.]

4:00 PM – Grapes

6:00 PM – Orange, grapefruit, plums or apricots. [I might add as options: blueberries, strawberries, or other kinds of berries.]

8:00 PM – Grapes

She adds: “One or two sliced tomatoes with pure olive oil and a little lemon juice may safely be included in this diet.”

She does not give a time frame for how long a person should be on the second stage.

However, based on what is in her Third Stage, I would stay in this stage until all symptoms of the cancer are gone. The next stage seems to be a transition to a prevention mode.

Third stage – The raw diet

“This includes every food that can be eaten uncooked – raw vegetables, salads, fruits, nuts, raisins, dates, figs, and other dried fruits, butter, cottage cheese, sour milk, yogurt and buttermilk, honey and olive oil.”

In this phase, she still starts the day with grapes only (I assume the 12 hour fast continues during this phase).

“It is surprising to some people to find that nearly all the vegetables can be used raw – young green peas and string beans, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, sprigs of cauliflowers, squash, shredded cabbage leaves, grated carrots, turnips, beets, and parsnips, finely chopped onion and spinach.”

She give some details about making the salads, such as not having too much of a variety of vegetables, but rather have two or three vegetables at a time and adding lemon juice and olive oil. [olive oil provides critical fats.]

Fourth stage – Mixed diet

This is more of a life-long diet. She states in her book that during this phase some people have a recurrence of the cancer. Without saying it, she is saying that people have not been on the First and Second Stage long enough because these are the treatment stages.

In this stage, there are three meals a day. I assume the 12 hour fast no longer applies, but she does endorse only three meals a day, which would keep it intact.

  1. A fruit breakfast, but using only one kind of fruit, and one that is in season,
  2. A cooked lunch (she calls it “dinner”),
  3. A salad supper (what we call “dinner”) (no later than 7 PM), consisting of raw salad or fruit.

Other comments

“As the cooked foods are the acid forming foods, no one who is troubled with acidity should have them.” She also states that cooked foods take much longer to digest. She says that no food should be taken for 5 or 6 hours after the cooked meal.

She really emphasizes not to mix cooked foods with raw foods. “If you have made the mistake of mixing raw foods with the cooked, the raw will digest first while the rest of the conglomeration will ferment.”

She states that the cooked meal should be a dry meal, with no soups or liquids of any kind.

Her book: The Grape Cure can be purchased for only a few dollars.