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    Trista Ramirez
    Trista Ramirez

    I want to start the DSMO Chlorine Dioxide protocol but I am very confused how to mix and put this on? Do I use gloves soak them for 24 hours? Is there a video demonstrating this protocol?



    Following this!


    Annette Van Donk

    Does anybody know if one takes Liposamal Vit C then how much should be taken Vit C and DMSO?

    Also if juicing, then what is the max amount of DMSO should be used with juice in case on uses 5 cups of juice?


    Hi Trista,

    How did you go with the DMSO/CD protocol? Sorry I only just saw your message.

    DMSO should never touch plastic, gloves, cloth, eyes. Glass, wood, ceramic or metal contains are safe to use. Straight out of the mixing glass (made of glass, wood, ceramic or metal), use your clean hands to spread the mixture on the skin. If you don't want to use your hands to spread, then use a wooden spatula or metal utensil.

    In regards to mixing – Mix 3 drops of MMS 28% sodium chlorite with 3 drops of 50% citric acid (in liquid form or a powder form converted into liquid form) to make chlorine dioxide. (One drop of 50% citric acid is used for each drop of MMS). You will not exceed three drops of each at one time. Stir together periodically for 3 minutes. This mixture is one dose of chlorine dioxide. Add 6 drops of 99.9% pure DMSO (70/30 water ratio bottle) with the chlorine dioxide, stir periodically for one minute and rub it on the skin spread very very thinly on or above the tumor or cancer cells. The location can be changed as desired to prevent rashes (arm, leg, back, chest).

    In regards to dosages/session times- Read Part 3 of the DMSO Chlorine Dioxide Article under ‘Schedules',
    as it will depend on your schedule, wether you are an advanced patient or wether you are doing it together with the ‘Dirt Cheap Protocol'.

    Kind Regards
    Alex D


    Annette Van Donk

    Hello Alex. My name is Annette not Trista :))) And I appreciate your answer.
    My question was : If I am doing Brandt Grape juice protocol then it is the same ratio for juice too. like for every cup of juice + 6 drops of DMSO should be added no matter how many cups one drinks through the day? Or should I rather put DMSO on my skin and then drink the juice?

    Your answer is appreciated.

    Kind regards
    Annette Van Donk


    Hi Annette,

    Sorry for the confusion but I was responding to the first post written on September 10. I did see your post but I did not respond as I assumed you where doing DMSO orally which is a different protocol to the one Im familiar with.

    Kind Regards



    Hi, Trista…don't mix them. First, apply MMS1 then spray DMSO on top and let it dry…that's if you don't want to use bare hands, but in case you decide to apply it with your hands they need to be VERY VERY clean, and be careful what you use to dry them. DMSO will carry everything into your body, doesn't matter if its good or bad. I personally prefer to spray DMSO instead of applying it with bare hands.

    Hope this helps!



    Is there a safe way to use DMSO for cats? Cancer in the sinus cavity. Can see the tumor in the bridge of the nose and inner eye. Thought I was starting to get it under control and then the weather changed (started to get humid and rainy) and it has burst in size, moving to the back of his throat and cutting off his airway. Need something that will take out the inflammation fast and start to break it bak down again.

    Current protocol:
    Transfer Force Beta Glucan on empty stomach in the mornings–1/2 hour later
    Life Gold Essiac Formula for pets (5 drops)
    1 drop Iodine on the tumor side temple
    MSM water, free choice (if I know I'm going to be gone a couple of hours)
    Clean, distilled water (2 drops GSE OR dropperful Colloidal Silver OR straight water), free choice

    Food: raw, grass-fed burger, Liposomal Vit C, neem bark powder, neem leaf powder(1 capsule), 1/4 teaspoon creme of tartar (potassium-the cleanest I've been able to find), Calm (magnesium citrate), chopped sprouts (broccoli, radish, clover), sometimes chopped cilantro/cilantro pesto, butternut squash, cauliflower-whichever I can come up with, part of the time organic curry powder (ginger, turmeric, etc). Depending on the day's recipe, I will moisten it with Kimchee juice, Daily Greens Purity Green Juice (cuke, Kale, Broccoli, celery, basil, lemon) or no-salt sardine water.

    As the tumor has been growing the last few days, his food has been free-range egg yolk/Vit C, straight burger, or sardines.They are the only things he's been able to smell the last few days. Supplementing with Two drops CBD oil and drops of colloidal silver mist to breathe, drop in his eye and mist in his nose. Using a half drop of Frankinscence and Lavender on the swollen temple to, HOPEFULLY reduce some of the inflammation and help him breathe, but it's not happening in great enough quantity or fast enough.

    Today, his breathing is INCREDIBLY labored, the tumor is very hard and he has nothing to eat but luckily has still managed to drink both the clean water and MSM.

    Biggest obstacle–Black Mold and EMF. I simply can't eradicate it's presence. Using an Wifi database for our area, there are over 300 wifi routers within a mile of our area. And that makes a mutant black mold. Add rain-or any humidity-and it sporulates uncontrollably.

    I think that's all of my info.

    Nasal Cancer in cats is almost always fatal. I don't want this to be the case for Kangy.

    Any other help will be most welcome.



    Hi Danyelle

    The safe way to use DMSO (externally) for pets is exactly the same way you would prepare and use it for a human.

    Kind Regards
    Alex D



    Hello, I just read the DMSOColloidal Silver protocol. Currently there are no cancer markers in the blood, so could I apply the protocols to the skin above the breast lump instead? Was thinking it might be more direct way to target the microbes, and less odor. I assume if CA tests are clear, that means microbes are not in the blood? Thanks for any and all help! God bless you.



    I seem to be having difficulty finding out how to ask a question so I thought maybe I could just put it here I too have a pet my dog Sheba 7/2 years old and has a large submandibular tumor under her right ear is stare down in March about the size of a golf ball and now is about the size of two grapefruits been been working with a holistic vet but nothing has helped except we would be able to keep her in good shape. Could you tell me what the dosage would be for the MMS 1 I started giving it to her internally according to the protocol but I want to put it on her tumor so how would I mix that and then why just spray DMSO straight on top?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! By the way would you think the MMS one protocol would be better than the colloidal silver protocol.

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