DMSO-Chlorine Dioxide Protocol For Cancer

by R. Webster Kehr

FDA and Independent Cancer Research Foundation Disclaimer

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Critical Warnings

Advanced cancer patients should NOT use this treatment except as a supplemental protocol.

While this protocol is exceptionally safe and easy to use, it is first necessary to deal with situations where this protocol may not be the best choice

WARNING: Age and Size Restrictions

Children under the age of 12 should not use this treatment. The doses in this treatment are designed for a person who weighs 130 pounds or above. If you weigh less than 130 pounds, then take proportionately lower doses every hour.

WARNING: Certain Nutrients Can Neutralized By This Treatment

This protocol should NOT be used with: multi-vitamin supplements, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, immune builders, or any other supplement which contains anti-oxidants. Chlorine dioxide is an oxidant and can neutralize these anti-oxidants.

To avoid any problems of anti-oxidants being neutralized (chlorine dioxide will be unaffected) do not take any antioxidant within one hour BEFORE the chlorine dioxide and one hour AFTER the chlorine dioxide.

WARNING: Do NOT Use This Treatment With Prescription Drugs

The DMSO in this treatment may enhance the effectiveness of prescription drugs, thus the cancer patient may effectively overdose on their prescription drugs. Use this treatment with prescription drugs with caution and close observation. Try to take all prescription drugs at least one hour after the end of the daily twelve-hour protocol.

Do NOT use this protocol with aspirin or any other blood thinner.

Warning For Women Who Are, or Who Might Be, or Who Might Become Pregnant

Women who are pregnant, might be pregnant, might become pregnant, or are nursing, should NOT take this treatment – period. The effect on an unborn fetus could be fatal to the fetus due to the high doses of chlorine dioxide in this treatment combined with the extremely low weight of the fetus. In addition, fetuses have many undifferentiated cells and this treatment will TARGET cancer cells (because of the DMSO), which are also undifferentiated. Thus, this treatment may inadvertently target undifferentiated fetal cells and cause death to the fetus or cause birth defects.



This treatment is not designed to shrink tumors, so if any tumors are in dangerous locations (such as they are pressing on the bile duct) do not use this treatment. Seek medical help and use one of the treatments which shrink tumors, such as the Cellect-Budwig protocol or Overnight Cure For Cancer.

Also, if the patient has swelling in their brain, or any other dangerous condition, seek medical help immediately.

Overview of the DMSO – Chlorine Dioxide Protocol

The main reason for researching this treatment is that it is very, very inexpensive. Many people who have had extensive orthodox cancer treatments have virtually no money for alternative cancer treatments. Thus, inexpensive, yet highly effective, cancer treatments need to be developed.

But there is a second reason for researching this protocol which is even more important. Some of the “alternative cancer treatments” which are commonly used do not actually “cure” cancer. What they do is supercharge the body with nutrients. Doing this keeps the patient alive, which is fantastic, but the treatment may not “cure” cancer.

While it is absolutely critical to keep the patient alive, eventually the cancer cells must be removed. That is what this article is all about – gently, safely and quickly reverting cancer cells into normal cells.

Yes, that is not a misprint. The goal of this protocol is to revert cancer cells into normal cells. Once the reader understands what causes cancer in the first place, they will understand that cancer cells can be reverted into normal cells.

This has a lot of advantages over killing the cancer cells. By reverting them into normal cells the treatment creates far less debris and toxins created by dead cancer cells. Thus, this treatment can work much, much faster than normal cancer treatments. And there are other major benefits to reverting the cancer cells into normal cells.

Actually, the Overnight Cure for Cancer has been proven to be very effective. The OCC consists of two treatments, the DMSO / Chlorine Dioxide protocol (this protocol) and the DMSO / Colloidal Silver protocol.

The goal of this protocol is to create a protocol which is just as effective as the OCC but not nearly as intense. In other words, the purpose of this protocol is to create a “gentle OCC.”

This protocol is completely safe and is based on very solid cancer theory. I have personally used much, much higher doses of DMSO on myself than are used in this protocol. Chlorine dioxide has been used by thousands of people using higher doses than this article recommends.

Before understanding how this protocol is designed to cure cancer, it is first necessary to understand why a cell is cancerous?

Cancer Theory Section

What Causes Cancer?

What causes cancer? Most people believe that it is DNA damage that causes cancer. While in rare situations, DNA can have a negative affect on a person's immune system, DNA normally has absolutely nothing to do with the development of cancer.

The fact is that cancer is caused by a special type of microbe which gets inside of normal cells and turns the cells cancerous (or an already cancerous cell divides and creates two cells with microbes inside of them).

Actually, everyone has cancer cells forming in their body at all times. The immune system generally safely kills them. Thus, a weakened immune system and many other things can allow cancer cells to overcome the immune system. But the actual formation of cancer cells is exclusively caused by microbes which get inside of normal cells.

Dr. Royal Rife did an enormous amount of research into the relationship between microbes and cancer in the 1930s. He would inject mice with a virus and in 100 percent of the cases, the mice would get cancer.

Dr. Rife proposed a cure for cancer which did nothing but kill these viruses. His cure was 100 percent successful. However, note that his cure had no intention of killing cancer cells or fixing DNA (which had not been discovered in the 1930s); its only goal was to kill microbes inside the cancer cells. Once the microbes inside the cancer cells were dead the cancer cells were able to revert back into normal, differentiated cells.

Dr. Rife was well aware that the critical microbes which needed to be killed were inside the cancer cells. The electromedicine device he used killed microbes inside and outside of cancer cells.

Almost all natural substances do not normally get inside of cells, thus it is almost impossible for natural substances to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells. Natural substances can kill cancer cells and build the immune system, but they generally cannot kill microbes inside the cancer cells.

So how do microbes cause cancer? I will quickly give you a thumbnail version.

The energy of a cell comes from molecules called: ATP molecules. ATP molecules are made inside the mitochondria by two chemical chain reactions: first the Krebs Cycle (i.e. Citric Acid Cycle) and as a spin-off of the Krebs Cycle: the Electron Transport Chain (ETC).

It is well known that microbes consume huge amounts of glucose. Inside a cancer cell, these microbes intercept the glucose that would normally be converted into pyruvate. But it is the pyruvate which is used inside the mitochondria which start the Krebs Cycle (i.e. Citric Acid Cycle). Thus, the Krebs Cycle is greatly suppressed when microbes are intercepting the glucose.

But the Electron Transport Chain, which is actually more important than the Krebs Cycle, absolutely, totally depends on the Krebs Cycle to create its quota of ATP molecules. Thus, the presence of microbes severely damage or totally destroys the production of ATP (energy molecules) in the mitochondria.

In addition, microbes excrete mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are highly acidic waste products which are totally useless to the cell. Thus, the mitochondria, instead of swimming in a sea of pyruvate are swimming in a sea of toxins.

Here is a critical point: Just as the presence of microbes cause cancer in a cell, if you kill all the microbes inside a cancer cell the cell is able to restore its production of ATP molecules and revert into a normal cell. More than a dozen substances have been proven to revert cancer cells into normal cells.

The DNA damage inside of some cancer cells is caused by the DNA of the microbes which cause cancer. A discussion of this issue is far beyond the scope of this article.

A far more detailed discussion of how microbes cause cancer can be found in another article. The cancer theory article also discusses the different categories of treatments which can cure cancer. See this article:
The Theory of Cancer

You may have noted in the article just linked to that as long as microbe(s) are inside cancer cells, the cells are unable to revert into normal cells.

How the DMSO – Chlorine Dioxide Treatment Works

This alternative cancer treatment, by itself, has already been shown to be very effective against melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma.

For other types of cancer, its effectiveness has not yet been determined. However, because melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma have regular cancer cells (what makes them unique is not their cancer cells, but the way they spread), it is expected that this treatment will be effective on other kinds of cancer.

This treatment uses low doses of chlorine dioxide repeated twelve times each day. In other words, instead of using high doses once or twice a day, it uses low doses several times a day.

The key to this protocol is that for twelve hours a day, beginning in the morning, all of the liquids your cancer cells have to “drink” include microbe killing chlorine dioxide. This is not healthy for the microbes and it is these microbes (not the cancer cells) that this protocol is designed to kill.

Once the microbes inside the cancer cells are killed, the cancer cells will be able to revert into normal cells.

This treatment has two major advantages over many other alternative cancer treatments:
1) This treatment was designed to revert cancer cells into normal cells, meaning if it is used properly it should not cause any type of swelling or inflammation, and
2) This treatment can be taken transdermally (through the skin) or orally. This means those on a feeding tube or I.V. can use this treatment. It also means those who cannot digest foods can also use this protocol.

The Elements of This Protocol

What Is DMSO?

This treatment includes DMSO, which is technically called: dimethyl sulfoxide. DMSO is a purely natural product from the wood industry. Many, many millions of people have used DMSO around the world. Not one person has died from its use.

DMSO targets cancer cells and “opens” the ports on the cancer cells, which in turn allows chlorine dioxide to get inside of the cancer cells to kill the microbes which are inside the cancer cells.

DMSO also “binds” to certain chemicals and experiments have indicated that chlorine dioxide is one such molecule. This means the DMSO doesn't just open up the cancer cell ports to chlorine dioxide, but it also drags the chlorine dioxide inside the cancer cells.

As already mentioned, if you kill the microbe(s) inside the cancer cells, the cells will revert into being normal cells without any type of debris from dead cancer cells. Thus, there is no swelling or inflammation caused by dying cancer cells. In fact, DMSO is known to help reduce swelling and inflammation.

But regardless of how many cancer cells it reverts into normal cells, what is known is that DMSO with chlorine dioxide will kill any microbes in the blood and thus will help build the immune system. Furthermore, by purely chemical means chlorine dioxide will help build the immune system in other ways.

If you want to know more about DMSO, see this website:

What Is Chlorine Dioxide?

Chlorine dioxide is made from sodium chlorite, otherwise known as stabilized oxygen. The stabilized oxygen product normally used to make chlorine dioxide is called the Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS). Stabilized oxygen has been used in alternative medicine for over 70 years to prevent colds and the flu.

Chlorine dioxide has been studied by scientists for many years and has been mentioned in many scientific journals. However, it was Jim Humble who brought chlorine dioxide to the forefront of alternative medicine.

Jim used 15 drops of chlorine dioxide (meaning 15 drops of MMS plus the activator), followed one hour later by another 15 drops, to cure malaria. AIDS/HIV can also be cured with chlorine dioxide, though the administration of chlorine dioxide for AIDS uses injections. However, using this article to treat AIDS may be just as effective as injections. This article will help keep the AIDS virus from traveling through the blood. The Bob Beck Protocol, which is known to cure AIDS in 21 days, only cleaned the blood once a day. This protocol cleans the blood continuously for twelve hours.

Another thing Jim Humble discovered is that chlorine dioxide can be made at home by mixing stabilized oxygen (i.e. sodium chlorite) with an “activator.” It is the “activator” which converts the sodium chlorite into chlorine dioxide.

Normal stabilized oxygen (e.g. Vitamin O, Aerobic O7 or Aerobic KO7) is usually between 3 percent and 7 percent sodium chlorite. This is NOT the same thing as table salt, which is sodium chloride.

However, the Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) is 28 percent sodium chlorite. The reason for this mixture is so that it will react more readily to the “activator” to make chlorine dioxide.

Vendors may sell bottles which recommend adding MMS to some form of vinegar. This is old technology. DO NOT USE VINEGAR WITH MMS. Vinegar can actually feed yeast infections.

The three things you can mix with MMS are (these are the three activators):
1) 10 percent or 50 percent citric acid (in liquid form or a powder form converted into liquid form), or
2) fresh squeezed lemon juice, which you squeeze yourself (filter out the particles), or
3) fresh squeezed lime juice, which you squeeze yourself (filter out the particles)

Any of these three items will chemically react to the sodium chlorite to create chlorine dioxide. The 50 percent liquid citric acid is the highly preferred item to mix with MMS for reasons to be understood in the next chapter. Citric acid can be purchased over the Internet in liquid form or powdered form. If purchased in powdered form, it must be converted to liquid form before use. MMS should always be purchased from the vendor of MMS. MMS vendors have a high turnover of citric acid, thus the product is always fresh.

The things you should NOT mix with sodium chlorite are just as important as the things you should mix with it. For example, do NOT use any type of bottled lemon juice, such as ReaLemon, as it may have vitamin C added as a preservative.

The highly preferred method is to use 50 percent citric acid, purchased from a vendor of MMS.

When making chlorine dioxide, only one drop of 50 percent citric acid is used for each drop of MMS. The reason this is recommended is because for transdermal (through the skin) use of DMSO/Chlorine Dioxide this mixture will penetrate the skin much easier than using anything else. This is because less water must be carried through the skin by the DMSO.

Also note the Miracle Mineral Supplement bottle should NOT be exposed directly to sunlight.

While you can buy chlorine dioxide over the internet, this website strongly recommends that you make it yourself at home from sodium chlorite (i.e. MMS). Chlorine dioxide is a gas, and will not remain within water for more than a couple of hours. You should make it at home fresh every time you use chlorine dioxide just to make sure you are getting the maximum effect possible from the product.

Let me repeat that last statement to make sure the reader understands this issue. Chlorine dioxide does not remain stable for more than a couple of hours, and because there is one hour between treatments, a significant amount of the chlorine dioxide may evaporate into the air if you use the same mixture twice in a row. In other words, the chlorine dioxide must be made FRESH each time it is used.

For more information about chlorine dioxide, see: or

Items That Can Neutralize Chlorine Dioxide

This treatment can easily be neutralized by Vitamin C, immune builders, herbs, Protocel, Cantron, and other antioxidants. Because it is so sensitive to other substances, this treatment should not be used with other alternative cancer treatments. Even Cellect includes immune builders which can neutralize this treatment. Do not use any of these products, or any other supplements which contain antioxidants (including do not use multivitamins, herbs, etc.), at the same time as this treatment.

The following information from the Bill Henderson Newsletter will clarify these points:

  • They had started with just 2 drops of the MMS and worked up to a dose of 15 drops, twice a day. for ten days. There was no noticeable effect — no nausea, no diarrhea — nothing. They were aware of the effect of Vitamin C on the MMS, so they had moved the Heart Plus and Daily Advantage to later in the day.They did some research, though, and found that the Beta 1,3D Glucan immune stimulant is a strong antioxidant also. They were taking it at roughly the same time as the MMS. As soon as they stopped taking the Beta Glucan for a couple of days, the MMS had an immediate effect — diarrhea, cleansing — the whole thing. …
    (Chemist) I am a chemist who bought your (previous edition) book and am receiving your e-newsletter (and I have cancer). I am not surprised to finally read in letter #114 that antioxidants ‘kill' MMS. They should. And that’s what I have been telling a friend of mine who has lung cancer. However, antioxidants stay in the body for more than three hours. Ideally, if you have enough protection, you should have a more or less permanent steady state of them. The beta-glucan instance, where the people waited three DAYS, certainly suggests this also. I am not sure what the solution to the problem is, but if I were taking MMS (and I intend to) I would stop all antioxidants for a while to let the MMS work unhindered.” (Bill Henderson) As I mentioned in my last newsletter, the MMS is still in an experimental stage. I would certainly heed Robert Peterson's advice. At least try discontinuing your use of the Beta Glucan, the Heart Plus, and the Daily Advantage for a couple of weeks while you take the MMS. You need to be the judge of whether it is working for you. If you experience the normal MMS diarrhea after you stop the antioxidants, then it is probably working for you. This should not continue for long (a day or so). Then, you should begin to have normal bowel movements with no constipation.
    Bill Henderson Newsletter

In other words, do NOT use the chlorine dioxide protocol at the same time as any substance which has Vitamin C, or any other antioxidant, including immune builders. Wait at least three hours after discontinuing these treatments before starting the chlorine dioxide treatment. It may be that immune builders need a couple of days, I don't know. But normally the wait is only three hours.

The “Cancer Diet”

Any time you use a protocol which is designed to kill microbes it is very, very critical to avoid eating foods and drinks which feed or excite the microbes. This includes cancer because cancer is a microbial disease.

An acidic diet of foods and drinks will make this protocol less effective because microbes will breed much faster and be more aggressive in the presence of an acidic diet. In other words, the microbes will breed faster than you can kill them. This includes the microbes which are inside the cancer cells.

What this means is that without a solid “cancer diet” there is no way this cancer protocol, or any other cancer protocol, is going to be effective. The “cancer diet” is also the number one way to stop the spreading of cancer.

An alkaline diet includes, among other things:
1) ZERO sugar,
2) ZERO white flour,
3) ZERO soda pops (even diet soda pops are forbidden),
4) ZERO meat,
5) ZERO dairy products,
and so on.

After eliminating all the foods that feed or excite microbes, what is left over is basically whole foods, whole fruits, vegetable drinks and other healthy foods and drinks.

During the twelve hours a day of this protocol, very little should be eaten and virtually no liquids should be taken (except in cases where a person needs liquids to stay awake while driving or for some other valid reason).

See this article for more information about the cancer diet:
Cancer Diet article

The Implementation of the Protocol

This protocol is very flexible. While it can take twelve hours a day or longer, for those who have jobs there are flexible ways to use this protocol. The bad news is that for those with jobs it can create severe body odor which the patient will not be able to smell.

DMSO can cause severe body odor, so the patient needs someone who has not touched the DMSO to determine just how bad the body odor is. Anyone who touches the DMSO will not be able to smell it.

In many cancer treatments in which high doses of DMSO are taken the person may need to stay out of the public for the rest of the day after the first dose of DMSO. But hopefully, some people will not have any noticeable body odor (sulfur smell) from the very low doses in this protocol. Each case is different.

The DMSO is used to “open” the ports of the cancer cells so a higher percentage of the chlorine dioxide water gets inside the cancer cells. Thus it is a one-two punch:
1) Very little water combined with chlorine dioxide means the cancer cells get mainly water mixed with chlorine dioxide, and
2) In addition, the DMSO will further allow the chlorine dioxide to target and get inside of cancer cells.

In addition, the DMSO and chlorine dioxide actually bind together, thus far more of the chlorine dioxide gets into cancer cells than a product which does not bind to DMSO.

The cancer cells will soon revert into normal cells, which is the goal of this protocol. As long as the person is not on a bad diet (e.g. processed sugar) which will allow the microbes to breed faster than they should, this protocol should be very effective.

One hour after the person is done with this protocol, they can eat and drink healthy things the rest of the day.

WARNING / WARNING: I cannot emphasize this often enough: you MUST make the chlorine dioxide fresh every time you mix DMSO and chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is a GAS inside of a liquid and within one-half hour the gas will evaporate. You MUST make a NEW mixture of chlorine dioxide EVERY TIME YOU USE IT.

In other words, when you make and use chlorine dioxide, you must use it immediately then throw away any chlorine dioxide which is not used. It will be worthless after 1/2 hour.

Schedules for Food, Drinks, Other Protocols (e.g. Dirt Cheap Protocol) and DMSO/CD

It is very common for someone to be using other protocols with the DMSO/CD protocol. For example, this protocol is part of the Dirt Cheap Protocol on the Cancer Tutor website.

To accommodate these treatments, the 12 “doses” of DMSO/CD can be taken in 12, 6 or 4 sessions per day.

To make 12 sessions do the following:
Take 12 individual “doses” of DMSO/CD (see below) and put the DMSO/CD on any arm or leg. The location can be changed as desired to prevent rashes.

Each “dose” should be taken at least 1 hour from any other dose. For example, the “doses” could be take at: 8 AM, 9 AM, 10 AM, etc.

Food, small drinks and items from other protocols should be taken between DMSO/CD treatments (Note: it is better to take several small meals than a small number of large meals):
8:15 AM and 8:45 AM,
9:15 AM and 9:45 AM,

To make 6 sessions do the following:
Take the 12 individual “doses” of DMSO/CD on two different parts of the body each of the 6 times (e.g. one dose on each leg). Thus, all 12 instances of DMSO/CD are taken in six sessions.

As above, design the other protocols, drinks, and meals to not be within 15 minutes before or after the actual DMSO/CD. Foods and drinks which include antioxidants should not be taken within 3 hours before or after the actual DMSO/CD.

To make 4 sessions do the following:
Take the 12 individual “doses” of DMSO/CD on three different parts of the body each of the 4 sessions (e.g. on the right arm, and on the left arm, and on the right leg). Thus, all 12 instances of DMSO/CD are taken in four sessions.

As above, design the other protocols, drinks, and meals to not be within 15 minutes before or after the actual DMSO/CD. Remember, foods and drinks which include antioxidants should not be taken 1 hour before or after the actual DMSO/CD.

When the 12, 6 or 4 sessions are taken is up to the patient's schedule.

Note that the Dirt Cheap Protocol items should NOT be used within 15 minutes of the DMSO/CD itself. This is because the CD (the chlorine dioxide) may be neutralized by anti-oxidants and just about everything in the Dirt Cheap Protocol is an anti-oxidant.

Remember the Cardinal Rule: You MUST make the chlorine dioxide fresh every time you mix DMSO and chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is a GAS inside of a liquid and within one-half hour the gas will evaporate. You MUST make a NEW mixture of chlorine dioxide EVERY TIME YOU USE IT.

DMSO Protocol and Safety Warnings

DMSO is an amazing product. Unfortunately, there are some strong warnings that go with its use. Do not be alarmed by these safety warning, they are easy to implement.

First, pregnant women, women who may be pregnant, women who may become pregnant, or women who are nursing, should not use DMSO – period. Even though there is no evidence that DMSO causes birth defects, the similarity between early fetal cells and cancer cells is so great that it is better to err on the side of caution.

Second, do NOT let it come into contact with your eyes. Again, there is no evidence this will cause problems, but it is better to err on the side of caution.

Third, do NOT use plastic, latex or rubber gloves, or any other kind of gloves, when handling DMSO. The DMSO may bind to the gloves and take the substance into your cells causing severe illness. A technician who was working with the scientists who originally discovered DMSO became very sick from handling the newly discovered DMSO with lab gloves. While some surgical gloves may be of such quality that they can be used to handle DMSO, if you use any type of gloves you do so at your own risk.

Fourth, do NOT let the DMSO come into contact with any type of clothing or anything else.

In short, it should go straight from the bottle, into a mixing glass (made of glass, wood, ceramic or metal) and then the mixed product should be put on the skin, above (or on) where the cancer cells are located.

The following substances are always safe to use with DMSO: GLASS, WOOD, CERAMIC or METAL containers.

Rigid plastic containers are generally safe to use as well, such as spray bottles. In fact, spray bottles, of glass, rigid plastic or metal, are the preferred way of administering DMSO. Of course, it will still need to be spread by hand.

Having said all of that DMSO is a superb product and very safe to use if you take reasonable precautions.

The DMSO can be purchased as a liquid, gel or cream. The rules are the same for each.

What to Buy For This Protocol

The ingredients in the protocol consist of:
1) DMSO – two 8 ounce bottles,
2) MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement – 28 percent sodium chlorite) – at least three bottles,
3) 50 percent citric acid (which should come from the MMS vendor)

DMSO usually comes in the form of 99.9 percent pure DMSO, mixed with 30 percent water. This makes a 70/30 ratio. Do NOT use DMSO with less than 30 percent water. In other words, if you purchase 99.9 percent DMSO, then you must mix it with distilled water until it is a 70/30 ratio. You must use a 70/30 mixture so it will penetrate the skin properly.

Here is one of many vendors of DMSO on the Internet where you can obtain 70/30 liquid DMSO:

To buy Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) and citric acid, here are two different vendor product lines (Note: for the first vendor the citric acid comes already mixed with water, thus you need to buy 1 bottle of 50 percent citric acid for each bottle of MMS:
H2O Air Water America
Global Light Network

There are many other vendors of MMS if you wish to use Google. Whatever vendor you choose, make sure the package also comes with a form of 50 percent citric acid or you can make the 50 percent citric acid.

Note: Because MMS is legally sold as a “water purifier” and because DMSO is legally sold as a “solvent” (due to potential FDA persecution) most health food stores are reluctant to sell these products so you are likely wasting your time going to a health food store to buy these two products.

The General Principle of Making Chlorine Dioxide

WARNING: I cannot emphasize this often enough: you MUST make the chlorine dioxide fresh every time you mix DMSO and chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is a GAS inside of a liquid and within one-half hour the gas will evaporate. You MUST make a NEW mixture of chlorine dioxide EVERY HOUR.

This section will give you the general principle of making chlorine dioxide from sodium chlorite (i.e. MMS) and citric acid.

1) To make one drop of chlorine dioxide mix one drop of sodium chlorite (i.e. MMS) with one drop of 50 percent citric acid (if you already have 10 percent citric acid, then use five drops of 10 percent citric acid for each drop of MMS).

2) To make two drops of chlorine dioxide mix two drops of sodium chlorite (i.e. MMS) with two drops of 50 percent citric acid.

2) To make three drops of chlorine dioxide mix three drops of sodium chlorite (i.e. MMS) with three drops of 50 percent citric acid.

You will not exceed three drops at one time. Basically, for EACH drop of MMS add one drop of 50 percent citric acid.

Now let us apply this principle to learn how to safely “build-up” to the therapeutic doses of chlorine dioxide.

A note about water is in order. Use purified water or distilled water during this protocol, never tap water.

I also would not recommend alkaline water or ozonated water because they may interfere with the chlorine dioxide chemically.

After the twelve hours of each day of build-up or protocol you can live a normal lifestyle as long as you stay on a strong “cancer diet.”

The Transdermal Way of Making and Taking Chlorine Dioxide

This example makes “three drops” of the DMSO/CD combination.

The patient should avoid liquids as much as possible from waking up in the morning to finishing the twelve hours of this protocol.

The Hourly Treatment (Making “3 Drops” of the Mixture)

1) You put THREE drops of MMS in a small glass bowl and then
2) Mix in THREE drops of 50 percent citric acid, then
3) Stir them together periodically for three minutes, then
(Do NOT Add Any Water)
4) ADD in 6 drops of DMSO (perhaps a little more than 6 drops, each person is a little different)
5) Stir them together periodically for ONE minute, then
(Do NOT Add Any Water)
6) Rub the mixture on your arm, leg, chest and/or back. Rub it such that it is spread very, very thinly.

Note that when mixing the 3 drops of MMS with 3 drops of citric acid and then with 6 drops of DMSO, the resulting mixture is DEFINED to be “3 DROPS” of the mixture even though it contains 12 drops of substances.

Do this exactly once an hour for twelve hours. Note that the DMSO is only mixed for one minute before use. Note also that water is never added to this mixture.

After the twelve hours you can drink purified water and eat healthy foods for the rest of the day.

#1) Other Important Comments

For advanced cancer patients, the patient can take 2x (two times) or 3x (three times, as shown above) the recommended doses of the chlorine dioxide. In extreme cases even 5x (five times) the standard doses can be used.

The DMSO/CD should be put on the skin directly on cancer or tumor or on the skin above cancer or tumor. However, if a skin rash develops then you may need to move it to a different location on the skin, but as close as possible to cancer or tumor.

Assuming you work Monday through Friday, you may want to do your first transdermal session on a Saturday to see whether you are subject to body odor. Always have a trusted person, who is not using DMSO, be the judge of any body odor.

AFTER the twelve hours you can eat and drink anything you want, in any amounts you want, as long as it is consistent with the “cancer diet” discussed in the prior chapter.

Also for advanced cancer patients, there is an advanced version of this protocol which is called the “Perfect Storm.” This article is on the Cancer Tutor website. To find this article copy and paste this into Google: “perfect storm”

Then click on the Google link that ends in: “/perfect_storm/”

#2) Other Important Comments

For those who depend on powerful anti-oxidant protocols (e.g. “Secret Product”, MSM/LIPH, MSM/Vitamin C, etc.) the DMSO/CD can be taken every 45 minutes. This provides 3 extra hours to take other powerful anti-oxidant protocols.

How Long Should the Treatment Be Taken?

This treatment can be taken indefinitely, but normally it will only be taken for 4 or 5 weeks. Two months after starting this treatment (and for each two months the patient is on this treatment) the patient should take the CA Profile test or Red Drop Test (see below).

If the CA Profile (or Red Drop Test) number does not increase each time it is taken, continue with this treatment as long as you wish.

If the test numbers increase, discontinue this treatment and use a more proven alternative cancer treatment, such as the Cellect-Budwig protocol.