Do not take high doses of Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS), which is used to make chlorine dioxide, if you are taking high doses of aspirin or any type of blood thinner.

IN ADDITION to this protocol, as distilled water leeches minerals out of the body.

About Killing Microbes

Microbes are the cause of an enormous number of health conditions. Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's, most other brain disorders, cancer, AIDS, malaria, and even sexual deficiencies, can be caused by microbes or their “mycotoxins” (e.g. highly acidic waste products). In may cases it is the mycotoxins and in many cases it is the microbes themselves that cause the problems.

Mycotoxins are highly acidic and block many types of electrical signaling in the body.

Chlorine Dioxide (CD) is a major way to get rid of microbes in the body because it is so easy to use and so very, very inexpensive. It is also extremely safe. It does not cause any type of body odor, but may cause bad breath. Thus, it can be used at any time of the day by taking a simple breath mint a few minutes after taking the protocol.

The main significance of this protocol is that it is very, very inexpensive and it provides massive benefits given its cost. Almost anyone can afford to use this protocol.

Chlorine dioxide is used to kill microbes in the bloodstream. How effective it is on any given microbial disease depends on the life-cycle of the microbe.

For example, it has a 100 percent cure rate on malaria because the malaria microbe is always in the bloodstream. However, it cannot cure Lyme Disease (though it may be able to keep it in check) because the Lyme Disease microbe is frequently outside of the bloodstream.

The Hepatitis C microbes are frequently inside of cells, so its effectiveness on this disease is not known. However, if combined with DMSO or MSM it may be effective against Hepatitis A, B, or C.

For cancer, because the “cancer microbe” is INSIDE the cancer cells, chlorine dioxide must be used with DMSO or MSM (Methyl Sulfonal Methane), which can help get the chlorine dioxide inside the cancer cells.

In fact, my research indicates that DMSO and chlorine dioxide bind together and are an incredible treatment for external tumors, toenail fungus, cancer, etc.

Only the Bob Beck Protocol is known to be more effective at cleaning the blood of microbes. The Bob Beck Protocol was originally designed to cure AIDS. However, even the Bob Beck Protocol is not perfect at dealing with microbial diseases when the microbes can live outside of the bloodstream.

Electromedicine protocols, such as the High RF frequency protocol on this website, use the only device which can get to any microbe, no matter where it is in the body. The High RF Frequency generator and oscillator amplifier with plasma ray tube is like a small radio tower (a plasma device actually) and the “radio signal” will reach anywhere in the body. And by using the “carrier wave” it can also reach INSIDE of cells (e.g. for cancer and hepatitis).

If you know the “frequency” of a specific microbe (e.g. the harmonic frequency at which it vibrates and explodes) it can cure any microbial disease.

Another comment to make is that many microbes “hide” in the liver. The liver is a safe haven for microbes, parasites, flukes, etc. A “liver flush” may be needed to get rid of these microbes.

The High RF frequency generator and oscillator amplifier with plasma ray tubes liver cleansing and liver flushing protocols.

Mercury and other heavy metals can also interfere with neurological “signaling” in the body, so they too can contribute to many health conditions. Chelation (e.g. with Zeolites) is the best way to deal with heavy metals (and aluminum if you do not consider aluminum to be a heavy metal).

Here is a vendor of Pure Body Extra Strength (spray), to chelate the blood, and Pure Body (liquid), to chelate the the colon:
My Touchstone Essentials

Finally, if a person does use electromedicine to get rid of all microbes in the body, they should use probiotics to restore the “good microbes” to the stomach.

This article is about MMS or Master Mineral Solution also known as Miracle Mineral Supplement, which is combined with citric acid to create chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide will kill any microbe it comes into contact with.

WARNING: Age and Size Restrictions

The doses in this treatment are designed for a person who weighs 150 pounds or above. If you weigh less than 150 pounds, then take proportionately lower doses. Babies should take half a drop per hour. Children other than babies should take 1 drop per hour for each 25 pounds (11.4 kg)

Chlorine Dioxide

You should not buy chlorine dioxide because it does not store well. It is essentially a gas and only remains in solution for an hour or two. So you cannot even store it overnight. But you can prepare solution made of 24 activated drops of MMS in an bottle (best dark glass) and keep it airtight closed in a dark place (best refrigerator) then it's going to last for a whole day.

You should make chlorine dioxide at home and use it within a couple of hours. Actually, you should make it fresh every time you use it, unless you keep your solution airtight closed in a dark place.

Chlorine dioxide is made from sodium chlorite, otherwise known as stabilized oxygen. The stabilized oxygen product normally used to make chlorine dioxide is called: Master Mineral Solution (MMS). Stabilized oxygen has been used in alternative medicine for over 70 years to prevent colds and the flu.

Chlorine Dioxide is currently made by mixing MMS (Master Mineral Solution) with an “activator,” which is usually 50 percent citric acid. They are in separate bottles.

Chlorine dioxide has been studied by scientists for many years and has been mentioned in many scientific journals. However, it was Jim Humble who brought chlorine dioxide to the forefront of alternative medicine.

Jim used 15 drops of chlorine dioxide (meaning 15 drops of MMS plus the activator), followed one hour later by another 15 drops, to cure malaria. AIDS/HIV can also be cured with chlorine dioxide, though the administration of chlorine dioxide for AIDS uses a very different protocol than malaria.

The protocol in this article may be very effective against AIDS. The chlorine dioxide will help keep the AIDS virus from traveling through the blood. The Bob Beck Protocol, which is known to cure AIDS in 21 days, only cleaned the blood once a day. This protocol can be used to clean the blood of microbes several times a day if desired.

MMS, “sodium chlorite” and “stabilized oxygen” all refer to the same thing.

Normal stabilized oxygen (e.g. Vitamin O, Aerobic O7 or Aerobic KO7) is usually between 3% and 7% sodium chlorite. This is NOT the same thing as table salt, which is sodium chloride.

However, the Master Mineral Solution (MMS) is 28 percent sodium chlorite. The reason for this mixture is so that it will react more readily to the “activator” to make chlorine dioxide.

Vendors may sell bottles which recommend adding MMS to some form of vinegar. This is old technology. DO NOT USE VINEGAR WITH MMS. Vinegar can actually feed yeast infections.

Some activators you can mix with MMS are (these are the four activators, generally we use acids to activate it):

1) 10 percent or 50 percent citric acid (in liquid form or a powder form converted into liquid form), or

2) 4 percent hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid)

3) fresh squeezed lemon juice, which you squeeze yourself (filter out the particles), or

4) fresh squeezed lime juice, which you squeeze yourself (filter out the particles)

Any of these three items will chemically react to the sodium chlorite to create chlorine dioxide. The 50 percent liquid citric acid is the highly preferred item to mix with MMS because it is very easy to work with. 4 percent hydrochloric acid is good as well. It's better tolerated by a stomach, but you have to be really cautious with it as it's caustic. Lemon juice and lime juice are less efficient activators.

The things you should NOT mix with sodium chlorite are just as important as the things you should mix with it. For example, do NOT use any type of bottled lemon juice, such as ReaLemon, as it may have vitamin C added as a preservative. You should not use it along with antioxidants

Citric acid should be purchased from the same vendor you buy your MMS (Master Mineral Solution) from. The vendors who know what they are doing sell MMS and 50 percent citric acid (in liquid form) together, but in separate bottles.

The highly preferred method is to use 50 percent citric acid, purchased from your MMS vendor, as the activator. The reason is that it only takes one drop of 50 percent citric acid mixed with one drop of MMS to activate the MMS.

Master Mineral Solution bottle should NOT be exposed directly to sunlight.

While you can buy chlorine dioxide over the internet, this website strongly recommends that you make it yourself at home from sodium chlorite (i.e. MMS). Chlorine dioxide is a gas, and will not remain within water for more than a couple of hours. You should make it at home fresh every time you use chlorine dioxide just to make sure you are getting the maximum effect possible from the product.

Let me repeat that last statement to make sure the reader understands this issue. Chlorine dioxide does not remain stable for more than a couple of hours. In other words, the chlorine dioxide must be made FRESH each time it is used. But there is one thing we can do to stabilize chlorine dioxide. After activation of MMS we can add water to it and keep it air tight in a dark place.

For more information about chlorine dioxide, see:

http://www.miraclemineral.org or

http://www.jimhumble.biz or



Note: MSM is Methyl Sulphonal Methane and is also called “organic sulphur.” MSM is not used in this protocol, it is used only by cancer patients. Do not confuse MSM with MMS, they are totally unrelated products. This protocol uses MMS or Master Mineral Solution.

Items That Can Neutralize Chlorine Dioxide

This treatment can easily be neutralized by supplements which are high in anti-oxidants. This is a TIMING issue only. Do not take any of these items within one hour, on both sides, of taking chlorine dioxide. Vitamin C, herbs, Transfer Point (beta glucans), Protocel, Cantron, and other antioxidants. These products should not be used within 1 hour of chlorine dioxide. Even Cellect includes immune builders which can neutralize this treatment. Do not use any of these products, or any other supplements which contain antioxidants (including do not use multi-vitamins, herbs, etc.) during this period.

The following information from the Bill Henderson Newsletter will clarify these points:

  • They had started with just two drops of the MMS and worked up to a dose of 15 drops, twice a day. for ten days. There was no noticeable effect — no nausea, no diarrhea — nothing. They were aware of the effect of Vitamin C on the MMS, so they had moved the Heart Plus and Daily Advantage to later in the day.They did some research, though, and found that the Beta 1,3D Glucan immune stimulant is a strong antioxidant also. They were taking it at roughly the same time as the MMS. As soon as they stopped taking the Beta Glucan for a couple of days, the MMS had an immediate effect — diarrhea, cleansing — the whole thing.

    (Chemist) I am a chemist who bought your (previous edition) book and am receiving your e-newsletter (and I have cancer). I am not surprised to finally read in letter #114 that antioxidants ‘kill' MMS. They should. And that’s what I have been telling a friend of mine who has lung cancer. However, antioxidants stay in the body for more than three hours. Ideally, if you have enough protection, you should have a more or less permanent steady state of them. The beta-glucan instance, where the people waited three DAYS, certainly suggests this also. I am not sure what the solution to the problem is, but if I were taking MMS (and I intend to) I would stop all antioxidants for a while to let the MMS work unhindered.”(Bill Henderson) As I mentioned in my last newsletter, the MMS is still in an experimental stage. I would certainly heed Robert Peterson's advice. At least try discontinuing your use of the Beta Glucan, the Heart Plus and the Daily Advantage for a couple of weeks while you take the MMS. You need to be the judge of whether it is working for you. If you experience the normal MMS diarrhea after you stop the antioxidants, then it is probably working for you. This should not continue for long (a day or so). Then, you should begin to have normal bowel movements with no constipation.Bill Henderson Newsletter

In other words, do NOT use the chlorine dixoide protocol at the same time as any substance which has Vitamin C, or any other antioxidant, including immune builders. Wait at least a couple of days, or more, after discontinuing these treatments before starting the chlorine dioxide treatment.

The General Principle of Making Clorine Dioxide

Note: When making clorine dioxide a distinct odor will come from the mixture. Chlorine dioxide should not be made in public, such as at your desk at work. Also you shouldn't breath the chlroine dioxide. Small doses inhaled can help your sinuses, nose and lungs, but it's separate protocol used with one or two drops with a couple of small breaths.

This section will give you the general principle of making chlorine dioxide from sodium chlorite (i.e. MMS) and citric acid.

1) To make one drop of chlorine dioxide mix one drop of sodium chlorite (i.e. MMS) with one drop of 50 percent citric acid.

2) To make two drops of chlorine dioxide mix two drops of sodium chlorite (i.e. MMS) with two drops of 50 percent citric acid.

3) To make three drops of chlorine dioxide mix three drops of sodium chlorite (i.e. MMS) with three drops of 50 percent citric acid.

Basically, for EACH drop of MMS add one drop of 50 percent citric acid.

You will not exceed three drops at one time in this protocol.

AFTER you put the drop(s) of MMS and drop(s) of citric acid in a glass or ceramic bowl, let them sit together for 20 to 30 seconds (when activated with 50 percent citric acid or 4% hydrochloric acid) or 3 minutes (when activated with 10 percent citric acid, lemon juice or lime juice), stirring every once in awhile to make sure the MMS is activated.

Make sure the MMS is activated (i.e. make sure you have made chlorine dioxide) BEFORE adding any water to the mixture. Well activated MMS should be dark yellow or even brown, amber color.

Chlorine dioxide can be very hard on the stomach, thus a “build-up” is required to get the patient accustomed to the product and to make sure their stomach can handle the doses.

We know of one case where a patient could not build-up beyond 1/2 drop. Obviously they could not use the protocol.

VERY IMPORTANT: The Build-Up of Chlorine Dioxide

Now let us apply this principle to learn how to safely “build-up” to the therapeutic doses of chlorine dioxide.

A note about water is in order. Use purified water during this protocol. As mentioned above, it is important NOT to use distilled water because drinking too much distilled water can leech key minerals out of your body.

I also would not recommend alkaline water or ozonated water because they may interfere with the chlorine dioxide chemically.

At any time during the “build-up” and protocol you can drink extra purified water and healthy foods such that you do not become uncomfortably hungry. You may also drink things for safety reasons, such as staying awake while driving (actually apple juice is as good as coffee if you don't drink coffee).

It is critical, VERY CRITICAL to build-up to therapeutic doses, in this case 3 drops each treatment.

If you cannot build-up to taking three drops, every hour, then you cannot use this protocol.

The first day of the build-up you should only start with 1/2 drop of chlorine dioxide. Here is how to mix and take 1/2 drop of chlorine dioxide.

1) You put ONE drop of MMS in a small glass bowl and then

2) Mix in one drop of 50 percent citric acid, then

3) Stir them together periodically for 20 to 30 seconds, then

(Note: One drop of MMS plus one drop of 50 percent citric acid IS DEFINED to be “one drop of chlorine dioxide”.)

4) Add four to eight ounces (or more) of purified water, then

5) Drink HALF of the glass of water.

Do not throw away the other half of the mixture, put a lid on it or store in a bottle in a dark and cold place and use it the next hour.

Wait and see how your stomach reacts over the next 30 minutes.

If your stomach does well, two or three hours later increase the dose to 1 drop of chlorine dioxide. Follow the same procedure as before except drink all of the glass of water. See how your stomach reacts.

The next day you can try twice to build up to two drops:

1) You put TWO drops of MMS in a small glass bowl and then

2) Mix in two drops of 50 percent citric acid, then

3) Stir them together periodically for 20 to 30 seconds (this makes two drops of chlorine dioxide), then

4) Add 4 to 8 ounces (or more) of purified water, then

5) Drink the glass of water.

Never try to build up by more than one drop a day.

NOTE: If for any reason you stop this protocol for more than a few days, you should start a new build-up from scratch.

Keep trying to increase the dosage and increase the number of times a day you take the dose. The goal is to build up to the recommended dose (three drops of chlorine dioxide every hour (for a total of eight times)), though the final dose will be up to the patient and his or her schedule. The goal is 24 drops a day, split up in any way the patient wants.

In other words, you not only have to build-up to the number of drops taken each time, but you also need to build up to the number of times you can take this mixture in a single day.

At any time during the build-up or treatment you can drink extra purified water and eat healthy foods such that you do not become uncomforably hungry.


An Example (After the Build-Up)

1) You put THREE drops of MMS in a small glass or ceramic bowl and then

2) Mix in THREE drops of 50 percent citric acid, then

3) Stir them together periodically for 20 to 30 seconds, then

4) Add four to eight ounces of purified water, then stir

4) Drink the water.

Do this every hour until you have taken it eight times (that is the chlorine dioxide part of the eight daily treatments). This is 24 drops of chlorine dioxide. It's MMS Protocol 1000, commonly used and base protocol to almost every treatment with the use of the MMS.

At any time you can drink purified water and eat healthy foods such that you do not become uncomforably hungry.

How Long Should the Treatment Be Taken?

This treatment can be taken indefinitely. But if you want to do a Protocol 1000, you must continue it at least for three weeks.

What Foods Should You NOT Eat During This Treatment

Since you are trying to kill microbes it is not good to eat or drink things that feed microbes.

You should avoid all dairy products and as many sugar products as you can. In fact, any acidic food can feed microbes.

See this article for more information about a “cancer diet:”

The “Cancer Diet”