ICRF Discontinuation of Recommending Photon Genie / Photon Genius

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In an effort to consolidate information and resources for researchers who desire to implement the use of a specific electromedicine frequency device called the Photon Genie (and Photon Genius) in their in-home protocols, the Independent Cancer Research Foundation’s (ICRF) Board of Directors has made a decision to discontinue research and recommendation of the Photon Genie and Photon Genius devices manufactured by the Skilling Institute. Our ongoing research has demonstrated that the Photon Genie and Photon Genius are different in their functional approach to assisting the patient and are being duplicated by other more diverse research instruments. The Photon Genius is a far-infrared device with benefits focused on internally raising the temperature of the body (hyperthermia). However, the smaller device called Photon Genie is not diverse enough with features nor competitive dollar for dollar for the benefits it purports to offer our researchers.

The ICRF has determined however that the Photon Genie is adequate in helping circulate the lymphatics if one uses the plasma gas-filled wands near the lymph nodes and there is some evidence of it being slightly helpful in energizing some cells as some researchers have reported. However, the main concern that we have with the device is that it was found to only output a single selected fixed frequency of 728 Hertz according to our internal testing. One single frequency is all that is being emitted. Our testing staff reported that the user cannot change the range of the output frequencies at all. There is a fixed RF Sine wave carrier frequency of 27.12 MHz to drive the single frequency. Our engineer fully tested the output and maximum power levels and found that it was very weak for the waveform it was generating at only about 30 watts using two hand held ray tubes. It cannot gate or pulse frequencies, it has no variable duty cycles, it cannot do linear or convergence sweeps with user defined ranges, nor does it does have the ability to use broadband harmonic sideband sweeps from 20 to over 100 frequencies simultaneously.

We also found that if one’s skin contains any noticeable moisture (or sweat) that the device tends to deliver uncomfortable “shocks” at the points of contact. We could not confirm any benefit attached to the two small boxes plugged into the device.

Our researchers have been using a high RF frequency generator for over 14 years now and we do find that this device and amplifier(s) have shown reliable and have repeatable benefits for thousands of users and researchers. Our conclusion is that the high RF frequency generator can output the 728 Hz. frequency and also 20 million additional frequencies. The ICRF has made a decision to consolidate the future research to this single multi-faceted frequency device by not continuing to promote or use the Photon Genie in their own research experimentation and on the information web sites. The ICRF concludes that it is important to be able to deliver all of the many frequencies discovered by Dr. Rife, Lakhovsky, Beck and others and to use a single powerful frequency generator to accomplish this ongoing research. In the future the ICRF intends to implement an Institutional Review Board (IRB) study with a number of departments of several accredited universities. To do this properly with the limited funding we have, we have now consolidated our frequency research to Rife and Beck protocols using the approved high RF frequency generator or approved Beck frequency generator (4 Hz. ‘zapper’) that our organization has approved. Our overall signature frequency research primarily focuses on the work of Dr. Rife and a few other researchers. So from this point forward, the ICRF will publish information primarily about the frequency generator and amplifiers that most people use in their in-home protocols. The Photon Genius will primarily be replaced by other far-infrared devices that our average researcher can afford to use. If someone has access to a Photon Genius ($25,000 machine), we would certainly encourage them to continue to use it if they feel they are obtaining some benefit.

Most people who are looking to purchase a frequency generator to use with the High RF Frequency Protocol have in some way or another heard of the work of Dr. Rife. They also want to purchase a frequency generator that can output the frequencies which he discovered. But what most people do not understand is almost all of the frequency generators on the market today, with his name on them, cannot output any of his frequencies. On some of Dr. Rife’s earlier lab notes from the 1920’s there are frequencies in the 17 million Hertz or cycles per second range. Dr. Rife’s 1930’s frequencies ranged from 139,200 Hertz or cycles per second to 1,607,450 Hertz. In 1936 these frequencies were multiplied up in harmonic steps to the 3 million Hertz range. This was done because the original 1930’s frequencies were in the AM radio band of frequencies and could interfere with AM radio stations.

You would think that if a company was going to call their machine after Dr. Rife’s name they would at least be able to output his original frequencies. But this is not the case; most of the instruments sold today using his name only output low audio frequencies below 22,000 Hertz. Because the 1930’s/1950’s original instruments also used low audio frequencies, many manufacturers only use these low audio frequencies without also using the high RF carrier frequency in the 3 million Hertz range. These low audio frequencies were modulated or piggy-backed onto this high RF carrier frequency. When these two frequencies were modulated together they produce many other frequencies known as sideband frequencies. These sideband frequencies were also in the 3 million Hertz range and one of these sideband frequencies would line up with one of Dr. Rife’s frequencies. It is the combination of the low audio frequency and the high RF carrier frequency that was needed to produce Dr. Rife’s high RF frequencies.

Because many manufacturers do not understand what we have explained they are only using the low audio frequencies, incorrectly believing they are Dr. Rife’s original frequencies. This is why the majority of the machine manufacturers claim they are using his original frequencies when they actually are only using one half of the needed two frequency combination required to produce Dr. Rife’s high RF frequencies.

The ICRF research model “high RF frequency generator” (identified by another model name by the manufacturer) is a 20 million Hertz or cycles per second frequency generator which can output all of Dr. Rife’s original frequencies including those in the 17 million Hertz range. It can use a 3.1 million Hertz high RF carrier frequency with the low audio frequencies so that the correct sideband frequencies can be produced. It is the only frequency generator capable of outputting 8 audio frequencies simultaneously which makes it 8 times faster to use than any other frequency generator. As a stand-alone machine it has a power output of 2.7 watts and if you purchase the optional 15-watt linear amplifier it amplifies the 2.7 watts to 15 watts. Also available is an optional 120-watt ray tube amplifier. This plasma amplifier has a variable RF carrier frequency range from 2.2 to 3.8 million Hertz. With sideband its frequency range goes from 1.7 to 4.3 million Hertz. It can output all of the frequencies in the 3 million Hertz range and is a replica of the original 1936-39 equipment. Dr. Rife’s ray tube instrument used a minimum of 50 to 100 watts because anything less than this was considered by him to be underpowered and not capable of doing the job.

Many Rife technology devices on the market have a frequency range of 100,000 Hertz or less. They do not use any RF carrier frequency. They cannot output any of Dr. Rife’s original frequencies. They are also not capable of using the sideband method used in the original 1930’s equipment so they cannot output any of Dr. Rife’s sideband frequencies in the 3 million Hertz range.

Usually it is only after people have purchased these other devices that they learn these important facts. At that time, it is usually too late to return the device in order to choose a different one with more capabilities.

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