The all-round benefits of Vitamin C to the human physiology have been known and utilized for centuries. In terms of its benefits in cancer treatment and prevention, Phillip Day notes, “Dr. Linus Pauling, often known as the ‘Father of Vitamin C’ and twice awarded the Nobel Prize, declared that daily intakes of up to 10g of the vitamin aids anti-cancer activity within the body.

“Pauling was largely derided for making these declarations, but today, large doses of Vitamin C are used by many practitioners for cancer patients in nutritional therapy, who believe Pauling was right and that the popular nutrient is indispensable to the body in its fight to regain health from cancer.”

Vitamin C can protect against breast cancer

After reviewing 90 studies on the relationship between Vitamin C and cancer, Gladys Block, Ph.D. at the University of California at Berkeley concluded, “There is overwhelming evidence of the protective effect of Vitamin C and other antioxidants against cancer of the breast.”

And Geoffrey R. Howe of the National Cancer Institute of Canada reviewed 12 case-controlled studies of diet and breast cancer and noted that Vitamin C had the most consistent statistically significant relationship to the reduction of breast cancer risk. And on the subject of the importance of mineral and vitamin supplements, a front-page New York Times article quoted Dr. Geoffrey P. Oakley Jr., at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, “We, the physicians, were mistaken not to recommend vitamin supplements to our patients for so long. We need just to admit that on this one, we were wrong.”

Clinics that offer
IV Vitamin C

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Hazel had been given a virtual death sentence by her cancer doctor, telling her that although there was an 86 percent recovery from her type of breast cancer, she was unfortunately in the smaller category. As previously noted, Hazel’s chemotherapy was only making her feel terrible, and she decided that if she was going to die, then she would do so without further conventional treatment.

Hazel began a regime of intravenously administered Vitamin C and supplements including Vitamin B17 and paid great attention to her diet. She soon began to feel a great deal better. She regained her weight and her hair and her appetite.

About nine months following the diagnosis, she was troubled with lower back pain and visited her doctor. He suggested a further scan based on Hazel’s lower back pain, which the doctor believed was possibly the result of her cancer having spread to the base of her spine. Hazel said there was no way she was going for more chemotherapy or scans which she believes in themselves can trigger carcinogenic activity.

Instead, Hazel supplemented her Vitamin C regime with a course of Vitamin B17 kernels, as well as maintaining a sensible diet and staying away from her conventional cancer physician. The blood count taken by her GP before Christmas read as normal. She feels very healthy and is in the process of writing a book on her experiences. She feels passionate that people need to know that there are alternative cancer treatments available and speaks to groups on this subject.

Let the reader be assured that the recent scare tactics surrounding Vitamin C and its supposed links to cancer are just another one of those smear campaigns orchestrated by the merchants. Quite simply, any good news on Vitamin C represents yet another threat to the pharmaceutical industries’ considerable income from conventional cancer treatments. The full story on the vested interests supporting the author of the much-publicised Vitamin C / cancer story can be found at Vitamin C

And finally, we hear from Dr. Nicola Hembry of the Dove Clinic, specializing in the non-conventional approach to cancer care and treatment: “Nutritional treatments such as high dose Vitamin C and B17 (laetrile) have been known about for years, and there are many success stories from patients lucky enough to have received and benefited from them. Research shows that levels of 400mg/dl Vitamin C in the blood can kill cancer cells by a pro-oxidative mechanism, and there is a great deal of data showing that B17 is preferentially toxic to cancer cells.

“The trouble is that there is little in the way of well-designed random control trial data for the use of these substances, and therefore mainstream medicine rejects them out of hand without even considering the evidence available or even asking why these trials haven't been carried out. It has to be said that one of the reasons is a lack of financial incentive because these substances cannot be patented.

“Sadly it is the cancer sufferers who lose out. To not even have the choice of these safer, more natural treatments even when a cancer is deemed incurable and only palliative chemotherapy or radiotherapy is offered is in my view totally unacceptable. I have seen many patients experience an improved duration and quality of life with an integrated approach, and some go on to achieve complete remission of their disease even when dismissed as incurable by their oncologists.”

Treating cancer is not just about getting hold of Vitamin B17 as quickly as possible. We need to be educated in a whole range of issues. Cancer: Why We’re Still Dying To Know The Truth has been written in an easily readable and easily understood manner, specifically to inform the general public on all of the key issues pertaining to natural treatment for cancer. It makes for necessary and fascinating reading!

For those interested in finding out more on the issues raised in this article, check out the following titles at Credence Publications.

  • Cancer: Why We’re Still Dying To Know The Truth — A concise account of the cancer industry and of the good news on vitamin B17 metabolic therapy.
  • Vitamin B17 Metabolic Therapy: A Clinical Guide — A clinical account of Vitamin B17, detailing the landmark research on this most vital of vitamins in the fight against cancer.
  • Food For Thought — Delicious recipes designed to promote health. A vital contribution to cancer prevention and recovery.

And finally…

Throughout the writing of this article, I have been acutely aware of three things.

Firstly, of my own slender mortality and that it is only by the grace of God that I have not had to face a cancer diagnosis of my own. The motivating factor behind the writing of ‘Death by Doctoring’ was to inject realism as well as a sense of hope. And as far as one is able to write about a subject without having personally walked that particular walk, I hope also that this article has been written with the deserved sensitivity.

Secondly, Vitamin B17 metabolic therapy and Vitamin C form only part of a much wider regime of treatments that have proven successful in the treatment of cancer. These and other treatments are explained in more detail in the above Credence titles.

Thirdly, this site does not accuse all doctors of working toward some vast medical conspiracy to kill everyone! A doctor wrote to this site recently, under the impression that Death by Doctoring is propagating this belief.

“I have yet to see a single shred of evidence the supports the conspiracy theories that abound on the web. It doesn't matter whether it's cancer treatment, aspartame, or even soybeans. Consider this: would any company seek to sell products that kill the customer? It doesn't make any sense. The scientist who discovered cisplatin [the drug that 81 percent of cancer doctors would not administer to themselves] was a professor of mine in university. I knew his mind and his heart. He wanted to find a cure because it had devastated someone in his family. While all chemotherapies are poisons, by extension of your logic, he was creating a product that he knew would kill his family members. Does that even make sense to you?”

Of course, I am not saying that medical professors are intentionally designing something that would kill. With chemotherapy, what started off as a supposed savior, quickly turned into a huge money-spinner, but with devastating consequences. A lucrative ball had gained too much momentum. And once the profitability of a drug is recognized, the business decisions at the corporate level are often at complete odds with those lower down at manufacturing and distribution level. As for those within the industry's “circle of knowledge” regarding the dangers of today's pharmaceuticals, very definitely there is key personnel within drug companies who know exactly the dangers that relate to their products, but who choose to say nothing in order to preserve income and to protect from litigation.

To deny this takes place would be naive in the extreme. Nicholas Murray Butler was chief spokesman for U.S. giant JP Morgan and Co. On the subject of “circles of knowledge,” Butler once stated: “The world is divided into three classes of people: a very small group that makes things happen, a somewhat larger group that watches things happen, and the great multitude which never knows what really happens.”

Applying this principle to the pharmaceutical industry, further on down the chain of command, a number of dangerous products are being manufactured and prescribed today, by a great multitude who are innocently proud to be associated with these supposedly ‘life-saving' medicines. Conventional doctors especially can so easily fall into the category of ‘Butler's ‘great multitude'. Working under extreme pressures, doctors and nurses just do not have room in their day to step off the conventional treadmill to conduct contrary research. It is far simpler and far more expedient to dismiss all non-pharmaceutical information as fringe lunacy.

Having said all this, there are many, many dedicated people involved in conventional health care who are practicing elements of conventional medicine and who are saving and enhancing lives every day, not least in some methods of diagnosis, pre-emptive surgery and in acute and emergency medicine. Accident and Emergency units especially, perform a tremendous job. As with all medicine, may the good continue and may the bad be open to complete reappraisal.

Finally, I do so wish I’d been given the opportunity to meet John Diamond. Because I reckon we’d have got on like a house on fire. And who knows what might have happened as a result?

Thank you for reading.

Steven Ransom,
Research Director,
Credence Publications

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Hi Steven, I just wanted to thank you for your brilliant “Death By Doctoring” article! It makes for a most insightful and fascinating read. I have passed it on to a lot of people and will keep spreading the word. You guys are awesome. Keep up the great work! Bestest.
— Ora James

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