This eBook highlights the stark nature of conventional cancer treatment in the 21st century.

It also draws attention to the good news that through non-conventional means, people are being healed of cancer today!

Whilst the truth on conventional cancer treatment might shock the reader, we do not apologize for the information provided, neither do we condemn conventional medical practice across the board.

Marcel Proust

“In summoning even the wisest of physicians to our aid, it is probable that he is relying upon a scientific ‘truth,' the error of which will become obvious in just a few years' time.”

Marcel Proust


Remember that it is the lack of clear information on a matter that leads to ill-informed decision-making.

We simply ask readers to study the information provided and then decide for themselves on the best course of action.

21st-century medicine boasts a number of treatments that can be very dangerous to human health, none more so than for cancer.

May this short report reach the many thousands of people currently undergoing conventional cancer treatment.

May it also reach the thousands of doctors, nurses, carers and administrators trained in conventional cancer care, many of whom are unknowingly inflicting only further ill-health and harm upon the patient.

In the world of cancer, let there soon be an end to …


An excellent, well-researched site, congratulations! You have presented the position exceptionally clearly as it is regarding mainstream and alternative. I will be certainly directing all my cancer patients to your site.
— Bill Reeder, registered medical practitioner MB.ChB Member of ACNEM, AIMA, NZIMA, NZMA. (Nutritional and Natural Medicines Associations of Australia and NZ)

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Steven Ransom is Research Director of UK-based Credence Publications, which investigates business and governmental health fraud and provides unbiased, life-saving health information. He is the author of Plague, Pestilence and the Pursuit of Power: The Politics of Global Disease and co-author (with Phillip Day) of World Without AIDS. His book Great News on Cancer in the 21st Century is from which “Death by Doctoring” is extracted.