It is interesting to note that there are cultures today who remain almost entirely cancer-free. The Abkhasians, the Azerbaijanis, the Hunzas, the Eskimaux and the Karakorum all live on foodstuffs rich in nitriloside or Vitamin B17. Their food consists variously of buckwheat, peas, broad beans, lucerne, turnips, lettuce, sprouting pulse or gram, apricots with their seeds and berries of various kinds. Their diet can provide them with as much as 250-3,000 mg of nitriloside a day.

The founding father of Vitamin B17 research, Ernst T. Krebs Jr., studied the dietary habits of these tribes. Krebs stated: “Upon investigating the diet of these people, we found that the seed of the apricot was prized as a delicacy and that every part of the apricot was utilized.”

The average western diet with its refined, fiberless foods offers less than 2 mg of nitriloside a day. It has also been noted that natives from these tribes, who move into “civilized” areas and change their diets accordingly, are prone to cancers at the regular western incidence. An important point to note with B17 content in the apricot fruit is that the more bitter the taste of the apricot kernel, the richer is the content of B17. If the kernel does not taste bitter, the B17 content will be quite low.

The right materials

Dr Andrew Saul recognizes the importance of sound nutrition in maintaining good health. “I have seen the foolishness of conventional disease care wisdom. I have seen hospitals feed white bread to patients with bowel cancer and hospitals feed Jello to leukemia patients. I have seen schools feed bright red Slush Puppies to 7-year-olds for lunch and I have seen children vomit up a desktop full of red crud afterward. And, I have seen those same children later line up at the school nurse for hyperactivity drugs.

“I have seen hospital patients allowed to go two weeks without a bowel movement,” he said. “I have seen patients told that they have six months to live when they might live sixty months. I have seen people recover from serious illness, only to have their physician berate them for having used natural healing methods to do so. I have seen infants spit up formula while their mothers were advised not to breastfeed. I've seen better ingredients in dog food than in the average school or hospital lunch.

“And I have seen enough.”

In his book Preface to Cancer: Nature, Cause and Cure, Dr. Alexander Berglas has this to say about cancer incidence: “Civilization is, in terms of cancer, a juggernaut that cannot be stopped. … It is the nature and essence of industrial civilization to be toxic in every sense. … We are faced with the grim prospect that the advance of cancer and of civilization parallel each other.”

The human body has an amazing capacity to recover if we look after it properly and if we supply it with the proper materials for repair. Working with non-toxic, physio-friendly treatments can only work in our favor. Just look at the side-effects of Vitamin B17 as described by Edward G Griffin in World Without Cancer: “B17 side-effects include increased appetite, weight gain, lowered blood pressure, increased hemoglobin, and red-blood-cell count, elimination or sharp reduction of pain without narcotics, builds up body’s resistance to other diseases, is a natural substance found in foods and is compatible with human biological experience, destroys cancer cells while nourishing non-cancer cells.”

Compare the above with the side effects from chemotherapy and radiation, the dizziness, skin discoloration, nausea, diarrhea, loss of hair, loss of appetite, organ failure, internal bleeding etc., etc. How long will it be before we find ourselves looking back on these treatments in the same way as we now look back on the blood letting and the ammonia infusions exacted upon Charles II? Notwithstanding the often life-saving surgical removal of cancerous tissue, could there possibly be a more inhumane treatment in the 21st century than conventional cancer therapy?

John Diamond again, this time on some “nutter” with a magical diet:

“I was waiting my turn for zapping [radiation] one day and mentioned the ludicrousness of one diet I’d been reading about. The radiographer agreed and said that when she had started at the hospital there used to be a nutter who, having refused radiography, would come down and rail against those sitting in the radiotherapy waiting room, telling them they should abandon evil radiation and take up his magical diet. ‘Criminal,' I said. ‘You kicked him out of course?' ‘Well yes,' she said, ‘we kicked him out regularly. The only thing was, he did survive for years and the cancer did disappear.' Which only goes to prove — well, nothing very much at all really, but I thought I’d pass it on in the name of fair dealing.”

Now if this cancer “nutter” was just an isolated case of recovery through diet, his recovery would not, of course, constitute proof. But with Vitamin B17 metabolic therapy, we are seeing tremendous results time after time. Continuing on in the name of fair dealing …


Phillip is 64. In April 2001, he was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. The oncologist showed him the x-rays that confirmed the dreaded “shadows.” He was told to go home, enjoy his life as best he could and put his affairs in order. A week later, in a chance conversation at work, Phillip was told about Vitamin B17. Phillip immediately began taking a combination of Vitamin B17 and Vitamin C.

Four months later, Phillip returned to the hospital for a check-up, where a new set of x-rays were taken. The shadows had completely disappeared. Says Phillip, “I know what I saw and the doctor couldn’t explain it. I’m continuing with my Vitamin B17 regime and eating about 10 kernels a day.”

Phillip now pays great attention to his diet and believes that what we put into our bodies can have a dramatic effect medicinally.


William was diagnosed with a tumor in the esophagus. He could not swallow food without it being liquidized. He had read about Vitamin B17 twelve months previously and had kept the article. William began taking Vitamin B17 soon after diagnosis. After three weeks, he was swallowing food a lot easier and after about seven weeks was told by his doctor that the only reason for this was because the tumor was shrinking.

Says William, “The operation to remove the tumor was canceled and I am still awaiting the results of the latest scan. I feel fit as a fiddle. I pay attention to my diet and I thank God quite literally for Vitamin B17. It is time the NHS recognized this vitamin as an alternative to the conventional treatments. I consider that any money spent on B17 is money well spent.”


Flora was diagnosed with Stage IV bowel cancer in 1999. “Before the operation, they gave me chemotherapy, which was devastating. By the end of the course, I could hardly stand. They then removed the tumor from my bowel. I was told the cancer had spread to the liver. I was offered further chemotherapy but declined. I attended Middlesex hospital and had five sessions of laser treatment to try and contain the liver cancer followed by more chemotherapy. After the fifth time of trying to contain the cancer, they said that it was beginning to grow yet again. So I began an organic diet and attended the Dove Clinic for intensive Vitamin C treatment, with other supplements. It was there that I was told about Vitamin B17. I added that to my regime. Over a period of time, the cancer completely disappeared from my liver. It is now February 2002 and I have been one year clear of cancer. I am maintaining my organic diet and eating about 50 apricot kernels a day. I’m 64, I’ve returned to work and I feel fine. Treatments such as these should at least be made known to patients by the NHS.”

There are literally thousands of people who can attest to the pharmacological, life-saving power of Vitamin B17 and its supporting nutritional regime. And the same can also be said of Vitamin C.


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Hi Steve! I am a naturopath in Liverpool, Sydney. I want to encourage you to keep up your great work and mission to get the truth out. I am so glad that my heavenly Father led me out of the nursing profession, where I worked as a trained nurse & midwife for 10 years. I have been practicing as a nature cure naturopath for 20 years, specializing in parents' and children's health, and guiding parents to prepare their bodies to have healthy children & then to raise them naturally in vibrant health, not vaccinated or medicated with any drugs. May God bless you abundantly in all that you do. Yours in vibrant health and joy.
— Marilyn