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‘A World Without Cancer’ addresses lifestyle changes

Can you imagine the world without cancer? Dr. Margaret Cuomo says it's a dream that can become a reality.

There are 4,600 new cases of cancer reported each day. In A World Without Cancer, Dr. Cuomo highlights 10 lifestyle changes to lower the risk of cancer while improving the quality of life.

A World Without Cancer is a one-hour PBS program that also features Academy Award-nominated and Emmy-winning documentarian Ken Burns and Songwriters Hall of Fame member Valerie Simpson, both of whom lost a parent to cancer at a young age.

Dr. Cuomo shows how changes can have an immense impact in cancer prevention. The program includes:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Daily physical activity
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Sun damage
  • Vaccines
  • Avoiding environmental chemicals
  • Managing stress
  • Sleep
  • Social connections

“You can reduce your risk for cancer,” says Dr. Cuomo, a board certified radiologist and national advocate for the prevention of cancer. “We bring together the brightest minds in medicine and cancer research to reveal the truth that lifestyle changes and environmental factors can have a major impact on your health.”

Cancer affects one in two men and one in three women in the United States — but there are ways to help prevent cancer.

“Exercise really does seem to play an important role in cancer and it's prevention, ” says Dr. Pallav Mehta, Director of Integrative Oncology at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. “Regular physical activity seems to decrease inflammatory markers in the blood.”


The program also addresses things you can do around the home to prevent cancer — open the windows and let the fresh air flow! — as well as the benefits of herbalA product made from a plant that is thought to be useful in treating a disease or staying healthy. Herbal supplements are taken by mouth. teas and epigenetics.

“Biochemically we actually know [mental state of mind] affects your genes,” says Dr. Wendy Warner with Medicine in Balance. “Changing your emotional state and being connected with somebody changes your genes, turns off genes that are promoting cancer. I find that fascinating, that we've been able to prove the science.”

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