A journalist for more than 30 years, Duane joined Cancer Tutor in March 2016 as executive director for digital. He spent 10 years working for newspapers before surfing the World Wide Web for 15 years with Turner. As a freelance writer and marketing business owner, Duane is uniquely qualified to cut through the “word salad” that often obscures the truth when discussing natural, integrative, and conventional treatments.

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Duane's Top Articles

Gerson Therapy


Rooted in an organic diet, raw juices, coffee enemas, and supplements, the protocol restores the body's ability to heal itself.

Demystifying cannabis


What’s the skinny on this whacky-tobacky? Well, to be blunt: The corporate elite hijacked the conversation.
The Carrillos

The Carrillos


The Carrillos did not accept cancer as a death sentence. Their story is one of research, understanding, and love.
Plant-Based Diet

Why plant-based?


In addition to lowering the risk of cancer, a plant-based diet also may reduce the chance of developing heart disease and diabetes.
Webster Kehr

Kehr's curiosity


How a hypertension prescription spurred Webster Kehr to launch a landmark natural cancer treatment site.
Dr. Eric Zielinski

'Garden of Eden'


Understanding that plants are medicine within God’s plan, Dr. Z says essential oils are important to everyday health.
Dr. Jonathan Stegall

Integrative approach


Integrative medicine is a bridge between conventional medicine and natural cancer treatment, says Dr. Jonathan Stegall.
Monsanto corn

History of Monsanto


Monsanto began in 1901, producing the artificial sweetener saccharin. Now, Monsanto is a "Big 6" biotech corp.

What is lactagenesis?


The cancer process causes most of the lack of oxygen -- not the lack of oxygen which causes the cancer process.

An aspirin a day ...


Study results have shown that aspirin may be associated with a reduced risk of death from cancer, including colorectal and prostate.
tractor in a field

The scary truth


GMOs, which sound like something from a sci-fi movie, affect many products we consume on a daily basis.

Propranolol redeux


Low-cost beta blocker has been shown to successfully treat angiosarcoma -- a lethal form of soft tissue sarcoma.

Duane's Recent Articles

Clinical trials

Clinical trials: diagnosing, treating, preventing cancer

If you’ve spent time researching cancer, “clinical trials” is an oft-used phrase. But what is a clinical trial? How is one started? Who can be part of a trial? Well, believe it or not, all…

Cancer Survival Rates

Understanding 5-year cancer survival rates

Cancer survival rates are the percentage of people who survive a particular type of cancer for a specific amount of time (most often a 5-year survival rate).

Plant-Based Diet

Why choose a plant-based diet?

We’ve all heard it: You are what you eat. For some of us, including me, that is not a good thing. But what should we eat? Plant-based diet? Keto diet? Paleo diet? Maybe one of…

Bailey O'Brien

Cancer Survivor Bailey O’Brien: ‘Am I going to die?’

The moment remains raw for Bailey O’Brien: “So there was that hopeless moment where I thought I was going to die.” “My head was spinning. I didn’t know what to think. I was very uneducated…

Careers and cancer

Careers and Cancer: Your lifestyle may increase the risk

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you,” Ralph Waldo Emerson said. But getting from Point A to Point B, that’s life –…

Immunotherapy Drugs

Orthodox vs. Natural: Not all immunotherapy is equal

There is nothing as frustrating as trying everything you know to do to keep your immune system boosted — superfoods, supplements, new exercise routines, and more — only to end up getting sick. Immunotherapy helps…


Lymphedema a common side effect of many cancers

In the realm of cancer, specifically breast cancer, lymphedema is rarely discussed. Nonetheless, lymphedema of the arm is one of the most common and underestimated side effects of breast cancer treatment. It is quantitatively known…

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