Sample Treatment For Weak Cancer Patients

When I work with a cancer patient, the chances are they have already had extensive orthodox cancer treatments and have been sent home to die.

In many of these cases, the patient is very weak and can barely get out of bed. When this is the case the first priority is to energize the cells.

When you think of a human body (and are treating a weak cancer patient) you think in terms of weak cells. If you removed all cells from a person's body there would be nothing left but liquids. Your entire body is made exclusively of cells.

So don't think about the “liver” thing of a collection of cells which is called the “liver.”

Cancer patients usually die because their cells are weak (thus their immune system and their organs are weak).

The top priority of a cancer treatment for weak cancer patients is to energize the cells.

But doing this can be difficult because the patient's organs are full of microbes, their bloodstream (and thus their brain) is full of microbes, their cells have no energy because they are full of microbes and thus their ATP energy is very low, and so on.

This protocol is usually going to be a two-person job. Both people have to be able to do everything. One person needs to be designated to literally have a CHECKLIST to make sure EVERYTHING gets done every day. I will call the two people the “supervisor” and the “nurse.”

This article is a sample of how to deal with a weak cancer patient, but first, read the big article on weak cancer patients:
Article on Weak Cancer Patients

The Weak Patients article is critical because in this article I do NOT mention all of the items in that article.

So go back and forth between this article and the article just mentioned and use both articles.

(By the way, if I had a clinic, this is what I would do and have in the clinic.)

High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Amplifier

The main reason a cancer patient is weak is because of microbes in the bloodstream, organs and inside the cancer cells (which weaken the cancer cells).

Also, lactic acid in the bloodstream blocks many nutrients from getting to the cancer cells. D-Ribose and Vitamin C are two things that can get past this lactic acid blockade. They will be discussed later.

The High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Amplifier (or in some cases the High RF Frequency Generator with Linear Amplifier) will kill microbes in the bloodstream, inside the cancer cells (to revert the cancer cells into normal cells) and in the organs. It probably won't kill all of the parasites in the organs but it will get rid of enough of them to make a huge difference.

Where to Buy the Independent Cancer Research Foundation “Research Model” High RF Frequency Generator and Plasma Tube Amplifier:

Copy and paste the above website address into your web browser. Go to the vendor’s website that sells the High RF Frequency Generator and oscillator amplifier which can broadcast Rife’s high RF frequencies using a plasma ray tube antenna. You’ll be able to see photographs of the generator and amplifiers including full specifications and pricing at their website.


Also, see the “Liver Flush” article (to kill microbes in the organs) as this can be started today.

Study the Supplements Mentioned In The Weak Cancer Patients Article

I do not mention all of the supplements mentioned in the Weak Cancer Patients article, so be sure to check that article.

Vibe Fruit Sensation

Day 1, take the recommended doses (Vibe available HERE). Day 2 and beyond take DOUBLE the recommended doses (at least 3 TABLEspoons a day).


This is a critical part of this protocol as it gets inside the cells (all cells, not just cancer cells) and does many things to energize the cells.

The important thing to remember is that after one day of build-up the “dose” is 1/2 bottle a day. Thus, a bottle will last two days. This protocol lasts likely for three months? (or three weeks? – I will check that out with DR. Carpenter?).

This product will convert a cell from burning glucose (which is very inefficient) to burning fats (which is very efficient). In other words, it deals with cachexia.

Young children burn fats (inside their cells) which is why they are so resilient.

But the main purpose of ASEA is to energize cells quickly.


Available HERE or at any health food store (because body builders use it all the time) this product gets past the lactic acid blockade.

In other words, it gets glucose to the very weak cells in spite of the lactic acid released by the cancer cells.

I should also mention that Hydrazine Sulphate is not an item in this article. Hydrazine Sulphate blocks the liver's ability to convert lactic acid (released by the cancer cells) into glucose (which then goes to the cancer cells and lactic acid is released by the cancer cells again). This cycle is called the “cachexia cycle” and is what kills many cancer patients.

This protocol does not use hydrazine sulfate due to safety issues and availability issues, but be aware it exists. the Wolfe Clinic has the best brand of hydrazine sulfate.

To block the cachexia cycle in this protocol are the things that kill cancer cells and revert cancer cells into normal cells. This reduces the amount of lactic acid put into the bloodstream. MSM and Vitamin C also deal with cachexia as they get past the lactic acid blockade so easily.

DMSO/CD (Overnight Cure For Cancer)

This is the key protocol to revert cancer cells into normal cells. If “doses” are increased to 2x or 3x of the published doses, this is an amazing cancer treatment by itself.

See this article on the Independent Cancer Research Foundation website for a detailed discussion of this protocol:

Dirt Cheap Protocol

Every cancer treatment requires a BASE PROTOCOL plus other things. In this protocol, the BASE PROTOCOL is the Dirt Cheap Protocol.

The Overnight Cure For Cancer (which is really DMSO/CD plus the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Amplifier) is part of the Dirt Cheap Protocol.

Use AS MANY of the items in this protocol as possible, especially the Kelmun Protocol (baking soda and maple syrup or honey) and Aloe Arborescens!

A person should only use ONE highly alkaline substance and for this protocol, it is the Kelmun Protocol.
Dirt Cheap Protocol (As many items as possible!)

Do NOT use Cellect, Cesium, high doses of calcium, high doses of barley, etc. with the Kelmun.

The items you cannot get locally (such as Aloe Arborescens) – ORDER THEM NOW.

Also in the Dirt Cheap Protocol is the MSM/LIPH protocol. This is one of the several items that kills microbes in the bloodstream and inside the cancer cells.

But MSM also gets oxygen inside the cells.

MSM/Vitamin C Protocol

This is another MSM protocol. It is here because both the MSM and the Vitamin C get past the lactic-acid blockage as well as because of the other things it does (i.e. it revert cancer cells into normal cells).
MSM/Vitamin C Protocol

Final Comments

There are three key articles that need to be studied over and over again:
1) The Dirt Cheap Protocol,
2) The Weak Cancer Patients Article,
3) This Article

Also, study the “What Causes Cancer” article.
What Causes Cancer

See also the “Cancer Diet” article but it is somewhat dated and is NOT part of this protocol, it is for information only:
Cancer Diet

This protocol FOCUSES on energizing the cells. But at the same time, it is killing cancer cells and reverting cancer cells into normal cells.

Things like carrot juice (with a little beet juice put in) and organic purple grape juice can and should be added, but I could say this about many things.

But Priority #1 for weak cancer patients is getting the energy to the cells – all cells.