Kotsanis Institute approach focuses on integrative and traditional practitioners to address health needs

Cancer is a chronic disease that has two principle origins. One is emotional/spiritual and the other is nutritional/environmental. The past 100 years has seen an explosion in all chronic diseases all over the world. The primary reason for this increase is the toxic environment.

The environmental toxicity is secondary to industrialization in the world that started about 700 hundred years ago. Each day approximately 700 tons of new chemicals are introduced to our environment. However, our immune system and the detoxifying organs in our body do not know how to process these new chemicals, and therefore we end up with bioaccumulation of toxic chemicals.

In a natural nutritional scenario, our primary detoxifiers (liver and kidneys) are able to process and detoxify the unwanted end products of metabolism. Industrial toxinsA poison made by certain bacteria, plants, or animals, including insects. that are introduced into the food chain as well as the use of synthetic pharmaceuticals, usually cannot be processed and cannot be detoxified thru our system. When toxins cannot be eliminated, the energy production is decreased and diseases increase.

“We can design a detailed program that fits all your needs. First one must come in for an extended office visit, it usually lasts 2-3 hours. Please bring with you all medical records from all your doctors along with any pertinent recent labs as well as pathology reports and X-ray reports. Once we review all records and after an extensive interview of the patient and family members that wish to support the patient, we will design a program that addresses acute concerns and a lifelong program that follows acute care.”

Dr. Kotsanis

There are several toxins that we must eliminate for health to be optimal. The reason for detoxification is for our body to properly utilize raw materials, build new tissue and create lots of energy. As the industrialization of the world progresses, we must address the source of these toxins and find solutions to minimize their negative effects.

It appears that environmental pollution of the soil and the farming practices have the greatest impact. Fertilizers and pesticides are among the worst offenders. Lately, we have seen that there is increased concerns with electro smog. Although the telecommunication industry has many beneficial conveniences in our everyday life and in business, it adds significant toxicity and strain to the detoxification systems of our bodies.

Also, very important is the emotional/spiritual toxins that dominate our “keeping up with the Joneses” modern society as well as the destruction of the modern family unit. This is especially true in cancer patients. In cancer patients we believe that the two main reasons for cancer are; 1) toxic environment, 2) other toxic people.

At the Kotsanis Institute, we address all physical/nutritional/environmental issues as well as all emotional/spiritual issues. Toward this end, we have a team of integrative and traditional practitioners that will address all health needs. Dr. Kotsanis heads our alternative/integrative medicine therapies along with a registered dietician that addresses all nutritional needs. We also work with a psychologist that offer emotional support using color therapy and without the use of pharmaceuticals. Finally, have a close relationship with a group of traditional oncologists that offer everything from surgery to chemotherapy and radiation. Our “comprehensive care team” will design a program for all stages of cancer that is in line with patient's belief system and is scientifically sound.

The program

We can design a detailed program that fits all your needs. First one must come in for an extended office visit, it usually lasts 2-3 hours. Please bring with you all medical records from all your doctors along with any pertinent recent labs as well as pathology reports and X-ray reports. Once we review all records and after an extensive interview of the patient and family members that wish to support the patient, we will design a program that addresses acute concerns and a lifelong program that follows acute care.

The physical treatments must be done in a sequential manner. There are definite steps that in a short time will bring vitality to the ill patient and start a journey to optimal recovery. We consider these corrections as fundamental and absolutely necessary for all patients regardless of disease expression and treatment plans. It's similar to building a new home, without a solid foundation the building structure will collapse.

1) Organic Nutrition: Organic and non-commercial clean food is needed to reverse disease and promote healing. Throughout the millennia all scientists agree that balanced raw food rich in amino acids, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, minerals, enzymes and clean water is a must. Hippocrates said it best “let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food”. Growing food in non-toxic rich mineral soil is the first step in nutrition. Food harvesting is the next critical step. The food must be vine ripped without the use of pesticides, antibiotics or preservatives. When plant food, especially fruit, is not harvested at its peak of being ripe, lots of phytonutrientsPhytonutrients give plants their pigments. Among the benefits of phytonutrients are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities, may enhance immunity and intercellular communication, repair DNA damage from exposure to toxins, detoxify carcinogens, and alter estrogen metabolism. will be missing. Phytonutrients are necessary for optimal metabolism and antioxidant support. Finally, the food must be prepared with care to minimize injury to the integrity of the nutrients, for example, frying of fats makes the lipids rancid and microwaving food alters the nutritional value of all components of nutrition as well as adding more unwanted free radicals to nutrition.

2) The Digestive System (GI System): The GI system is about 28 feet long, it spans from the lips of the mouth to the end of the colon, the anus. There are several anatomical parts of the GI system that play a significant role in health and disease. Among the most critical are the mouth, the liver-gall bladder/pancreas, the small intestine and the colon. We call the mouth and the colon “the disease-promoting organs” because they harbor most pathogens.

The mouth is the filthiest part of the body, especially in the presence of gingivitis, dental carries, dental amalgams and root canals. As we begin the healing of the GI system we refer patients to functional dentists that are familiar with the dental-immune system connections. Dental health is pivotal because biochemical and biophysics implications to health and disease are enormous. Toxic metals and toxic infections of the mouth adversely affect the immune system, the energy production and the voltage of the body.

The next level of the GI system is the liver-gall bladder-pancreas connection. Here the importance of enzymeA protein that speeds up chemical reactions in the body. production and the detoxification abilities of these organs influence health and disease immensely. Without the proper secretion of enzymes and bile salts, food could never be digested or utilized.

The liver is one of the two key detoxification organs (the kidney is the other). All food absorbed from the intestines go thru the liver and processed before entering circulation for distribution. Also, a second extremely important function of the liver is to make bile and process toxins from metabolic waste.

The small intestine functions as the absorption center of digested food. It also houses the majority of the immune system along with beneficial flora. In chronically ill patients SIBO (small bowel bacterial overgrowth) promotes inflammation (a hallmark of all chronic diseases) along with immune suppression and significant interference in energy production.

The large intestine is a large organ of elimination of foods and toxins as well as the main organ of water absorption. Large intestine dysfunction such as diarrhea or constipation alters the toxic overload and promotes disease forming gut flora. In short, a clean mouth and a clean colon is the first stop in healing chronic disease.

In conclusion, without the intact function of all the GI system parts, no healing can ever be achieved. This requires proper dental care, use of digestive enzymes, liver and gallbladder support, control of pancreatic functions of insulin and enzymes, correction of gut flora and proper elimination of waste.

3) Correction of Hormonal Dysfunctions: Hormones are the pistons of metabolism. The thyroid hormones, specifically T3, is considered the key hormone in energy (ATP) production by the mitochondria. Cortisol and insulin are the key hormones that control the trafficking of insulin into the cell. If any of these three hormones are not optimal, the immune system and the energy production are compromised. Proper nutrients and when needed hormonal manipulations are necessary for optimal function. One very important point to remember is that if the GI system is not corrected first, the hormonal dysfunctions cannot be corrected either.

4) Correction of the Immune System: This is the prized system in all chronic diseases and especially in cancer. The immune system has two main functions. One is repairing and the other is energy production. In cancer, the energy production is severely compromised. The ideal fuel for plenty of energy (ATP) is primarily fat and secondarily sugar. However, these fuels must burn primarily thru the process of aerobic metabolism for efficient production of ATP and proper health maintenance. Cancer does not follow the rules of proper fuel burning and has switched its primary fuel to be sugar and the burning of sugar is anaerobic in nature. The anaerobic burning of sugar results in a very poor energy production.

In health, the immune system uses its energy primarily to repair damaged tissues and organs and assist in detoxification. It also uses its energy to fight off infections and combat free radical formation. In disease states the immune system is primarily preoccupied with fighting disease and spends very little time in repairs and detoxification. There many ways to repair the immune system. First, we must implement steps one thru three mentioned above and also add oxygen therapies and raw materials to support, repair and rejuvenate the diseased cells at the molecular level. Toward this end, we combine micronutrients, mineral transporters, ultraviolet blood therapies, Vitamin C, homeopathics, botanicals and pulsed electromagnetic fields.

5) Chelation and Hyperthermia: Detoxification is a major component in any chronic disease. A systematic detoxification program is designed for all cancer patients regardless of what treatment modalities one chooses. Chelation is designed to remove toxic metals from our systems. A recent study has proven that toxic metal accumulation in our bodies has seen an increase 2,500 fold as compared to the pre-industrial era. Toxic metals interfere with metabolism by blocking enzyme actions and by decreasing cell voltage.

Hyperthermia is one of the key ways to detoxify the cancer patient and to improve immunity. The primary mechanism is structure water molecules and creates shock proteins. Both of these mechanisms improve immunity and energy production.

6) Biophysics Treatments: The cell wall and the organelles of the cell depend on optimal voltage to operate, repair and create energy (ATP). The normal cell runs on minus 60 to minus 90mV. The cancer cell runs on minus 15mV. All electromagnetic equipment will increase the voltage of the cell back to normal levels. However, the sick cells cannot sustain high voltage and thus are destroyed or go to apoptosisA type of cell death in which a series of molecular steps in a cell lead to its death. This is one method the body uses to get rid of unneeded or abnormal cells. The process of apoptosis may be blocked in cancer cells. Also called programmed cell death..