NOTE: This is perhaps the most important article on this website because it explains exactly how an advanced cancer patient should prioritize their time and efforts in order to maximize their chances of survival.


What if someone were to ask me any of the following questions:

“What would I do if I got cancer?” or

“What would I recommend if my spouse or any of our children got cancer?” or

“What is the best alternative cancer treatment for advanced cancer patients?”

My answer to all of these questions would be the same:

1) I would first use an expanded version of the Cellect-Budwig Protocol (or an equivalent protocol),

2) Then I would use the Plasma-Beck Protocol,

3) Then I would use the Bob Beck Protocol.

Notice that this is a sequence of three different alternative cancer treatment protocols. Each of these protocols has a different purpose in the healing process and the sequence is very important, as will be explained below.

Let me first comment about the flexibility in these three treatments.

The most expensive single item in these three protocols is the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Ray Tube (it is used in the first two protocols). It is an authentic “frequency generator,” patterned after the research of Dr. Royal Rife in the 1930s, but it uses modern technology. If you cannot afford the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Ray Tube, then you can use the less expensive High RF Frequency Generator with Linear Amplifier. If you cannot afford the High RF Frequency Generator with Linear Amplifier, then you can use the even less expensive MSM/CS or MSM/D3 protocol.

As another example, if you cannot afford the Cellect-Budwig protocol then substitute the Bill Henderson protocol or the Brandt Grape Cure. And so on.

While substituting one protocol for another may weaken the overall treatment, the patient usually has to work within their budget.

Or if you think a different protocol is more effective than the one I recommend, then use it as long as it is in harmony with what needs to be done, which will be discussed throughout this article.

However, you must understand that not all alternative cancer treatments can be combined with each other. For example, the first protocol, the expanded version of the Cellect-Budwig, includes the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Ray Tube electromedicine protocol. If you substitute the Cesium Chloride protocol for the Cellect-Budwig, you cannot use the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Ray Tube. The Plasma Ray Tube will neutralize the way that cesium chloride works.

Another key element of a home protocol is expert telephone support. For example, the Cellect-Budwig protocol is supported by cancer researcher Mike Vrentas for about $200 (which includes 5 hours of audio CDs and a two-hour telephone consultation).

The Bill Henderson protocol is supported by Bill Henderson for about the same price, but he has a book to go along with his “coaching” instead of audio CDs. And so on.

But there is one thing even expert telephone support cannot provide,: a “will to live” in the patient. A strong “will to live” by the cancer patient is just as important as any of the treatments.

Every cancer patient must do things to take their mind off of their cancer. This may include hobbies, reading or other activities. They must not just sit around and feel sorry for themselves; rather they must stay actively involved. For example, in one German cancer clinic, they give art lessons to patients.

Strong support from family and/or friends is a key part of this. Family and friends must distract attention from the negative thoughts of having cancer. Negative attitudes among the family and friends are also not an option.

In addition, negative attitudes about alternative cancer treatments in general, are not an option. If someone bad-mouths the power of Mother Nature, they should be invited to keep their mouth shut about the subject and do their homework about the power of Mother Nature.

Also, on this website, there are special articles for special types of cancer. Many kinds of cancer have unique problems that need to be dealt with. For example, breast cancer is almost always caused by dental infections which travel through the lymph system to the breast(s). These dental infections need to be dealt with by very, very specialized dentists. See the Types of Cancer section to see if your type of cancer is mentioned.

Also, review other articles, as you get time, which may apply to your situation (especially the “Special Situations” article).

Let us now talk about the three treatments in this protocol. Before each treatment is described, some theory as to what the cancer treatment is designed to do will be discussed.

Treatment #1: The Cellect-Budwig and the importance of “Buying Time”

The first thing an advanced cancer patient needs to do is “buy time.” What “buy time” means is that their “time to survive” is increased by several months so that the highly effective cancer treatments have more time to cure the cancer.

For example, if a person had an estimated two months to live, and a specific cancer treatment takes four months to cure them, the patient is in deep trouble.

So a person might use Fucoidan, D-Ribose and the GB 4000 electromedicine machine to “buy time” to extend the date of death by several months so that the main cancer treatment has enough time to work.

The “buy time” protocols may or may not get rid of cancer cells, but what they must do is provide energy and nutrients to the very weak non-cancerous cells and cancer cells.

Actually, there are many supplements, and another electromedicine device (the Quantum Pulse), that need to be considered when thinking about “buying time.”

No matter what primary protocol a cancer patient is on, they need to consider adding additional products to their protocol specifically to “buy time.” Check with the support person of your main cancer treatment to verify the safety of adding any of these protocols to your treatment.

Issue #1: “Buying Time”

Here is a list of some of the best protocols to “buy time” (all doses are for adults):

1) Electromedicine: GB 4000, by far the best way to energize cells.

2) Electromedicine: the Quantum Pulse (formerly the Vibe machine), costs about $15,000 so most people try to find someone who already has one who lives near them. This is another superb way to quickly energize cells in the body to “buy time.” See:

The Quantum Pulse to find a location near you.

Note: Both the High RF Frequency Generators and the Quantum Pulse use a technology invented by Nichola Tesla, who was another super-genius who got involved in health issues and who has been totally ignored by orthodox medicine. Either one of these two devices is required if you can find them.

3) Fucoidan (Required Treatment #1). The dose is 16 to 33 ounces a day for adults (the bottle is actually one liter, which is about 33 ounces), but the person must “build-up” to the 33 ounce dose over 4 days: 16, 22, 28, 33. This is one of the key products to “buy time.” After the patient is out of danger (i.e. “over the hump”), they can drop down to 16 ounces a day.

While technically Fucoidan may not physically shrink tumors quickly, within two weeks it can “relax” the tumors so they are not pressing hard on some part of the body (such as a nerve).

Every day the Fucoidan is taken the daily dose must be spread out into several small doses.

No matter what your first primary protocol is, if the patient is advanced, it is critical to use Fucoidan because of its ability to “buy time” for any protocol. See the Fucoidan article for the only brand of Fucoidan I recommend.

4) Eniva Vibe (in the orange bottle) is a superb mineral supplement to energize cells. You should not use this protocol with the Cellect-Budwig protocol, but it can be used with any other protocol. The dose is to build up to 6 TABLEspoons a day, two in the morning, two at noon and two at night. This is very close to being a required treatment. Use Google to find a vendor.

5) Juice Plus is a superb vitamin and mineral supplement. By itself, cancer patients have survived their cancer when using only this product. I am not allowed by the manufacturer (because I make medical claims) to link to a vendor of this product, but I will say it is very close to being a required product. Use Google.

6) The MSM/CS protocol (can help pain very quickly). MSM is Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, which is an incredible molecule needed by cancer patients, partly because it can deal with lactic acid (which all cancer patients have). But it also helps get microbe-killing molecules (e.g. colloidal silver) inside the cancer cells to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells (which allows the cancer cells to revert into normal cells, see the article: “What Causes Cancer”).

This protocol is REQUIRED for melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma and uterine cancer because of the way these three types of cancer spread.

7) The Brandt Grape Cure is a protocol which uses only pesticide-free grapes. Purple grapes contain about a dozen nutrients that kill cancer cells. It also can energize cancer cells and non-cancerous cells. If you can get pesticide-free purple grapes, it would be to your benefit to replace one or two meals a day with purple grape mush or juice. For a complete protocol see the Brandt Grape Cure.

8) Liph may be very good at “buying time,” but the ICRF has not had time to evaluate Liph yet except to say that it is perfectly safe and has very good theory behind it. Google: liph

Issue #2: Issues that weak cancer patients must deal with

Every cancer patient in the world, by definition, has lactic acid in their blood. In other words, they have some level of cachexia. The major symptom of cachexia is a general weakness of the patient. However, other things can also cause weakness,such as by killing too many microbes in the bloodstream too quickly or by killing too many cancer cells too quickly (which creates a huge burden on the liver which may require coffee enemas).

Cachexia is caused by the following cycle:

Cancer cells consume huge amounts of glucose and they create lactic acid and put the lactic acid into the bloodstream and it goes to the liver,

The liver converts the lactic acid into glucose and releases it into the bloodstream where it goes back to the cancer cells.

This cycle is repeated over and over again as the liver converts lactic acid into glucose and the cancer cells convert glucose into lactic acid. Cancer cells consume 15 times more glucose than other cells.

The problem with this ping-pong game (or technically a “cycle”), is that huge amounts of energy are consumed by this cycle. The non-cancerous cells are not only starved of glucose because cancer cells consume huge amounts of available glucose, but also because lactic acid prevents many nutrients from getting to the non-cancerous cells.

The lactic acid cycle is estimated to kill about 40 percent of all cancer patients.

The theoretically best treatment for cachexia is a product called: Hydrazine Sulfate.

However, this product is difficult to work with because there is a long list of substances which are dangerous if used with H.S. For example, H.S. could never be used with Cellect because of all the amino acids in Cellect.

Patients with advanced cachexia should strongly consider H.S.

There are other options to deal with cachexia. First, when you get rid of the cancer cells no more lactic acid will be produced. Thus, protocols which can quickly kill cancer cells (or revert them into normal cells) can help deal with cachexia.

But there are also other things than can help get glucose into non-cancerous cells or help the cells to create their own energy.

Here is a list of things for people who may have light to moderate cachexia (if they do not want to use H.S.):

1) D-Ribose (Required Treatment #1) which can get energy into the cells even in the presence of lactic acid. The standard dose is 5 grams, three times a day, for a total of 15 grams a day.

2) MSM (Required Treatment #2), mentioned above, which is part of the MSM/CS protocol but can be used by itself. Because the MSM can be hard on the stomach, the patient should take a week to build up to 10 grams a day.

MSM (see the MSM/CS protocol for instructions), or the MSM/CS or the MSM/D3 are required for weak cancer patients. Most likely they are weak because of cachexia and MSM is needed to deal with lactic acid (which is what causes cachexia). MSM can help flush the lactic acid out of the body in more than one way.

3) Vitamin C can also help energize cells in the presence of lactic acid. The maximum oral safe dose is 10 grams a day. Do NOT use pure potassium ascorbate; use a mixture which has only a small amount of potassium ascorbate. Build-up over a few days. The maximum dose should be spread out during the day into several small doses.

4) Pickle Juice is used by athletes to prevent cramps. It is superb at getting energy to cells and works very quickly.

5) CoQ10 or CoEnzyme Q10 (a well known supplement – 1,200 mg a day),

But for patients with cachexia, the first group of treatments (i.e. the “buy time” protocols) are equally important, such as the GB 4000 or Quantum Pulse (formerly: Vibe Machine), Fucoidan, Eniva Vibe, Juice Plus, etc.

WARNING: When designing a cancer treatment, Issue #1, Issue #2 and starting the Cellect-Budwig protocol (to be discussed next) should be the TOP priority at the beginning of the treatment. These things determine if the patient will live long enough to be cured. Focus your time and efforts on these issues in order to “buy time” for the patient. In other words, do not wait to start your treatment until you receive every product. Start using products as soon as they arrive or you can obtain them. However, also build-up with each protocol over the course of 3 or 4 days to avoid distressing symptoms.

Now let us talk about the first major treatment, the Cellect-Budwig.

Treatment #1: The Cellect-Budwig Protocol with High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Ray Tube and Fucoidan

The first of the three cancer treatments, Cellect-Budwig, starts working immediately which is precisely why it should be the first of the three protocols used. If you substitute a protocol for the Cellect-Budwig, it should be one that starts working very quickly to “buy time” for the cancer patient and is powerful enough to be a complete treatment.

Both Cellect and Budwig energize the body at the cellular level. The Cellect-Budwig Protocol is designed to energize both cancer cells and non-cancer cells, thus taking the pressure off of the patient's weakness at the cellular level.

Think of a football team. If every player was sick and tired the “team” would not play very well. Likewise, if every cell is sick and tired, the “body” will not work very well.

Added to the Cellect-Budwig is both Fucoidan and an electromedicine protocol (the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Ray Tube). These treatments start working very quickly, especially the Fucoidan. Fucoidan starts killing cancer cells faster and more direct than the Cellect-Budwig, which is why it is important in this protocol. The Cellect-Budwig is critical to supplying energy and electrons to the cells and eventually does deal with the cancer cells.

The High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Ray Tube is the premiere electromedicine protocol for reverting cancer cells into normal cells.

Note that Eniva Vibe liquid should not be used within 3 hours, on both sides, of the Budwig protocol because they are anti-oxidants. Also, Cellect, and the Barefoot Calcium protocol should not be used on the same days because both are highly alkaline and only one highly alkaline protocol should be used each day.

Note #1:  I strongly recommend using ozonated water instead of alkaline water during electromedicine protocols. It would take a book for me to explain my reasoning (e.g. it would require a clear understanding of Gaston Naessen's discoveries, frequency medicine, and several other things), but trust me on this one. Get an Ozonator if you do not already have an ionizer. If you already have an ionizer, go ahead and use it, the protocol will work just fine.

Note #2: Support for the Cellect-Budwig protocol and Issue #1 and Issue #2 is provided by Mike Vrentas, a long-time and highly respected cancer researcher. His cost, including 5 hours of audio lectures and two hours of personal consultations, is about $200.  Here is his website:

Mike Vrentas website


Introduction to the theory behind treatment #2

One piece of good news is that a main part of Treatment #2 is also the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Ray Tube, thus Treatment #2 does not add very much to the cost already expended for the Cellect-Budwig protocol.

Before getting into the details of the Plasma-Beck protocol, which is Treatment #2 in the sequence, let us first talk about the theory of treating cancer.

First, let us ask this question, what causes cancer? See the article “What Causes Cancer.” This article goes into detail about what is going on inside of a cancer cell. It is required reading before going on.

Note what was said in the article: if a cancer treatment is able to kill all of the microbes which are inside of the cancer cells, the cancer cells will revert into normal cells.

This is the ideal way to cure cancer because there is no debris from dead cancer cells to burden the liver. Dr. Royal Rife was killing the microbes inside of cancer cells in the 1930s and was reverting these cancer cells into normal cells. That is precisely what the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Ray Tube is doing. The company that builds the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Ray Tube spent hundreds of thousands of dollars tracking down and studying original Rife Machines built in the 1930s and 1940s.

In a cancer patient's body, there are about two pounds of microbes in the bloodstream, there may be microbes in the lymph system and there are microbes inside of the cancer cells.

The first protocol, the expanded Cellect-Budwig, did not deal very much with microbes in the body (the main focus of the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Ray Tube was dealing with the microbes inside the cancer cells and only secondarily with the microbes in the bloodstream), but the main focus of this second protocol is to deal with ALL of the microbes in the body (this is why the Bob Beck Protocol is added).

So let us talk a little bit about the history of microbes in medicine.

The eternal debate between Pasteur and Beauchamp

The Pasteur/Beachamp debate goes something like this: Pasteur discovered that most diseases were caused by microbes. He was right.

Then Beauchamp came along and said that if you create the correct “inner terrain” in the body (e.g. by using an alkaline diet), the microbe issue of Pasteur becomes irrelevant because you will be healthy. The supporters of Beauchamp claim that he was far superior to Pasteur.

The debate is nonsense because what Beauchamp really proved is that Pasteur was right. Beauchamp just figured out a way to deal with the problem.

Microbes do cause most major diseases, including cancer. If you do not understand how microbes cause cancer you did not read the “What Causes Cancer” article. With cancer, the key microbes are inside of the cancer cells.

With regards to cancer, if a person has a highly alkaline diet, and avoids most “junk foods” they are not likely to get cancer. And if they already have cancer, every believable cancer treatment on earth is going to recommend an alkaline diet.

Acidic diets “feed the cancer.” Actually, an acidic diet feeds or excites the microbes which are inside the cancer cells which can force the cancer cells to divide more rapidly.

Dr. Bob Beck, PhD, Leapfrogs Beauchamp.

The problem with Beauchamp is that his theory will likely not get rid of the microbes. While the microbes are inert and lethargic, they are still there.

Why is this important?

Dr. Bob Beck, a PhD in physics, figured out that if you get rid of all of the microbes in the bloodstream, the immune system will be supercharged.

While the immune system is important for treating cancer, the Bob Beck protocol works far too slowly to be depended on to strengthen the immune system. There are far better ways. See #3 and #4 in the Reference Manual. It is the microbes inside the cancer cells that really need to be killed and the Bob Beck Protocol does not deal with these.

Thus, the Beauchamp protocol, while it is a good tactic, falls far short of what happens when the microbes are totally eliminated from the body as opposed to just making them lethargic.

So Bob Beck turns out to be a giant leap forward from Beauchamp because, with Beauchamp, the immune system is just as lethargic as the microbes. The patient is alive, but they are not “healthy.”

But we can take even another giant step forward:

THIS IS A VERY OLD ARTICLE, we now know that the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Ray Tube devices are excellent cancer treatments precisely because they kill the microbes inside the cancer cells and the cancer cells revert into normal cells.

Bob Beck leapfrogs Royal Rife (no longer true)

The Bob Beck Protocol does not really get rid of all of the microbes in the body if the person has cancer. In other words, the Bob Beck protocol does not get rid of the microbes which are inside the cancer cells.

Dr. Royal Rife figured out a way to get rid of the microbes which are inside the cancer cells.

However, in a sense, the Bob Beck Protocol does get rid of the microbes inside the cancer cells because the immune system “eats” the cancer cells, microbes and all after the immune system is supercharged.

So quite by accident, Bob Beck figured out a way to get rid of the microbes inside the cancer cells too.

So in reality, the Bob Beck Protocol is by far the best alternative cancer treatment on earth to supercharge the immune system. And his protocol is very inexpensive, especially if you can find some teenager who can build something from a simple circuit diagram.

Having said that, the reader might have already noticed that in this article, the Royal Rife protocol (e.g. the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Ray Tube) is used long before the Bob Beck Protocol (e.g. the Plasma-Beck).

This is because the Royal Rife protocol can start working much more quickly than the Bob Beck Protocol. Thus, in this article, the Royal Rife protocol is used first (because it is assumed we are dealing with an advanced cancer patient) and the Bob Beck Protocol is used later to finish off the cancer and supercharge the immune system for the long haul.

The Bob Beck Protocol is generally not the first cancer treatment a patient should use because it can take three months to really become effective, but it definitely should be the last treatment used because it supercharges the immune system and can clean out any rogue cancer cells.

The goal of this protocol

People are diagnosed with cancer when the number of cancer cells in their body is “out of balance” with the strength of the immune system. In other words, EVERYONE has cancer cells in their body, but most people have an immune system that can “keep up” with the number of new cancer cells.

When the Plasma-Beck Protocol is done, there are no microbes in the body, there are no cancer cells in the body and the immune system is supercharged beyond anyone's imagination. Talk about the right balance.

Do not underestimate the power of this protocol. While the two electromedicine protocols are doing most of the work, the nutritional parts are also helping greatly.

You should be on this protocol for at least 4 months in order to give the Bob Beck Protocol time to build the immune system.

Treatment #2: The Plasma-Beck Protocol

Note: The Plasma-Beck Protocol currently uses the MSM/D3 protocol. In this protocol, use the MSM/CS protocol instead of the MSM/D3 protocol.

Unlike the Cellect-Budwig Protocol, which is designed to pull a cancer patient out of certain death by energizing cells and getting rid of the cancer cells; the Plasma-Beck is designed to get rid of almost every microbe and every cancer cell in the body, including both the microbes inside the cancer cells and the microbes in the bloodstream, lymph system, etc.

In doing this, it supercharges the immune system far, far beyond the wildest dreams of any scientist on earth. No one could conceive how potent the immune system could become until Bob Beck came along and got rid of virtually every microbe in the body.

Thus, this protocol will supercharge the immune system (by getting rid of the microbes in the body via the Bob Beck Protocol), in addition to reverting most, if not all, of the cancer cells into normal cells (via the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Ray Tube, etc.)

The end result of this protocol is zero cancer cells, zero microbes, and a supercharged immune system.

Some people might wonder why they cannot combine treatment #1 and treatment #2. To some degree they can be combined, but not in all cases. Eniva Vibe (which is part of treatment #2) cannot be used within 2 or 3 hours, on both sides, of the Budwig diet, but otherwise, the two protocols can be combined at any time.

However, the patient should not stop taking the Cellect-Budwig protocol until they are cured of their cancer and Mike Vrentas agrees. They must be in “remission.” However, they can start most of the parts of the Plasma-Beck before they complete the Cellect-Budwig, as just mentioned.


Introduction to treatment #3: What the Bob Beck Protocol does and doesn't do

There are several things the Bob Beck Protocol does not do. First, it is not a nutrition protocol, thus the body does not get many of the nutrients it needs, particularly with respect to cells and the immune system. The immune system will be much stronger if it has the right nutrients AND no microbes around.

But more importantly, the Bob Beck Protocol does not deal with the damage done by chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

One of the problems with these orthodox cancer treatments is that they severely damage the immune system and they also damage the ability of the body to extract nutrients from the foods that the cancer patient eats.

Thus, the Bob Beck Protocol needs “extra help” in treating cancer.

The first treatment in this protocol, the Cellect-Budwig protocol, provided that extra help. Also, in the Plasma-Beck protocol, there is extra help.

Thus, in the first treatment, the focus was on “buying time” for the patient, providing nutrients for the cells, reverting cancer cells into normal cells, killing cancer cells, and so on.

The goal of the Plasma-Beck Protocol is to totally clean the body of microbes and rogue cancer cells. This will allow the immune system to be incredibly supercharged. It is a logical extension to the Cellect-Budwig which has a different purpose.

The goal of the Bob Beck Protocol is to create “immortal blood.” You will have to watch one of the key Bob Beck videos on YouTube (e.g. Ventura or Granada) to understand what “immortal blood” is, but for our purposes here, having “immortal blood” means you have health and a strong immune system far beyond what anyone else can comprehend.

However, I should add that a person could take Juice Plus, or some other nutritional product, during the Bob Beck Protocol, to help rebuild the body and deal with the long-term effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Treatment #3: The Bob Beck Protocol

The Bob Beck Protocol is part of the Plasma-Beck Protocol, thus this protocol does not cost any additional money unless you did not buy all 4 pieces of the Bob Beck Protocol.

This protocol consists of four treatments:

1) The Blood Purifier (Sota Instruments calls it the “Silver Pulser”),

2) The Magnetic Pulser,

3) Colloidal Silver,

4) Ozonated water.

You already have the blood purifier (per the Plasma-Beck) and may already have the water Ozonator (per the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Ray Tube).

You also have the equipment to make colloidal silver (per the Plasma-Beck and the Bob Beck videos on YouTube).

The only thing left is the Magnetic Pulser. Actually, there are three major brands of magnetic pulsers, with the Sota being the slowest of all.

However, the ICRF has not evaluated the super-fast magnetic pulsers, so we have no comments about which of the three pulsers to buy until we get more funding and more time.

If you are on this protocol long enough you will have “immortal blood” which is explained in the Bob Beck videos. I do not know how long it takes to have immortal blood, but most likely it takes more than a year.

Many people will stay on the Beck Protocol for life, others will go on it for 2 or 3 months every year, etc. It is up to you.


Special Note #1: About melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and uterine cancer

Melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma and uterine cancer require some minor adjustments to the above protocol.

What you need to do is add the MSM/CS protocol to the Cellect-Budwig protocol (it is already part of the Plasma-Beck Protocol).

See the article on Melanoma to understand why this small adjustment is necessary.

Special Note #2: If you cannot digest foods properly

Some cancer patients have had so much damage to their digestive tract by chemotherapy or surgery that they cannot digest foods very well.

There are four adjustments that need to be made to the above protocols:

First, add the Bob Beck Protocol to the Cellect-Budwig Protocol during the same two hours they are using the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Ray Tube.

Second, it would also be wise to add the MSM/CS protocol to the Cellect-Budwig protocol.

Third, Eniva Vibe becomes a required treatment.

Fourth, use the product: LIPH (Google: LIPH) in addition to the Cellect-Budwig Protocol and the Plasma-Beck Protocol. Liph does not need to be digested at all.

Special Note #3: Articles on special types of cancer

The patient and caregiver should carefully study the articles that apply to their situation.

For example, breast cancer is almost always caused by dental infections. Thus, those with breast cancer, and possibly prostate cancer, need to deal with their dental infections. This is just an example.