TREATMENT RATING: While many people consider Noni Juice to be a primary cancer treatment, this Cancer Tutor website considers Noni Juice to be a primary cancer treatment only for newly diagnosed cancer patients. For advanced cancer patients this treatment is considered a highly recommended supplemental protocol. Noni Juice provides critical nutrients to the non-cancerous cells and will likely kill many cancer cells. But this website does not consider it strong enough to be a primary treatment for advanced cancer patients.

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How It Works

Like grape juice, Noni juice contains a whole slew of cancer fighting nutrients. It kills cancer cells (the anthraquinone damnacanthal and the trace element selenium), it stops the spread of cancer (beta sitosterol, noni-ppt and limonene), it stimulates the white blood cells and other parts of the immune system (polysaccharides) and takes part in a process that enlarges cell membranes so they can better absorb nutrients (proxeronine aids in creating xeronine). Further, this is only a partial list.

Noni Juice Treatment

When I first started researching cancer treatments, I occasionally ran into a Noni juice testimonial, but since Noni juice was largely marketed by multi-level marketing programs, I paid little attention to the testimonials. But when the time came for me to look at the nutrients in Noni juice, I was in for a huge shock – this is a serious cancer treatment, and I'm not a distributor. (I'm not going to be a distributor, it could bias my judgment.)

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Noni juice is how fast it works. I noticed that there were cases where terminal cancer patients were completely cured of their cancer in as little as 10-12 days. That is fast but is not necessarily typical.

As you read Noni testimonials you will note that frequently Noni is used in conjunction with some form of chemotherapy and/or radiation. This is not the preferred way of taking Noni juice. Frequently, it is taken after orthodox medicine has given up on a patient. This is also not the preferred way but is probably the most common way (which is another reason to be amazed at its testimonials). It is best if Noni is taken instead of orthodox medicine. Orthodox medicine destroys many white blood cells, some of them are the same white blood cells Noni is trying to stimulate in rebuilding the immune system.

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Sometimes people wonder why such a seemingly perfect product does not have a 100 percent success rate and doesn't work as fast for all patients. Consider this quote:

“… we discovered that liquid Noni must be pasteurized (heat processed) before it can be shipped from Hawaii, and that sugars and juices are added to make it more palatable (people walking by a Noni plant ripe with the fruit claim it smells like doggy-doo). Its taste and smell are so terrible that even researchers refused to drink it, thus the addition of sugar. Noni must be taken on an empty stomach because stomach acid destroys its properties. When sugar is added to Noni, the digestive process stimulated by the sugar destroys its properties. In other words, most of the Noni available is worthless.”

~ Minnesota Wellness

In addition to these problems, I should note that the nutrients in a Noni treatment plan should come from multiple parts of the Noni tree, not just the fruit. If possible, make sure the Noni juice you buy has a wide variety of the fruit and tree parts.

One product, Enhance (Simply Natural Products, see the links), meets several of the criteria (cold-processed, no sugar added, not reconstituted, no preservatives), but it discards the seeds before processing (I suspect it is bad based on my experience with grape seeds and berry seeds), plus I see no evidence they include anything but the fruit.

In spite of all of these typical product shortcomings, some people clearly benefit from Noni juice. This is the amazing part. Because of the shortcomings with the way the product is put together (this is not a shortcoming of the Noni tree itself), a Noni treatment plan should definitely be supercharged.

Perhaps because of the product shortcomings, dosage is critical. Based on my readings 32 ounces a day, as a minimum, is required for a person with active cancer. Because it is so expensive, after you are in remission you will probably want to greatly reduce the dosage and use other treatment plans to sustain your remission.

Since testimonials about natural products are not profitable to pharmaceutical companies, Noni testimonials are ignored by various corrupt governments. However, there is an enormous amount of scientific evidence as to the anticancer activities of individual nutrients that are well known to be in Noni (not always researched as part of a study of Noni, but frequently researched relative to other plants). To say there is “no scientific evidence” for Noni's anticancer activities is absolutely ridiculous.

For example:

  • “Recently, researchers found that the main reason Noni juice provides so many benefits is that it stimulates the production of Nitric Oxide in the body. The 1998 Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to three researchers for the discovery of Nitric Oxide. They found it to be a signaling molecule involved in controlling the circulation of blood, regulating activities of the brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, stomach and other organs. In addition they found that it effected a “seemingly limitless” range of functions in the body. They found that Nitric Oxide reduces tumor growth, and increases the immune response against the radical replication of cells.”

Anything that gets enough oxygen to a cancer cell is going to kill the cell.

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There are at least 3 books on Noni juice:

The Noni Phenomenon, by Neil Solomon

Tahitian Noni Juice : How Much, How Often, For What, also by Neil Solomon

101 Ways to Use Noni Fruit Juice, by Isa Navarre


Important Warning: Due to the fact that many cancer patients have liver damage, frequently due to chemotherapy, and due to the fact that high doses of this product may, in rare cases, contribute to liver damage; doses of this product should not exceed 3 or 4 ounces a day. Those who already have liver damage should avoid this product.

Two Words of Warning: First, while no Noni Juice captures all of the cancer-fighting nutrients in the Noni Tree, understand that there is a vast, vast difference in the quality and cancer-fighting abilities between different brands of Noni Juice. It is a “let the buyer beware” market. If you don't get satisfactory results within a reasonable amount of time, change brands. The “standard” is Tahitian Noni Juice. Second, some of the testimonials for some brands of Noni Juice were actually of people who took a different brand of Noni Juice than the one being advertised.


An alternative cancer treatment should be a complete treatment protocol. Do not forget to study the complete treatment protocol for Stage I, II and III cancer patients and the complete treatment protocol for Stage IV cancer patients:

Treatment For Stage I, II and III Cancer Patients

Treatment For Stage IV Cancer Patients


In the ongoing efforts of the FDA to obey the mandates of Congress and maximize the profits of the pharmaceutical industry, regardless of how may Americans die in the process, by persecuting alternative medicine (see my article: “Introduction to Alternative Cancer Treatments” – Click Here), I have been asked to remove most links to vendors of Noni Juice, including links to some Noni testimonials and technical articles.

Let me explain what is going on:

First, some time ago a vendor could make health claims on the label of their products. That was shut down by the FDA.

Second, then a vendor could make health claims about their products on their web site. That was shut down by the FTC, another corrupt government agency.

After that we had a situation where there were two types of web sites. First, those that sold products but did not have any treatment information. Second, there were web sites (like this one) that had treatment information, but did not sell any products. Sites owned by people like me, who have no financial interest in any product, could link to the vendor's web sites.

In order to crush all truth about alternative cancer treatments, and the vendors who sell the products, the FDA did not like the situation I just described. Now there is new pressure from the FDA to make sure we cannot link to vendor web pages, even if they have a technical article I am interested in.

The amazing thing is that if I link to such a vendor site, I am not the one that gets into trouble; It is the vendor that gets into trouble.

I will say this about Noni Juice vendors. The Noni Juice I endorse is Tahitian Noni Juice, manufactured by Morinda. In the U.S. you will have to find a vendor for this product by looking in your local “yellow pages” or by doing a search on Google or another search engine. I will also add that there are a couple of vendors in Hawaii. I endorse one of them and there is a link to their product below.

I may link to vendors outside of the U.S. until I hear differently from Morinda.

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