FAQ – What is the Cesium Chloride Cure Rate?

Sometimes when a person hears that a cesium chloride clinic has a “cure rate” of 50 percent they become concerned that cesium chloride is dangerous or not effective. The answer to this concern is somewhat complex so don’t skip anything in this article.

Cesium chloride is frequently combined with other treatments, such as DMSO, coral calcium, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), ozone, etc. Cesium chloride is clearly the most popular alternative cancer treatment, among alternative cancer treatment experts, for cancer patients who have been sent home to die. And therein lies one of the secrets to understanding statistics.

First of all, understand that virtually 100 percent of cancer patients who are treated with orthodox treatments (e.g. surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, interferon, etc.) go to orthodox medicine FIRST, meaning their first cancer treatments are orthodox before they ever started an alternative cancer treatment..

This puts alternative medicine at a severe disadvantage. First, the cancer patients who are sent home to die by orthodox medicine, and THEN start an alternative cancer treatment, have been severely damaged by orthodox medicine. It would literally take 50 pages to describe the different kinds of damage (called “side-effects”) done by orthodox medicine to cancer patients. See the Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D. tape: “Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore” for more details.

Second, very valuable time has been lost while the patient was on orthodox treatments. Months, and in many cases years, have been lost to the alternative cancer practitioners to treat the patient. The disadvantage that alternative cancer practitioners work under is absolutely incomprehensible.

Most people who use alternative cancer treatments have been sent home to die by orthodox medicine, then they decide to look into alternative cancer treatments, because they “have nothing to lose.”

Because of this, and because the experts almost universally use cesium chloride on highly advanced cancer patients, there is a severe bias in the class of patients who use cesium chloride. In other words, cesium chloride is almost exclusively used on advanced cancer patients who have been through the complete range of orthodox treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, and perhaps others.

Another reason for saying cesium chloride is almost exclusively used on advanced cancer patients is that cesium chloride is a complex treatment because a cancer patient has to monitor their potassium, and perhaps deal with other things, such as inflammation or nausea.

For these reasons, for cancer patients who do not go to orthodox medicine first, but rather go to alternative medicine first, cesium chloride is generally not the first choice of practitioners. There are plenty of effective alternative cancer treatments for patients who have not been through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation which are easy to use and very effective.

When alternative cancer practitioners do not use cesium chloride for their advanced patients who have been through orthodox treatments, their cure rates are generally poor. But statistics can be tricky.

For example, Dr. Donald Kelley had a 93 percent overall cure rate for treating cancer patients. This is NOT the bogus “five-year cure rate” of orthodox medicine, but a true cure rate.

However, what many people fail to remember is that Kelley did not include in his statistics any advanced cancer patient who died within 18 months of starting his treatment. In other words, if Kelley started working on a cancer patient sent home to die by orthodox medicine, he did not count this patient in his statistics unless he or she lived for at least 18 months after starting the Dr. Kelley treatment.

A similar story can be told about laetrile. For example, Dr. Philip Binzel did not count advanced cancer patients in his statistics unless they lived for at least one year after beginning his laetrile treatment.

Thus, when looking at the statistics for treating advanced cancer patients a person must know exactly what statistical techniques are being used.

Another example – Gerson had a 50 percent cure rate, however, he counted EVERY patient that came to him, even if they died within the first month. Over 90 percent of Gerson’s patients were advanced and terminal. It may be that the Gerson cure rate of 50 percent was actually more impressive than the 93 percent cure rate of Kelley, if you understand the way they did their statistics. The bad thing about the Gerson treatment is that it was administered by an M.D. and it was a very complex and rigid treatment.

Given that cesium chloride is generally only used for the more advanced cancer patients, and given that some clinics include ALL of their patients in their statistics, a 50 percent cure rate for cesium chloride is actually amazing.

Now let us suppose there was some magical cancer cure that removed EVERY cancer cell from the body of a cancer patient within 24 hours, even for the most advanced cancer patients.

What some people don’t realize is that even if such a magical treatment existed it would probably only have a 60 percent to 65 percent cure rate for advanced, terminal cancer patients. Why? Because many people released by orthodox medicine cannot be saved because they have a vital organ that has been damaged beyond repair, or they have so much damage to non-cancerous cells that they cannot be saved (even if all of their cancer cells were removed), or they have such a severe case of cachexia (i.e. malnutrition), and so on.

In other words, many of the cancer patients released by orthodox medicine are going to die, even if you could safely remove every cancer cell in their body within 24 hours of being released.

In summary, the 50 percent cure rate of using cesium chloride on advanced, terminal cancer patients is the best reliable cure rate I have ever heard of, where all of the patients are included in the study statistics for ANY alternative or orthodox cancer treatment.

Remember, the cure rate of these patients by orthodox medicine is close to ZERO percent. Remember also that alternative medicine is dealing with a severely damaged patient and alternative medicine has lost months or years of treatment time to orthodox medicine.

On the other hand, those who use cesium chloride FIRST, instead of orthodox medicine first, and do not lose any time to orthodox treatments, have a very high chance of survival, most likely around 95 percent if they do their homework and keep to their strict cancer diet.