The original discoverer of the cesium chloride protocol was Dr. A. Keith Brewer (1893-1986). In his research he used cesium carbonate, an earlier version of the current cesium chloride (I will talk about the differences later in this article). Among human patients he had a 100 percent cure rate on 30 patients, but I do not know how many of them would be considered Stage IV today. Here is an article on his research and his patients.

Article by Dr. A. Keith Brewer, Ph.D.

Dr. Brewer also wrote two pamphlets (one of which may be the same one just linked to), which can be purchased at:

Pamphlets by Dr. A. Keith Brewer (This web site has both Dr. Brewer and Dr. Nieper archives)

Another practitioner of cesium chloride was Hans A. Nieper, M.D., (1928-1998), who practiced in Hannover, Germany. I do not know his cure rate for Stage IV patients, but it was generally accepted that he had the highest cure rate for cancer patients in the world. Here is a partial list of his most famous patients:

  • “Dr. Nieper’s patients included many world stars, royalty and politicians: Anthony Quinn, John Wayne, Yul Brynner, William Holden and Princess Caroline of Monaco. He advised the ailing ex-president Ronald Reagan [for his colon cancer]. But more importantly, he treated thousands of everyday people like you and me. Nancy Sinatra lavished praise on this great German physician: “He is a fabulous person, a recognized scientist, a marvelous doctor.” His patients both loved and respected him.”

But perhaps the greatest compliment to Dr. Nieper’s success with treating cancer patients with cesium chloride was the fact that many FDA executives, and many other orthodox cancer fighters sent their relatives and friends to Dr. Nieper to be treated for their cancer. Here is a quote by Dr. Nieper himself about this:

  • “You wouldn’t believe how many FDA officials or relatives or acquaintances of FDA officials come to see me as patients in Hanover. You wouldn’t believe this, or directors of the AMA, or ACA, or the presidents of orthodox cancer institutes. That’s the fact.” Hans Nieper – (AMA Quotes – a page worth reading) Also at – (FDA Quotes – a page worth reading)

In other words, while the pharmaceutical industry and their naves in the government and “charities” were persecuting alternative medicine, throwing practitioners in jail, claiming there was “no scientific evidence” for alternative cancer treatments, destroying equipment, medical records, etc., they were sending their own relatives and friends to Dr. Nieper to be treated for cancer.

Here is a bibliography of Dr. Nieper scientific articles:

Dr. Nieper Bibliography

Dr. Nieper is also famous for discovering many things about mineral cell salts. Here is an article on his discovery of lithium orotate (used for depression).

Article on Lithium Orotate

Another doctor is Dr. Howenstine, who is now retired. In this article written by Dr. Howenstine he mentions a study of 50 cancer patients, all of whom were Stage IV, and 47 of whom were “hopeless.” Some were in a coma before the study began. The 1981 study achieved a 50% cure rate (they would have been using cesium carbonate back then):

Dr. James Howenstine Article

While this study achieved a 50% cure rate on very advanced cancer patients, I should mention that there are many superb supplements that have been developed since 1981. Examples would be:

1) Transfer Point Beta Glucan 300® [Recommended]

2) Aloe Immune, which has the rare long-chain acemannan glyconutrient,

3) Lymph III and Quantum Kidney Plus, which protect the liver, lymph and kidneys,

4) Vibe, which produces a rush of nutrients to protect the non-cancerous cells,

5) Body Flex AM, which provides essential minerals, vitamins, etc.,

6) Several enzyme supplements, which cut apart the enzymes that protect cancer cells from the immune system,

7) Numerous other immune-building supplements (other than Aloe Immune) which supercharge the immune system. Examples would be the polysaccharides (e.g. beta glucans), sterols and sterolins (e.g. ModuCare), Samento TOA-Free Cat’s Claw and many, many more.

In addition to these things, there are also dozens of herbs and scores of phytonutrients that treat cancer.

Here is my article on the Cesium Chloride Protocol:

Cesium Chloride Protocol Article

Here is a SUPERB web site that has a lot of information about alkaline therapy:

Alkalize For Health Website

Dr. Carl J. Reich, M.D. and Robert R. Barefoot

The Calcium Factor: The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth, is a book on the benefits of calcium, another alkalizing therapy. It was written by Dr. Carl J. Reich, M.D. and Robert R. Barefoot, two of the worlds foremost experts on the benefits of calcium.

Dr. Reich has literally treated thousands of patients with a Calcium and Vitamin D therapy (and other things). His medical practice was so popular, and cured so many people of cancer, that it was shut down by the AMA. Robert R. Barefoot has also seen many people cured of cancer with coral calcium and has also felt the wrath of orthodox medicine.

But what is interesting in this book is Chapter 17. In spite of the fact they push the Calcium Factor very hard throughout their book, here is an interesting quote from Chapter 17:

  • “A terminal cancer patient, for example, may be cured over a 6 month period by consuming the proper nutrients, but may only have 3 weeks to live. This situation requires a more potent nutrient treatment such as cesium chloride, for example. Cesium chloride is a natural salt, and where it is found, cancer does not exist. This is because cesium is the most caustic mineral that exists, and when it enters the body, it seeks out all of the acidic cancer hotspots, dousing the fire of cancer, thereby terminating the cancer within days. Also, when dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is rubbed near a painful cancer, the pain is removed and the DMSO causes the cesium to penetrate the cancer tumor much faster, thereby terminating the cancer much faster…”The Calcium Factor: The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth, page 144

Robert Barefoot, the expert on calcium, also made this comment: “The author has witnessed numerous people with terminal cancers who have employed the above program successfully.”

If such an endorsement from the world’s biggest cheerleader for calcium says this about cesium chloride, I don’t know what better endorsement I could show.

Cesium Carbonate Versus Cesium Chloride

Even though there is a common conversion factor for using cesium carbonate (a powder) versus using cesium chloride (an ionic liquid), I do not recommend using cesium carbonate. This issue is one of absorption and availability by the cancer cells. But before talking about that I want to talk about the theory behind colloidal minerals in general.

Let us consider a solid cube which is one inch on each side, meaning it has a volume of 1 cubic inch. The surface area of this cube is 6 square inches. If you cut this cube up, into smaller and smaller pieces, you can cut this 1 cubic inch cube such that is has a surface area of three acres (0.012 square kilometers) or more. In other words, the smaller the pieces you cut it up into, the larger the surface area of the solid cube. The volume is still one cubic inch, but the surface area can be three acres or more.

That is the theory behind colloidal liquids. Some metals, such as silver, owe their effect in the body to the electrical properties of the metal. The human body is totally electric (see the book: The Body Electric, by Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D. and Gary Selden) and the value of the silver is in its conductivity. The more surface area of the silver, the more it can conduct electricity in the body. That is why you hear vendors of colloidal silver brag about how small their silver particles are.

By the way, this same theory applies to gasoline and “miles per gallon.” It is insane that large automobiles only get 20 miles per gallon. Any scientist knows that if you break apart the gasoline droplets into smaller and smaller vapors that automobiles could get 10 or 20 times more miles per gallon. But just like Big Pharma suppresses alternative cancer treatments, Big Oil suppresses techniques that get significantly higher gasoline miles per gallon. The “energy crisis” is a crisis intentionally manufactured by Big Oil. Likewise, the “war on cancer” is a farce choreographed by Big Pharma and its minions in the media, among others.

In fact, coal-burning power plants crush the coal into a fine powder to get more energy (i.e. more surface area) out of the coal. Also, the Germans were creating gasoline from coal BEFORE World War II. But I digress.

With cesium and cancer cells, the issue is one of surface area (which is an electrical issue called pH) AND getting it into the cancer cells. But there are two other issues that affect the effectiveness of the cesium. First, is the purity of the cesium and second is the presence of other atoms and molecules that are intentionally used in packaging the cesium.

While it is true that Dr. Brewer, and others, did use cesium carbonate, and while it is true that people generally use a 2:1 “rule of thumb” conversion factor (i.e. two grams of cesium carbonate is equal in effectiveness to one gram of liquid ionic cesium chloride), it may be that the absorption of cesium using cesium carbonate (into and used by the cancer cells) is far less than 50 percent. One vendor of cesium chloride claims it is 10 percent.

I do not know how the vendors of Dr. Brewer prepared their cesium carbonate compared to how the vendors of today prepare theirs. Because of many unanswered questions I do not recommend cesium carbonate for Stage IV cancer patients.