WARNING #1: The heat generated by the UVA lamps will increase blood circulation.

WARNING #2: Do NOT use UVB bulbs. They can burn skin. That wavelength can also cause irreversible eye damage if you look at the source.

WARNING #3: Do NOT look directly at a UVA bulb. Sunglasses are recommended.

WARNING #4: This protocol will kill microbes as they are circulating in the bloodstream. If you do not follow the “build-up” (meaning it takes several days before the full times using the lights are reached, you may get Herxheimer Reaction, meaning harmless brain fog (this will be discussed below). Follow the “build-up” very carefully.

WARNING #5: In any room where there will be ultraviolet light, there should NOT be any plastic storage bins or any other type of plastic. These should be covered with thick cloth during treatment to prevent the ultraviolet light from releasing toxic fumes from the plastic, especially clear plastic.

WARNING #6: This treatment has the potential to create severe dehydration because ultraviolet light pulls fluids from the skin. Symptoms of dehydration are similar to chemical poisoning; a feeling you are going to collapse, a feeling of weakness, a general sick feeling, etc. This is easily dealt with if you follow the instructions. The instructions will tell you to put damp cloths on the skin directly after each “session.”

WARNING #7: One cancer patient reported that the ultraviolet light may have “melted” one or more of her dental amalgam fillings or at least contributed to mercury poisoning. This is a possibility. If you have dental amalgam in your teeth, which almost everyone does, use a surgeon's mask or a piece of cardboard so that the light from the UVA lamps does not shine on your mouth or nose.

WARNING #8: One person told me that ultraviolet light may “break off” a piece of tumor, which could go through the bloodstream and cause a heart attack. I don't know how much of a risk this is, but I do recommend that if the patient has tumors, even internal tumors, that a piece of cloth should be placed between the UVA lamps and the tumors such that there is no way that the UVA light can shine on the tumor (whether internal or external).

Overview of the Near Ultraviolet Light Protocol (UVA Protocol)

This treatment is very effective and because this treatment kills massive numbers of microbes very quickly, this treatment has created significant amounts of a common discomfort called Herxheimer Reaction. “Herx” can make a patient feel very ill. However, this is a temporary discomfort and is perfectly harmless. More will be said about “Herx” below.

This protocol works at least partially on the same principle as the Bob Beck Protocol for cancer. The Bob Beck Protocol kills microbes as they are circulating in the bloodstream. That is exactly what this protocol does, only this protocol uses ultraviolet light to kill these microbes, not an electrical current. But this protocol is expected to work in additional ways as well.

What Dr. Beck learned, is that if you kill all of the microbes in the bloodstream, the immune system will be supercharged and the immune system will be able to kill the cancer cells. This amounts to a cure for cancer.

See the “Bob Beck” videos on YouTube for Granada and Ventura.

An advanced cancer patient should not depend on the Bob Beck protocol to cure their cancer as building the immune system in this manner is a slow process. However, this protocol does things the Bob Beck does not do.


There are two key books on understanding the use of ultraviolet light in the treatment of microbial diseases:

Both books are necessary to see the complete picture of this protocol, but they are not required to use this protocol.

There are three levels of ultraviolet light. UVC or UV-C, while technically not visible, is very dangerous to look at. The sun emits this kind of light and that is why we cannot stare into the sun. UVB or UV-B is the middle range of ultraviolet light. It is not good to look at this kind of light, but it is not as dangerous as UVC. UVA or UV-A is the near ultraviolet light and is the safest to deal with, though it is not safe to stare directly into UVA light for very long. UVA bulbs are also called “black lights” because they are used in nightclubs to generate special lighting effects.

Primarily in the 1940s and 1950s, ultraviolet light was routinely used to cure many kinds of microbial diseases; including staph infections, viral pneumonia, and many other microbial diseases.

In spite of what you may have heard in the media, cancer is also a microbial disease. See this article to understand what causes cancer:
What Causes Cancer

While a treatment, such as this, that has cured microbial diseases, is no guarantee that the treatment will cure cancer, based on the success of Bob Beck Protocol, we have high hopes for this protocol.

The major process to cure microbial diseases in the 1940s and 1950s was to extract blood from the patient and then flood the blood with UVC light, with some UVB light, and with less UVA ultraviolet light. Then the blood would be put back into the patient. Results were astonishing with virtually 100 percent cure rates for all microbial diseases, including cancer.

Today, there are clinics that use blood extraction with ultraviolet light. Using Google it is called UVBI or Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation or Photoluminescence, Hematologic Oxidative Therapy, etc.

An example is the Natural Wellness Center.

(Note: If a nurse is available the blood extraction method can still be used at home. See the book: Into the Light – Tomorrow's Medicine Today by Dr. Douglass, at the end of chapter 22, for instructions.)

Also, for staph infections, it was critical that the patient not be on any sulfur/sulfa drugs. If a staph patient (e.g. MRSA) is on any drugs they need to make sure the drugs do not contain any sulfur/sulfa components. This may (this is unknown) mean they should not be using DMSO or MSM with this treatment, but we are not sure. For now, do not use DMSO or MSM protocols with this treatment (i.e. do NOT use MSM/LIPH with this treatment).

The goal of the protocol on this web page is to avoid extracting blood from the patient because many cancer patients cannot afford to go to a clinic and use the more effective blood extraction.

The Theory of this Protocol

Hemoglobin, meaning red blood cells, vibrate when they are exposed to ultraviolet light. It is probably the porphyrin molecule (with iron at its center), within the hemoglobin, which is vibrating, but no one knows for sure.

Regardless of what is vibrating, the interesting thing is that when the red blood cells are no longer exposed to the light (such as when the blood is put back into the body) the hemoglobin continues to vibrate. Thus, for a certain length of time (no doubt depending on several factors, but most likely the light intensity and exposure time) each red blood cell which has been exposed to ultraviolet light becomes a small beacon of ultraviolet light in the body (Note: “light” is actually just a frequency, such as radio frequencies, but our eyes are designed to “see” the frequencies of visible light).

The term commonly used is to say that the hemoglobin “remembers” or “stores” the frequency, but most likely what is happening is that the hemoglobin simply continues to vibrate. I say this because it apparently does not “remember” the frequency for more than a few hours or perhaps for a little more than a day or two. While most microbial diseases include microbes in the bloodstream, the microbes which cause cancer are actually inside of the cancer cells. Technically they are called “highly pleomorphic cell wall deficient bacteria.” The hemoglobin, after being put back into the body, after UVBI therapy, was able to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells and thus was able to cure cancer (the cancer cells reverted to normal cells and thus they were no longer cancer cells).

When trying to cure cancer, and dealing with an anti-microbial substance, it is critical to understand whether the substance which can kill microbes “gets inside” the cancer cells in order to kill the microbes which are inside the cancer cells. While hemoglobin itself does not get inside of cancer cells, for some unknown reason it is able to kill microbes which are inside the cancer cells as it passes by the cell on the outside surface of the cell. Every cell, even cancer cells, need access to the oxygen in red blood cells.

The reason UV light can kill microbes is that microbes contain an abnormally high level of light sensitive (i.e. photosensitive) substances (such as light sensitive amino acids). Thus, they are very prone to being killed by hemoglobin which is vibrating at ultraviolet light frequencies. Also, microbes are usually vastly smaller than human cells – making them more vulnerable to light vibrations. Every red blood cell contains millions of hemoglobin molecules.

Chemistry is all about molecular energy, vibrations and the angular relationships of atoms within molecules. Chemists typically deny the importance of these three items and deny that some atomic structures (i.e. 3D angular relationships), such as hemoglobin, can “remember” vibrations. This is programmed ignorance because, as one example, synthetic drugs cannot exactly match the angular relationships of natural molecules, which is why synthetic drugs are frequently highly toxic.

Even the simple water molecule has been shown over and over again to “remember” certain frequencies, meaning either the water molecules are charged with energy or continue to vibrate or their molecular structure was temporarily or permanently changed. One highly successful cancer protocol which caused water to “remember” frequencies, which was shut down the FDA, used the Royal Rife frequencies (e.g. 1.604 MHz).

Homeopaths have been using altered water for many decades. LIPH, which is mentioned on this website, is actually a homeopathic product. In fact, it appears that water can “remember” certain frequencies for many years. This is an indication there may be a change in the angular relationship of the atoms, which is probably more permanent than an energy level or vibration could be.

In any case, everything chemists learn in school is absent of these three important medical technologies. The significance of this is that the people with the money for research are not willing to do the right kind of research. Those of us who don’t have the money must use “trial and error” to do what we do, without knowing the true scientific basis for our research. Nevertheless, because we understand the key principles we can accomplish much without using costly experiments.

I have tested this protocol on myself to test its safety. The only side-effect was Herxheimers.

But the important thing to remember is that the ultraviolet technologies have been shown to be effective over and over again, regardless of what is really happening at the molecular level. Whether this protocol works like a Bob Beck device, by killing the microbes as they pass through the bloodstream, or whether the water atoms or red blood cells “remember” the frequency of the UVA light, and then kill the microbes inside the cancer cells, or some combination thereof, we do not know.

What Is Herxheimer Reaction?

Before getting into the “new” ultraviolet protocol, it is necessary to talk about an important concept.

All of the diseases which this article talks about involve massive numbers of microbes in the bloodstream. All treatments which kill a vast number of microbes which are in the bloodstream may result in a condition called: Herxheimer Reaction. People on this protocol have experienced Herxheimer Reaction before we designed a “build-up.”

With regards to cancer, even though reverting cancer cells into normal cells requires killing the microbes which are inside the cancer cells, it is unavoidable that any treatment which reverts cancer cells into normal cells will also kill vast numbers of microbes which are outside of the cancer cells, meaning in the bloodstream.

Herxheimer Reaction (also known as Jarisch-Herxheimer), is a reaction of the body to the toxins released by a large number of dead microbes. Herx typically has one or more of these symptoms.

  1. Flu-like symptoms (e.g. aches and pains),
  2. Diarrhea (almost always happens),
  3. A general sick feeling (can be severe),
  4. Headaches or temporary brain fog

Thus, there is a paradox that if you want the safest type of cancer cure (i.e. reverting cancer cells into normal cells) you need to expose yourself to the whims of Herxheimer Reaction.

While Herx might be thought to be a bad thing, in fact, Herx is a very good thing because it means the treatment is working and massive numbers of microbes are being killed. However, you obviously want to do everything possible to avoid Herx.

Microbes are very acidic. When they are killed acidic waste is created in the blood. This acidic waste, as it passes through the brain, blocks brain signaling. Much of the signaling in the brain is similar to a radio tower. It is the blocking of the brain signaling in the brain that creates Herxheimers.

This section will list several ways to minimize, or hopefully prevent, Herx.

The main method to prevent Herx is to “build up” the time on the treatment; meaning gradually increase the time on treatment so that a gradually increasing number of microbes are killed each day. For example, microbes killed in the first and second day are no longer available to be killed when the complete protocol begins. Their toxins hopefully will have been flushed out of the body before the first full day of treatment.

Drink plenty of water while on this protocol, especially the first few days.

Here is the strongly recommended build-up for the first few days of this protocol:

  • Day 1: The treatment is only done for 10 minutes
  • Day 2: The treatment is only done for 20 minutes
  • Day 3: The treatment is only done for 30 minutes
  • Day 4: The treatment is only done for 40 minutes
  • Day 5: The treatment is only done for 50 minutes

After this build-up the patient has killed enough microbes in their bloodstream that they can start their normal treatment, which is generally one hour, twice per day. There must be at least two hours between the one-hour treatments.

Second, and just as important, before and/or after each treatment, a person should drink plenty of purified water. It is recommended to drink 32 ounces of water within two hours of the completion of the treatment. This will help dilute the toxins released by the dead microbes and help flush them out of the system.

Do NOT use distilled water because drinking too much can flush needed minerals out of the body.

If you feel very weak, faint or feel like you are going to collapse, most likely your liver has been overburdened with dead microbes and your liver cannot process the toxins properly due to a lack of water. This is a very serious WARNING – drink water.

While these symptoms can be caused by low blood pressure, high blood sugar or dehydration, if they occur within 16 hours of this protocol, they are most likely caused by a lack of purified water.

Terminate this protocol for a couple of days before starting over with a slower and longer build-up. Also, a person should eat some food after the treatment, but the food must meet the criteria of the “cancer diet,” to be discussed below.

This protocol must be done in a perfectly dark room, with just barely enough light to see your way around. Figure out some way to solve this paradox, by using thick curtains on the windows or cardboard on the windows. One solution is to put contractor bags, the heavy duty black garbage bags, over a bedroom window and take the protocol in the morning or right after dinner.

Third, a person who has an ozonator (such as used in the Bob Beck Protocol) can create ozonated water by bubbling the water for 10 minutes. This also should be done after the treatment and can replace some of the purified water quota. The Bob Beck protocol used ozonated water to help prevent Herx. This is not required as this is an inexpensive cancer treatment.

Fourth, many people have water ionizers or treatments which can make water alkaline. These can also create water which will help prevent Herx. These too should be taken after the treatment and can replace some or all of the purified water quota.

Both ozonated water and ionized water will not only dilute the toxins, they may also help oxidize them, making these things far better than purified water. However, only purified water is required, the other types of water are optional.

Thus, there are several ways to minimize the Herxheimer Reaction.

As was demonstrated in prior decades, to be effective against cancer hemoglobin needs to be excited by ultraviolet light and the hemoglobin must be able to “remember” this ultraviolet light frequency long enough, and strong enough, to kill microbes in the blood. It is known that if hemoglobin can kill microbes in the blood that it will cure cancer because cancer is a microbial disease and hemoglobin gets just outside the surface of the cancer cells.

Thus, the only thing this research protocol needs to prove is that it can get hemoglobin to “remember” ultraviolet frequencies strong enough and long enough to kill microbes in the blood.

This protocol has been proven to “remember” ultraviolet frequencies due to the evidence of extreme Herxheimer's that patients have experienced after using the protocol. That is why this protocol is expected to be effective against cancer.

So, his protocol is working in two ways. First, it is acting like a Bob Beck Blood Purifier as it kills microbes in the bloodstream both directly and indirectly. Also, it is hopefully killing microbes inside the cancer cells, which will allow the cancer cells to revert into normal cells.

One final comment about Herx. Herxheimer's may occur on any day of the treatment. People sometimes think it can only happen on the first day, but it can happen on any day.

Introduction – Near Ultraviolet Light Protocol (UVA Protocol)

The first technique a person might think to use to achieve the vibration of hemoglobin might be to use “near ultraviolet light” (a.k.a. “long wavelength ultraviolet light,” a.k.a. UVA or UV-A) by pointing the light at the eyes or by the patient staring into the light. While in theory, this is a superb way to stimulate hemoglobin to vibrate (because of the very thin blood vessels in the retina), the fact is that this may be a very dangerous way to get this light into the bloodstream.

One reason is that standard UVA lights usually obtain UVA frequencies by generating UVA, UVB and UVC frequencies inside the bulb and then by coating the glass to block the UVB and UVC wavelengths. Thus, in theory, only the UVA light escapes the bulb.

However, in practice, there are numerous “pinholes” in the coating which allows a little UVB and UVC wavelengths through. As time passes and the bulbs are used over and over the number and size of the pinholes may grow. Thus, even the logical method of putting a UVA light just above their television set (and/or just below their television set) while they watch television for an hour may be too dangerous for the eyes. Even though they are not looking directly at the UVA bulb, the flaws in the coating may strain the eyes.

In addition, as the use of the bulbs increases the number of defects in the coating grows significantly and UVB and UVC light leaks out in larger and larger amounts.

The bottom line is that a person should never shine a UVA, or any other ultraviolet light, directly into their eyes.

If someone finds a source of UVA bulbs which do not use a coating, please email Webster at (Warning: almost all vendors imply they do not use a coating but when you get the actual bulb it is coated on the inside). See below for my email address.

As one final comment, laying on the floor for an hour or more can be boring. Feel free to listen to music or listen to television while using the treatment. Also, during the treatment, it would be helpful to be able to lift your head up to see how much time is left so you don’t feel like the treatment will go on forever.

Details of the Protocol

The safety of this protocol is absolutely certain if safety rules are observed. The only unknown part of this protocol is its effectiveness on actual cancer patients. All of the individual pieces of this protocol have been proven to do exactly what they are supposed to do.

We know this protocol will kill massive numbers of microbes as they circulate in the body, thus we know the protocol will be at least as effective as the Bob Beck Protocol and will supercharge the immune system. But it may be even more effective than the Bob Beck Protocol because it may do things the Beck protocol does not do. If fact, the Bob Beck Blood Purifier or Magnetic Pulser can be used at the same time as this protocol.

The objective is to get high-intensity UVA bulbs to shine their light on the lower part of the legs, the calfs.

The bulbs are attached to 2×4 and 2×6 boards.

A 2×4 board is nailed on top of a 2×6 board and two UVA bulbs are strapped to the boards, one on top and one on the side so that both lights can shine on the calf.

Here is a picture of what I am talking about:


Note that there is an adapter that each bulb is screwed into and which in turn plugs into an extension cord. These adapters can be purchased at Home Depot or any other lumber yard.

Spencer Gifts sells a 13-watt bulb, which is only a few inches long and is shaped like an elongated “U”. These are the bulbs that are shown. Home Depot sells “curly” UVA bulbs, which should be just as good.

Here is a close-up end view of how the bulbs are attached to the 2×4 and 2×6 boards to show how the boards are positioned relative to each other:


Note that the two bulbs are on different levels. This is so that the light from both bulbs can penetrate the skin on the calf.

You also may have noticed that the bulbs are slightly tilted up. This is to prevent the bulbs from actually touching the boards. The tilt is accomplished by putting a piece of a comb underneath each adapter. You can barely see a gray tip of the comb underneath each adapter in the first photo above. The comb forces the adapter to be tilted slightly upwards.

You will note that one piece of “tape” holds down the adapter and one piece of “tape” holds down the end of the extension cord. These “tapes” are actually strips of velcro. I have not found anything which sticks to wooden boards better that velcro strips. They hold onto wood very well. There are also a couple of other strips of velcro holding the extension cord in place.

It is best to tape the bottom bulb to the bottom board before the top 2×4 is nailed to the 2×6. Make sure the tape is flat against the board for 4 inches so the top board can be nailed down after the bottom bulb is in place. The bulb on the top board can then be secured with velcro strips as shown.

Note that there is a thin black line drawn two inches from the end of the bottom board. I did not do this correctly, but the tip of the bottom bulb should actually be at that line. In other words, the end/tip of the bulb should be about 2 inches from the end/tip of the board. Ditto for the top bulb.

There are actually two pairs of boards and two pairs of bulbs, making four boards and four bulbs. This is so that each pair of bulbs can shine on different sides of legs (i.e. each board is on opposite sides of the body).

The bottom board is a 2″x6″ board, about 18 inches long. The top board is a 2″x4″ board, also about 18 inches long. Home Depot will cut the boards for free if you buy 8 foot long boards and have them cut into 18-inch segments.

One 2″x6″ and 2″x4″ boards are nailed together, flush on the back side. Do NOT nail the boards together until the bulb on the bottom board is securely taped down, which will be discussed below:

In the picture above you can see the terraced effect which is necessary so the bottom light can be placed on the 2″x6″.

One pair of boards will have the top board on the left side and the other pair of boards will have the top board on the right side. This is because the boards will be on opposite sides of the legs. If you do it wrong, don't worry, just turn one of the boards around and have the electrical cords coming from opposite sides of the boards.

The cancer patient will lie between the two sets of boards so that the one set of UVA lights is near the left calf of the left leg and the other set of UVA lights is near the right calf or the right leg. Thus, two of the ultraviolet lights will shine on the outside of each leg.

The bulbs should be between 6 inches and 9 inches from each leg, though that is up to the patient.

This is what it looks like, without the patient in the middle (the legs will be in between the lights):


This shows the lights on a bed, but frequently they will be on the floor. It is up to the patient where they want to lay down.

Don't forget the build-up. Remember the treatment is one hour, twice a day, though the patient could build-up to two hours, twice a day.

Also, don't forget that the light from the UVA bulbs should NOT shine on the face (i.e. the teeth) and do not forget to moisten the legs after each use to avoid dehydration.

Also don't forget that this protocol must be done in a perfectly dark room, with just barely enough light to see your way around. Use thick curtains on the windows or cardboard on the windows.

Other Uses of This Protocol

Whenever you have temporary swelling (e.g. edema), need to shrink a tumor (above or just beneath the skin) or have a localized infection, it would be worth your time to use the bulbs a second way, in addition to the above protocol.

This additional use of the ultraviolet bulbs might include the black lights being placed directly above (e.g. two inches) the location of the tumor or swelling or infection (or for skin cancer, for example).

For example, if you have edema in the leg, place the UVA just above the edema for a couple of hours on one day, and on the next day use it a couple of hours on the other side of the leg. You can expect severe Herx doing it this way, but in an emergency dealing with Herx may be the lesser of two evils.

This UVA protocol has worked well on localized edema and other localized infections.

How Long, How Often and The Cancer Diet

Normally a “treatment” will be one hour long. However, for extreme situations, it can be used one and a half hours a treatment or even 2 hours a treatment.

The number of times a day this protocol is used (e.g. 1, 2, or 3) and the number of days or weeks the protocol is used will depend on the circumstances. Generally, it will not be used for more than four weeks and frequently only for 2 or 3 days (for local administration such as for edema in the leg).

For cancer, it should only be used once a day for 4-6 weeks, though the patient may tweak that regimen to meet their needs.

For less severe cases of cancer (e.g. newly diagnosed cancer which is not spreading quickly and is not a particularly dangerous type of cancer) it is probably only necessary to do this treatment every other day for 4-6 weeks.

Let us dig a little deeper on the issue of how often should the treatment be used every day. To answer this question it is necessary to understand what kind of microbe a person is dealing with.

For example (this does not apply to cancer), if you kill 25 percent of the microbes in one treatment, and only do the treatment once a day, and if the microbe multiplies/divides more new microbes (than were killed in the prior treatment) before the next treatment, then obviously the treatment needs to be used more than once a day. It may be needed 2 or 3 times a day.

For example, a pandemic flu virus multiplies rapidly. Thus, for the pandemic flu, a patient may need to do this treatment two or three times a day.

However, when a person gets pandemic flu they will not have the time to “build-up” to prevent Herx. Herx may be the lesser of two evils.

Let us now talk about something that is EQUALLY IMPORTANT as the UVA treatment itself. That issue is the cancer diet, meaning the foods that are allowed to be eaten.

Microbes divide much, much more rapidly when they are exposed to an acidic diet. In fact, a highly acidic diet is almost guaranteed to lead to microbes which divide faster than you can kill them.

On the other hand, a highly alkaline diet will result in very “dull” microbes which divide very, very slowly.

The diet is EQUALLY AS IMPORTANT as the treatment!

If you don't apply that last sentence to your treatment, your chances of beating the microbe (such as a pandemic flu) are slim and none.

While the cancer microbe does not multiply as quickly as many other types of microbes, it is well known in cancer research that the “cancer diet” is extremely critical for cancer patients as well.

An alkaline diet includes, among other things:

  1. ZERO sugar,
  2. ZERO white flour,
  3. ZERO soda pops (even diet soda pops are forbidden),
  4. ZERO meat,
  5. ZERO dairy products,
  6. and so on.

In other words, the person should pretty much live on whole vegetables, whole grains, whole nuts (but NOT peanuts) and whole fruits as much as possible.

See the book: Sick and Tired? Reclaim Your Inner Terrain, by Dr. Robert O. Young, PhD for more information about exactly what makes up an alkaline diet.

Also, see this article:
Cancer (Alkaline) Diet Article

More About the Pandemic Flu

Let us dig deeper into the issue of the pandemic flu. By having a superb alkaline diet you may not need to use the UVA protocol as often as you might think. Essentially, the right diet will slow down the multiplication of the microbes to give you enough time to deal with the Herx.

However, and understand this carefully, if the pandemic flu patient eats an acidic diet it is impossible to cure the person.

Read the prior sentence about a hundred times until you drill it into your head about the importance of the diet. Of course, in hospitals, they will feed pandemic flu victims ice cream. This is not to intentionally make the patient sick, it is done out of ignorance.

In terms of preventing the pandemic flu, something as simple as “stabilized oxygen” (Google: “Miracle Mineral Supplement”) can help you prevent the flu. Three or four drops of Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) a day, for an adult, will make getting the pandemic flu almost impossible to catch. But if you get the flu or any other fast-spreading microbe, you better understand the importance of the diet.

Your chances of surviving a pandemic flu are directly proportional to how alkaline your diet is.

More About Cancer

Special types of cancer require some creative thinking. Tongue cancer will be given as an example of creative thinking.

For cancers of the tongue it may be helpful to use the ears for most of the treatment, but in addition to the ears, and as comfort levels allow, open the mouth wide and stick the tongue out and try to get some UVA light directly onto the tongue. The closer you can get to high concentrations of cancer cells (in addition to using the ears) the better.

However, because tongue cancer can involve dangerous swelling and inflammation, it is critical to build-up to not only the ears (to watch not only for Herx but also for additional swelling), but also build-up, counting build-up times in one-minute intervals if pointing directly at the tongue.

In other words, the build-up for tongue cancer using the ears is in ten-minute increments as described above. For pointing directly at the tongue the build-up intervals are in one-minute increments.

If any swelling occurs due to this build-up, immediately discontinue the treatment completely!

In some cases, it will be impossible to avoid UVA light getting to dental amalgam. In that case take fairly high doses of chelating materials, such as Pure Body Extra Strength:
My Touchstone Essentials

A Repeat of Three of the Safety Warnings

WARNING #3: In any room where there will be ultraviolet light, there should NOT be any plastic storage bins or any other type of plastic. These should be covered with a thick cloth during treatment to prevent the ultraviolet light from releasing toxic fumes from the plastic, especially clear plastic.

WARNING #4: This treatment has the potential to create severe dehydration because ultraviolet light pulls fluids from the skin. Symptoms of dehydration are similar to chemical poisoning; a feeling you are going to collapse, a feeling of weakness, a general sick feeling, etc. This is easily dealt with if you follow the instructions. The instructions will tell you to put damp cloths on the skin directly after each “session.”

WARNING #5: One cancer patient reported that the ultraviolet light may have “melted” one or more of her dental amalgam fillings or at least contributed to mercury poisoning. This is a possibility. If you have dental amalgam in your teeth, which almost everyone does, use a surgeon's mask or a piece of cardboard so that the light from the UVA lamps does not shine on your mouth or nose.

Random Notes

  1. If the coating of the bulbs becomes dangerously damaged and allows too much UVC light through, it may be necessary to replace the bulbs.
  2. It is possible to buy UVA LED flashlights. These will produce far more pure UVA light (e.g. 365 nm). However, being battery powered, it is not likely they will be powerful enough, or the batteries may need to be replaced too often, for practical use. The instructions on this page would not be accurate for using LED flashlights.

Final Comments About Treating Cancer

Some cancer patients will start with alternative cancer treatments immediately after they are diagnosed with cancer. But the vast majority of cancer patients will use orthodox cancer treatments (chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery) for many months prior to beginning their alternative cancer treatments.

When a person has been through significant amounts of chemotherapy, radiation, etc. their non-cancerous cells are severely damaged. In fact, most people who die of cancer do so because of the damage to their non-cancerous cells. Anyone who has severe damage to their non-cancerous cells must understand that this protocol is ONLY designed to get rid of cancer cells quickly. This protocol is not designed to protect non-cancerous cells. The point is that advanced cancer patients on this protocol should additionally take alternative cancer treatments designed to nourish and protect the non-cancerous cells and protect the organs.

Excellent products to protect non-cancerous cells and organs include:

  1. Fucoidan (Limu Article),
  2. Cellect Powder (see: www.cellect.org),
  3. Noni Juice,
  4. Mangosteen Juice,
  5. Wolfberry Juice (e.g. Goji Juice),
  6. Vibe (made by Eniva),
  7. Quantum Liver Complex (if liver is in danger),
  8. Essiac Tea (if liver is in danger),
  9. Quantum Kidney Complex (if kidneys are in danger),etc.

Before starting this treatment, or as soon as possible, the cancer patient should take a urine test to establish a “baseline” for how well this protocol works. Then, 6 or 8 weeks AFTER the treatment is finished, please measure how much cancer you have. To do this see: “How Much Cancer Do You Have? Evaluate Progress.