Common questions cancer patients ask

Where to start

How do I choose between orthodox and natural cancer therapy?

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Why should I work with an expert?

If at all possible, it is important to work with a natural integrative cancer treatment expert because they are highly educated and researched in their field and can formulate a treatment plan that suits each patient based on their individual needs.

How do I find a good doctor?

Finding a doctor open to natural and integrative cancer treatments can be challenging. Cancer Tutor has a searchable list of Natural Health Clinics that offer cancer treatments. Several of these clinics are “Cancer Tutor Certified” meaning we have sent our Clinics Team to visit the clinic and see how it runs and what it offers directly. You can find our list here: Also, here is some good advice:

What can I do to begin a natural treatment today?


What part does my immune system play in treating cancer?

The immune system has been found to be an integral piece in the treatment of cancer. See:

How do I boost my immune system?



What questions do I ask my healthcare team?

There is a handy list of questions here:

My family member doesn't want natural treatment. What can I do?

While everyone wants what they feel is best for a patient, it is rarely successful to force a patient to do something they don't want to do. The best advice we have is to give them as much accurate information as possible so they have the tools they need to make an informed decision. In the end, it is their decision to make. Even if they decide to go with more traditional treatments, you can always offer them information on integrative treatments to help them through. For example, see:


Are there rules for using natural cancer treatments?

Yes! Most natural cancer treatments include very detailed directions on how to use the treatment. We encourage you to fully understand any treatment you will use before starting.

Can natural cancer treatment interfere with your prescription drugs?

Yes. They absolutely can. There are many contraindications and side effects that can accompany any type of cancer treatment. We do address many of the rules on our treatment-specific pages, but because each patient's situation is different, there is no way to cover it all. This is why it's so important for a patient to do as much research as they can before starting.

Why should I use only one highly alkaline product at a time?

Too much alkalinity in the body can cause “alkalosis” which can be very dangerous.

Why shouldn't I use antioxidants within 4 hours of the Budwig Diet?

Some supplements, especially high amounts of antioxidants, can interfere with how well the diet works.


What is the best treatment for my type of cancer?

Cancer Tutor breaks down each type of cancer and offers information on possible treatments for that specific type. Simply find the type of cancer you are dealing with at the following link and you will find the relevant information.

What if I cannot afford or obtain the recommended protocols?


Is there one inexpensive cancer treatment that everyone should include?

Yes – and that is proper nutrition. See our Cancer Diet page here:

The doctors have given up. Can natural treatments still help?

Yes! See:


What is electromedicine?


Does a High RF Frequency Generator create electroporation?


Should electromedicine be my only protocol?

No. There is many treatments you can (and should!) use alongside electromedicine.

Integrative Cancer Treatments

Are any natural medicine protocols synergistic with chemotherapy?

You bet. See:

Can natural treatments interfere with orthodox treatments?

Yes. Be sure to tell your primary care doctor if you are using a natural treatment as there can be some contraindications between treatments.

Cancer and Cancer Treatment Complications

What if I have a dangerous tumor?


What if I have lymphedema?


How can I help a weak cancer patient?

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What about cancer pain?


Those who cannot eat or digest foods (e.g. they are on a PICC line)

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What can I do for weight loss?


What is Herxheimer's?



What should I eat?

We have comprehensive information on Cancer Diets here:

Should a cancer patient eat meat, fish, etc.?


Those who cannot eat or digest foods (e.g. they are on a PICC line)

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Should I eliminate sugar from my diet?



What is IVC? (Intervenous Vitamin C)


Should I take Vitamin D?


What other supplements are beneficial for cancer patients?

For a comprehensive list of supplements see:


What about microbes?


What are some other common questions people ask?



Are there clinics that use natural medicine?

Absolutely. You can find our list here:

Diagnostic Tools

Should I get a mammogram?


What about PSA tests?


Are there natural ways to diagnose cancer?

For testing information see:

Progress and Remission

How do I know it's working?