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Cancer vs. The Immune System

This video shows 17 doctors explaining the indisputable fact that your immune system is the only thing that can heal your body of cancer. You cannot have cancer if your immune system is intact.

Talking Points

This episode discusses the way in which the American public and orthodox medicine are unknowingly depleting the supply of immune cells and creating a chronic state of susceptibility. Aside from chemo and radiation being strong-armed into the American public, we are personally killing our natural defenses while fueling cancer cells every day.

“When evaluating any cancer, regardless of the stage or faction, it is vital to pinpoint the cause,” Dr. Ben Johnson said. “Although there are varying ideas afloat, you’ll be hard-pressed to find those who do not agree that the immune system is the catalyst between cancer development and its reversal. “With every cancer patient, their immune system has missed the cancer.”

As Americans, we never hesitate to gorge on pounds of sugar with, before, and after every meal. Sugars and carbohydrates should rarely be included in our diets. One century ago, the average U.S. citizen consumed five pounds of sugar per year; today, we consume an inconceivable average of 150 pounds per year.

This becomes even more horrifying when we realize it only takes 100 grams of sugar to restrain our white blood cell's ability to kill the bad cells in our body by 90 percent for several hours; this happens within 15 minutes of digestion, KC Craichy said.

“One can of [soda] has enough sugar to shut down 50% of our immune system for a minimum of 4 hours,” said Bob Wright, founder of the American Anti-Cancer Institute.

When we consume sugar, we are simultaneously shutting off our defenses while pouring gasoline on the fire that is cancer. When we take into account that “50 to 70 percent of our total immune system cells cannot see cancer … even on our best day,” A.J. Lanigan said, the notion of adding it to our diet seems even more blasphemous.

Not only are we preparing ourselves for lives ridden with cancer via diet, those who turn to chemotherapy and radiation are actually plaguing their bodies with known carcinogens. Food scientist Mike Adams commented, “If radiation is so good at treating cancer, then we should turn Fukushima into a cancer treatment center.”

In addition, Ty Bollinger quoted the American Cancer Society: environmental toxinsA poison made by certain bacteria, plants, or animals, including insects., chemotherapy, radiation, and dietary sugars account for 95 percent of all cancers.

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