by R. Webster Kehr
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

TREATMENT WARNING: While the author of this protocol claims that he has witnessed “numerous people with terminal cancers who have employed the above program successfully,” I personally am not a believer in the Barefoot version of cesium. For one thing, the protocol below is not dependent on the situation. For example, a person with advanced brain cancer should not be taking three grams of cesium at the beginning of their treatment. This could cause serious brain swelling. No one should use cesium to treat cancer without the advice of an expert.

If you wish to use a cesium protocol I strongly suggest you use the The Wolfe Clinic protocol. Not only is it a far stronger protocol it comes with free support from the vendor. Thus, you will have someone to work with you to make sure the doses are safe and effective. Here is an article on the stronger protocol:
Cesium Chloride Protocol

I am leaving the Barefoot protocol on the Cancer Tutor website for those who insist on using the protocol. If you are not an advanced cancer patient this protocol may have some good benefits, but you should follow up the protocol with another protocol, such as the Bill Henderson Protocol (which is both very effective and inexpensive).

The Robert Barefoot Cesium Chloride Protocol

Warning #1:

On any protocol where you take cesium chloride, you should have your blood uric acid, electrolytes, potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium levels checked at least once every 2 or 3 weeks, even if you take the recommended dosage of potassium and Coral Calcium. The potassium may become too high or too low or the magnesium or calcium levels may become too low (you must take the Coral Calcium for the calcium and magnesium)!! Uric acid levels, which can damage the kidneys if they become too high, rise due to the amount of DNA released by the dead cancer cells. At 3 grams of ionic cesium chloride a day, it is unlikely the uric acid levels will rise very much, but if they do the drug Xyloprim can take care of the problem. Furthermore, hypokalemia (too LITTLE potassium in the blood serum) and hyperkalemia (too MUCH potassium in the blood serum), can lead to a dangerous irregular heartbeat! Contact your physician if increased fatigue, irregular heartbeat, or significant blood pressure changes occur during treatment.

Warning #2:

Because cesium chloride accumulates in the cancer cells, and the cesium chloride stays in the cancer cells for about 3 months, it is important to continue to control your potassium levels, with diet or supplements, for 3 months after completing the treatment.

Background Information

While this web site has its own Cesium Chloride Protocol for Stage IV cancer patients, I felt it only fair to mention the protocol of Robert R. Barefoot, the co-author of the excellent book: The Calcium Factor: The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth. The other author of this book is Dr. Carl J. Reich, M.D., who worked with Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg before Warburg’s death.

Robert R. Barefoot is a big supporter of using calcium, namely coral calcium, in treating cancer. However, he also said the following in chapter 17 of his book:

A terminal cancer patient, for example, may be cured over a 6 month period by consuming the proper nutrients, but may only have 3 weeks to live. This situation requires a more potent nutrient treatment such as cesium chloride, for example. Cesium chloride is a natural salt, and where it is found, cancer does not exist. This is because cesium is the most caustic mineral that exists, and when it enters the body, it seeks out all of the acidic cancer hotspots, dousing the fire of cancer, thereby terminating the cancer within days. Also, when dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is rubbed near a painful cancer, the pain is removed and the DMSO causes the cesium to penetrate the cancer tumor much faster, thereby terminating the cancer much faster…
The Calcium Factor: The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth, page 144

He also stated in his book: “The author has witnessed numerous people with terminal cancers who have employed the above program successfully.”

This short article will provide the Robert R. Barefoot Cesium Chloride Protocol that he mentions in this book in chapter 17. If you do use this protocol it would be the ethical thing to do to buy his book. You will learn a lot about calcium also in his book, and also heart disease.

The Cesium Chloride Protocol of Robert R. Barefoot [With added notes]

1) 9 coral calcium capsules each day (i.e. 4.5 grams of coral calcium each day), 3 capsules in the morning, 3 capsules in the afternoon and 3 capsules at night.

[Note: These capsules should be 100% coral calcium, not a mixture of coral calcium and another kind of calcium. If the number of capsules mentioned above does not coincide with the number of grams mentioned above, it is the number of grams that is important. This site endorses the Barefoot coral calcium product in order to insure you get enough magnesium.]

2) Consume 3 grams of cesium chloride every day for 33 days. He states that these should be taken 1 gram in the morning, 1 gram in the afternoon and 1 gram in the evening.

[Note #1: While Barefoot does not specify what form the cesium chloride should be in, it is clear by now that the cesium chloride should be taken in a liquid ionic form. In such a form there is a far more predictable dosage. Since one tablespoon is generally equal to 1.5 grams, it might be easier to take 1 tablespoon, twice a day, to get the 3 grams. These should be taken at the same time that 2 of the coral calcium doses are taken. Do not take liquid ionic potassium because Barefoot recommends the potassium be taken in the form of foods (see below).]

Here is my recommended vendor of both cesium chloride and potassium, if you do not get enough potassium from foods (this is the same vendor whose protocol I recommend, but he does have the best version of cesium chloride):
The Wolfe Clinic

3) Consume 100 milligrams of CoQ10 each day for 30 days.[Note: I assume he means 33 days. This dose is not generally considered a therapeutic dose. A therapeutic dose would be at least 480 milligrams a day.]

4) Consume one Oxy-Plus (500 mg) capsule, three times a day, for a total of 1.5 grams a day.

[Note: This is Otto Warburg’s oxygen respiration enzyme formula.]

5) Apply DMSO gel to skin nearest the cancer (or nearest to pain) twice a day.

[Note: Barefoot is talking about DMSO cream. You should also take 1 teaspoon of DMSO liquid every time you take cesium chloride. There are some SEVERE SAFETY warnings when taking any form of DMSO, it is ESSENTIAL to read my article on DMSO:
DMSO Article – Safety Warnings!!

6) Apply gold gel to skin nearest the cancer once each day.

[Note: Yes, this is the gold metal.]

7) Consume 6 Vitamin D tablets (5,000 I.U. each) every day, 2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 2 in the evening.

[Note: This is ESSENTIAL in order for the body to absorb the coral calcium mentioned above!! Do not take this item lightly!]

8) Eat two bananas, and/or two large potatoes, two glasses of milk or two glasses of orange juice and eat raisins, tomatoes, spinach or broccoli every day (all contain lots of potassium, magnesium and calcium).

[Note: This will overrule my “cancer diet” on this website, but that does not mean you can ignore the “cancer diet,” this only overrules part of the “cancer diet.” This is how Robert Barefoot gets the potassium that is critical to take with the cesium chloride. Since this is only a 33 day treatment, eating these things may provide enough potassium. But still, get your potassium level checked after 2 or 3 weeks.]

9) Expose your skin and face to at least two hours of sunshine every day with no skin block (e.g. no sun tan lotion) and no sun glasses. The sunlight indirectly entering the eyes creates inositol triphosphate, calcitonin and vitamin D to help regulate crucial minerals such as calcium. Sun exposure is mandatory, even with skin cancer.

[Note: Like Vitamin D above, this is also critical for the absorption of the coral calcium.]

Other Comments

Let me quote from the The Calcium Factor book regarding this treatment:

The program will help to alkalize the body’s fluids, resulting in the toxins, which are adhered to the cell surface, detaching themselves and entering the blood. The body will recognize the toxins as foreign invaders and respond by attacking them possibly causing flu-like symptoms like headaches, stomach aches and diarrhea. This is called ‘de-toxing’ and it means that the body is ridding itself of cancer inducing compounds.
The Calcium Factor: The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth, Page 145

The Vitamin C (i.e. the doses I mention above) or cesium chloride can very easily cause diarrhea, even without a detox. But the complete calcium protocol may also cause the symptoms he mentions.